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Pray for Me

Request- Hey could you do a fic when Cas introduces his friend “y/n” who is an angel and is one of the most feared warrior heaven has. Can you make her really bamf and sassy. She has to help the boys wipe out a town full of demons so she does a big blow up light thing and Dean just falls for her. When they first see her could there be a load of lightning so her huge black wings are reflected on the wall and she has some ancient angel tattoos which Dean loves! Thank you if you can do this!<3 <3

A/N- I took some very small liberties… I hope you like it! Let me know! It was kinda of fun to right this, well more so than I thought it’d be. Any who..Tell me what you think! x)

Dean x Angel!Reader

Word Count-1388

“Are you guys ready?” Dean asked, looking from Sam to Cas.

Castiel looked back at him hesitantly, “Actually-” he started.

“What’s wrong?” Sam questioned.

“Seeing as this was a town of demons… I asked my superior if she could come help us… She will certainly give us a much greater advantage.” he stated.

“Your superior? Every one of your superiors we’ve met are dicks!” Dean shouted.

Cas was going to answer but thunder could be heard and his eyes widened. Sam and Dean’s face scrunched in confusion. “What the hell?” Sam muttered as he walked toward the window.

Castiel sighed, “That would be her.” he said, walking out of the motel room.

Sam looked at Dean who just shrugged, and they followed Cas out of the motel and into a nearby alley. Cas stood there staring at the dead end. Sam was about to ask but the sound of thunder was heard, much louder than the first time. Then you appeared in front of them, and the brothers jumped a little in surprise. Out of nowhere there was a flash of lightning. The bright light was enough to show the silhouette of your giant wings as they were spread open.

Dean’s eyes widened in amazement. When Cas said ‘superior’ he wasn’t kidding. He had seen Cas’ wings before, but yours, yours were much bigger. “That was awesome.” he muttered.

The seriousness in your facial expression faded, replaced by a smirk, “I know.” you say, winking at Dean. You turn towards Cas and beam, “Cas! How are you brother? I was quite happy when you contacted me.” you say as you walk over to him for a hug. “So, town full of abominations huh?” you questioned. Castiel nodded, “Let’s get started, shall we boys.” you walk past them.

“Shit-” Dean said under his breath, in awe.

You turn around slightly, “Watch your mouth boy.” you tell him, your mouth curving into a half grin.

Castiel followed in suit. Sam was about to follow but seeing his brother gaping at your retreating figure made him chuckle. “You can close your mouth, Dean.” he muttered, patting Dean’s shoulder and walking back towards the motel. After a couple seconds Dean followed.

Once you all gather, “How are we doing this?” you asked.

“The entire town is infected, there is no way we can sneak in.” Castiel stated.

“Brother have you learned nothing… There is always a way.” You were about to walk out but paused, “Oh… that’s right,” you extend your hand out, “I’m Y/N by the way.” After shaking their hands you turn and leave.

The brothers noticed how Cas’ posture was straighter, straighter than usual. “What’s up with you?” Sam asked, smiling. “Are-Are you scared of her?”

“The hell! You’re scared of her?! She’s Awe… awesome!” Dean smiled.

Castiel cleared his throat, “Yes, she may seem that way, which is what is terrifying. She’s completely different when in battle. When she was my commander, she single handedly wiped out half the enemy’s army. It was still quite the fierce battle, many of my brothers died, but we won because of her. The time it took her to destroy them is the reason why she is feared yet greatly respected by the rest of my brothers and sisters.” he smiled.

Hearing that, Dean just had to see you in battle. The three of them left the motel room to catch up to you. They saw you standing in the middle of the empty street. Cas, who was walking in front of the boys stopped and held out his hand to stop them from going further.

“What is it Cas?” Sam asked in a hushed voice.

“She is informing me to wait here.” he answered. Then gawked at your form, “Her… Her grace is gone….” he muttered

Neither Sam nor Dean were given the chance to question Castiel’s statement. You began shouting, “Hello! Anyone here?! I need help!!” At first nothing happened, “There’s a monster with black eyes following me! I need help! Please!” you shouted again. One by one demons came out of the surrounding establishments. Soon the street was littered with them and you were surrounded.

“Can’t they see us?” Sam questioned.

Before Castiel could answer, Dean tried to rush to help you. Cas stopped him, “Wait Dean.”

“The hell I’m going to wait! She’s surrounded! And you said her grace was gone! How is she going to protect herself?” Dean shouted.

“She purposely hid her grace so the demons wouldn’t see she was an angel. She’s gathered most of them all in one place… and she’s made us invisible.” he affirmed.

You turn your head slightly so the boys could see you, you locked eyes with Dean and winked. You turn your face forward again, throwing your arm in front of you toward the hoard of demons. Seconds later a ball of light began to form in your hand, illuminating a tattoo you had on the top of your hand that traveled up your arm. Firing the ball at the mass of demons, they instantly flashed orange and fell to the ground. You then brandished your angel blade, rushing towards the remaining abominations. “Am I going to do all the work?” you shout sarcastically. With that Dean, Sam, and Cas joined.

Dean couldn’t help but look over towards you as you fought several demons at a time. How a demon rushed towards you and you simply step back causing him to hit another demon. You kicked him and slashed another. Flashes of orange one after another. It was a sight to be seen.

You pulled out a second knife and throw in Dean’s direction. He could hear as it whizzed past his ear and hit a demon square in the face. “Pay attention to your surroundings. You can stare at me all you want when this is over” you tell him as you grab a demons arm. You flipped him over and stabbed him as he landed on the ground.

“I think I’m in love,” he mumbled before turning around and killing every demon that came at him.

After an hour of fighting the demons, the battle was over. Except for a couple of scratches here and there everyone was alive and well. Cas who was closest to Sam walked over to him to heal the cuts he had. You walked over to Dean, placing two fingers to his forehead. Your tattoo glowed as you healed him and disappeared again.

“I didn’t know angels were allowed to have tattoos.” he chuckled in amazement.

“I don’t think so either. None of them opposed so…” you answered with a chuckle of your own. He softly grabbed your hand. You let it glow again, “It’s my grace that lights it up.” you say.

“That’s amazing!” he beamed, tracing part of the swirls with his thumb. “What are all these little marks?” he asked.

You gave him a sad smile, “I’m going to sound a little cheesy, but it’s the names of my brothers and sisters that fell under my command… in Enochian”

Dean nodded in understanding, “I don’t think it’s all that cheesy… it’s admirable.” he stated, his thumb sliding up your arm as he traced rest of your tattoo.

You chuckled, “So you like my tattoo more than me huh?” you teased.

He quickly released your arm, eyes wide, “No I like you… but the tattoo is awesome.” he stumbled over his words.

“Ah- so you do like me?” you smirk.

Dean shut his eyes and mouth in resignation, not wanting to say anymore. Cas and Sam walked over to you, “What’s going on?” Sam asked in confusion.

You smile at him, “Oh nothing.” you answer. You turn toward your brother, “Shall we take the boys home Castiel?”

He nodded. Next thing the Winchesters knew they were back at the bunker. Dean panicked a bit, “Wait what about my baby?”

“She’s already in the garage, safe, and without a scratch.” you respond. After a short pause, “Well then boys… today was fun. Don’t hesitate to pray for me if you need help again.” You pause and turn toward Dean, “I hope I’ll be seeing more of you, Dean Winchester.” you smile.

“I pray that you will” he smirked.

You disappear, the sound of thunder following close behind, fully acknowledging that agreement.

Hope you like it! x)

anonymous asked:

I saw your tags on the bts picture of Jared and Jensen when they were filming like early season one. And Jensen has a tattoo because Dean was originally supposed to be covered in tattoos but they said it would take to much work to put them on every day. So they canned it. Which I this was SO DUMB! I mean come on have you seen a Ten Inch Hero? The man can pull off anything!

I would have loved to see both boys with lots of tattoos, I mean, let’s be honest here, that would have been amazing. For plot reasons obviously. And not because it’s hot. Hum. ANYWAY. But also, in a canon way I don’t really see Dean spending the money he earns in tattoos. I mean those things are so expensive, so I don’t see him paying hundreds of dollars to get one. And yes, he could make them himself, but again I don’t see that happening. I like that they have the anti-possession one (although, WHAT ABOUT SAM’S GODFUCKINGDAMMIT) because it makes sense you know, that it’s for the job and everything. I don’t know. But yeah, very selfishly, I would loooooooooooooooooooooooooove to see them covered in tattoos please give them ALL  TO ME