and dean finally tells cas

Destiel moments in SPN 12X12

Time for my weekly, gif-filled, Destiel recap. I’m going to try and put away all my squeeing and try to be as professional as I possibly can. 

Extremely Gif heavy post ahead. 

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Okay I already wrote volumes about Dean’s weird posturing in the diner here, but I also wanted to add this bit here. 

Dean knows Cas is not interested in the waitress. Cas does sniff her (?) just to check up on Dean’s stupid theory of waitresses smell like food, but he’s not interested. So what does Dean do? Mary has just told them all off, but he still postures for Wally’s benefit, pretending to be wingman to Cas, when he KNOWS Cas is disinterested. He can’t help but give himself away though-

Seriously, Dean? My devastatingly handsome friend? That’s not being a wingman, that screams I have a secret crush on my ‘friend’.

And Cas is clueless, even after Mandy is clearly interested -

And Dean? Dean’s just thrilled. So thrilled he looks like he wants to die inside. 

On a more serious note, after the boys reach the barn, look at how fast Dean abandons the conversation and rushes to Cas’s side. And he knows it’s bad, so bad. Dean’s method of dealing with people he loves dying? 

Step 1: Try to gauge the situation by using humor-

 Cas is luckily alert enough to snark right back.

Dean asks to see how bad the wounds are, and two seconds after Cas starts showing him, covers it up. He can’t bear to see it.

Dean Winchester, seasoned hunter who’s seen more than his fair share of gore since he was fucking four years old, makes him cover it up because he just cannot bear to actually see Cas in agony. And he’s so gentle about it.

Step 2: Pure denial.

Cas looks BAD. And he’s never been one to exaggerate.

Did you see those micro-expressions? That little lip wobble? The tiny gasp of shock and disbelief? The swallow? Jensen is the the fucking master of these. This is the brief instant where the enormity hits Dean, but he shuts it down. 


Seriously Dean? Time for WHAT? He is DYING and you know it. And this is when he calls for Sam, calls for Sam to abandon everything and come right away because Cas is dying. And this brings us to the next step for Dean -

Step 3: Anger

Dean’s furious. At Crowley, at himself, at every damn thing in the world that stands in his way to saving Cas. And he’s being beyond unreasonable here, it’s not Crowley’s fault and Crowley has no obligation whatsoever to help them out. But Cas, Cas is dying. And Dean’s *this* close to cracking. 

Now, for Cas’s speech. Cas knows this is it. But he has his family surrounding him, he has Dean with him. And he needs to make sure they live. This is the last chance he has for telling them (and Dean) what he feels for them and boy does he!

Mary looks at Dean when Cas makes this statement, cementing who it is that Cas is addressing. 

And Dean, Dean’s unhappy. He knows that the things they shared together did change Cas, did put him into this mess where he has to die slowly and painfully. 

Look at that. Sam’s upset, but Dean can’t even meet Cas’s eyes anymore. He’s feeling responsible for Cas’s impending death.

And finally, FINALLY, after years of Dean telling him over and over again, Cas says they are his family. More specifically, Dean. Cas is thinking of that day, so long ago, when he said-

“You’re not my family, Dean – I have no family.”

But he’s not just family now.

The camera immediately panned to Dean there. Cas was addressing Dean, and Dean only till now. It’s only when he says “I love all of you” that Sam’s reaction is showed at all.

(as a side not, look at how touched Sam is. How many people have told him this?)

And true to form, the Winchesters refuse to leave. And they fight. Mary STILL doesn’t give the game away, I admit I was a bit :O at that, but that’s for another post entirely… Sam kills the Price of Hell, but there’s still no saving Cas. Sam is one who rushes to Cas first, because he’s still able to function. Sam is the one who reassures Cas, tells him that they’re there, that he won’t die alone… :(

But Dean, Dean’s pain is beyond words.

Tell me that is not the face of someone who is watching the love of his life dying in front of him. Tell me Dean doesn’t care. Just try. He’s praying. I just know he is.

But yay, Crowley saves the day! And Dean’s reaction is the only one showed.

Look at the utter disbelief in his eyes. Look at this entire montage afterwards -

The look they shared in the first one, Dean’s expression in the last gif, the pure amazement and relief in his eyes.. It was almost painful to watch. By the way, Sam’s already let go. It’s Dean who’s still unable to believe his eyes, unable to take his hands off…

And this, this was the most perfect ending anyone could hope for -


Cas said he loved Dean. It’s fucking canon.  


“You: What? Im hungry

Dean: You had a stake dinner two hours ago and ate half of mine

You: W-

Castiel: Dean, you do realize she is pregnant right?

You&Dean: What?

Castiel: Yes, she already has your appetite Dean

You: She?

Castiel: Oh yes. She is already strong, loving, caring like you. She is also stubborn, like Dean

Dean: Thats my girl

Sam: Did they find out? Or did you have to tell them?

You: You knew?

Sam: Of course, Cas told me on one of our hunts.

Castiel: I think its time for you to take it easy now. We dont want anything happening to you or the baby

Dean: Damn straight. I dont want anything happening to my girls

You: Fine. Cas, are you going to stay with me and play doctor?

Casiel: I would love to keep you company”

Dean is caught off guard by the pregnancy news and surprised you didnt find out yet or didnt fit the puzzles together. He is happy about being a father but also is scared because he didnt want anything happening to you or baby. Castiel has been wanting to tell you about your pregnancy, so he told Sam. Which Sam told him to wait until you found out so that you could tell Dean and finally him and Cas. Weeks has gone by and nothing. Castiel got tired of waiting and decided to tell the both of you instead, which he is happy he did because the expressions on both of you faces is extremely priceless for him. Sam is happy for his brother and happy he is going to be an uncle. An uncle to a niece and he is getting excited about meeting her. You couldnt believe you are pregnant, you didnt know if you could get pregnant at all and finally. A little life is growing inside you. The pregnancy made you incredibly happy. So happy the father is someone like Dean. So happy your daughter is going to have an uncle like Sam and Castiel. Something you have never had at all. It was only you and your parents growing up until they passed away. A family you have always wanted.

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Sam doesn't eat unless he has to while Dean's a demon. When he gets Dean back, the first thing his big brother notices is how skinny and weak he is. Dean goes into ultra protective mode and is so gentle and loving to Sam. He makes him food and when they have sex, Dean is gentle and he makes Sam feel so safe and secure again. Dean goes on and on about how his Sammy needs to be good and healthy, and how well he's doing as he keeps gaining weight. Dean supports him through all of jt.

he’s not purposely starving himself, you know? it’s just… he’s worried about other things, about more important matters, about his brother. trying to find dean, trying to find a cure, trying to figure out a way to make sure that he can actually get his brother back, it all seems more important than eating. now he isn’t stupid. he knows that he can’t continue living without eating something it’s just when he does eat, it’s just enough to take the edge off his hunger that isn’t really there.

he just knows that he’s this far from finding a cure and if he pushes through this then dean will be alright and he’ll be back to his old self and sam can stop worrying about that. he just has to push a little harder for just a little longer.

demon!dean makes a comment about it, how sam looks as skinny as he did when he was a gangly teen and they were doing things that no brother should do in the backseat of the impala. demon!dean would smile as he said “don’t you remember how i would just split you open on my cock, sammy? how you would beg for it. how much of a slut you were for it. begging me to stuff you full and tear you in half. i’m sure that if you released me now, i could still split you open, still make you beg for it. hell, i probably wouldn’t even fit. your body is too tiny now to take me all the way.”

it wasn’t like the other jabs that demon!dean sent his way, saying that dean had cared his ass for all his life, always looking after him and how he never wanted that. and it wasn’t like the jab that he sent towards sam saying that dean never really wanted sam in that way, he just couldn’t stand making the kid sad. but regardless it hurt to hear because sam was certain that dean was right. he probably wouldn’t be able to fit dean inside of him anymore. it’s been too long and he’s lost so much weight and yet sam would still probably beg for it. he would beg and cry until dean broke him in half and still want more.

but then sam cured dean, purified that demon blood or whatever and then sam had his brother back and he felt weak and small. his body sagged on his bed (dean didn’t want to be around him anymore. he ran off to his room the moment that sam released him and he took the hint. dean didn’t want to have anything else with him.) and he felt like he would just sink through. he was hungry, more than hungry. he was starving and yet he couldn’t bring himself to walk into the kitchen and get something to eat. it seemed like it was too much effort.

curing dean, it was supposed to fix everything. everything was supposed to go back to how it was before he was a demon and everything was supposed to be alright.

there’s a tentative knock at his door and he’s expecting cas, telling him that dean has finally gotten to sleep and that he should eat something or something like that but he’s surprised when the door pushes open and it’s dean standing there, holding a tray of food in his hand, standing in the door like he’s not welcome which was weird to see because dean was always welcomed in his room.

yet there dean was, standing in the doorway like he was a stranger, waiting for sam’s permission to come in.

you don’t have to ask, dean.” sam finally said when it was clear that dean wasn’t going to walk in on his own. “you’re always welcomed in my room. always.” he’s not sure why he’s trying to make that point but he is. he wants dean to know that anything of sam’s is something of his.

oh… uhh… okay.” dean said, pushing the door open wider and he’s almost blushing, like he was embarrassed to think that he wasn’t welcomed or maybe he was embarrassed to think that sam still wanted him. after everything he did. everything he said. “i… uhh… i made you some food. you just… you look…

dean trailed off. how were you supposed to nicely say that you’ve lost so much weight that you look unhealthy.

but sam sat up straighter on his bed, leaning against the head board and his heart hurts in his chest because it looks like dean actually tried to make him something that he would like. the salad looked fresh. the chicken still looked hot. the apple that dean had sliced open looked good and it was nothing like what dean normally ate and yet he still tried. he was trying to make it up to sam.

sam barely ate three of the apples slices and picked at the salad before he pushed the tray away, claiming that he was full and dean didn’t doubt it for a second but he still urged sam to eat just another apple slice.

sam looked at the apple and then looked up at dean, his jaw locked in that childlike defiance and dean ran a hand through his hair.

listen, sammy, i know that i’m in no position to ask you to do anything. in fact, i’m the last person that should ask you to do anything but you’ve gotta eat a little more, man. please. just a couple bites of chicken. we’ve gotta… you’ve gotta get healthy. you’re skin and bones and it’s all because…because of me. even though dean didn’t say that, sam knew what he meant to say. and he wanted to deny it. it wasn’t because of dean, sam had every opportunity to eat, he just didn’t.

instead it ate a full slice of chicken and a couple more pieces of apple and he looked up at dean, his stomach stuffed and he didn’t miss the fond little smile that was on dean’s face. except dean was sitting at the edge of the bed, so far away and sam wanted him so much closer. needed him closer.

good job, sammy.” dean praised, picking up the tray and backing out of the room. “you did such a good job.” he paused at the door, looking as if he wanted to say more before he walked out. “i’ll see you in the morning.”

for breakfast dean makes oatmeal and the hot meal feels good going down his stomach and it tastes so good that he can’t help but eat it all. it was so much food and a few minutes later, it comes back up and sam knew he shouldn’t have eaten it all. his stomach couldn’t handle that much food after not eating for so long. he needed to take it slower but dean was there, rubbing light fingers up and down his back, saying that it was okay. they’ll try something else and he pressed a cool washcloth to the back of his face and when sam gained the color back to his skin, dean backed away from sam, ceasing all contact and sam missed that the most.

dean helped sam gain weight back. every meal that sam had was a home cooked meal and it was something different and dean would ask how sam liked it and sam would reply truthfully. there was one night that sam stumbled upon dean fast asleep with his head resting in some book in the library. and upon further inspection, sam saw that it was a cookbook with post-it notes sticking out all over the place. sam gently pulled the book from out underneath dean’s head and on it post-it note was dean’s handwriting, writing down notes, whether or not sam liked whatever was on that page and sam’s heart swelled at the sight.

it took a while. that’s a lie actually. it took forever for dean to actually touch sam like they used to. dean had folded back into himself, refused himself to touch sam longer than he absolutely had to and whenever sam would try to initiate any kind of contact, dean would cut it off, make up some excuse why he had to leave and do something else.

however, slowly sam started touching dean longer and dean allowed himself to stay there while sam touched. a couple of fingers to the back of the hand. elbows and knees pressed together while they’re sitting next to each other at the table. it’s small but it feels like some much to sam.

there’s one night where dean doesn’t seem as shielded as he normally is and they’re in sam’s room watching some movie and sam managed to crawl up under dean’s arm and dean wrapped it around sam’s shoulder for the whole movie. now in the morning, dean seemed even more distant that he had before and anytime there was even the smallest point of contact, dean flinched like he was burned.

sam had long gained back the weight that he had lost when they first had sex. dean was in his room, leaning up against the headboard, staring off into nothing when sam let himself in and crawled onto dean’s bed and all but begged dean to touch him. that he needed it and it was low because sam knew that dean would do anything that sam asked but it wasn’t a lie. he missed dean. he missed him tremendously and having dean just within reach and yet having dean seem like he was miles away hurt more than any kind of pain could feel.

it started out with sam touching dean. slowly undressing him, kissing him, whispering praise and forgiveness for everything that dean ever said to him in his skin and soon dean was trembling underneath sam’s touch and it was everything that sam wanted.

he was fully content with riding dean, taking whatever he was willing to get but sam sunk his teeth into the flesh the spot where dean’s heart was, sucked a deep, purple spot there and it seemed to flip some kind of switch inside of dean.

dean flipped them and then it was sam’s turn to be worshipped with fingers and lips and the entire time dean couldn’t stop himself for apologizing, saying that he wanted sam, that he needed him, that he didn’t mean any of what he said when he was a demon. it was all a ploy to try to get sam to let him go and sam ran a hand through dean’s hair and told him that it’s okay. that he knows.

as much as dean hates to admit it and he probably won’t ever admit it, he buried his head in the crook of sam’s shoulder as he pushed inside of him and cried.

sam felt like crying too because it was all too much. the way that dean was treating him, like he was this fragile thing that dean didn’t even deserve touching, treating him with so much care, being so gentle that sam wasn’t sure that this was still his dean because dean hadn’t been this gentle with him since the first time they did this. or when dean sold his soul for him to bring him back from the dead.

so it’s kind of a give and take, ya know. dean nurses sam back to health. holds his hair back when sam throws back up his meal because he just can’t keep it down and sam shows dean that he is worthy of forgiveness.

But I've been really hung up on...

Alpha!Dean Winchester, next in line to lead his family’s company that’s worth millions, and his secret kept boy, omega!cas, in a Dom/sub relationship.

Neither of them minds the secrecy at first. Dean likes that he has someone he can use to relieve stress when the pressures of the company become too much. Cas gets off on the fact that no one at his Christian college suspects good boy Cas of being a full-time slut for one of the richest, most sought after alphas in the country.

They both get what they need from the relationship. Cas finds freedom in giving up control to Dean, and Dean gets pleasure out of earning Cas’s trust.

Dean keeps Cas in a nice condo; he provides for Cas’s school tuition and fees. He buys him toys and lingerie. He spoils him with extravagant candies. He takes pride in the fact that he can provide for his omega, just as Cas takes pride in the fact that he can take care of his alpha. He’s always ready when Dean calls, collared and kneeling on the floor just inside the apartment door.

But after two years of this, Cas realizes that it’s not enough for him. He wants more than the apartment and pretty clothes and toys and a couple of stolen hours here and there. But Cas knows that even though he wants more, Dean doesn’t.

He thinks about leaving, but he can’t bring himself to go through with it. He can sense the alpha’s desperation, the need for something real when they scene. He catches glimpses of the alpha’s loneliness in their heavy kisses; he sees his true heart in the way Dean cares for him and praises him after a difficult task. Cas knows that even though it will probably tear him apart from the inside out, he’ll never leave Dean.

And then he finds out about the baby, and he panics. The pregnancy shouldn’t have even happened; it was part of their contract that Cas go on suppressants with birth control, which he did. But now he’s pregnant, and Cas doesn’t know what Dean will do when he finds out.

So he runs. He tells Dean that he’s going to his sister Anna’s wedding, which there really is a wedding, but he doesn’t tell him that he won’t be coming back. He leaves behind everything that Dean ever gave him, from his pretty lingerie to his collar. He also leaves the phone that Dean uses to contact him.

But, because he’s a sappy omega who can’t leave well-enough alone, he also leaves a note. He doesn’t write anything about the pregnancy; he just tells Dean that he wanted more and he couldn’t handle not having it. He doesn’t think that Dean will find the note until after he’s long gone.

It’s in the middle of the wedding reception that a furious Dean shows up, demanding to see Cas. He’d found the note much sooner than Cas had anticipated when he’d gone to their apartment because he missed his omega’s scent. Cas’s parents tell him that they don’t know where Cas is; they’d sent him away because there was no room in their home for a pregnant, unmated whore.

And then before Dean can go mental on them, Anna’s pulling him off to the side and asking him if he really loves her brother. And Dean does love Cas. He’s been in love with him since the very first time they met at the little coffee shop where Cas was working. But he knew that Cas wasn’t the type to want a high-profile relationship, so he’d proposed the secret one, hoping that he’d eventually be able to convince Cas to be with him for real.

And even though he doesn’t tell Anna all of this, she can see it in his face. So she gives him the address of the friend she sent Cas to stay with.

And when Dean arrives at Pamela’s house, she doesn’t want to let him in at first because he was the alpha who’d messed up sweet little innocent Cas. But he begs her to let him see his mate, and his eyes are so desperate that she can’t say no. So she takes him up to Cas’s room where the omega is having his daily sob fest.

And at first Cas thinks that he’s finally snapped, because there’s no way in hell that Dean Winchester, Alpha magazine’s most eligible bachelor of the year for twelve years running and heir to one of the largest privately-owned companies in the country, would currently be in his room. So when Dean tells Cas that he’s come to take him back with him, Cas laughs. He tells him, “this is how movies and books end, Dean. This isn’t what happens in real fucking life!”

And then it descends into a shouting match, with Cas finally laying into Dean for years of loving and leaving, and Dean yelling about Cas keeping the pregnancy and feelings to himself, and “oh, that’s rich coming from the alpha who kept me hidden from the world for years! Didn’t want to hurt daddy’s reputation!”

And then Dean is yelling, “it wasn’t for him!” And Cas is stunned when Dean admits, “it was for you. For us.”

And then Dean finally tells him the truth about why he started the relationship, and Cas realizes that all those times he thought that Dean was desperate for something real, he was really just desperate for Cas. And then he’s grabbing Dean by the face and slamming their mouths together, sliding his tongue into Dean’s mouth, whimpering as Dean shoves him up against the wall.

Cas wraps his legs around the alpha’s waist and moans and sobs as the alpha grinds their hips together. Cas can feel his pants soaking through with his slick and he begs Dean to take him right now. And then Dean is pushing Cas down into the mattress and tearing their clothes off, nipping at his skin to create fresh bruises and claims.

And the sex doesn’t last long; they’re both too desperate for it. Dean barely shoves his cock into the omega’s slick hole, only able to give a few quick thrusts before his knot is exploding, filling up Cas’s tight ass. Cas cums immediately after, screaming his alpha’s name as Dean’s knot locks inside of him.

And when Dean leads Cas from the house a few hours later, Pamela just gives Dean a stern look and tells him to do right by Cas. And he does. He takes Cas bak to their apartment and marks him that same night.

Drunk Lullabies

My submission for @destieldrabblesdaily‘s 30k Fan Fic Contest :) 

Based off a real life experience, in which I was drunk singing to myself in the middle of the night when I thought my two friends were asleep and when I stopped, one of them asked why because she liked listening to me. So logically, I turned it into deancas.

Dean lifts the dark bottle to his lips, finishing off what little was left inside. The beer is warm but still sharp as it slithers down his throat and he exhales, leaning his head back against the couch to stare up at the ceiling as soft music flows through the room.

He probably should’ve stopped drinking a while ago - his head’s been spinning going on two hours now - but it’s oddly relaxing. The thoughts that usually cloud his mind drift away, leaving him with a sense of peace. Although, the chances of a hangover are good.

But he doesn’t care about that now.

He glances around the dimness of the disheveled room. His apartment’s littered with empty bottles; pillows spewed about and left over Chinese cartons sit on the coffee table with the abandoned Monopoly game. When he’s sober again, he’ll cringe at the sight but for now, he smiles. As destroyed as the room is, it’s a reminder of a good night had.

Sam and Jess are tangled together on the loveseat, Jess lying completely on Sam and Sam, with his long limbs, is half falling off. But they’re out like a light. Have been for about an hour now. That’s the price the winners of drinking Monopoly pay, though. Of course the sharks will be the first ones to get blacked out drunk. It’s only fair.

Dean’s gaze flickers to the weight that shifts against his side, the corner of his mouth lifting in a soft smile. At some point, Cas tipped over on the couch, face nuzzling Dean’s shoulder. But as light and happy as the sight makes him, his insides twist. And it’s not from the alcohol.

Castiel is his best friend and sadly, that’s all they’ll ever be.

Dean’s been distracting himself with empty relationships for a long time now, but no one’s ever stuck around. He thought maybe he wasn’t finding the right person. Maybe they’d be the next one, the one to finally wipe his silly crush on his best friend clean from his mind.

But no. Every single time, he’s longed for the person to be Cas. Just Cas.

There was a point six months ago where Dean convinced himself to finally tell Cas. Tell him everything because he couldn’t keep it inside anymore or else he’d burst. He was tired of feeling lonely when he wasn’t alone, wanting the warm body in his bed to be Cas’, to push that line from friendship to… fuck, something more.

He was ready to do it, to confess everything. But he was too late, all hope crashing and burning.

Castiel had found someone. Someone who wasn’t Dean. Someone named Balthazar who was from England and charming and then Dean stopped listening after that, focused too hard on upholding his plastic smile. He couldn’t tell Cas after that. He had to be happy for him regardless of his feelings.

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dean would be fucking incapable of relaxing in bed though, like he constantly have to be the one in control, he’d have to be setting the pace, whether he’s giving or receiving

but cas would be having none of that honestly, he’d take dean by the neck and shove his face against the mattress and grip his hips tight enough to leave bruises and cas’ pace would be fucking ruthless, and not in the sense that he’d fuck dean fast, quite the opposite actually

because he’d fuck dean slow and deep with sharp thrusts that press the head of his cock right up against dean’s prostate and dean would just have to lie there and take it for once, take it whether he wanted it faster or harder, no matter how much he wanted to just ride cas until he came easy and quick and clean

but instead cas drags it out, long and heavy until dean’s thighs are shaking and his hips are stuttering and he’s practically pleading with cas so that when cas finally tells him to let go, dean comes slow and long, back arching and body tense with the force of one of the best orgasms he’s ever had

Destiel Highschool au where Dean and Cas have been best friend since they were children and totally being in love but too scared to ask the other out and too scared to tell their parents.
So finally when Dean asks Cas to prom Junior year, they end up dating “secretly” even though Sammy obviously knows because well.. Dean is the one who drives him home and he found cas’s underwear in the back seat which wouldn’t be too odd other then the fact that he sees Dean push Cas into walls at school and kiss the living heavens out of him.
So one day Cas and Dean come into deans house and tell Mary that they’ve been dating with their fingers laced together, she calls john in from the kitchen and he just kind of walks in saying “marry what? Im busy so Unless my boy has finally manned up and kissed Cas I don’t wanna hear abou…. Oh hi boys” and Dean just face palming.

The Necessities

Prompt 14 of 642: What three essential items would you take with you (if you were exiled)?

“Condoms, lube, and Dean.”

Castiel burst into a fit of hysterical, drunk giggles and rolled back onto Benny’s bottom bunk.  The other buzzed and drunk people laughed and giggled in awkward amusement as they tried not to look at Dean.  Dean was staring at his best friend with his mouth hanging open like a particularly dumb species of fish.

Philosophy had seemed like such a safe topic for drunk people.  To be or not to be?  Is the world nothing but shadows on a cave wall?  Would you kill one person to save nine, or let someone else kill all ten because killing one person, even for a “good reason” was morally wrong?  Stupid stuff from Ethics 101.  And someone had brought up Napoleon.  And how he was exiled to Elba.  And then the question became where would you want to be exiled to?  And then Charlie had asked what three things would you take with you?

And that had come out of Castiel’s mouth.

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hey, someone brought up the S11 finale (?) to my attention again, where Dean pretty much tells Cas "you're a brother to me" in the car, which was supposed to be textually confirming that they wouldn't go any further in the Dean/Cas relationship beyond 'brothers'. What I took from the scene at the time was how Misha played Cas as disappointed and YEARNING for more, but accepts what is given reluctantly. I'm just wondering, what do you think of that scene now with s12?

Hello, my lovely!

Yes, you are so right! This is what I took from that scene also!!

And who said that this glorious exchange of 11x23, this one of my favourite of Destiel moments (among all the favourites of Destiel moments) was “supposed to be textually confirming they wouldn’t go any further in the Dean/Cas relationship beyond ‘brothers’”? Who said that? And how dare they?

Okay, I’m semi-joking, because all I can give you is my reading into things, which means my interpretation of this fantastically written piece of dialogue, which doesn’t cancel out the fact that whoever said the above statement had every right to say it, and to interpret the scene that way. I’m just asking “And how dare they?” because I completely and utterly and inherently disagree with their interpretation of the intention of this exchange. How and why?

Well, I dissected this scene and all the moments leading into it at length in this post: 

Two Liars in an Impala: Deconstructing the Brologue from 11x23

And I hope you’ll find it informative. And know that this deconstruction still holds. For me, it would have held even before 12x01 ever aired. This scene is absolutely flawless and heartbreaking and wonderful in what it tells us about these two men and the obstacles they need to break down in order to understand how much they fucking love each other. 

It. Makes. My. Brain. Melt. With. Goodness.

Thank you for asking!!


my aesthetic is highschool bby gentle cas having tons of big buff jock friends, like the entire football team + more just love him and poke fun at him, and they all always blush and get bashful if cas compliments them or calls them sweet bc cas is holy ground ok

and they get super over protective once the known badboy heartbreaker dean winchester starts eyeing him up and spends more and more time with him. it’s like a whole football team of dads start threatening dean that if he hurts cas they’ll crush his skull

but little do they know that dean is actually completely and utterly whipped for this boy, holding doors open for him and trying extra hard to act cool, popping up his dumb leather jacket’s collar and smoking once (he never does) n having a coughing fit cuz wtf he isn’t used to this

and dean’s even getting into fights cuz he wants to look cool but one day he shows up to lunch with a big bruise on his cheek and the room is buzzing about it, gossiping and whispering about how dean the tough guy got his ass kicked

and cas, who’s known for being gentle and inhumanly patient, gets pissed off and stops talking to dean n starts avoiding him. u following me? idk if you are…….

cuz when dean finally catches cas and forces him to tell him what’s wrong, cas manhandles him into a closet and growls, “you fucking idiot, dean. do you seriously think you look cool?”


a hard look, and then a muttered, “i hate seeing you hurt. and i hate your bullshit. i like you just how you are. the real you.”


“you’re so stupid.”

then cas kisses him hard, and dean finally learns what it’s like to have his knees wobble but not from fear, shaking as he melts under the firm but gentle hands cupping his face.

you bet their ass they became the cutest highschool sweethearts after that.

High School AU : Dean is finally ready to tell his best friend, Cas, how he feels and wants to do something special. After a lot of convincing he stands on his Cas’ door step in a bee costume, holding a cheesy sign 

“I can’t believe I let Sammy talk me into this…”

A DeanCas zombie apocalypse!au wherein Dean and Cas are separated from the very beginning due to their relationship not being recognized by the state. Six months after being placed in different Survival Groups and both thinking the other dead, they’ve long since given up hope for happiness in such a different, dark world. 

Until Sam goes out for a supply run.

Insisting on going by himself, he gets trapped in a beaten down car surrounded by the Undead, and is saved by a mysterious bed-headed man with a wooden baton. With darkness quickly approaching and so close to a hot zone, Sam and the stranger bunk in the nearest, safest nook they can find for the night, and exchange stories of Before and During with mouths full of baked beans. 

Or, rather, the mysterious man talks… Sam listens, raptly, to a love story that transcends even the end of the world.

The man moves his beans around his mouth as if savouring every greasy bite. He swallows with solemn blue eyes. “Before has been put to rest,” he says, voice gravel-rough. “What’s before us now is what truly matters.”

Sam bites his lip and nods into his can. “Who’d you lose?”

For the first time since they’ve met, the man looks shaken. He pushes around his food and swallows thickly, shoulders tense. “A man,” he says cautiously. The corner of his lips turn up in a ghost of a smile. “The most wonderful man.”

Dean’s already chubby tummy grows even more, and he thinks it might be because of all the sweets Cas handfeeds him after each time they made love (and sometimes during it), but as it turns out, it’s actually the lovemaking itself that is making his belly grow because Dean’s pregnant. After freaking out for a day or two (and avoiding his boyfriend’s soft hands and concerned gaze and the hurt little “Dean?” he asks before sleep), he finally tells Cas what’s up. And despite all his horror fantasies, Cas doesn’t lose it or leave him or anything of the sort; in fact, he is relieved and confesses that he was afraid that Dean had decided to break up with him and was only trying to work up to it. But now, Cas is all smiles and finally returning touches and he reverently strokes Dean’s belly and promises to never leave him – leave them – and take good care his new family.

And then Cas kisses away the tears Dean can’t quiet keep in (and will deny to his dying day), and after he’s done with that, covers absolutely all of Dean’s body with kisses.
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So… I wrote a fanfic.

Cas was dead. Deceased. Gone.

Dean could do nothing but hold his broken body to his chest and cry.

Or, Lucifer’s child brings back Cas as a gesture of goodwill, and Dean finally tells Cas how much he cares about him.

My First Kiss Went a Little Like This

Dean is impatient to have his first kiss, but he’s picky about who exactly he kisses. (500)

A/N: Title from the song “My First Kiss” by 3OH!3 (feat. Ke$ha).


“Bela Talbot kissed Victor Henriksen.”

“What?” Castiel glanced over at his best friend Dean, who was still casually working on his math homework.

“Bela Talbot kissed Victor Henriksen,” Dean repeated without looking up as he erased a mistake and started to redo the problem.

“That’s nice,” Castiel said, frowning in confusion as he watched Dean. “Why are you telling me?”

Dean sighed and finally returned Cas’ gaze. “Because,” he said, exasperated. “Bela’s an annoying pain in the ass and it’s not fair that she had her first kiss before I did.”

Cas rolled his eyes. “This again?” he said, returning to his own homework. He only had a few more questions for English before he was finished.

Dean smacked his arm lightly, trying to get his attention. “It’s not fair,” he complained. “I mean geez, even Becky Rosen has kissed someone.”

“I’m aware, Dean,” Castiel said, ignoring him. “You only told me twenty thousand times after it happened.” Dean smacked him again and Cas finally looked up for the second time. “What, Dean?” he asked, exasperated. “It’s not like you haven’t had the chance. There are plenty of girls dying to kiss you.” He wasn’t lying; it was no secret that Cassie Robinson and Lisa Braeden, who were both popular and attractive, had crushes on Dean, but Dean never showed any real interest in either of them.

Dean at least had the decency to blush at being called out. “But I don’t want to kiss them,” he mumbled, looking away.

Castiel had no clue where Dean was going with this, but it was getting annoying. “Look Dean,” he started. “If you’ve had offers that you haven’t accepted then you can’t complain about it. If you really cared that much you would have just kissed someone already. But you haven’t, so–”

“I want to kiss you,” Dean interrupted in a rush, still not looking at Castiel.

That was not what Cas was expecting and he didn’t know what to say. “M-me?” he stammered, suddenly thrown off guard. “You want – you want… me?”

“Yeah, silly,” Dean said, finally risking a glance at his best friend. “I thought if I brought it up enough you’d get the hint,” he muttered with a sigh.

Cas couldn’t help it and he laughed out loud. Dean’s face fell and Cas attempted to calm himself down.

“I’m sorry, Dean,” he apologized. “It’s just… this isn’t a big deal to me, but if I kissed anyone, I’d want it to be you.”

“Really?” Dean asked, starting to look happy again.

“Really,” Castiel confirmed before leaning forward and pressing a light kiss to Dean’s lips. He pulled back, smiling at the surprise written clearly on Dean’s face. “Was that good?” he asked casually, not expecting an answer.

“Mhmm,” Dean mumbled, and then he leaned in for another kiss. “Definitely,” he confirmed a moment later.

He’s my cherry pie

We’ve all read fics with that great old trope - fake married. Who doesn’t love when Dean and Cas have to pretend they are a couple for a case? The awkwardness, the clulessness, the fake flirting (but not really). I love it all.

But I was thinking, wouldn’t it be fun to turn this trope around a bit so that Sam and Cas are the ones pretending to be married?

Dean and Sam can’t be the ones to fake that they are a married couple because that would be just too weird so they ask Cas to help and he of course agrees. Dean doesn’t want to have anything to do with being fake gay and Sam and Cas just roll with it because they are both easy going like that. 

But pretty soon Dean starts getting jealous when he sees Sam walking with his arm around Cas’ shoulder or when Cas does thoughtful things for Sam. Of course Dean doesn’t understand that his feelings are jealousy, he thinks he is just disgusted with the whole case that they are having trouble solving. 

He has to go get drunk after someone tells Sam and Cas they seem perfect together and when they ask how they met, Cas doesn’t know what to say so he gives them sort of a non-Supernatural version of his and Dean’s story. He is absolutely positively not jealous when Sam and Cas go on a date to watch the new Marvel action flick and they come back excitedly chatting about it. He isn’t jealous… he’s just angry because he has been telling Cas for months about his favorite character and really wanted to watch his reaction.

And if he has to listen to Sam tell him one more time about what a great partner Cas is he is going to punch someone. They are disgustingly adorable together and Dean thinks they are overdoing it. But the straw that breaks the camel’s back is when Cas and Sam go on a ‘date’ to the local fair and Cas buys Sam a pie… no, not just a pie… a freshly baked, homemade, blue-ribbon-winning, cherry-rhubarb, cinnamon-crumble-topped, caramel-drizzled pie to end all pies! 

Dean is of course surly and grumpy because Cas is his angel, and that’s his story Cas is sharing with everyone and he should have been the one sharing popcorn and watching things blow up with Cas. And even if he doesn’t want to admit it, it should be his arm slung over Cas’ shoulder and maybe even his lips on Cas’. And that pie on the counter should have been his pie. Sam doesn’t even like pie! 

It isn’t until Sam finally tells him that Dean is just about all Cas talks about during their ‘dates’ and Cas wanted to see that Marvel flick so he could talk to Dean about it without missing references and that the pie was actually purchased for Dean that he gets a clue and kisses Cas right there in front of the bumper cars. Which in retrospect, wasn’t his best idea ever since it got them kicked out of the couple’s retreat when the counselor saw Cas making out with his husband’s brother. Whatever, let Jodi and Donna handle this one. It’s totally worth it when he is back at the bunker, sitting on his own bed with empty plates on the nightstand and Cas snuggled against his side watching his favorite movie and he gets to taste blue-ribbon-winning, cherry-rhubarb, cinnamon-crumble-topped, caramel-drizzled pie on Castiel’s lips.

Clueless jealous Dean is the best!


Prompt: Can you write a Destiel fic where they go to a firework show, maybe fluff? Idk


It was the fourth of July and Cas had never seen fireworks before.

           Of course, when Dean had brought up the tradition Cas had no idea what Dean was talking. And even after Dean had explained it to him he didn’t understand the appeal of watching explosions in the sky. Something so violent didn’t seem to correlate to fun in Cas’s mind. But Dean insisted they go, he loved fireworks and he hoped Cas would too.

           “You got your coat Cas,” Dean asked as a gathered up two blankets from the linen cupboard in the bunker.

           “I do, but its already so hot outside, why would I require-“

           “Cas, think about it,” Dean interrupted, “They light up the sky, so we’ll be watching them at night, it’s gonna get cold, man.”

           Cas gave him a perplexed look before asking, “Then why are we leaving so early.”

           “Well,” Dean said trying to sound coy, “There’s a fair in a nearby town and they’re gonna have the fireworks show there tonight, so I thought we could hang out and enjoy the fair first. I mean, Lord knows we need a break.”

           “The fair may prove to be a good distraction. Will Sam be coming with us?”

           Dean groaned and then blushed as Cas gave him a quizzical look in response to Dean’s apparent irritation with the question.

           “Hey Sammy,” Dean called, his voice full of reluctance, “Cas wants to know if you’re coming with us?”

           Sam entered the room with a smirk on his face. He knew why Dean was taking Cas to the fair. He had been telling Dean for months to finally come clean to Cas. Sam insisted Dean would be much happier if he did. But Dean was convinced Cas wouldn’t reply too keenly to any confessions. Sam reassured him that he was sure Cas would be more than happy with what Dean had to say. It had taken a lot of convincing, but Sam told Dean this was the perfect opportunity.

           “Hmmm, I’m not sure,” He teased. Dean sent him a death glare as Sam continued, “What do you think Dean?”

           Dean tried to play it cool, “Whatever man,” he said with exasperation, “You do whatever you want. Come with us, or don’t. It makes no difference to me.”

           “Sure…” Sam said smirking once again. Dean mouthed ‘Fuck you’ to his brother causing Sammy to laugh.

           “Sorry Cas, but I think I’m too busy tonight, but I’m sure you two will have fun together.”

Sam winked at Dean, and with that, he was gone.

Cas wasn’t entirely sure what the subtext of that whole conversation was, but he chose to ignore it.

“Ready Cas,” Dean asked, smiling.

“Yes,” He replied as he picked up his coat and followed Dean out.


“The fair isn’t too far from here,” Dean said as they began driving.

“Don’t you think it might be a little quicker if I just flew us there,” Cas asked.

“Well, yea,” Dean said, “But we need somewhere to stash our blankets and coats while we’re walking around. Plus, I like driving with you.”

Before he knew what he had said, it was out. He felt his cheeks flush as he gripped the steering wheel and looked straight ahead at the road.

Cas turned to look at Dean trying to read him and understand exactly what he was saying. Cas thought his face looked redder than usual, but he couldn’t really tell.

“I… Thank you,” Cas said as he shifted in the seat and looked forward again, “I too enjoy your company.”

Dean felt himself relax a bit at Cas’s words. ‘Maybe this will turn out ok,’ Dean thought, ‘Or maybe Sam’s wrong and I’m just going to fuck everything up.’

The two remained silent for the remainder of their relatively short ride.

“And here we are,” Dean said as he pulled into the parking lot on the fair grounds.

The two got out and made their way to the ticket booth.

“So what do you want to do first, games, or rides?”

Cas mulled it over for a moment, “Well, since I have participated in neither of the two before, I trust your judgment over mine.”

“We’ll start with games,” Dean said.

After they bought the tickets, Dean brought Cas over to the game booths. The first one was the ring toss. After explaining the rules to Cas, Dean went first.

After tossing the ring, Dean watched as the ring swung around the bottle and fell off.

“Shit,” he said before grabbing the second ring from Cas’s hands.

Concentrating a bit more this time, Dean tossed the ring and it made it around the bottle.

“I’ve still got it Cas,” He said as he looked over at Cas who was smiling as well. Dean started staring at Cas. He loved the few times Cas smiled and always valued those moments.

After he got back to reality, he ended up getting the next three around the bottles making his score 4/5.

“Which do you want Cas,” Dean said pointing so some of the prizes on the wall.

“Well you won, not me. Shouldn’t you pick out the prize.”

“No man, I want you to have it, like a gift or something.”

Dean blushed as Cas looked up at him, “I guess we can get the kite,” Cas said, “I’ve never tried one of those either.”

“Cool,” Dean said as the man behind the booth handed him the kite.

“So now it’s your turn,” Dean said as he handed a ring to Cas.

“Are you sure, I’m not entirely sure my skills will prove as fruitful as yours did.”

“That’s ok Cas, that’s part of the fun anyway. It don’t matter if you win really, I mean everyone who tries gets something, even if it’s just a consolation prize.

“Okay,” Cas said as he lined up facing the bottles. Cas pulled his hand behind his head and threw the ring forward almost like one would throw a football. The ring went flying and ended up hitting the back of the booth before landing on the floor.

Dean suppressed his laughter as he showed Cas how he should really do it.

“You have to flick your wrist,” Dean said as he showed Cas.

“I see,” Cas said as he tried again.

This time at least the toss was stable, but it veered off to the right and onto the floor.

“Ok, ok,” Dean said as he placed his hands on Cas’s hips, “Why don’t you try standing this way and toss a bit lighter this time.”

As Dean adjusted Cas’s body position with his hands. Cas felt himself blush. He felt himself reacting to Dean’s hands over his hips in ways he hadn’t experienced before.

Dean quickly realized his hands were lingering and quickly snapped them away. His heart was racing, he felt like he had touched Cas so intimately even though the act was actually fairly casual.

It took Cas a second to regain his composer but as he did, he remembered that Dean had told him to throw it softer this time. He did just as Dean had told him, he flicked his wrist and tossed the ring softly.

This time, the ring made it onto the bottles as it clanged around before falling.

“That was so close,” Dean exclaimed, clapping his hand onto Cas’s shoulder.

Cas tried again with the same results.

“Come on man, you still have one more try,” Dean reminded him.

This time, the ring finally made it around the bottle.

Cas smiled and was quickly wrapped in Dean’s arms.

“That was awesome Cas! I told you you could to it,” Dean said as he held onto Cas.

“Th-thank you,” Cas said. His mind was racing at the moment and he wasn’t exactly sure how to react. Finally he placed his hands around Dean and hugged back. Cas was pleased with Dean’s response. They had hugged before, but this seemed different, better.

After a few moments, they heard a man’s throat clearing and separated from each other’s grasp. They looked and saw the booth man handing Cas the red beaded necklace he had won as a consolation.

“Thank you,” Cas said taking his prize.

The two eventually played most of the games and seemed to be relaxing a bit.

Eventually they came across the dart toss and Dean was pumped. He ended up hitting all a balloon with each of his darts.

“What do you want this time Cas?”

“I’ll take the bee,” Cas said, pointing to the bee plush.

The lady handed it to him before Dean said, “You ready to give it a shot?”

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea,” Cas said looking a bit uncomfortable.

“Come on, I’m sure you can do it!”

“I’m sure I can throw a dart as well, but what it will hit is what I’m unsure and afraid of. “

“I see,” Dean said, “How about I help you, will you try then?”

“I suppose,” Cas replied.

“Good,” Dean said taking the bee from Cas’s hands and placing it down on the floor with the rest of their prizes from the night.

Dean grabbed a dart from the lady and positioned himself behind Cas, he placed one hand on his hip, and one on Cas’s right hand. Cas held on to the dart as Dean began making sure his elbow was squared.

Cas suddenly became very aware of how closely their bodies were together. He could feel Dean’s hand on his hip, Dean’s hips against his lower back and Dean’s hand on his. He tried to stay calm as his heart rate increased.

           He then heard a loud pop and was shocked back into reality.

           “We did it Cas,” Dean exclaimed.

           Cas looked forward and sure enough he had hit the balloon. Dean continued to help him throughout and every time they managed to pop a balloon.

           “What prize do you want sir,” the lady asked Cas”

           He thought about it for a moment before saying, “Dean, why don’t you choose.”

           “What, why?”

           “It’s a gift,” Cas said quoting Dean from before.

           “Thanks Cas,” Dean said.

           By now, he had let go of Cas’s hand but his other hand was on the small of Cas’s back.

           He ended up picking up a second bee plush to match Cas’s. Where Cas’s bee was black, Cas’s was yellow.

           As the two collected their things and were about to leave the booth lady said, “You two make an adorable couple,”

           “Oh, ah, thanks,” Dean said as he led Cas away.

           Dean felt his cheeks burning. Cas then turned to him saying, “What did she mean?”

           ‘Oh, well, she thought we were a couple and she was saying we look cute, happy together, we are a good match.”

           “I see,” Cas said, looking down to hide a blush.

           “I’m sorry, I should have said something.”

           “No, I mean, it’s okay,” Cas said as they continued walking, “It’s kind of nice.”

           Eventually they made it back to the car and dropped their prizes off and made their way back to the fair.

           “Ok, so which ride do you want to do first? And I want you to pick this time.

           “That one looks ok,” Cas said pointing to the ferris wheel.

           “Fuck,” Dean said under his breath, “The ferris wheel it is.”

           Eventually the two were sat in the ferris wheel and it began to move. At first Dean was able to stay calm but it kept getting higher and higher.

           “Shit,” Dean said as he felt his stomach dropping.

           “Is something wrong,” Cas asked, looking at Dean’s paling face.

           “It’s just a little high,” Dean said, his hands balled up and his knuckles white, “And I’m not exactly a fan of heights.”

           “Oh, I’m sorry, you should have said so-“

           “No, no, it’s ok, I want you to have fun.”

           Eventually they made it to the top and Dean looked even worse. And then it stopped.

           “Oh fucking hell,” Dean said, “I think it broke, we’re going to die up here Cas, we’re going to fucking die!”

           “Calm down Dean,” Cas said, “I’m pretty sure they’re just loading and unloading passengers. And if we were stuck up here, which we are not. I could just ‘fly’ us somewhere else.”

           “That’s not helping anyway,” Dean said, “You’re probably going to let go of me or something and then I’ll die!”

           Cas wasn’t exactly sure if what he was about to do was appropriate, but he remembered that humans found comfort in the touch of others. Cas placed his hand around Dean’s and instantly he felt Dean relax. Eventually Dean’s hand unfolded and Cas intertwined their fingers.

           “I’ll never let go of you,” Cas said, looking up at Dean.

           Dean looked back and felt his heart racing. Maybe it was from the fear, but maybe it was from what Cas had just said and the hand that he was now holding.

           “Cas-“ Dean whispered not knowing what to say.

           Cas just smiled at him and Dean felt his heart swelling. The seats were small and he was already close to Cas, but he felt himself moving closer. The gap between their heads was getting closer and closer. ‘It’s happening, it’s fucking happening,’ Dean was yelling in his head, ‘Holy fuck.’

Suddenly the two were jolted as the ferris wheel began moving again. The two turned away and faced the front once again.

           Dean felt awkward as hell. ‘Maybe Cas doesn’t want me to kiss him. Maybe I really am going to fuck this all up… But he grabbed my hand so maybe…’

           They made it back to the bottom and Dean was relieved they could finally get off. But the ride kept going.

           Cas sensed Dean’s fear rising once again and squeezed his hand, “It’s ok, I’ve got you.”

           “Thanks,” Dean said squeezing back. He felt his fear dissipating and was now able to enjoy the views.

           “It is truly beautiful up here,” Cas said,

           “It is,” Dean said back.

           The ferris wheel went around a few times and Ca’s heart never stopped beating fast. He was hyper sensitive to every movement Dean was making. Every tiny twitch of a muscle in Dean’s hand and every small movement he made caused Cas’s heart to race.

           Eventually their ride came to an end and their hands separated.

They walked around for a bit before Dean spotted something he couldn’t pass up. He grabbed Cas’s hand and ran over to a food booth.

Pie. ‘Of course,” Cas thought.

           Cas and Dean ended up getting burgers and pie.

           Although Dean wanted to eat the pie first, Cas insisted that the longer he waits for the pie, the better it will be when he finally eats it.


           “That was so good,” Dean said after finishing his past bite of pie.

           “I agree,” Cas said.

           Dean leaned across the table and wiped his hand just under Cas’s mouth. Dean then licked the remaining pie filing off his finger.  Cas looked back at Dean shocked. Cas blushed deeply as Dean said, “You had something on your face.”

           “T-thank you,” Cas said quietly.


           At this point, Dean was pretty sure Cas would respond kindly to any affection Dean presented to him tonight. Based on everything that had happened so far, his chances were high. But he couldn’t help but think that maybe it still wouldn’t work out. ‘Maybe Cas blushes at everything,’ Dean thought. ‘And he probably would have held Sam’s hand too if they were in the same situation.’

           In reality, Dean really couldn’t picture Cas holding Sam’s hand for any reason. But the thoughts of doubt still crept in.

           After throwing out their plates, the two made it back to the impala and grabbed their jackets and the two blankets. It was getting dark and much colder than Cas had anticipated.

           “Let’s sit here,” Dean said as he laid down the blanket.

           Cas pulled on his coat and sat down on the blanket. He leaned back on his hands as he looked up at the sky. There were stars everywhere and he was in awe. Feeling Dean sit down next to him he said, “They’re beautiful.”

           “They are,” Dean thought. He couldn’t help but also think about how beautiful Cas was. There in that moment, and every moment. “I think you’re going to like the fireworks,” Dean said.

           They talked for another half hour. They talked about hunting and all the things they would have to do when they got back. But they also talked about their day and how much fun they had had. Dean promised Cas that by next year he would be a dart champion and wouldn’t need Dean’s help.

           Although Cas had enjoyed Dean’s help, he was sure being taught by Dean would be just as great.

           As the fireworks were about to start, Dean threw the second blanked over them. He had noticed Cas was starting to shiver and was worried.

           “You ok Cas?”

           “Y-e-e-ea, I’m f-f-fine,” Cas said as he shivered.

           “Shit,” Dean said, “I didn’t think it would be this cold.”

           Dean moved closer to Cas until their arms and legs were touching, “How’s that,”

           “Better,” Cas said as his body begged him to move even closer.

           As the fireworks started Cas started forgetting about the cold. He was mesmerized. He had never seen anything like it before. They were explosions of colors and shapes and designs he never thought coulb be made by an explosion. He never thought something so destructive could end up being that beautiful. He watched for a few minutes in awe. Eventually Dean turned to him saying, “How do you like it?”

           “It’s amazing, it really is; today was amazing, the fireworks are amazing, you are amazing.”

           Before he had realized what he said the words were out. Immediately Cas filled with regret, ‘I shouldn’t have said that,’

           “I’m sorry,” Cas mumbled looking up at Dean waiting to hear Dean tell him he wasn’t like that, and how they should just forget that this ever happened and go home.

           “Don’t be,” Dean said. He took Cas’s jaw in his hand and began slowly leaning closer. “Don’t be,” He whispered.

           Cas felt Dean’s lips hot against his. His body filled with heat as he felt his heart face faster than ever before. After a moment, Dean began moving his lips over Cas’s and Cas soon did the same. Cas felt Dean’s tongue pushing past his lips and he moaned in response. Gripping onto Dean’s supporting arm, Cas began to kiss Dean more passionately as he let his emotions flow through him. He was so happy, he couldn’t imagine a day more perfect than this.

           Suddenly the two broke apart panting softly as they heard the crowd clapping and cheering. They looked up and saw the last of the fireworks go off. Cas smiled thinking about how amazing the fireworks truly were.

           “I think we kinda missed the ending,” Dean laughed.

           Cas pulled Dean in once again and kissed him softly, “I think this was better.”

           Dean kissed him back as the two got lost in the moment once again.

           As they heard people getting up to leave they stood up and collected their things. Dean reached out and took Cas’s hand in his as they walked back to the car.

           Once inside. Dean sat down and took a deep breath, “Are you sure about this, about us?”

           “Yes,” Cas answered, “Why, are you not-?”

           “No, I mean yes. I mean I’m happy. I’m so happy Cas,” Dean said as he pulled his fingers through Cas’s hair.

           “I’ve waited for this, for you, for so long Dean. Since the day we met, since the first touch,” Cas said as he placed his hand over where Dean’s scar was.

           “Fuck, Cas,” Dean said. He pulled the Angel closer and started kissing him again. This time it was Dean’s turn to try to show him just how important he was. Between kisses Dean breathed, “I’ve wanted you for so long-, I just never thought you would ever-, but you did, you do,- God Cas, I love you. I want you to know I love you.”

           Das kissed Dean more deeply as he felt his body swell with emotion. After a few moments their lips parted and Cas said, “I love you too, I always have.”

           “Thank you Cas, thank you so much. For everything,” Dean said.

           Cas smiled back and kissed Dean once again.

           “I think we should get home,” Cas suggested.

           “Yea, ok,” Dean said as he started the Impala and pulled out of the parking lot.


           The two made it home pretty quickly and walked quietly into the bunker.

           As they closed and locked the bunker Dean pulled Cas in for another kiss.

           “Stay with me, tonight,” Dean said looking into Cas’s eyes.

           “Okay,” Cas replied, his heart racing.

           Dean grabbed Cas’s hand and led him through the room. As they walked through the kitchen they saw Sam apparently eating a midnight snack.

           “So,” he smirked, “I see it went well, didn’t it Dean?”

           Cas looked over at Dean confused, “Yes,” he said squeezing Cas’s hand before leading him out of the room and closer to his bedroom.

           “I told you it would jerk,” Sam yelled.

           “Yea, whatever bitch,” Dean said as he opened the door and pulled Cas inside.



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  • Person: Hi. How's it going?
  • Me: Jared Padalecki said that the season 11 finale is going to be the saddest finale that supernatural has had so far. This could possibly mean that another major character death is going to happen. Since Dean Winchester is the one trying to find happiness this season and is constantly worrying about Cas, it is alluding that Castiel may die this season. What if, in the season finale, everything is alright and Dean finally musters up the courage to tell Cas how he feels. After all he deserves to be happy. But then in the last 5 minutes, something unexpected happens, and Castiel ends up dying right when he is about to tell him. Right in his arms. And Dean is a wreck whispering to his lifeless vessel saying ' can't be happening...I didn't even get to say I love you.'
  • Person: .....what?
A destiel wedding

Just imagine

Cas going up to heaven to ask bobby himself if he can marry dean, bobby looses his shit for a second, asks what the hell he missed, but honestly doesn’t give two shits anyway

Cas going to Sam and asking him. Sam spitting his coffee everywhere, jumps up and yells ‘I FUCKIN KNEW IT’ but says yes

Cas telling John and Mary Winchester about their hero children and that he wants to marry dean and Mary’s like YES LET HIM BE HAPPY and johns like you know what screw it do it I don’t even care anymore

Cas finally asking dean, telling about all the people he asked. Dean staring at him the entire time with the most stupid expression before he’s just like stfu and says yes

A bunch of angels ( like Hannah and the Angels that followed him In the fight with metatron and Gabriel) sitting there at the wedding All simultaneously thinking ‘fuckin finally maybe these two will calm their shit now’

Dean refusing to walk up the isle or have any flowers anywhere of any kind

Gabriel deciding he doesn’t like that idea and puts hot pink flowers every two feet (to which dean is pissed and cas is like confused puppy face and dean shuts up)

Cas pulling a few strings and as a wedding present brings Charlie back but she’s now a prophet(cause they can’t find chuck, and no one else will do it) and keeps writing the Winchester gospel

Sam sitting with Gabriel, deciding on pranks to play with the two newly weds, but then deciding that instead they are just gonna send them on vacation to a beach somewhere safe and triple checked to have no case in the immediate vicinity.

Yeah I’m stopping at the honeymoon part sorry kids