and dean finally tells cas

Destiel Highschool au where Dean and Cas have been best friend since they were children and totally being in love but too scared to ask the other out and too scared to tell their parents.
So finally when Dean asks Cas to prom Junior year, they end up dating “secretly” even though Sammy obviously knows because well.. Dean is the one who drives him home and he found cas’s underwear in the back seat which wouldn’t be too odd other then the fact that he sees Dean push Cas into walls at school and kiss the living heavens out of him.
So one day Cas and Dean come into deans house and tell Mary that they’ve been dating with their fingers laced together, she calls john in from the kitchen and he just kind of walks in saying “marry what? Im busy so Unless my boy has finally manned up and kissed Cas I don’t wanna hear abou…. Oh hi boys” and Dean just face palming.

A DeanCas zombie apocalypse!au wherein Dean and Cas are separated from the very beginning due to their relationship not being recognized by the state. Six months after being placed in different Survival Groups and both thinking the other dead, they’ve long since given up hope for happiness in such a different, dark world. 

Until Sam goes out for a supply run.

Insisting on going by himself, he gets trapped in a beaten down car surrounded by the Undead, and is saved by a mysterious bed-headed man with a wooden baton. With darkness quickly approaching and so close to a hot zone, Sam and the stranger bunk in the nearest, safest nook they can find for the night, and exchange stories of Before and During with mouths full of baked beans. 

Or, rather, the mysterious man talks… Sam listens, raptly, to a love story that transcends even the end of the world.

The man moves his beans around his mouth as if savouring every greasy bite. He swallows with solemn blue eyes. “Before has been put to rest,” he says, voice gravel-rough. “What’s before us now is what truly matters.”

Sam bites his lip and nods into his can. “Who’d you lose?”

For the first time since they’ve met, the man looks shaken. He pushes around his food and swallows thickly, shoulders tense. “A man,” he says cautiously. The corner of his lips turn up in a ghost of a smile. “The most wonderful man.”

  • Person: Hi. How's it going?
  • Me: Jared Padalecki said that the season 11 finale is going to be the saddest finale that supernatural has had so far. This could possibly mean that another major character death is going to happen. Since Dean Winchester is the one trying to find happiness this season and is constantly worrying about Cas, it is alluding that Castiel may die this season. What if, in the season finale, everything is alright and Dean finally musters up the courage to tell Cas how he feels. After all he deserves to be happy. But then in the last 5 minutes, something unexpected happens, and Castiel ends up dying right when he is about to tell him. Right in his arms. And Dean is a wreck whispering to his lifeless vessel saying ' can't be happening...I didn't even get to say I love you.'
  • Person: .....what?
My First Kiss Went a Little Like This

Dean is impatient to have his first kiss, but he’s picky about who exactly he kisses. (500)

A/N: Title from the song “My First Kiss” by 3OH!3 (feat. Ke$ha).


“Bela Talbot kissed Victor Henriksen.”

“What?” Castiel glanced over at his best friend Dean, who was still casually working on his math homework.

“Bela Talbot kissed Victor Henriksen,” Dean repeated without looking up as he erased a mistake and started to redo the problem.

“That’s nice,” Castiel said, frowning in confusion as he watched Dean. “Why are you telling me?”

Dean sighed and finally returned Cas’ gaze. “Because,” he said, exasperated. “Bela’s an annoying pain in the ass and it’s not fair that she had her first kiss before I did.”

Cas rolled his eyes. “This again?” he said, returning to his own homework. He only had a few more questions for English before he was finished.

Dean smacked his arm lightly, trying to get his attention. “It’s not fair,” he complained. “I mean geez, even Becky Rosen has kissed someone.”

“I’m aware, Dean,” Castiel said, ignoring him. “You only told me twenty thousand times after it happened.” Dean smacked him again and Cas finally looked up for the second time. “What, Dean?” he asked, exasperated. “It’s not like you haven’t had the chance. There are plenty of girls dying to kiss you.” He wasn’t lying; it was no secret that Cassie Robinson and Lisa Braeden, who were both popular and attractive, had crushes on Dean, but Dean never showed any real interest in either of them.

Dean at least had the decency to blush at being called out. “But I don’t want to kiss them,” he mumbled, looking away.

Castiel had no clue where Dean was going with this, but it was getting annoying. “Look Dean,” he started. “If you’ve had offers that you haven’t accepted then you can’t complain about it. If you really cared that much you would have just kissed someone already. But you haven’t, so–”

“I want to kiss you,” Dean interrupted in a rush, still not looking at Castiel.

That was not what Cas was expecting and he didn’t know what to say. “M-me?” he stammered, suddenly thrown off guard. “You want – you want… me?”

“Yeah, silly,” Dean said, finally risking a glance at his best friend. “I thought if I brought it up enough you’d get the hint,” he muttered with a sigh.

Cas couldn’t help it and he laughed out loud. Dean’s face fell and Cas attempted to calm himself down.

“I’m sorry, Dean,” he apologized. “It’s just… this isn’t a big deal to me, but if I kissed anyone, I’d want it to be you.”

“Really?” Dean asked, starting to look happy again.

“Really,” Castiel confirmed before leaning forward and pressing a light kiss to Dean’s lips. He pulled back, smiling at the surprise written clearly on Dean’s face. “Was that good?” he asked casually, not expecting an answer.

“Mhmm,” Dean mumbled, and then he leaned in for another kiss. “Definitely,” he confirmed a moment later.

Dean’s already chubby tummy grows even more, and he thinks it might be because of all the sweets Cas handfeeds him after each time they made love (and sometimes during it), but as it turns out, it’s actually the lovemaking itself that is making his belly grow because Dean’s pregnant. After freaking out for a day or two (and avoiding his boyfriend’s soft hands and concerned gaze and the hurt little “Dean?” he asks before sleep), he finally tells Cas what’s up. And despite all his horror fantasies, Cas doesn’t lose it or leave him or anything of the sort; in fact, he is relieved and confesses that he was afraid that Dean had decided to break up with him and was only trying to work up to it. But now, Cas is all smiles and finally returning touches and he reverently strokes Dean’s belly and promises to never leave him – leave them – and take good care his new family.

And then Cas kisses away the tears Dean can’t quiet keep in (and will deny to his dying day), and after he’s done with that, covers absolutely all of Dean’s body with kisses.

A destiel wedding

Just imagine

Cas going up to heaven to ask bobby himself if he can marry dean, bobby looses his shit for a second, asks what the hell he missed, but honestly doesn’t give two shits anyway

Cas going to Sam and asking him. Sam spitting his coffee everywhere, jumps up and yells ‘I FUCKIN KNEW IT’ but says yes

Cas telling John and Mary Winchester about their hero children and that he wants to marry dean and Mary’s like YES LET HIM BE HAPPY and johns like you know what screw it do it I don’t even care anymore

Cas finally asking dean, telling about all the people he asked. Dean staring at him the entire time with the most stupid expression before he’s just like stfu and says yes

A bunch of angels ( like Hannah and the Angels that followed him In the fight with metatron and Gabriel) sitting there at the wedding All simultaneously thinking ‘fuckin finally maybe these two will calm their shit now’

Dean refusing to walk up the isle or have any flowers anywhere of any kind

Gabriel deciding he doesn’t like that idea and puts hot pink flowers every two feet (to which dean is pissed and cas is like confused puppy face and dean shuts up)

Cas pulling a few strings and as a wedding present brings Charlie back but she’s now a prophet(cause they can’t find chuck, and no one else will do it) and keeps writing the Winchester gospel

Sam sitting with Gabriel, deciding on pranks to play with the two newly weds, but then deciding that instead they are just gonna send them on vacation to a beach somewhere safe and triple checked to have no case in the immediate vicinity.

Yeah I’m stopping at the honeymoon part sorry kids


Watching the scene from the 11th season finale where Dean is telling Cas “You’re a brother to us…” and I was trying to be funny, saying (in NY best Dean voice) “But I don’t want you to be a brother, Cas! I want your wiener!” And my husband totally out-funnied me by saying “Dean wants to be CAStrated.” BAHAHAHAHAHA! Can’t stop laughing!

if you knew (that i love you); a deancas au

Cas always has been Dean’s best friend, but now Dean wants to take it to the next level. Problem is, Dean’s got no idea on how to tell his best friend that he’s been in love with him for years, and Cas keeps getting his heart broken. Can Dean finally tell Cas about his true feelings, or will they forever be in relationship chicken?

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People deal with breakups in different ways. Some like to wallow in their own self pity before they pull themselves up again and get back out there. Others enjoy drinking away their sorrows while listening to weepy breakup songs. Dean, in particular, enjoys pounding a few beers and then going down to the Roadhouse to complain about his ex.

For Cas, breakups include bingeing Food Network shows for days on end while eating ice cream.

“You can’t just throw the arugula on top as a garnish! The judges will eat you alive!” Cas yells at the television as Dean walks through the door. “I can cook a better chicken dish than that!”

Dean runs a hand over his face and sighs to himself. If Cas is watching Chopped again, that can only mean one thing.

“Don’t tell me that Meg broke up with you,” Dean says out of courtesy, but the large gallon of ice cream sitting next to Cas speaks for itself.

Cas reaches for the remote and turns down the TV. “She said that she met someone else and that I was only going to hold her back,” he mutters, and then reaches for the bowl next to him. “It’s like our three months together meant nothing.”

Dean tries to conceal his grin, but he really can’t. He’d been waiting for Meg and Cas to break up in their own time, and never did Dean really believe that they could last. Meg is a troublemaker with a penchant for cigarettes and hard whiskey, while Cas runs a ‘save the bees’ group and works in a coffee shop. Sure, opposites attract and all that, but there is such a thing as too opposite. They were doomed from the start, but there is no way that Dean will ever tell Cas that.

“Sorry, Cas,” is Dean’s only response, and Cas just throws him a glare and a pout.

“You don’t need to lie to me. I know that you didn’t like her.”

“She wasn’t good for you, Cas!” Dean says while he tosses up his hands. “Hell, the girl tried to convince you that breaking and entering into that abandoned liquor store was a good idea, and you almost went along with it!”

Cas puts down the bowl, crosses his arms over his chest, and sniffs. “The heart wants what the heart wants.”

“Oh yeah? And what does your heart want, Cas? A girl with three felonies on her record who left you for another guy?”

His friend goes quiet next to him, and even Dean realizes that he’s being a bit of a dick. “Look, I just want you to be with the right person, that’s all.”

Cas looks up at him and winks. “Then who do you think is the right person for me, Dean?”

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Dean finally telling Cas he mattered and affirming that his actions were noble and smart instead of yelling at him or being mad.

Dean straightforwardly telling Cas he was important and a part of the family (Which is Winchester speak for “I love you”).

Cas getting that relief and closure before Dean went off to “be a bomb”.

There’s no reason to be mad about this scene if you care about Cas at all. If you’re too busy being mad that they didn’t start making out on screen instead of realizing how beautiful and important that moment was for Cas and the relationship he has with Dean (and Sam for that matter), then please reevaluate your priorities as a person. Destiel will never be canon. What’s important is that Cas is finally being treated with long due love and respect.

But guys… Now that Dean saw how easily Amara can kill angels, what if Dean is actively trying to stay away from Cas (because Dean seems to be tied to Amara like the he was to the Mark and Dean thinks when he is near Cas, so is Amara)? And Cas feels even more alone and unloved, but really it’s all because Dean is trying to protect Cas. And finally Cas voices his feelings and Dean will have to tell him just what Cas told him in Purgatory: “To keep them away from you” ?

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(1/2) That's how I thought the finale would be: Dean to be locked with Amara, Cas telling him not to do this. Dean hugs him, and caresses Cas's face, tells Cas that everything is going to be Ok, that Cas has to take care of Sam and Baby now.

(2/2) Telling Cas he cares for him, that Cas has other people to care for now, that needs him, so Dean has to be the one to go. (And then maybe Dean whispers that he trusts him and Sam to bust him out.) Then he goes with Amara. Cue sobbing.

Cas & Dean 11x23

So I’ve seen a lot of comments on the scene above between Cas and Dean in the Impala where Dean tells Cas that he is the best friend he and Sam have ever had and that he is their brother. 

Predominantly the narrative I have come across is that Cas was hurt or felt a little rejected by the comment from Dean based on the momentary pause and facial expression from Cas following the comment.

I have to say this is not what I got from that scene at all. In that scene I saw 2 guys who at this point were in a frame of mind that the worlds is ending and there is nothing they can do. The usually stoic Dean, resigning himself to this, finally opens up to Cas and tells him exactly how much he cares about him. 

For Dean, family, his brother/s are the most important people to him. No one else comes above; not even Lisa and Ben a woman and her kid who he was by all accounts in love with, as far as Dean can be in love. Dean telling Cas he is his brother is Dean telling Cas that to him no one comes before him and Sam.

Some have said that they interpret Cas’ pause and facial expressions as evidence that Cas is disappointed with this and wants more, he wants Dean to tell him he loves him - I assume they mean romantically. Some have even noted that this pause etc were choices made by Misha to show exactly that.

This is not what I saw and really you would have to ask Misha his intentions there, but my takeaway was a little different. Cas knows how much family and brother/s mean to Dean and I don’t think he would diminish that by being ‘disappointed’ with Dean’s admission.

During Jensen’s panel at Jibcon7 this past weekend, a fan asked about Castiel’s depression, state of mind and loneliness and whether this would be addressed in the show (it was one of the failings this season for me, that they didn’t take any time to help Cas back to health in that way). Jensen responded by telling us that there was a conversation between Dean and Cas coming that would go some way to looking at that.

 In that pause and that moment I saw an angel who having just been freed from Lucifer’s grasp (having volunteered under the thinking that he was the more expendable of TFW) who prior to that was suffering from depression, I would argue PTSD and loneliness and had been questioning his place in the universe having been disowned by his Angelic brethren and feeling like a tool the Winchesters used when needed. He was being told by one of the two people he cares for most that he was considered important, irreplaceable and family to them.

In that pause I saw a guy who never thought he would be loved being told he was loved. I saw that moment as Cas realising that he has a place in the universe, he has family and he is not alone.

That’s just my interpretation though…