and dean doesn't seem to want to do that

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Sorry about the last minute headcannon but what if Sam doesn't like the way John treats his little sister and wants to take her to Stanford with him. You don't have to do this if you want to sleep but thank not matter what :)

I’ve totally thought of this before & plan on making it into a mini-series when I get the time!

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-You try so hard to make John proud but nothing seems to be good enough.

-Dean tries to make up for it but he’s also too busy with hunting with John.

-You’re left alone with Sam more then you’re around Dean or your father.

-Sam tells you to pack your stuff cause you’re going on a trip.

-You’re extremely excited for it.

-Sam calls for you to come out & you bring your bag out, causing John to get even more mad.

-Dean is silent as he watches you walk to Sam.

- “Aren’t we going on a trip?”

- “You aren’t taking her with you.”

-John & Sam arguing while Dean grabs you into a hug.

-Dean knows you’ll be better off with Sam, but he doesn’t want either of you to leave.

-John throwing a beer bottle at the wall.

-Dean adjusting your backpack & telling you to go to Sam.

-Sam grabbing your hand & bringing you outside with him.

- “Bye Daddy!”