and dealing with making mistakes and being true to yourself even when trying to fit in

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ana bear, can i ask you something? can you write little quirks and mannerisms you love about our shining babes? like, a eprsonal trait, a habit, all things you think define them (like Taem's magic hands and stuff)

yes y e s  of course I can and I’ll be glad to - let’s start with:



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Old Flames, New Sparks - Part 1: What Friends Are For

Characters: Y/N Y/L/N, Danneel Harris, Mrs. Hendrickson (ofc), Roxy (ofc), Keith (omc - mentioned), Jensen Ackles (mentioned), Y/N’s family (mentioned)   

Pairing: Reader x Roxy, Reader x Keith, hinted Danneel x Reader, Danneel x Jensen.

Warnings: bad ex girlfriend, terrible family, cheating (not reader, Dani or Jay), horrible ex boyfriend.    

Word Count: 1900ish

A/N: You have no idea how long I have been wanting to write a series like this. For once it is not all completely planned out and I am not sure where this ride is gonna take us. I do know that I love Jensen and Danneel to pieces and I am gonna make sure there is a happy ending in this for them somehow.

This series is written for my free square in @spnpolybingo

Thanks to my amazing lil sis @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this series for me.


It was the second time in your life Danneel had saved you when you had nowhere to go. You knew just like you had then, that you probably shouldn’t take her up on her offer, but there was something about her. Something that always drew you to her and made it impossible for you to say no to her.

You had been the black sheep in your family for as long as you could remember. Being bi in the deep south was not something that people looked kindly on. At least not your family. And when you told them what you wanted to do with your life, you had been as good as dead to them. When you left home you had no one. No one but your girlfriend who was coming to LA to meet you as soon as she finished a few classes of summer school. You had no reason to stay in Georgia and every reason in the world to get out there and pursue your hopes and dreams. But being on your own was hard. It was in your nature to just blindly trust people, which had got you in trouble even after only a few days in the golden state.  

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Five Times Ignis Scientia was Oblivious to his own Appeal (Ignis/Reader, SFW)

(And the moment he finally got the hint).

You, dear reader, are a receptionist at a government building doing business with the crown. Perhaps most infuriating of all is the stupidly charming royal adviser that keeps coming around. He’s stolen your heart and, worst of all, he has no clue.

It’s finally done! After days of pecking away at this during work breaks, it is done.

Blame @thirdstreetcettin for this idea. Also dedicated to @ka-za-ri and @hypaalicious because I love them.

Unofficially dedicated to all the other Ignis smoochers out there.

Ignis Scientia/Reader, 9068 words, rated T for mild swearing and occasional thirst.

Read it on AO3 here:

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MG said the song for episode 20 is Until You Come Back To Me. The lyrics are sad and it sounds like Oliver's just going to wait some more. And he said it takes 2 to break up: does she think she has to apologise or something? It was his fault! This sounds like a very painful episode...

Are we setting ourselves up for a fall here? Are we looking forward to an episode (20) that’s going to basically tell us why Olicity are the way they are with each other and that’s it? There’ll be no reunion? Just this recognition of what happened and why but nothing more? 

Is that what you actually took from those lyrics and the spoilers?


Honestly? (Please don’t be offended) I 100% disagree… (Feel free to disagree with; I could be very wrong).

The lyrics from Until You Come Back to Me… First I need to point out that I think some people take them as a step by step representation of the episode when they really shouldn’t be. Not one of MG’s song choices have been 100% accurate in regards to the contents in any episode. What they DO do is create an overall feel for what might be shown/seen and it’s usually in regard to Olicity. But because they’re taken so seriously they are often misinterpreted and thus the depression starts…

But… sad? THESE LYRICS? I’d say the exact opposite.

I absolutely adore them.

They give me nothing but hope.

To understand why though, you need to look – REALLY LOOK – at Oliver.

Yes, I know, why not Felicity, right?

Well… because Oliver is Felicity.

Let’s look at their respective emotional positions this season.

Now we haven’t been given a lot of detail into this and I feel like that’s for a reason. A good one. As said by @jbuffyangel​ usually the pacing of Arrow seasons has each build up to a climax, usually with the final 5 episodes focused on - and being primarily occupied - by the most important aspect of the show for that season. Something that sends a message. Something that’s been long since coming, something for the protagonist to either earn or realise or require for strength (or a mix of the 3). So it makes sense that Olicity’s ‘confrontation’ is in episode 20, right before the final 3.

But other than this, I bet you’re wondering why it took them so long?

Well, there’s @marcguggenheim​ answer: there were other stories to tell and there were. He’s right: we can’t sacrifice story-lines to propel a romance we KNOW is going to happen. And we also know that once they do happen, they’ll probably be at the forefront of a lot of stories come season 6 (something for which I am greatly looking forward to).

But there’s also a second part to it that, if Marc explained, would probably ruin whatever surprise is coming our way.

At the beginning of the season, we see Oliver + Felicity working perfectly in unison with each other, but there’s an edge. Stephen referred to it as robotic; kind of like how he was throughout season 1. A deliberate way of acting by Stephen and Emily, an unconscious expression of behaviour for Oliver and Felicity.

In what I’ve seen (which albeit, isn’t much) people – ex-partners – usually do this when they’ve either a) been hurt and are defending themselves from further hurt or b) are unable to face something that also/still hurts. See the theme?

It’s about pain.

But, from what I’ve seen floating around on tumblr, a lot of people seem to think Oliver was waiting for Felicity and that he closed the door to ‘them’ after he found out she was dating, but I don’t think that’s correct.

Was he hoping? Hell yes. He’s always hoping she’ll turn around and give him another chance, always hoping he can become a better man for her.

But, was he WAITING?

No he wasn’t. Oliver had fully accepted that Felicity had said no, but he still kept the door open for her to come back through if she wanted to… she didn’t.

But he didn’t close it.

He just decided to further accept her choice and resigned himself to whatever came his way in his life. Resigned. How lonely a word that is. He didn’t go fishing, he didn’t search for romance, he didn’t even glance upwards (he didn’t: watch the episodes).

Instead, he simply said yes to the first offer he received.

After watching episodes 16, 17 and 18; I think I now understand why.

Oliver accepted long ago that he wasn’t worthy of Felicity. I just didn’t know that he hasn’t stopped feeling that way.

Originally posted by klarolicityswan

In season 3 + 4 Felicity got him to see that he did in fact have self worth and he started to see it in himself too; he started to believe. But not once did he think he was truly worthy of Felicity. Did he think he was the luckiest man on the planet because she chose him to love above all others? Very much so. But he considers himself lucky because she chose to love a man who will always be deficit, a man who wears a monster as a mask.

And after they broke up, why earnestly look for that kind of happiness again when he doesn’t feel he’s worthy of the happiness he did receive - because he proved he didn’t by destroying it - because what he wants above all else he knows he can’t have again? 

Why try to win her back, to turn her head around when he feels – in his core – that he isn’t just unworthy of her, but that there’s something very wrong inside of him? Why put that on her again?

She’ll only suffer for it and he’s caused her enough.

So he settled. And accepted. There was no moving on. But there was also no waiting for her to come back. It would be insulting to both of them for him to do that.

And now Oliver has lost what little hope he did have.

Originally posted by arrowsource

It’s as if, without Felicity, he slowly lost sight of the good he can do and everything good that can happen in life.

Which comes to this point: since we know how he feels about himself now – someone sick at the core who ruins lives, someone who takes pleasure in the kill – do you honestly think that episode 20 is going to be about Oliver telling Felicity that he understands now where he went wrong, has grown from it, has dealt with his trauma, accepts her decision and will wait for her as she goes on her dark path…?

Originally posted by giffix

Yeah, I’m going to give a big fat NO on that one.

He isn’t close to seeing that light. It’s right there but he just can’t see the wood for the trees and there are so many

What he wants right now (ep19?) is to keep Felicity from falling down with him because he sees her jumping into Helix’s arms a result of his own darkness infecting her.

Originally posted by emilybuttrickards

He doesn’t realise that she has her own ‘dark’ to experiment with – something she needs to do to understand herself more and her own insecurities. He also doesn’t realise that Adrian’s words are in his head speaking for him.

Who else could possibly make him see through that, other than Felicity? I mean, IT’S FELICITY: the one who taught him that he does have light inside him.

That line Oliver says, about her being the unforeseen force Adrian didn’t count on? Well, maybe he did. Maybe he’s part of Helix, maybe he isn’t. But I guarantee Adrian didn’t count on her influence on Oliver.

Originally posted by whoeveryoulovethemost

Adrian implanted Oliver with a notion that no longer holds true, hasn’t held true for a while now.

Of course he enjoyed darkness. Of course he relished killing. Of course he wanted it.

After five years fighting to live, how else is he supposed to compartmentalise? It only told me that he is one smart cookie.

Oliver feels things deeply. He experiences emotions on levels that could cripple most. How do you think he could ever deal with doing what he’s had to do over and over again in the years he had to survive alone? If he doesn’t learn to like it then he has to admit each time that he hates it and constant hate is extra weight (added to guilt etc) that slows you down. Get’s you killed.

And he promised his father he’d survive.

Originally posted by olivergifs

THAT was how he chose to survive. Subconsciously, his mind knew enough to see he needed to change. To fit this constantly hostile environment. So he learned to like it.

It’s a subliminal, near neurological response: a lot of military personnel – soldiers (usually not officers) front line guys, squad vets and special forces – probably do the same. They learn to somewhat - if not enjoy what they do - then take comfort in their ‘work’ in differing ways and usually, they adapt towards the environments that create such feelings and that can be where the PTSD comes from.


PTSD often shows itself most when the sufferer has to return to normalcy. When they have to experience quiet again, kindness again (things that remind you you’re alive and human) and face the creature they’ve been forced to become.

Oliver never did; his PTSD has come out in various ways (hyper vigilance etc) but the most prevalent is his habit towards self destruction. His lies.

His way of hiding his dark.

The Hood.

The problem, was that he split himself down the centre in the hopes of separating himself from it when he never needed to. It’s like being an alcoholic. You can’t split that from yourself; you have to confront it. It’s painful and it can takes years. 

In creating the divide he gave his darkness room to breathe.

think… (guessing) he lied to Felicity about William to protect himself. To unknowingly defend and conceal his weakness/his darkness. A man/woman suffering PTSD is always on the defence. He/she expects the worst of any situation and as such, creates the worse possible outcome each time.

I don’t think we should be concentrating on why Oliver lied, but on why he feels he has to do that, on why he keeps doing it. Why he keeps making that same mistake, as he does every single season.

Seeing it in that perspective, puts what he did in a more sympathetic light. Does it make it right? Nope. Not a chance. But it gives us an understanding as to why he’d do that to the one person he never had to hide from. Here’s hoping we get some clues/answers.

Now, Oliver was the impetus that broke their relationship… but Felicity was the one who broke them up.

That is her mark to bare.


Breaking up with him was the right option; what he did required that jolt of reality. She needed that… but it’s her reasons why she did that are the problem.

Notice how she never gave him – her Oliver – a second chance? Why? He’s the love of her life: why hold so steadfastly to something that makes them both miserable? Neither of them have given one honest smile all sodding year!!

So… why do this to them? (Because they’ll never be a ‘him’ and ‘her’. They’re an ‘US’ always and forever. What happens to her happens to him,so why?)

Again, I might be very wrong but, I think Felicity kept that door closed simply because she saw in Oliver all the things she feared. She saw a man who would one day leave her, who would do as her father did, as Cooper did… and what was so wrong with her that they kept leaving?

So she left him. She left him. She needs to see that. And I think she does.

And because she does - because she’s understanding about her own darkness - she can understand his, she’ll see him. I mean, is it any surprise after seeing season 2, 3, 4 and this season that it’s Felicity who might see the light (metaphorically speaking)? 

I REALLY DON’T think Oliver is in any kind of place to do so, do you?

Originally posted by feilcityqueen

If these two love birds had been ready for marriage, if they’d been ready for each other, if they’d understood the way they thought they’d had. Oliver wouldn’t have lied.

But even if he had (devil’s advocate)… they would have fought. Argued until the walls shook. Eviscerated each other with words if necessary until they’re this raw nerve that bows only to honesty. So they’d inevitably have sex - because that’s always an honest expression of emotion - the kind that wears into the bone, until you feel nothing, until you can’t breathe. Then maybe they’d cry… then laugh.

Until it’s sorted.

They weren’t there yet.

So those lyrics?

I am so sorry that I bothered you
Now I know why you have to hide
I didn’t know what you were going through
All I could see was my own sign

I will just fade away
I will let you be here
I won’t say a word until you come to me
Until you come to me
Until you come to me

They just tell me what you’re in there for
How could I know you did not say?
But now I know what I am living for
Tomorrow will be just another day

I will close my eyes
And I hear a quiet peep
I will wait in the shadows until you come to me
Until you come to me
Until you come to me, oh

Ah, sweet youth will all too quickly end
And we will never be this free
So all I ask is that we look again
Before we grow too old to see

I will fall alone
My elm was sweet and envy
Still I will be crying until you come to me
Until you come to me
Until you come to me, ah

I’m not going to analyse it all because there’s no point: it isn’t a bit by bit sketch of the episode.

But it tells me that the understanding we’ve been waiting for Felicity to reach, may finally be here because Oliver knows he fucked up.

He knows he did this to them, knows he destroyed them. But unless she understands his vulnerability, his weakness, his heart - then nothing will change. Maybe it’s up to her. To lead him into the right direction so he can take that step into the light himself. 

“How could I know, you did not say?”

It’s suggestive: in the episode they might both basically say ‘I get it now and I‘m sorry.’

But I’m right here… until you come to me.

It looks like that so-called closed door will get opened waaaaaay wide (about time right?)

Unless I’m completely wrong and ridiculous etc

But MG is kind of genius with this stuff (Oliver and his darkness and the light and Felicity) so I’m remaining hopeful.

I think it might be pretty brutal in regards to honestly; they haven’t talked all season so we aren’t sued to it but that might be the effect that they’ve aimed for: like a kamikaze run. Shock and awe.

Also, I DON’T think there’ll be a reunion in episode 20 and THANK GOD for that. I don’t want it resolved in 1 episode. I do however think it’ll set up the next 3 eps.

I wrote a post weeks ago stating that 1 good, LONG and brutally honest conversation was all it would take for Olicity to get back together. I can’t tell you how unbelievably psyched I’ll be if turns out to being even close to true.

So… I hope that answered that (not quite an ask, ask) for you. I’ve only been receiving asks for a little while (it’s always surprising) and thankfully, it’s only sporadically because I can’t answer some of the few I get and I’m always terrified at the potential reaction I may receive!

The Late Hour of Dawn (Part 3)

Originally posted by sassmastersarahkv

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Word Count: 2000

Warnings: None

-Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3-

Naturally not everything can go smoothly when you move into Bellamy’s tent. Your reputation was difficult enough to deal with but now you have to manage his as well. Things escalate when someone takes away your only security of ever seeing your parents again.

“You know he’s just doing it because he feels bad for you.”

You huffed, glowering at the girl, Lia, standing beside you while you both harvested seeds from the center of a strange flower. Its red petals made for an excellent dye as you both were finding out from it staining your hands every time they ripped and bled from your harvesting. Repercussions from moving into the tent with Bellamy were inevitable, but damn were they already exhausting.

“Once his stuff starts going missing he’s going to kick you out of the compound, for good.” Ah jealous was a terrible thing. You could relate to being the girl watching but never acting, you couldn’t relate to taking it was so little grace. That however didn’t stop you from taking her lip with little grace.

“And then you’ll have him all to yourself, right? Once he realizes his mistake he’ll come running, Lia, oh Lia, what a fool I’ve been, I should have taken all of our no interactions as a sign of true love!” you smirked, “That about what you’re imagining?”

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Alright, here it is...

…the first chapter of what I am tentatively calling Dueling Hearts.

There is a bit of episodic…ness(?) to this, but it is supposed to be taken in all at once overall, so details will be revealed over time. And nothing much happens in this chapter. And I should really post another one pretty much immediately. But I won’t.

Anyway, here’s…

Chapter One

Joanna Sieger

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Happy turned hostile: Part 4

Characters: Y/N, Sam, Crowley, Dean, Rowena

(Y/N/N) = Your nickname

Word count- 2641

Warnings: Angst (obvi) , fluff, crying, swearing, that’s it without spoilers

An: Thank you so much from the bottom of my dark heart for all the love & support for this series. I’m glad you all are enjoying reading this as much as I am writing this!

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  

After Crowley returned you filled him in on everything that happened. Sure he was upset that you were leaving given how close the two of you have gotten since you became a demon. But with the reassurance that you’d see him as much as you could and he could always pop into the bunker to see you. Truthfully as long as you were happy, Crowley made no real complaints. 

After spending an hour in the throne room with Crowley just talking about everything as you two normally do; you excused yourself to your room so you could start gathering your things to head home, to the bunker. With your boys. 

As you finished packing the last of your things, you stopped and looked around your room. You never really thought you’d ever miss hell. But this has been your home for so long. In a way, it will always be your home; much like the bunker.

“That should do it for now.” you whispered to yourself as you shut your closet door. 

“Talking to yourself again, love?”

“Why yes my king!” you joked turning around and walking over to Crowley.

Part of you really didn’t want to leave, but a bigger part of you needed to leave. To go back to Sam. And Dean. To see if you and Sam could really work out given the situation at hand.

You sighed drastically before wrapping your arms around Crowley’s neck and him wrapping his around your lower back. 

You muttered into his chest, “I should get going.”

As you were pulling away from Crowley his hand came up to your face and his thumb brushed a tear away from your eye that you didn’t even realize you had shed. 

For awhile now you’d brought out the softest side of Crowley, so it was no surprise that you swore you saw him blinking back tears. 

“Go. I’ll see you soon, (Y/N/N).” he said kissing your cheek lightly and turning and leaving the room. 

Gathering your bags, you looked around your room once more before teleporting yourself to the bunker. 

You landed in the War Room, staring at the large table in the middle of the room, your eye roamed the room entirely. You almost forgot what it felt like to be here. 

The War Room was empty which was odd since that’s where the boys mostly stayed other than the library. You started to make your way to the library turning each corner swiftly. You still knew this place like the back of your hand. 

Seeing the entrance to the library made your stomach do flips, you were so excited and nervous.

Rounding the corner you spot Sam and Dean with their backs to you looking over some Men of Letters notes.

“Hey, boys.” you said excitedly with a huge smile plastered across your face. 

Both of the boys jumped slightly startled and you giggled.

Before you could say anything else two pairs of strong arms wrapped around you.

Enjoying the love you were getting it was getting hard to breathe.

“Guys. Can’t. Breathe.” you finally got out in multiple breathes. 

Both of the tall men reluctantly let go of you and muttered: “sorry's”.

“Ahhh, I missed you two so much.” you said before attacked Dean with a tight huge and him returning the hug.

“Wow, now we know who your favorite Winchester is.” chimed in Sam sarcastically.

“Oh shut it, Sammy.” you said as a fit of laughter came over you. 

Dean let go of you and pushed your shoulders back so he could look at your face before a fit of laughter came over him as well.

Little known fact about Dean Winchester was no matter is mood, whenever you laughed he laughed. Solely because you sounded like a tea kettle when you laughed. And it is hilarious. 

Soon, both you and the boy were holding your stomachs with tears coming out your eyes trying to catch your breath.

Finally after you all calm down a good fifteen minutes later; you pointed to the stack of abandoned papers the boys were reading when you walked in.

“Is that a case?” you asked.

“Just some research for another hunter.” Dean responded.

“Gotcha… So I’m back, what’s the first thing to do?” you asked excited to finally be back with your boys. 

You saw Dean eye Sam, and Sam eyeing Dean back, having a conversation without even talking to each other. Before you could pipe in and ask what the Winchester only conversation was about; Dean blurted out: 

“We should probably address why you sold your soul to get me back in the first place.”

You weren’t expecting him to ask that, you thought it was obvious.

“Because it was me or Sam, and out of the two of us it’s pretty clear who it should have been me. You were dead with a one-way ticket to hell, again. And I wasn’t going to stand by while Sam sold his soul to get you back and you make a deal to get him back.”

“That wasn’t your call, (Y/N).”

“Bullshit if it wasn’t, Dean. My soul, my deal. It’s not even a big deal. I’m still me, just with black eyes.”

You honestly didn’t see why this was an issue. You really started to miss the love they were giving you moments ago. And it was starting to irritate you. 

Dean scoffed. 

“I’m still me, just with black eyes.” he mocked you.  

“Do you even hear yourself (Y/N)? You’re a demon.”

“Dean, what the hell. I thought we agreed that this is how it is now.” Sam interjected before you could chew Dean a new one. 

Finally, somebody who’s taking your side, you thought to yourself.

Dean switched his glare from your to Sam, who stood to the left of you now. 

“C'mon, Sammy. Don’t tell me that you think this is okay, that you’re okay with this. You want her back. Just as much as I do. I thought I’d be okay with this. Maybe it was me just being happy to see her or maybe it’s how scary calm you two are with this. She’s a demon, we’re hunters.”

He focused his glare back to you.

“And you know what we do to demons, Sam.” he added.

You stood there speechless with your mouth slightly opened, wanting to say something but not even knowing where to start. You felt tears gather in your eyes, quickly blinking them away so neither of the two men would see.

You couldn’t believe your best friend was saying these words.

You knew coming back to the bunker was a mistake. This part of your life died when you made the deal to become a demon. 

Your eyes flickered towards Sam, hoping he’d say something, anything. But he stood just as frozen and speechless as you.

If you couldn’t see demons true forms, you’d swear Dean Winchester was possessed. 

But he wasn’t, this is how he truly felt. 

And it broke your heart. 

Scoffing slightly and turning on your heels to exit the library, you felt a warm hand circle around your wrist.

“(Y/N), please.” Sam begged.

“Please don’t go.”

You closed your eyes, once again forcing the tears down, not even turning around to face Sam because you knew if you did, the waterworks would kick in.

“No. I’m not wanted here.” was all you said before jerking your arm away from Sam’s grip and running down the hallway; only stopping when you heard the shouting and sounds of objects being thrown from the library.

You let your tears fall, breathing in the bunkers smell one last time before teleporting back to hell, where you belong, where your home is. 

Not even really meaning to, you teleported right in front of Crowley. Who was sitting at his desk in his room, looking over hell’s paperwork. 

He noticed you right away and right away he noticed your puffy eyes with tears still streaming your face.

“(Y/N), love. What happened?” he asked frantically. His face full of worry, confusion with a slight hint of anger. He hated seeing you upset. He hated seeing you anything but happy. 

Opening your mouth and only a croaking sound came out before you fell to the floor; Crowley’s arms wrapping around you before your body could hit the floor.

He led you to the side of his bed so the two of you could sit; his arms never leaving your body. 

“(Y/N/N, you have to tell me what happened. Please." 

Between your frantic crying that turned into you hyperventilating, you finally got out the four words. 

"They don’t want me.” you said before breaking down even more; burying yourself in Crowley’s side. No doubt soaking his suit. But neither of you cared about that.

You two sat there until your breathing calmed down and you could talk without feeling like you couldn’t breathe.

“You know, they’re bloody idiots for not wanting you.” Crowley mumbled into your hair before kissing your head.

You still sat there, not saying a word. But all the words Dean said to you playing in your head over and over.

Suddenly, you turned so you were sitting face to face with Crowley on the bed.

“I want to make another deal.” you said with no doubt in your mind.

Crowley stared at you for a few minuetes before speaking again.

“I’m not erasing your memories if that is what you’re asking for.” he replied.

“No, I need you to get in contact with your mother. She owes me one.”

Crowley couldn’t piece together what you meant and why his mother even owed you anything.

“What do you need from her, (Y/N/N)? You have to tell me before I go along with this.”

You breathed in your mouth and out your nose before you looked Crowley in the eyes.

“I need her to take any emotion I have for the Winchesters away. I know she can do it and I can get her everything she needs. Now will you please get her here?”

Crowley looked stunned, stunned that you’re wanting to go to these extremes. But he wasn’t against it. He supported everything you’ve down. And even if he did say no, you’d go behind his back and find another way. 

“Okay. I’ll have her here as soon as I can.” he said before getting up and leaving you alone so he could go find Rowena. 

You don’t know how long your phone had been vibrating in your bag until it suddenly grabbed your attention. 

Walking over to your bag and picking up your phone, you say 16 unread messages from Sam Winchester.

’(Y/N, please)’

‘Come back.’

'We can leave together.’

'Dean was out of line.’

'I don’t feel that way.’

The messages went on and on, as tempting as it sounded to leave and run away to start a new life with Sam; you knew it wouldn’t last. He’d always choose his brother, whether he admitted it or not. And you don’t blame him. That’s his only family. 

Turning off your phone and throwing it back into your bag; you decided a shower would soothe you and kill time before Crowley came back with Rowena. 

Walking down the hall to your room, you picked out some clean clothes from your wardrobe and headed into the shower. 

You had spent a little over an hour in the shower but reluctantly getting out and patting yourself dry and drying your hair slightly so it wasn’t dripping everywhere, opting to let it air dry before doing anything with it. 

Hours passed by and still no sign of Crowley or Rowena. You’d styled your hair and put on makeup hoping the time would pass faster. 

You needed them to hurry because you felt like if you had time to sleep on this, you’d back out.

You knew this was the right choice. Sam and you couldn’t work and Dean made it clear how he felt. 

All of their problems would disappear if they would cure you, but you’d never forgive them because honestly, you didn’t want to be cured. Or need to be for that matter.

Hearing your door creek broke you from your thoughts and in came through the door your favorite red-haired witch. 

You’d gotten along well with Rowena from the start, even before you became a demon. She had that fire just like you did and you both loved it about each other and you both also considered each other as dear friends. 

True she owed you a favor but she would have done this for you either way. 

“Ro!” you said cheerfully before getting up and walking towards the door wrapping her in a hug and her arms wrapping around you.

“(Y/N), dear. Looking stunning as always.” she said kissing your cheek. 

“Fergus filled me in on the annoying way here.”

She was cutting to the chase, she knew you needed this and she knew anymore thought and you’d back out. She was doing what’s best for you.

“Do you have what I need?” she added while she searched through her bag.

“Yes.” you said walking over to your dresser and pulling out Sam’s flannel and one of Dean’s favorite tapes he’d play in the Impala.

Two items that belonged to who you wanted to not love anymore.

You’ve seen Rowena do this spell before on people for almost the same reasons as you; so you know how it works. 

She chants a spell and does her witchy stuff and you fall asleep and once you wake up, all love is gone. Simple, easy and painless.

“Ready?” she asked and you nodded and headed to your bed to lay down. 

The spell was done and finished quickly. The last thing you remembered was Ro wishing you well and leaving your room before you fell into a deep sleep. 

You felt like you’d been sleeping for days whenever you woke up due to Crowley’s voice pulling you from your slumber. 

Okay, maybe you lied to yourself about the pain because your head felt like it was about to explode but you knew it would go away within the hour. 

You glared up at Crowley. Human or demon, you didn’t like being woken up. Especially since you didn’t need to sleep as a demon, but if you did; you sure fucking enjoyed it. 

“I’m trying to sleep, Crowley. What is so important?” you groaned.

“Squirrel and Moose are in the dining room requesting you." 

"Okay? And your point being?” you sassed back at him.

“Right, no love for the Winchester boys." 

"Anyways, my point is, they killed 12 of my men until one of them brung them to hell to see you. So get up and let’s go handle this” he added on before pulling the blankets off you and leaving the room. 

“Get to it, (Y/N/N).” he yelled over his shoulder with a laugh before shutting his door. 

You groaned and threw your head back onto the soft pillows that surrounded you.

You really didn’t care nor want to deal with this right now or ever for that matter. 

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                                       Writing a Trans Character
                               As Experienced by a Trans Man

With more resources coming out for trans faceclaims, I wanted to make sure that there were also more guides on how to write a trans character. So I’m going to be sharing my personal experience with gender as a toolset for those that haven’t/aren’t questioning their identity. Please keep in mind that this is entirely based off of my personal experience and growth, and that every trans person has their own journey with their own experiences. None are invalid and all are equally as important. This also wound up turning into more of a gender study as well, so feel free to share and message about your thoughts. I’d love to have gender discussions!

Part one    |    Part Two    |     Part Three 

Part Four
Coming Out

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Little Do You Know

Characters – Crowley x Reader, Dean, Sam

Summary – The reader is at the end of her rope with Crowley’s poor treatment of her, but maybe there’s a reason behind it she hasn’t considered.

Word Count – 2,975

Warnings – None

A/N – I had a request from my dear @trinityjadec for a Crowley x Reader.  I hope you like it Trinity!  Request: Where Crowley meets y/n and is a jerk and stuff but only bc he’s actually very infatuated with her and thinks she deserves better. Little does he know that she’s infatuated with him too and the way he treats her hurts her and then fluff at the end?? I don’t really know I just love him😹

This was also written for @loveitsallineed’s Playlist Challenge.  My song was Little Do You Know by Alex and Sierra…it seemed to merge so perfectly with the request!  And bonus points for those of you who catch the Doctor Who reference that happened accidentally, and that I didn’t have the heart to take out!  

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Your name: submit What is this?

“You should excuse us, Peabody.  Let the big boys handle this.  Why don’t you go fix us some dinner?”

“Why did you bring her Dean?   She’ll just get in the way.”

“Should’ve stayed home, Peabody.  Now you’re going to get someone hurt trying to protect you.”

“Can’t you stay out of the way, Peabody?  Why must you always toddle after the Winchesters?”

You were in your bedroom, curled up under the covers, with every mean thing Crowley had ever said to you running through your head.  When you first met the King of Hell, he was kind to you.  He liked the Winchesters and they liked you, so he liked you. Every meeting was ‘Hello, love’ or ‘Goodbye, darling.”  He even kissed your hand a few times, making you blush and feel hundreds of butterflies fluttering in your stomach.

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Darling, Hold My Hand

Chapter 1: Go Weave A Basket

Rating: G

Ship: Poppy/Branch (Broppy, Boppy)

Fic Summary: Pre-movie AU where Poppy falls for Branch and decides to do something about it. An exploration of how Grey!Branch and Poppy would make a relationship work.


Poppy didn’t remember when she started having feelings for Branch. Honestly, he was the last person in the world she imagined falling for, but somewhere between chasing him around trying to cheer him up and watching him from a distance catching those rare glimpses into what she figured was his true nature, she fell. And she fell hard.

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At the whims of Demons

ALRIGHTY So you guys wanted to see what would happen to poor Henry after what went down in the first fic you can read here 

Gonna put a slight warning here about some body horror and various dark themes ect. After all this is a horror game

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Is it wrong that I keep writing fics where Jon returns to WF to find that 1) The lords of the Vale, North, and Trident have all named her Queen and 2) that she’s banging other people?

And he freaks the fuck out and acts all crazy-jealous and she (and her lover[s]) are all, “Um, you mad, Bro? She’s a grown woman and this is her kingdom. You have literally no business here. Why should you give a crap? We’re all consenting adults, she’s not even your real sister, she’s told you 100k times to stop trying to protect her (and let’s face it, you totally suck at that anyway. We have an Ice Dragon to deal with now thanks to the utter incompetence of you and your new queen. If you were really so concerned about her, you would have a) written to her more than once, b) listened to her about Cersei and c) warned her that your jackasses LEFT A DRAGON CORPSE WITH THE DEMON KING THAT REANIMATES CORPSES). She’s under a LOT OF STRESS and one of her few sources of relief are the orgasms I/We give her every night. And you’re banging that hot, dumb dragon queen anyways. Sansa isn’t throwing shit over that even though you LITERALLY TRIED TO GIVE HER COUNTRY TO THAT INCOMPETENT BITCH. She doesn’t because your bedchamber is none of her business and even if it was, she’s too busy evacuating  areas targeted for Ice Dragon attack, feeding and sheltering refugees, securing our borders, and trying to sustain our armies so we aren’t all turned into Ice Zombies. So why don’t you just fuck off? Don’t you have more important things to think about, like, say, fighting that ICE DRAGON DESTROYING EVERYTHING THAT IS KIND OF YOUR FAULT? OR THE FACT THAT YOU ARE THE RIGHTFUL HEIR TO IRON THRONE? OR THAT DRAGON HOTTIE YOU’RE BANGING? WHY ARE WE EVEN HAVING THIS CONVERSATION?”

And Jon is pushed and pushed until finally he explodes, “BECAUSE I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH HER!” 

And Sansa and/or her lover(s) respond all, “Really? Well…You ignore her about Ramsay and you nearly get your army killed until she rides in and saves your ass. You take credit for her victory, let yourself be crowned, and use that as an excuse to ignore her, then accuse her of “undermining” you for speaking up at court, literally the only outlet she has to make her voice heard. Then in private you dismissed the idea of listening to her and accuse her of admiring the woman who ruined her life because Sansa said she was a threat. Then you pretended to listen to her, only to change your mind and not tell her before you announce it to the court. You leave the North and the defense against upcoming Undead to her, basically leaving her with all the responsibility of running a kingdom while you’re incommunicado for months, kept prisoner on Dragonstone (as she warned you), embarking on a suicide mission to secure a deal with Cersei (that she told your not to trust) and write to her that you’ve surrendered the country that she and so many others have fought and bled for to the daughter of the Mad King who murdered your uncle and grandfather, who roasted the Tarly’s alive, and left a dragon corpse with the Night’s King and didn’t tell anyone. Now you’re throwing a fit because the woman who is trying to clean up all of your messes seeks relief in the arms of a lover or three. Maybe you love her, Jon. but you’re really bad at it. If you want to become better at it, Jon, you should get into the habit of listening, instead of this back and forth you have between intruding and abandoning.”

…Okay, now I’ve had a few cups of wine…

And Jon has this spiritual awakening when he realizes what he’s done. He has to make amends and learns to accept all this and take responsibility for his mistakes. But even after he’s done this, he realizes that he doesn’t have any “Right” to her, and sees that Sansa’s lifestyle offers her the lone source of true relief in brilliantly leading her kingdom through winter and war. He notices that many of her lovers truly, truly love her and have been her strength throughout these horrible circumstances. That with them, Sansa for the first time doesn’t feel alone or unworthy or unfit. And he accepts this lifestyle and discovers relief and comfort for his own demons when he surrenders into his cousin’s harem. And he finds that not only is he in love with Sansa, he loves the others and finds true happiness with them/. But jealous Dany discovers this and is furious at first until Jon eases her into an encounter with two maids who eat her pussy like it’s a banquet placed before a starving man. After being so embraced by love and understanding Dany’s tyrannical impulses are banished and they all form a polyamorous powerzord of political power among them. And pansexual polyamorous powerzord defeats the Night’s King and Cersei with…

(of course it’s a bit more complicated than that, but the point is that everyone works and comes together because DATS DA POWER OF LOVE! Everyone gets over sexual hangups and Jon, Sansa, and their new lover (s) not only become the proud parents of the heirs to Winterfell and the Iron Throne, but a harem of healthy, consenting, willing adults who long for a place where they can be accepted for what they are.

Some of my harem lovers:

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Royally Fucked (6/?)

Pairing: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Swearing, sexual indication
(Wrap it before you tap it kiddos)

Summary: When you and Steve agree to end your relationship you didn’t expect to take it so hard, or seek comfort in his best friend. After one night of drinking and mistakes, now you feel like you’re struggling to keep your lies straight, but what happens when you’re seeing plus signs and Steve’s hovering, someone’s going to end up hurt if you can’t keep your lies straight.

A/N: Angsty, drama, secrets, and twists. Shit is going to hit the fan…

(Let me know if you want to be tagged)

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“Shut up and sit down.” Nat pushes Steve towards one of the couches. It took two hours to find him, fill the team in, and Nat was not happy.

“I’m not doing this.” Steve stands staring at Nat.

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make happy starters.

“the world is not funny.”

“we are all dying.”

“the world is not funny: Guy Fieri owns two functioning restaurants.”

“entertainers are not here to help you, they are here to control you.”

“never listen to them.”

“never give them what they want.”

“if you can divide by zero let me hear you say ‘hell yeah!’”

“don’t be pavlovian. I’m looking for actual answers here.”

 “pot is ruining America.”

“yeah we got a room full of pot heads, we’re gonna need back up.”

“I have no idea what’s going on over there.”

“what are they fighting about?”

“they have similar hats.”

“I can’t wrap my mind around exactly why I’m here.”

“I just hope I don’t get more from this than you do.”

“I would love to tell you that everything is fine.”

“you wanna be happy? well get in line.”

“yeah this is almost musically incoherent at this point.”

“y’all ain’t never seen a comedy show like this in your fucking lives, and for good reason: it get’s old after a while.”

“so I was at the dentist the other day, and nothing funny happened so I was like ‘don’t mention that on stage’”

“I already fucked it up.”

“I love you!”

“haters gonna hate, lovers gonna love. you need to reject both ends of the spectrum to leave a healthy middle.”

“I love the idea of you.”

“stop participating.”

“I’m trying to immortalize something I’ve worked on for a long time, shut up!”

“I have not made my mind up about masturbation, because, on one hand it feels good…”

“did you not think I was gonna use it, idiots?” 

“it’s not a prop.”

“I’ve got a lot of problems in my life, so I wrote a song about some of the problems in my life.”

“I got no one to talk to.”“If I could change don’t you think that I’d do it?”

“God only knows why he cursed me to be a straight, white man.”

“I state my problems, other people roll their eyes.”

“I’ve never been the victim of a random search for drugs, but you can’t say my life is easy until you’ve walked a mile in my Uggs.”

“the gays want kids… what?”

“can’t you just leave us alone? Also, no, to the things you asked for.”

“they’re being greedy and they know it.”

“everyone thinks that I’ve got it easy and just cause it’s true, doesn’t mean that it’s right.”

“give me a chance to show you what it is like to be a straight, white man.”

“my wife bought me the brand new iPhone… with and iPod Touch’s case, the case doesn’t fit that phone!”

“we used to have all the money and land, ans we still do but it’s not as fun now.”

“white guys invented everything but peanut butter, I believe, that’s what I was taught in school.”

“it doesn’t sound right but the american educational system having a racial bias? no way, joseph.”

“put the lights down, their faces creep me out.”

“why is it that when a woman wears revealing clothing, she’s labeled a slut yet if I were to wear her skin as a jacket I’m a murder?”

“that wasn’t clever it was just mean.”

*singing* “you’re a faggot! you’re a faggot! you’re a fucking faaaggot!”

“ —why was it on a record player? You know it’s one thing to make that, but to press it onto vinyl is a whole other thing. that’s gonna outlive me.”

“just to be clear I wrote, conceived and executed the entirety of that bit, do not give those dumb fucks any credit.”

“two examples is enough.”

“a lesser comedian would have milked that for four verses, and a better comedian wouldn’t have done it at all.”

“tomorrow is a relative term, we’re not getting there… which make’s ‘Annie’ more depressing.”

“fuck you! you don’t know where I’m going, don’t act like it! you are not ahead of me!”

“honesty is for the birds, baby.”

“that’s textbook pandering.”

“I hope my southern charm offsets all of these rape-y vibes I’m puttin’ out.”

“they’re lying to you, that’s all.”

“you deserve better. I’m not saying I’m it, but I’m the guy that says you deserve better, you go get better and you say ‘thank you weird man, bye’”

“it’s the end of culture! culture’s over, everybody, we lost!”

“I saw a gorgeous… dick.”

“yeah, ‘wooo’ that sadness out.”

“you might think this guy only exists in your mind, but guess what? you’re right.”

“if you want love, lower your expectations.”

“Prince Charming would never settle for you.”

“If you want love, just pick a guy/girl and love him/her.”

“If he’s got a thing for feet say ‘fuck it, sweep me off them.’”

“the good thing is, at least men have very real expectations for women …he said, sarcastically.”

“you might think this girl only exists in your mind, but she’s real– but last week, she died.”

“you might think your dick is a gift, I promise it’s not.”

“but we all deserve love, even on the days when we aren’t our best. ‘cause we all suck, but love can make us suck less.”

“it’s the very best part of being alive, and I would know, I just turned twenty-five.”

“original does not mean good.”

“I don’t wanna get political because I only know my ideas of other people’s ideas.”

“mother fucker’s got moving candles!”

“are you drunk? have you been drinking again? you’re fucking wasted, aren’t you?”

“what’s behind your back? what are you holding behind your back?”

“that’s… mayonnaise. that is a jar or mayonnaise, that is not peanut butter. why are you holding a jar of mayonnaise?”

“touche, bitch.”

“no, no I WILL have to clean it up, because you’ll make it worse if you try.”

“this is what I deal with man, this is what I deal with Monday through… Monday.”

“guys I was at the store recently and –no, i’ll save you time… I bought something.”

“they’re not sponsoring me I’m just trying to get them to.”

“they like to kick you when times get rough, and you give your all, but it’s not enough.”

“sticks and stones might break your bones but words can break your heart.”

“if you don’t know where to go I’ll tell you where to start: kill yourself.”

“kill yourself! it’ll only take a minute, you’ll be happy that you did it!”

“just go over to your oven and stick your head in it.”

“just grab a mug and chug a cup of lighter fluid.”

“I feel like you’ve pulled back, maybe it’s on account of the face I’m telling you to kill yourself over and over.”

“life’s toughest problems don’t have simple answers.”“get it through your head – ‘it’ being a bullet.”

“I don’t like explaining jokes but the one where I tell everyone to kill themselves might deserve an explanation.”

“if you’re offended, do not right a blog, I apologize immediately. SORRY! right away!”

“take your pants off!”

“do not objectify me. you think it’s okay just ‘cause I’m a dude?”

“you think it’s okay because he’s a dude?”

“life is not always rock and roll.”

“it’s over. we shouldn’t fight to stay together, just to fight again.”

“we need to take a break from us to make us right again.”

“when the dust has settled I hope we can still be friends.”

“eat a dick!”“I think I made the right decision.”

“okay, you’re angry. I can see that, but you don’t have to make this harder than it has to be.”
“honestly are you fucking five?”

“I’m saying how I’m feeling, and then you’re saying ‘eat a dick’ over and over again.”

“see I think the issue is I got my father’s temper and I’m emotionally inarticulate so rather than being honest and vulnerable I did a quick switch ‘cause I’m hurt inside and I’m trying to hide it so-” *crying* “eat a dick bitch!”

“I didn’t think you’d cry for me. I didn’t think you cared.”

“I thought you were lashing out in anger, but now I see you’re scared. I’m scared too.”

“maybe we can work this out and not break up.”

“you think three lousy tears offsets three years of shit?”

“I deserve better than you.”

“stay out of it!”

“it’s a very diverse crowd –I mean more European than I had hoped.”

“I had a privileged life, AND I got luck, AND I’m unhappy.”

“And now you’re thinking, ‘how the fuck are you gonna dig yourself out of this weird hole?’”

“oh you want me to be funny AND make a point?”

“he talked about his problem: race… power… his $90 t-shirts weren’t selling very well, that was most of it.”

“I’ll be honest, my problems are not as high-stakes as Kanye’s.”

“I can’t fit my hand inside a Pringles can. I have a huge amount of trouble fitting my hand inside of Pringles can. I can get my hand like four inches into the can but then I have to tilt the can into my mouth but by that point a bunch of crumbs have accumulated at the bottom of the can and they all go spilling onto my face.”

“what I’m trying to say is the diameter of a Pringle can is way to small.”

“I wanna have a daughter. I wanna have a daughter so I can finally have someone around the house that can fit their hand inside of Pringles can– Yes I am still on the Pringle cans thing. Yeah, I’ll move on, but that is priority numero uno.”

“I don’t go to the gym because I’m self conscious about my body, but I’m self conscious about my body because I don’t go to the gym. Irony can be so painful.”

“I went to Chipotle. Got myself a chicken burrito. I went down the line, I got like all these ingredients and then at the end of the line the guy tried to wrap the burrito but have of the shit inside spilled out and he still tried to wrap it and I was like ‘dude you warned me. you’re a burrito expert, you should’ve told me halfway through ‘hey man you might be reaching maximum burrito capacity here.’ do you think I want a messy burrito? no one wants a messy burrito.”

“the whole appeal of the burrito is that all of the ingredients are contained within the confines of the tortilla. I wouldn’t have gotten half this shit if I knew it wasn’t gonna fit in the burrito.”

“I’m okay with small mistakes like if you got no more chicken I’ll take pork but I’ll blow my dad before I eat a burrito with a fork.”

“I can sit here and pretend like my biggest problems are Pringles cans and burritos.”

“the truth is my biggest problem is you. I wanna please you, but I wanna stay true to myself.”

“I wanna give you the night out you deserve.”

“I wanna say what I think, and not care what you think about it.”

“A part of me loves you, a part of me hates you, a part of me needs you, a part of me fears you.”

“I don’t think that I can handle this right now.”

“come and watch the skinny kid with the steadily declining mental health and laugh as he attempts to give you what he cannot give himself.”

“I hope you’re happy.”

“on a scale from one to zero: are you happy?”

“you’re on your own from here.”

“what the fuck kind of question is ‘am I happy’?”

“I really wanna try to get happy, and I think that I could get it if I didn’t panic every time I’m unhappy.”

“oh, god, my dad was right.”

“you’re everything you hated. are you happy?”

Lettering Advice: Things I've Learned So Far

I often get the question as to what would be good advice for someone who is just getting their start in typography and lettering. Seeing how few people actually reach out to ask what is on their mind, I imagine there’s probably many others thinking the same thing. So I figured I’d compile some thoughts and share it with you all. Hopefully you’ll find it at least mildly helpful.

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Heaven’s Mandate

One of the biggest mysteries of Tokyo Ghoul has been figuring out the supposed “Mystery” behind the mindset of the inscrutable Arima Kishou. A man capable of performing inhuman feats, yet seems to have little want or desires of his own and often carries out every task with a completely blank expression. There are even those who ascribe him to God, stating he is incomprehensible in the way a God would be to a mortal. 

However, this is only one interpretation of divinity. The “God works in mysterious ways” idea is western, and while Tokyo Ghoul deals with a lot of western ideas, it also exhibits eastern ones as well. There is a chinese method of thinking, that attempted to ascribe divine will, and the way it exhibits istelf in the mortal wold that is known as the Mandate of Heaven. Through the lens of the Mandate of Heaven, the above quote takes on new meaning as Arima is not someone who is akin to a physical god but rather wields power through heaven’s mandate and that sort of absolute confidence and thinking that only a god would possess is exactly what drives him to act as he does.

I’ll elaborate below. 

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mbti-rationals  asked:

For the ask meme: Olive? (I'm an INTP but my partner is an INTJ, so advice from either of you would be interesting.) Thanks!

INTP’s Answer
Hmm so what should I say to young INTPs, this is like one of those things where you are supposed to be saying what you would want to have heard when you were young. I am gonna go the other way and tell you what you don’t want to hear but need to.

Originally posted by onepoint21jigawatts

1. People are going to shy away from you because you probably have a book in your hand and a resting bitch face. It is okay. You can and will make friends if you want them.

2. Embrace whatever nerdy thing you like, if you try to hide the nerd you lose a lot of opportunities to meet people who love the same thing. You may feel like you have to fit in, you don’t you will be better off if you be yourself.

3. Read all the books, read them all, take in information while you don’t have too many obligations. When you get into college you will be forced to read books for classes and this will limit fun time reading. SO READ.

4. Surround yourself with people who are okay with you being quiet and you being wildly crazy when the mood hits. Surround yourself with people who understand you, even if they are not someone who makes you cooler.
Find an INTP and INFJ because every INTP needs one of each, the INTJ will keep up with your sarcasm and sense of adventure and the INFJ will teach you about your feelings and be your pillar.

5. Watch Star Trek. No further explanation needed.

6. Don’t choose a major or career track because someone else thinks you should or because you are simply good at it. You need something that you like and that intellectually stimulates you, but you also have to be able to grow in the field and can’t pick something where you feel stuck.

7. Learn to turn off your computer and phone and go off the grid. Look at the world and not at a screen. Walk around with your head up so you can observe patterns.

INTJ’s Answer

Straight up home skillet you do you. 

1. Learn  to be in touch with your feelings. They are not a bad thing. Your feelers will help you navigate the real adult world. The soon you accept them, and learn to deal with them, the more successful you will be. 

2. We can’t control peoples perceptions of us–which is part of our desire for everything to be orderly. While this might not be true for every INTJ, for me it became a huge motivating factor to prove “them” wrong. Who ever they are. I feel like this can dictate our actions without us being fully aware of it. I feel like my biggest issue in life was that I forgot what I wanted when I was younger (because I was so obsessed with maintaining who I felt people should see me).

3. Let your star shine! Seriously. I know that being in the spot light is uncomfortable, but its okay for people to know how smart, fun, and talented that you are. INTJ’s tend to do incredible thing’s and then sort of sweep it under the rug, like NBD, thats a thing everybody can do. If you do something amazing OWN up to it. 

4. Stop letting you get in the way of you. Break your schedule. Let yourself be taken on adventures, and don’t always confine yourself to what you know. INTP takes me on adventures I would never go on myself. I have E’s that take me all sorts of places. Make time for you, make time to get you stuff done. But make time for other people, and sometimes…forget your schedule. 

5. Always do things your way. INTJ’s tend to have their own way of doing things. If you feel that its the right way to do it for you, do it! Don’t follow the beaten path, we were never meant for that. Take advice, follow good advice but listen to your intuition, it will hardly leave you astray. 

6. MAKE MISTAKES. Don’t be afraid to mess up. As much as we have our jesus complex, we need to learn that we are not perfect and mistakes can teach us a lot of things. 

7. Lastly sarcasm will be your greatest and worst weapon. Learn to control it. 

How to apologize to the signs

ARIES: Don’t beat around the bush with forthright Aries. Just ask for their forgiveness, admit you did something wrong, apologize for it, and promise to never do the same mistake again. Stick to your word, because Aries has no tolerance for broken promises. Don’t wait for a “good time” to apologize. You can even apologize in public if you’ve wounded Aries’ ego. 

TAURUS: Taurus is the most stubborn sign in the zodiac. If the two of you have had a fight, you need to admit that you were wrong. Until you do, your conversations will remain stalled. IF YOU WERE RIGHT AND WON’T WANNA SAY THAT YOU’RE WRONG, HOWEVER, well, you’re going to have a bad time.

GEMINI: Send a funny note of apology. Nothing breaks down Gemini’s reserve like humor. If you’ve made a serious error, write a heartfelt letter asking for your friend/lover’s forgiveness and send it overnight express. If you really want to smooth things over with this lover, you’ve got to communicate. Otherwise, Gemini will sense you are holding something back.

CANCER: Making up with Cancer requires patience, delicacy, and tact. Their feelings are easily bruised. Then, hug. Just hug them. Cancer might never forget, but can forgive. If Cancer still pouts after your apology, fix a home-cooked meal for ‘em or something. Make them know that you still care. Or hug again.

LEO: Flattery can get you everywhere with Leo! Apologize profusely for your misdeeds, and declare that you don’t deserve their friendship/love. By all means, don’t mean it, but just say that to cheer them up. Compliment them allot. When Leo sees that you’re trying hard to earn their affection, they’ll let you back into their life. That’ll be surprisingly quick!

VIRGO:  Don’t curse. Virgos hate cursing. Don’t shout either. Virgo will just roll their eyes and walk away. Bone up on your etiquette. Knowing the proper thing to do will melt the Virgin’s reserve. Be intellectual and reasonable. Virgo doesn’t like emotional appeals; they prefer dealing with problems on a logical front. 

LIBRA: Express more interest in Libra’s activities. Brush up on your conversational skills. Make a point of complimenting this sign more often. Anybody who is born under the sign of the Scales needs constant verbal and physical assurance. Make sure to make them know that you’re serious about apologizing.

SCORPIO: Make a dramatic gesture to demonstrate your devotion. As far as Scorpions are concerned, talk is cheap. Only positive action will get you back into their good graces. The important thing is that you act to satisfy Scorpio’s concerns. Always take this sign’s complaints seriously. Swear that you will never do whatever you did to make them mad again

SAGITTARIUS: Adopt a more open mind. Archers don’t obey any social conventions, and won’t enjoy being held to arbitrary rules. If you want them to follow rules, they’ll flip you off and run away. Sagittarians love animals, generally pets, and may not be able to resist a cute puppy or kitten so rent one or something.

CAPRICORN: Be honest and forthcoming. Capricorn can spot a lie from a mile away. If you screwed up, admit it and formulate a plan to do better. Empty promises will get you nowhere with this sign. Never tease a Capricorn, especially when you’re trying to make up. This sign doesn’t play around! 

AQUARIUS: Invite Aquarius to discuss your problems over coffee. The Water-bearer can’t resist a free exchange of ideas. Resist getting emotional with this sign.  Don’t keep any secrets from Aquarius. If you want this sign to stick around, you’ve got to keep everything out in the open. Nod at their ideas and look interested, (even though you don’t understand a damn thing they say)

PISCES: Throw yourself at the mercy of this compassionate sign. Pisces can’t stand to see anybody suffer. Puppy eyes can be used. Be less possessive and demanding. Accept the fact that this friend/lover is extremely sensitive, and needs to be handled with kid gloves. Vow to be more tender and loving.