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Hey! First off I find it amazing that you're offering advice on sex toys and stuff, thank you for being so open! I've never had penetrative sex and honestly I don't feel ready to because I'm scared; however, clitoris stimulation is a big deal to me so I was wondering if you had any recs for stuff like that? Also I'm really embarrassed to buy one and I'd be so scared to get caught by a roommate or something- should I just get over my fear or do you think it's rational to feel this way?

thank you it’s no problem! 1. of course that’s totally fine like it goes without saying almost and while i totally get your fear, it’s a lot less scary than the first-penetrative-sex mythos would have you believe. not trying to nudge you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with, just thought i’d offer some reassurance 2. it’s a big deal to me too! there’s all kinds of stats varying from saying only 13% or 25% or whatever minority percentage of women can achieve orgasm exclusively from penetrative sex (that stat doesn’t typically include g-spot orgasms which is….a whole other topic). that’s why vibrators are so prevalent in popular culture now because they provide such a huge and accessible outlet for women to explore their bodies and experiment and find out what gets them off and how and where and why etc.. 3. i don’t know your level of experience with clit toys but because it’s a big deal to you i can assume you have some experience even if it’s of the non-electronic type. if you’re a beginner, there’s lovely options for every price range. i’ve tried vibrators that are $10 and vibrators that are $250. as mentioned before, i’m a huge fan of the wevibe tango which is just as good for beginners as it is for advanced users. wevibe also has another clit vibe that has a more unique shape called the ‘touch’ which i bring with me everywhere. both are a little pricier than your standard bullet or clit vibe but it’s a great company that isn’t pumping out shitty rabbit vibes made of rubber and plastic for $19 like a lot of these dodgy amazon results show. another alternative type of clit “vibrator” (quotations because it actually uses a unique technology that creates a sort of sucking, pulsing sensation, not vibrations) i have yet to get my hands on is the ‘womanizer’ (horrible name, i know) which i have only heard AMAZING reviews for. it’s pretty pricey and i’d shop around since amazon doesn’t have the best prices i’ve seen but if you want something different and highly praised by almost every sex toy review blog i trust, it might be worth the investment for you. i’ve heard great reviews for these two (i’m a HUGE fan of the second site currently. they have extremely personalized and generous customer service and offer a cool sex toy subscription box service) as well for their uniqueness and quality and i have them on my “to buy” list but money is tight to put it mildly, but i’d love to be able to personally recommend more toys for you guys. i’m going to put the rest under a readmore since it is more personalized for you than generalized info but

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