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a homestuck fic rec list by city. featuring dirkjake and some davekat. mind the warnings, i tried to be as thorough with each fic w the appropriate warnings as i could, but if i missed an important warning/tag, please let me know! 

comes with my shitty summaries of the fic for your convenience

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Potential Arc Reviews: Beta Kids

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DISCLAIMER: When I work with characters, unless otherwise stated, I work with them in a very self-contained manner. I’m only considering the character as a character within their specific story. This means I may criticize behaviors or make suggestions/comments that are not in keeping with what my views or comments would be in a real life situation concerning real people. I may also crack bad jokes, because that is one way I offset how horribly tragic a lot of this is. I encourage you to read my posts with this in mind. If you feel uncomfortable, you can avoid them, or you can talk to me. I am always willing to take messages and have discussions. 

I did meta arc recaps for each of the Beta kids last year - I think I even counted it as NaNo words, haha. Alas, I didn’t give them a specific tag, but I’ll link to each one in their section. They may be slightly out of date since they’re a year old, but they represent a lot of thoughts I’m still working with. 

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The music is above for atmosphere.  Feel free to play it while reading.

Okay, so right now, we have a number of threats coming at the kids and trolls all at once that will need to be dealt with.  Vriska’s planning certainly seems sound, although it will certain be difficult.

Here’s how I imagine she will break down the teams:

The Condesce

Kanaya Maryam - Even though Kanaya isn’t God-Tier, she is cunning, brave, and also a key factor if the Condesce ever hopes to revive her species.  Who knows the Matriorb and the job of reviving the troll species better than her.  The Condesce should be VERY hesitant to harm her.

Roxy Lalonde - As one of the few people that can possibly create a Matriorb, Roxy is another key player that I doubt The Condesce will try and harm.  She’s also been itching to take her on for some time now.  

Rose Lalonde - While Rose may be doubting her abilities, having Roxy and Kanaya with her will help give her the boost to lend her powers of foresight and optimal planning.  She will likely be able to deduce and figure out how to distract or annoy The Condesce enough to keep her from gaining too much of an upper hand.  And we all know that if anyone can come up with a distaction, it’s her.

Dog Jack (Bec Noir) & PM

John Egbert - Vriska is very likely going to assign John to take on Bec Noir.  John’s actually had some combat experience against him and has a pretty good idea of how he works.  His windy powers will also be useful in keeping himself from being stabbed.  He’ll have to be careful about being teleported elsewhere, but he might be able to use his zappy powers to get back to the battle, or use the windows and telepads.

Jade Harley - If the Condesce can be properly distracted or defeated by the time Jade wakes up, then she will definitely be needed here.  Given the loyalty of Becqueral in both Dog Jack and PM, her presence would neutralize both threats.  But this is an IF.  For all we know, she might wish to stay chilling with Calliope.

Wandering Vagabond (The Mayor) - This seems like a very dangerous role for the sweet, sweet Mayor to be put in, but it also has a tactical benefit.  If PM sees The Mayor, she will do everything in her power to protect him and ensure that no harm comes to him.  This will help in getting her to fight Bec Noir.  He doesn’t have to fight, he just has to be present.  Even if Vriska doesn’t send him here right away, I expect he’ll find his way to this battlefield somehow.

JasperSprite - He’s a cat.  We saw what happened when GCat appeared before Dog Jack and PM in the Game Over timeline.  A good distaction could be very important if something goes wrong.  However, unlike GCat, it is possible that he could die as a result of this.  Hopefully not, but it all depends on the dog instincts in those two.

Lord Jack

ARquiuSprite - The muscle will come in handy against this guy.  We don’t know how strong Lord English is, but as Vriska pointed out, his effort is restricted to where he physically is at a given time.  If he’s not placed here, he’ll likely be placed with the Robo Jack party.  

Dirk Strider - While he won’t arrive for a while, he would likely be best suited here.  His sword fighting skills and soul powers will definitely add some much needed power to take him down.  If not here, then he’ll likely be taking on The Condesce whom he certainly has a score to settle with given what she did to Earth.

Dave Strider - Given that Lord English is powered by Clockwork Magycks, Dave Strider’s time powers might be really important for neutralizing them or stopping them.  He’s a very capable fighter to boot.

Terezi Pyrope - We all know Terezi can kick ass and she has shown how capable a fighter she is.  Her ability to also foresee outcomes as a Seer of Mind may also give her an edge in figuring out what Lord Jack will do before he does it.

And for those observant, yes, I had all the characters wearing shades go against the one possessed by whatever it was inside Lil’ Cal.  Vriska may shift some of them over to work with John at first since based on my arrangement, John would essentially be going against Bec Noir alone until Jade wakes up and can provide backup.  Granted, PM is the best bet to keep Jack busy, so not many fighters are really needed here just yet.

Robo Jack

Karkat Vantas - The two share a history together and it would likely be a sight for sore eyes for Slick to see him again.  If the blood bond between Karkat and Spades Slick is still good, then he might be able to persuade Spades and The Felt to join the kids.  If so, they would need to head to see Lord Jack.  After all, he has crowbar’s crowbar and I’m sure he wants that back.

Jake English - Jake’s presence will help since he’ll be able to bring hope to others.  His hope powers are certainly untapped, but even when used subtly, this would prove useful in winning over Spades and the Felt.

TavroSprite - While not the most charismatic of characters, Tavros could still be helpful with persuading Robo Jack and the Felt to work with them.  He may also recognize Aurthour who is also with the group and know to get him to ARquiusprite


Jane Crocker - This one’s obvious because Vriska literally spelled it out.  It’s worth noting that, yes, she can revive someone once using her lifey powers, but resurrection is not the only power she possesses.  Her lifey powers can also be used to heal as well as restore life.

Rosesprite - Given that she volunteered and made a good argument for why she should join her, this one seems also like a give-in.  Jane won’t be able to do everything alone, so her abilities to help guide Jane will be very useful.

Vriska Serket - This may seem odd, but remember that Vriska said she had to leave the group to take care of business; likely time travelling to Myststuck to fill the roles Gamzee played and to prototype the sprites so they get prototyped to begin with.  She will likely show up in the battle again later, but when and how, we aren’t sure.

Wild Cards

Davesprite - This orange, feathery asshole is someone I expect to show up in some way or another.  Last we saw him, he was hanging out with the other sprites in GO Timeline.  If he was able to, like Jaspersprite, hitch a ride on LOWAS to travel over to the retcon timeline, then he might be a support that comes right out of left field.

Gamezee Makara - A wild card in a BAD way.  Lord only knows what he would do if he were to escape.

Aradia Megido - While Aradia has been hanging around in the dream bubbles for some time now as a God Tier, she also stated that she is eager to see Lord English come to an end.  She might show up one more time before the story ends.  We saw her hanging out with Punk!Vriska and Meenah last we saw her.

Sollux Captor - Somehow, he’s still alive out there.  We’re not entirely sure how, but neither is he.  I expect him to show up when Aradia does most likely.  While blind, his technical know how might prove helfpul in setting up the fenestrated window grid that Jane will be using.  Especially since fenestrated windows are a means of travelling from one window through another via the void.

Erisolsprite - This one’s another longshot along with Davesprite, but the last time he saw him, he was with Davesprite and GO!ARquiusprite.  If Davesprite made it, then it’s possible all the sprites could have made it.  Not sure what he’d be able to do, but who knows?  Also, this would also mean GO!Nannasprite could have made it over too.

Nepeta Leijon & Feferi Peixes - With two unprototyped kernels, and provided the kids don’t need to be resurrected with them to keep battling, it’s possible that sometime during the battle, they might be brought back this way in order to contribute to the fight.  Feferi alone would be useful since she has the royal blood in her that can be very helpful with getting The Condesce’s attention.

Calliope - They did mention that one of the big reasons for hunting down the Ring of Life was so that they could bring her back to life.  Currently, Roxy is in possession of it.  How they can get it to her is another story, but that ring will be important, somehow.