and dave is even crying

Dave….Dave plz come back on and tell us tomorrow that we will have two or three more seasons…plz…

I came out to have a good time and somehow it got better because Daveed Diggs surprised me in ‘Kimmy Schmidt’ and now I’m screECHING BECAUSE THAT BOY IS BEAUTIFULLLLLL

Sup. name’s Dave…

Sorry if i’m bugging you or some shit, dude….

but i heard about your brother and I thought you should know…..

that you

are not alone.

anonymous asked:

Just ur friendly neighborhood anon here to remind you that Dave didnt even fucking cry when Bro died and no amount of irony and coolness should keep u from crying over someone u genuinely loved dying, so I think that saying he was relieved explains why and ur perfectly good

ah, i actually think dave still loves bro because he cant just erase years of idolizing him, and theyre kin, but yeah, dealing with death is weird man. my dad was the fucking greatest person i knew and just couldnt bring myself to cry when he died. im glad i gave you some deeper understanding of the comic tho!

Karkat being a cliche romantic and kissing away Dave Striders tears. Dave crying even more because Karkat is so soft so delicate so loving in these shared moments of theirs. Hes so overwhelmed by the amount of love Karkat is not afraid to show him, so overwhelmed that someone he loves loves him fully back. that he can touch Karkat, hold him, kiss him and KNOW he wont be mocked or beaten for it.