and dates are for smooching

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If I have time tomorrow after school and work…. I want to draw valentine’s smooches. Fatesonas and their kiddos probably, since those are cute…. who’s willing to throw their sona at me to get valentines smooches (by ronya/vivi, enn, kallem, miyu etc…)? What kinda kisses? If I have the time, I’ll do as many as I can~

You know what the best part about loving hp femslash is???? The fact that they are all possible in the same universe.

Like imagine, the crushes and break ups and love triangles. The getting back togethers, the just one dates, the secret smooches in hidden corridors.

Ginny can go out with Cho for a while and then start something with Luna. Hermione can make out a few times with Fleur in her fourth year and then hit it off with Pansy later. The possibilities are endless!

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Archie adores his s/o and loves wrapping them up in his arms and resting his chin on top of their head whenever they're together because he can smell their shampoo and he feels so comforted whenever they're like that

this is just too darn cute!!! 

and just imagine him being like “baaaaabe” “what Archie” “you’re cute”

i’m pretty tall so the thought of this happening makes me want to cry happy tears :’) 

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good luck with the new blog dear!! can we please have a jealous yuki, saizo, masamune and nobu reaction? ♡♡♡

Despite being generally awkward with the matters of the heart, Yukimura would not hesitate to jump in and stop another man from courting you before he even realizes what he’s doing. He’d physically put himself between you and your suitor, his broad shoulders shielding your eyes from the sight of the pitiful man trembling under his baby blue stare, “If you have the time to horse around with our servants, surely you wouldn’t mind doing a fifty-laps run around the castle grounds?“ Yukimura wouldn’t stutter nor blush when he dishes out punishment for the unforgivable sin of trying to defile you. He would be quite stubborn in trying to keep you all to himself, something new to the young Sanada because he’s usually not a selfish man at all. It’s just that the thought of you leaving his side is enough to nearly break his heart, and that makes him want to tuck you into one of his sleeves and keep you safe forever. ”…Sorry about that. Are you okay?“ Yukimura would avert his eyes, a pinkish shade coloring his cheeks as he’d ask about your well-being, a gentleman as per usual.

Seeing how much Saizo treasures you (even though he never says it out loud), it wouldn’t really be that difficult to make him jealous - bonus points if Yukimura is somehow involved. But he wouldn’t show it with a temper tantrum or a dramatic display of anger - that’s just not his style - and yet you would be able to tell he’d be quite displeased as he strolls up to you and the other man with his eye-smile in place. The ninja’s presence alone would send a chill down the fool’s spine, so much that he’d start sweating bullets when Saizo’s red pools would fix him with a barely interested glance. “You look like you’re having fun over here, may I join the conversation?” He’d grin, addressing the man with an amiable grin that speaks of all the ways the ninja could kill him. He’d make it look like an accident, maybe push him down the roof? His crows could use a meat snack…Saizo would terrify your suitor for life and send him running in the opposite direction. Then he’d turn to you, his murderous aura disappearing and his smirk turning amused, “Oh, dear. I don’t think he likes me.” He’d act all cheery and innocent when you question his odd behavior, and he’d tease you just enough to have you fawn over him even more, loving the way your pout grows with every mischievous word that escapes his lips.

Jealous Masamune would be a pouty baby. Lips turned into that dejected frown that makes your heart ache, the young Date would stare at you from across the room in pure desolation. He can usually hide his emotions pretty well, but the more you bat your lashes to that other man, the more he’d sulk - and his discontent would be obvious to anyone who looked. He wouldn’t really act out on his uneasiness unless prompted by Kojuro and Shigezane; he’d be too shy for that, and way too insecure. What if you like that person more than you like him? What if he just comes over there and ruins your moment? All those silly ‘what ifs’ would swim inside his head, freezing him in place. But the second you start to show your displeasure towards the attention you’re receiving, Masamune would be the first one to stand up. “–Put your hands on (y/n) again, and that will be the last time you have hands.”

We all know a jealous Nobunaga means trouble for everyone. His already volatile mood would turn sour, reddish hues staring as another man gets all comfortable in your personal bubble. Nobunaga does not like to share his things, and he already has half a mind to lock you into a room with all his precious pottery and throw away the key. But seeing the piggish smile on your suitor’s face would be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. He’d walk up to you, confident strides unfaltering, and he’d give the man an annoyed look. “Disappear from my sight, you ugly wretch– least I cut you down myself and feed your butchered corpse to the dogs.” His voice would be calm and deadly, dripping with the authority only the Fool of Owari can muster. Then he’d turn to you, a pissed expression still coloring his handsome features, “You’re even more empty-headed than I thought,” He’d spat, anger clear in his blazing eyes, “Do you not understand that you belong to us? Don’t let another man touch you so easily.”. Nobunaga would summon you to his chambers that night, his punishment crueler than usual.

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YooSeven Headcanons

just because like i can

  • Yoosung is like a mega sweetie and always showers seven in love and affection but has a huuuuuge jealousy problem
  • Like, if any other girl tries to talk to Seven, Yoosung would just glare at her and attach himself to his bf’s arm until the threat has retreated
  • Honestly, seven finds Yoosung’s jealousy kind of adorable and amusing
  • Seven teases Yoosung to no end omg it doesn’t matter where they are or who else they’re with Seven always tries to make Yoosung flustered
  • Yoosung pretends to hate it but everyone knows he’s a total hoe for Seven’s attention like bring it on
  • They probably had a bunch of sleepovers even before they started to date which were kind of mega gay since they would cuddle and smooch and play chicken until Seven got flustered and had to stop after Yoosung kissed him first
  • Probs Seven was a blushie mess since he didn’t expect his boi to just straight out kiss him and he’s there laying on the floor like “omg im so fucking gay im so gay god forgive me but I’m so gay”
  • Aaaaaaand because Yoosung is so sweet and precious he’s just sitting there staring at seven praying like “…… like did i win oorrrrrr????”

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pip kisses everyone's forehead, hugs everyone, calls everyone pet names and no one has any idea of they're dating him or not

pip calls everyone dude and gives em the ol smooch.. a lot of handshakes and gestures…..he’s a tactile guy and very much in people’s personal space… just like Dad

A concept: 

Eren and Armin are secretly dating during their trainee years and Ymir catches them smooching and starts blackmailing them to do her bidding or else she’ll reveal them to the whole unit. Hilarity ensues…

Ymir: Armin. Go swipe the dirty book the commandant confiscated from Jean so I can sell it back to him for 50 bucks!

Armin: EH?! Th-that’s so dishonest and scandalous!!! DDD:

Ymir: Hey Kettle, get to it or the Pot’s gonna reveal you’re bopping bones with crazy-eyes-Yeager.

Armin: >~<;; Fine…

Ymir: Eren, throw all of my laundry into the lake so Christa will have to lend me all her blouses~ *smirks and wiggles her eyebrows*

Eren: That’s sick! >:U

Ymir: Oh, I’m sorry, should I get you some fever medicine after I tell everyone you’re slapping sausages with bunny boy? That’s what I thought, so hop to it, sick-o.

Eren: Ugh… *gags, grumbles, and swears while he lugs Ymir’s sack of clothes to the lake*

Christa: Thanks for taking me clothes shopping with you, Ymir!^^ That was so nice of you, where on earth did you get all that money for clothes?

Ymir: Let’s just say I have a couple of very helpful guardian angels who like me very much~ ;]]

Eren and Armin: *growl, gag, and roll their eyes… =_=*