and dat suit

that one episode where spongebob and patrick are in the middle of this bigass fight in this wrestling mach and their pants fall down and they realize that they’ve worn underwears with eachother’s theme/color scheme and then they cry all like - YOU DO CARE and make up after- I can perfectly imagine this shit going down between Metro man and Megamind tbqh

Laughing over the fact that the “Akatsuki Company” was a legitimate thing from Naruto merchandise. 

Nagato: (Too hard for my poor Japanese, but I think…) Something like a behind-the-scenes Company President or something.
Pein/Pain: Vice President of Company/Director of the 6 paths of Pain
Konan: Secretary of Company President 
Kakuzu: Chief Accountant/Paymaster
Hidan: PR manager
Deidara: Planning manager
Sasori: Director of Personnel Department
Kisame: Field Observer/Site Foreman
Itachi: Manager of the Uchiha Branch