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Look At Me - Request

Summary: Dean is on the phone and reader wants his attention so she makes him hang up to the person he’s talking to.

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 1.946

Warnings: Not much plot, but loads of smut (rough, bit of spanking, bit of teasing, unprotected)

A/N: I turns out, I did have a Dean request among the Sherlock ones and just now I found out. 


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A case, a new threat, maybe just someone calling to say hi; it didn’t matter. She wanted attention, and she wanted it in that exact moment. He was at the library, and she was just at the door, preparing herself to get what she wanted.

“Yeah, sure…” Dean replied listlessly to whoever was on the other side of the line. He was writing something on a piece of paper, and (Y/N) didn’t mind to read it. “OK, yeah…” He continued.

(Y/N) took the pen (or was it a pencil?) out of his hand, throwing it behind her back, then she scrunched the piece of paper and threw it away as well, taking its place on the table to sit. Dean watched every move she made with his lips parted and his eyes focused.

“Jody, I will uh… I have to go…” And with that, Dean hanged up the phone.

“That was easier than expected.” She flirted.

“If my girl comes here wearing that… Everything is easy.” Dean whispered.

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Make Me

Requested by Anonymous

Written at spnfanficskatoli

Author: Assbutt

Characters: Dean x Castiel (Destiel)

Warnings: smut (this is probably the smuttiest thing I’ve ever written), fluff, cussing, cockslut!Dean, Dom!Cas, hesitant!Dean, Sub!Dean, Bottom!Dean… yeah I think that’s it.

Blonde, or wait was she a red head? No, the red head was last night, so she is definitely blonde. She probably has a name like Casey, or Calie or Britney. Something super girly like most blondes with fake boobs, shorter than should be humanly possible skirts and 6 inch heels. Yeah, life was good for Dean Winchester, well at least his sex life. Monsters were still haunting his dreams and he was still drowning himself in copious amounts of alcohol. Regardless, every night he got to forget about his crap life and get more action than most men can even imagine.

For Cas on the other hand, Deans night time “adventures” are really getting on his nerves. Now that Cas is human he needs his sleep, however the endless moans of “OH YEAH, DEAN. RIGHT THERE! RIGHT THERE!” or “YOU LOOK HOT WHEN YOU RIDE MY DICK LIKE THAT” or the more common and simple “FUCK. OHH. MMM. YEAH FUCK” coming through the adjacent wall in the motels are keeping him up and he can’t stand it any more. Tonight is no exception! 

Dean has been pulling this crap for two straight weeks. Although Castiel found Dean’s noises fucking delicious, he knew something was wrong. 

Yes, he loved the way Dean sounded. He’s had a soft spot, no, a melted caramel plush fluffy spot for the older Winchester for awhile now. He was going to have to talk to Dean tomorrow about what the hell he thought he was doing. 


As planned, when Castiel heard Dean awake he marched over to his room and banged on the door. 

Dean answered the door only wearing boxer briefs which fit beautifully. Castiel did a once over of the man in front of him and blushed furiously at just how much skin was showing. 

“Hey, Cas.” Dean smirked. He was still glowing from sex last night. Well… Very early this morning. 

“Hello, Dean. May I come in?” Castiel gulped. 

“Sure. But uh- it’s kind of a mess in here.”

“I can imagine.” Castiel said under his breath. Cas came in and sat down at the table with Dean. 

“What’s up, Cas?” Dean’s morning voice was gravelly against the soft silence of the room. 

“What’s wrong with you? Something is wrong, Dean. You’ve brought over a dozen girls home in the last two weeks. One every night. Two on a couple nights.” Castiel muttered. 

“What do you mean what’s wrong? I’m great!” Dean lied. 

“No. You aren’t.” Castiel stood, growing slightly angry. 

Dean stood as well. 

Castiel stalked towards Dean, making Dean walk slowly backwards until his warm back hit the cold wall. Castiel still stood about a foot and a half from Dean. 

“Your little flings are keeping me up. All. Night. And I’m not particularly enjoying the lack of sleep.”

“Cas, I’m not gonna stop enjoying myself just because you lose a couple hours of shut eye. I hate how that sounds but I’m having a good time.” Dean laughed darkly. 

“You’re going to stop.” Castiel stepped closer to Dean. 

Dean’s jaw clenched, “Make me.“ 

Castiel pressed Dean into the wall, pinning his hands above his head as Castiel crashed his lips against Dean’s harshly. 

They stood like that for a few seconds and then Castiel pulled back a few inches slowly and stared at Dean as his eyes grew dark. 

Dean was positively flustered as his candy apple green eyes stared widely at Cas. 

"Uh-” Dean breathed. 

“Think about it.” Castiel growled and left the room quickly, slamming the door behind him. 

Dean let out a sharp breath that he didn’t know he was holding in. His arms were still beside and over his head although no one was holding them there. He lowered his arms and leaned his head back against the wall. 

Did Cas seriously just do that? Dean thought. 

Yeah. He totally did

Dean wasn’t sure how to feel about the whole thing. The only thing he was sure of was that THAT was fucking hot

Dean thought he was straight. He knew he was straight. He told himself that but his dick was telling him otherwise. 

“No. Nope.” Dean said to himself. “I’m not-” he sighed.

Dean went and sat on the bed, his elbows propped up on his knees and leaned down so he could hold his face in his hands. 

The past couple weeks Dean had been great. Every night was just “Wam, Bam, thank you ma'am”. And Dean was fine with that. But why had he been doing that?

Castiel was right. He was just trying to fill an empty hole. What hole? He had no clue. 

Maybe Castiel could-

“Fuck!” Dean hissed quietly to the room. “Shit. I don’t even-” Dean whispered to himself and flopped back on the bed. Lust and confusion clouding his mind. 

Back in Castiel’s room he was having a total meltdown and adrenaline rush. 

“What the-” he said to himself. 

“What the hell did I just do? I just kissed Dean Winchester. I kissed-” he whispered, bringing his fingers up to his swollen lips. 

“Hmm.” Castiel shrugged and gave himself a mental pat on the back for the sudden rush of confidence. 

Castiel laid back on the bed with a smile across his face and he finally got a few hours of sleep.


That afternoon, after Castiel’s nap, he woke to the sound of soft moaning coming from Dean’s room and he swears if Dean has another girl over he’s gonna kill him. 

But the only sounds he heard came from one person and they were definitely Dean’s. Castiel’s eyes rolled back into his head and his hands fisted into the sheets at the shear thought and image of Dean’s current activity. 

Cas clenched his jaw and breathed heavily for a moment. He could feel himself getting worked up and maybe, just maybe, Dean was teasing him. 

He stood and took off his coats, the temperature increase slowed slightly but Dean’s moans paused for a moment then returned louder than before. 

Before Castiel had the chance to rip Dean’s throat out he needed to figure out why he was gonna rip his throat out. 

Castiel flung his door open, stomped next door, and kicked Dean’s door in. 

There Dean was, fully clothed, kneeling on the bed, hands on the wall, and his fake moans stopped the second his door flew open. 

“Uhm…” Dean mumbled. 

“I see you’ve though about it. It’s not very polite, teasing me. Is it, Dean?” Castiel’s voice was rough with lust. 

“No, but you look pretty worked up. I find it kinda funny.” Dean laughed once. 

“No. It’s not. You’ve been a bad boy, Dean. I think I’ll have to punish you.” Castiel lowered his head, shut the door with his foot, and stalked towards Dean who was now sitting regularly with his feet hanging off the bed. 

“Fuck.” Dean breathed. He had to admit, Cas was being unfairly sexy right now and damn, was he turned on by it. 

Castiel walked to Dean, then got on him to straddle his lap. Cas put his hands on Dean’s shoulders and Dean put his hands behind himself to stay sitting up. Cas leaned in, licking a stripe along Dean’s jaw. Dean’s eyes flutter closed as his lips parted slightly. 

Cas rolled his hips hard against Dean’s and they could each feel how hard the other was. 

“Cas…” Dean moaned against the former angel’s neck and his hands wove into his deep brown hair. 

Castiel whispered to Dean, “I think you’re enjoying this too much.” His lips brushed against Dean’s ear, his breath making Dean shiver. 

“I-” Dean wasn’t sure what to say to that. 

“That’s okay. But like I said, you will be punished.” Castiel kissed Dean’s temple and kept rolling his hips as his hands went to Dean’s toned chest. 

“Oh- I- fuck.” Dean groaned. 

Castiel was good at this and Dean momentarily wondered where he’d picked up such talents, but then remembered he didn’t care as long as Cas never stopped. 

“You’re very aroused.” Cas simply stated, but his voice was still dripping of sex. 

“I’m gonna- Cas, I’m gonna-” Dean tried to form a sentence but failed miserably. 

When Castiel heard Dean’s words, he stood and stepped away, leaving Dean to shiver and fall back on the bed, panting. 

“What the fuck?” Dean whined. 

“This is your punishment. You can stay like this all day. At lunch, in front of Sammy, while you’re driving… And you can’t do anything about it. If you’re a good boy, I’ll reward you later.” Castiel smirked. 

“I cannot believe-” Dean started. 

“Believe it, babe.” Cas shrugged, kissed Dean’s cheek and started to leave. But before he did, he turned back around “Speaking of lunch, I’m hungry. I’ll go grab Sammy and we’ll go to the diner down the road. Straighten up.”

“O- okay.” Dean stuttered. 

“Good boy.” Castiel winked and left. He had Dean wrapped around his little finger. 


“Dean, you ready?” Sam banged on his door. 

Dean got up with a grunt, going and opening the door to see Sam. 

“Woah, you okay?” Sam asked.

“Yeah.” Dean’s voice was strained. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“I don’t know. You just look kinda flush. You can hang back if you need to.” Sam said, concerned. 

“I’m fine, man.” Dean smiled, heading to the Impala. 

His hard-on rubbed teasingly against his jeans and he didn’t know how the fuck he would get through the day. 

They went to a movie after lunch and Sam wanted to see something other than them so throughout the whole movie Castiel traced around the bulge in Dean’s jeans with a finger. 

Later, they went to dinner, where Castiel proceeded to send dirty thoughts to Dean. 

At last, they went back to the motel and Dean had never been happier to get back to the hell hole of a place. 

Once Sam disappeared down in his room, Castiel grabbed Dean and pulled him into his room. Castiel’s room was much neater and they could do a whole lot more damage in there. The bed was bigger, and there was a lot more free wall space to push Dean against. 

Speaking of, Castiel pressed Dean against the wall and attacked his neck with open mouthed kisses. 

“C- Cas!” Dean moaned. 

“Mm?” Cas hummed against Dean’s neck. 

“Please- I’m- you’re killing me.” Dean whined. 

“Patience.” Castiel breathed against Dean’s ear, making him shiver. 

Castiel fell to his knees into front of Dean, his blue eyes looking up at the hunter. 

Dean gasped at the sight.

“Have you been a good boy?” Cas tilted his head. 

Dean nodded. 

“That’s what I thought.” Castiel began to mouth at Dean’s hardness through his jeans. 

“F- fuck.” Dean moaned and carded his fingers through Castiel’s hair. Dean bucked his hips but Cas pressed them back up against the wall. 

Castiel quickly unbuttoned and unzipped Dean’s pants, ripping them along with his boxers down his legs. Dean got the memo and threw his jacket across the room, his shirt soon following. Castiel kissed Dean’s thighs as he pulled off his two coats, loosened his tie and began unbuttoning his t shirt. 

Cas licked a stripe up Dean’s dick, ending with a swirl of his tongue around the tip. Dean groaned and threw his head back. 

Cas stood and finished taking off his shirt. Dean was stark naked and Castiel was still wearing his pants, his very tight fitting pants.

Cas’ hands cupped Dean’s jaw firmly as he leaned is to kiss him, teeth and tongue. Castiel rolled his hips and Dean whimpered. He fucking whimpered.

Castiel rapidly unbuckled his belt and in ten seconds he was just as naked as Dean. Dean stared down at Cas’ cock and swallowed thickly at the sight of it. 

“Like what you see?” Castiel growled. 

“Y- yeah.” Dean stuttered, reaching for it and dragging his finger slowly along the underside. 

Cas’ eyes rolled back in his head. “Did I say you could do that? No. I’m gonna have to… Restrain you." 

Dean gasped at the suggestion. Castiel grabbed his blue tie, pulling Dean’s arms in front of him and tying them at the wrists. Dean bit his lip, looking at his bound hands. 

"Too tight, baby?” Cas asked. 


“Good. Now get on the bed, all fours, and stick that sweet ass of yours up in the air for me.” Castiel walked to the other side of the room, as Dean followed his orders, grabbing a little box of toys and lube among other things.

 Dean turned to Castiel, “Whatcha got there, Cas?”

Cas pulled out a small bottle of lube and a vibrator. 

“F- fuck. Oh.” Dean moaned and buried his face in the pillows. 

Castiel walked over behind Dean, setting the two items down on the bed as he crawled up to kneel on it. 

Cas placed both hands on Dean’s ass, then gave an experimental squeeze, eliciting a high pitched moan from Dean. 

Cas’ gaze moved from Dean’s glorious back, down to his little pink hole. “Fuck.” Cas cursed. 

“Wha- Oh… Oh fuck- Cas!” Dean whined. 

Castiel had leaned down to lick Dean. His tongue dipped in a couple short times, making Dean say ungodly things. 

Castiel was basically eating out Dean’s ass and Dean could not get enough.

Castiel worked a finger into Dean, then two, scissoring him open. Dean rocked back onto Cas’ fingers, grunting with each movement. The former angel pulled his fingers and face away, “Flip.” He demanded. 

Dean did so and met the most lustful, primal gaze he’d ever seen from anyone. The blue in Cas’ eyes had almost vanished around the large black pupils. 

Dean put his bound hands over his head on the pillows and spread his legs wide. 

“So fucking hot.” Cas leaned down to lick and nip at Dean’s v-lines. 

“Cas- please…” Dean bucked up looking for friction. 

Castiel grabbed the vibrator that had been sitting a few feet away and pressed it slowly into Dean on the lowest setting. 

Cas crawled back and supported himself on his forearms around Dean’s hips and leant down to lightly run his teeth along Dean’s shaft. 

“JESUS FUCK!” Dean pressed his nails into his palms, most likely breaking the skin from how it felt. 

“Please Cas. I’m- Ah! Im so close!” Dean pleaded. 

“Not until I say.” Castiel’s tone and hot breath against him was killing Dean and he felt like he was gonna blow his load involuntarily if Cas said one more thing. 

Castiel sat up, pulled the vibrator out, threw it behind him lubed up fast and thrusted into Dean harshly. 

“Ah ah!!!” Dean whimpered as Cas pressed Dean’s knees up by his chest. The new angle allowed Castiel to get even deeper and fuck, Dean was gonna die. His face went from contorted pleasure to completely blissed-out and Castiel fucking loved it. 

Cas’ hands were beneath Dean, on his back and his face was buried in Dean’s neck as he sucked hard on Dean’s collarbone. He was gonna give Dean twice as many hickies, twice as dark as all the girls gave him in the past two weeks. Moments ago Cas had even gave Dean a couple marks on his backside. 

“Dean. Such a little cockslut aren’t you?” Cas grunted against Dean’s jaw. 

Dean nodded furiously. “Been wanting you so bad, Cas.”

“Good. Do you wanna cum?" 

"Please, oh god, yes please… Sir.” Dean added the last bit to see what Cas would do. He got the exact reaction he’d hoped for, Cas growled in approval and pressed a wet kiss to Dean’s cheek. 

Cas’ hand ran down Dean’s stomach and stroked his cock harshly. “Cum for me, baby.”

Dean came harder than ever before with a scream of Castiel’s name. He clenched around Cas and that triggered his orgasm. They both pushed, pulled, and moaned until there was nothing left.

Castiel pulled out and off of Dean, untying him and curling up behind him. 

Dean had serious trouble catching his breath and calming down, but Cas comforted him by tracing patterns into his arm. 

“Cas-” Dean gulped a breath of air. “I didn’t know you had it in you. But shit, I’m glad you had it in me." 

They both laughed at Dean’s remark and Cas kissed the side of Dean’s neck. "You enjoyed it?”

Dean chuckled, “Did you see me a few minutes ago? There are no words to describe how much I fucking loved it.”

“I’m glad.” Castiel had gone from this dominant, rough guy back to his soft self so quickly that it practically gave Dean whiplash. It was totally worth it though. 

Dean turned over in Cas’ arms to face the blue eyed man. 

Dean ran his fingers through Cas’ hair and Cas closed his eyes, humming softly. 

“So, you gonna let me get some sleep or what?” Cas looked into Dean’s eyes with a smile. 

Dean bit his lip, “After that, I don’t think either of us will have time for sleeping ever again.”

Elemental Correspondence- Earth

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Primary Element
Jeweled Court Member: The Emerald God

Alcohol -  Beer
Animals -  Deer, Ox, Squirrels, Horses
Astrology - Taurus
Colors -  Dark Green, Dark Brown,
Crystals -  Emerald, Agate,
Emotions -  Relaxed
Flower -  Dandelion
Fruit -  Apples, Coconut
Herbs -   Rosemary, Sage, Thyme
Keywords -  Stability, Grounding
Meme - Doge
Metal -  Iron
Musical Expression -  Percussion
Mythical Animal -  Centaur
Paint Swatches (Sherwin Williams) -  Espalier (Sw6734)
Physical Expression -  Standing, Sitting, Touch
Sense -  Balance
Symbol -  Mountains, Leaves, Vines, 

Other Earth Elements posts I’ve made:
Elements Aesthetic: Earth

*These are my personal associations for The Elements, I am not looking for critique. You are free to use this for your own stuff, you do not have to ask me if you can use it. YMMV.

childhood colors #2

red: hello kitty, jump ropes, barnums animal cracker boxes, kool aid popsicles, clifford the big red dog, ring pops

yellow: smiley stickers, charlie brown, play doh cups, a box of gushers, spot the dog, penmanship practice paper

blue: capri sun, blockbuster, denim overalls, noggin, the rainbow fish book, sunny outdoor recess

green: sesame street, apple juice boxes, glow-in-the-dark ceiling stars, sour candy, veggie tales, summer

brown: cocoa puffs, little bear, wonderballs, hiding behind a tree, a front door welcome mat, corduroy fabric

orange: candy corn, tigger, pumpkin picking, garfield, backyard leaves, friend care bear

white: 101 dalmatians, coloring book pages, mystery airheads, thermometers, nylon angel wings, lawn chairs

black: mickey mouse, tire swings, trampolines, night swimming, camping tents, shadow puppets on the wall

purple: mood rings, barney the dinosaur, grape cough syrup, lisa frank, barbie’s dragon penelope, the color popsicle no kid wanted

pink: polly pockets, trix yogurt, baby born dolls, my little pony, sunrises, rosy cheeks

Full Moons Masterpost

Wolf Moon (January)

Also known as: Quiet Moon, Snow Moon, Cold Moon, Chaste Moon, Dusting Moon, Moon of Little Winter

 Nature Spirits: gnomes, brownies

 Element: Air

 Herbs: marjoram, holy thistle, nuts, cones, and seeds

 Colors: brilliant white, blue-violet, black, silver, rose, and burgandy

 Flowers: snowdrop, crocus

 Scents: musk, mimosa, pine

 Stones: garnet, onyx, jet, chrysoprase, Hematite

 Trees: birch, Hazel

 Animals: fox, coyote

 Birds: pheasant, blue jay

 Power Flow: sluggish, below the surface; beginning and conceiving. Protection, reversing spells. Conserving energy by working on personal problems that involve no one else. Getting your various bodies to work smoothly together for the same goals.

Edibles: sugar cookies and apple juice

 Altar Decor: pine branch, burgundy or rose candles, pictures of family and friends

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It’s For My Little Brothers

Characters: Winchester brothers x older sister reader. John mentioned.

Words: 1800

You have a little tradition of going to the nearest supermarket to buy some snacks to your brothers and you, just to see the smile on their faces. 

[Angst, fluff, character death]

A/N: I packed this one full of gifs, couldn’t resist :)

You wandered, a little cautiously, through the aisle of the small store, looking for the pie. It was an early fall morning and you had left your little brothers, 7 and 3, at the motel. At only 10 years old, it was debatable if you should be out alone at such an odd hour, but you were independent and also with the information you had, you knew there were far worse things to be scared of.

You found the pie for Dean, and hurried to the checkout where you paid for it along with the candy you had gotten yourself and your other brother Sam.

10 minutes later you put the key in the keyhole and unlocked the front door of your room. Instantly, both of their heads perked up from the two beds, Dean’s dark blonde and Sam’s curly, slightly darker one. To see their faces light up was the reason for your occasional expedition, that along with the fact that you wanted to have something to do.

You held up the plastic bag with a grin, so that they could see what you had gotten.

“Yes!” Dean exclaimed, eyes round with excitement.

Sam giggled with his hazel orbs twinkling, as he followed his big brother towards his big sister. As you put the things on the table, Dean sat down by it. You pulled out a chair for Sammy, and helped him up. You soon sat down too, and then you enjoyed the sweets together with them.

It was a nice, simple moment, just how you liked it. Although, you had already been introduced to a much darker worldview by your father, and nothing would be the same. As you looked at your innocent brothers, you hoped they wouldn’t have to know. But you knew that your dad even now thought about letting Dean in on the secret, which you didn’t know what to do about. You wanted to talk to him, but he also intimidated you.

Hopefully Sam would at least live in innocence a while longer.

You strode through the aisle searching through the shelves for the apple pie, 14 and more comfortable to be on your own. However, you wanted to make it quick, not for your own sake, but for what could happen when you were away. You had seen enough evil to worry like that. Once you found it, you grabbed a packet of pie and walked towards the checkout. For yourself and Sam you had gotten some cake.

Soon you were walking back towards the motel, absentmindedly flinging the plastic bag back and forth with each step. The air was crisp, and there was close to no one outside. You enjoyed the walk, it was the only time you got to be alone. Not that you didn’t like being with your brothers, but it was nice to just be on your own. As you were away, you liked to pretend as if you were no one special, you were just an ordinary kid, nothing different with your life.

But you were needed in your family, you were the protector. Well, your dad were the one who physically killed the threats, at least mostly. But you were the one who looked out for everybody, you were there if anyone wanted to talk and if anyone had gotten hurt. You always wore your head high, your little brothers behind you.

You checked twice before crossing the street, with the motel in sight. Soon you would be back inside with your dear brothers. You honestly didn’t mind being the protector, the one with responsibility. Because they were your world. You wished you could protect them from everything, sometimes even your father and his ideas. Dean had found out though, 4 years ago, when he was 7. Now, he had been training quite a few times, joining Dad and you. He was already a good shot.

Sam didn’t know yet though. And that was something you and Dean agreed on, to put it off as long as possible. The longer he could be just a kid, the better.

At 19, you winced as you pulled the seemingly heavy door open. You hardly noticed the bell ringing as you made your way into the store, slightly limping. Last night’s hunt got you bad, you had ended up with a deep cut in your thigh. Even though you had cleaned and stitched it up, it still hurt like a bitch. Dean had offered to join you, but you told him that you wanted to be alone, you wanted to clear your thoughts. And even though you appreciated him asking, you told him off. Always trying to not showing any weaknesses was a bad habit for you, but maybe that just came with you always having to look out for everybody else; you had to be strong. Some of the pressure came from your dad, but much was self inflicted. But, now wasn’t the time to do a phycological evaluation of yourself, you had other things to do.

You found the pie, still buying it for Dean, because you were nice like that. In your hands you already had some snacks for you and Sammy.

As it turned out, Dean was big on responsibility too. He just seemed to take it on, even if it wasn’t needed. You already had it covered. However, you let him worry about Sammy and the rest of you, even though you still kept the role as the one who really looked out for you siblings.

He was almost taller than you now. You had always been standing tall, and it felt weird. Though, Sam was still a little squirt so that made you feel better. He was 12 now, and already a hero. Your dad, you and Dean mostly put him on research, but when he came along he really was great. Both of your brothers were heroes, and you were proud.

You had graduated school, which led to that the dynamics of the family changed slightly. Earlier, it had been you, Dean and Sam, and then your father who was out hunting. But now you got to go along on the hunts all the time, while your little brothers still had school. It wasn’t something you had thought of before leaving school, but it had happened, and now you had adjusted. Soon, you would leave for another hunt with John, but you had been determined to go on another shopping trip before then. It had turned out to be a silly tradition for you, but you needed some constancy in your life.

You paid for the things and limped back to the motel.

Dean walked down the aisle to look for the pie. It was tradition, ever since he was little he had always gotten apple pie. However, it had always been someone else who had gotten it for him.

Besides of himself, an old lady and the cashier, the small store was empty. And it reminded him of you. Well, a lot of things did, and this was one of them. Every time he was in one, he always seemed to see you. Not in reality of course, but often he had to look twice, sometimes when it was a young woman who shared similarities with you, and sometimes it didn’t even have to be someone there. As he spotted the pies in the other end of the shelves, he could almost see you standing there, with your silky hair, familiar frame and clothes. You noticed him and smiled, that characteristic little smirk of yours.

Until he blinked twice, and you were gone, as always. And as every other time, his heart ached for you.

You were 21 years old when it happened, only in the beginning of your life. Dean was 18 and Sam was 14. A demon had shot you, and you had died. Just like that. He had been there, your blood had stained his hands, and his tears had fallen into your hair.

Sammy was at the motel, Dean was thankful for that and he knew you were too. Both of you didn’t want him to see the horrible scene, and he knew how you hated them seeing your weak moments.

Dean would always remember your pain, the tears in your eyes. How you had panted for air, the blood that pumped out of you. His father’s tears, never had he seen his father cry like that, not since Mom.

How they had to carry your cold, lifeless body out of there.

You last smile; you last words.

I love you. Tell Sammy I love him too.

Then the corners of your lips had pulled upwards, right before your eyes rolled back. Dean had closed them.

He was now older than you were, than you would ever be. He never thought that day would come, he never thought he would survive you, at least not so early. It had been 5 years already, he was 23 now. One year ago Sam had left for college, which left Dean alone for the most part, as he and John didn’t hunt together anymore.

What happened changed them all, for example, Dean had gone to a very dark place. He almost didn’t make it out. After some time Sam had gotten deep into the thought of leaving the hunting life behind, for something more safe; just like he wanted the remaining parts of his family to do the same.

Dean wasn’t ready however, to give up hunting that is. It was who he was, it was his life. More importantly, it had been your life.

Dean paid for the one single piece of apple pie, and left the angsty store behind. He jumped into the Impala, his home, and drove for a few minutes till he reached the mountains just outside the small town. There, he parked the car and sat himself on the hood, with his apple pie of course. The sun was shining, the air was fresh. It was quiet except for some birds chirping in the distance. The view was amazing, snow coated mountains, and dark green pine trees.

He enjoyed his apple pie in his loneliness, and thought of better times.

He remembered you, how strong you were. He still thought so, even when he got older and started seeing how broken you were inside through your eyes. How much crap you had seen, what the pressure on you shoulders had done to you. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, after all.

How he wished he had told you how much he looked up to you, but he was pretty sure you had already known.

You were a light, you shone brightly and burned out fast. And he would always, always, remember you.


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what they wanted: Dean Winchester x Male Reader: Reader and Dean decide to become friends with benefits and it goes well until Reader almost dies from a hunt and Dean realizes his love for reader

Warning: mentions of NSFW, some smut parts, and hurt male reader

Auothers note: I’ve actually enjoyed writing this one even though, I mainly do NSFW gifts instead but I ain’t gonna do a whole bunch on smut in this one, I do hope you enjoy this ❤ leave your thoughts in the comments after all feedback is always welcomed and thank you for requesting and read ing love! ❤


Dean groaned as he pounded into (Y/n)’s tight asshole, “Fuck.” He could hear the male breathlessly whisper out as his grip tightened on the bed sheets.
“You like that?” Dean practically growled as he sped up a bit more hitting (y/n)’s G-spot in his ass over and over again, a moan sounded from (y/n)’s lips. Growling Dean spotted his movement which was painful for both men.
Not only was dean’s cock twitching in need but (y/n) was whining underneath him which was driving him mad, “Answer my question baby-” Dean whispered placing gentle kisses on the back of (y/n)’s neck, “Yes.” (Y/n) groaned out before a moan left his lips in delight after he felt Dean began his movements once more. “Good, because this little ass is mine.” He said pounding harder giving the sweaty (h/c) haired male spankings as he sped up his movements.
“Fuck I’m gonna come!”
“Me too.”
Both male’s groaned in pleasure, (y/n) for feeling dean’s cock twitch as his hot cum filled up his tight asshole and dean for how hot the sight of (y/n)’s cock twitching as his cum shot out into the bed in front of him.
Panting, Dean pulled out of (y/n)’s ass which earned a moan from the tired male. Falling beside him, (y/n) cuddled up close to Dean.
This was their arrangement, Dean could release his stress on (y/n) as long as he got a cuddle or treatment afterwards, they both were actually good friends.
Dean cared for (y/n) in a way he couldn’t describe so he settled on the friends with benefits agreement, after care was important to (y/n) since dean and him were friends he didn’t wanna feel like he was only being used for sex so Dean and him decided on giving the (h/c) haired hunter aftercare to still know he’s wanted and loved.
“Come one get dressed-” said Dean sitting up on the bed reaching for his shirt from off of the floor, “Sam just texted me, we got a case.”


(Y/n) groaned in the back seat, he was thrown against the wall multiple times by the ghost they were hunting, apparently the ghost was a female who hated males with (h/c) hair because her fiance had the same hair color and he cheated on her with her bestfriend so she commuted committed suicide and has been haunting her house since.
“Hey don’t worry, you’ll be okay.” Sam said looking back to cheek on the male who only groaned in response.
Dean was driving like a mad man to the hospital, for some reason his heart hurt. He felt sick to his stomach when he found (y/n) bleeding on the floor.
“Don’t worry, were almost there.”


“Mr. Smith.” Dean stood up, “Yes that’s me.” He said to the doctor “Is he alright?” He asked, earning a nod from the doctor.
“Yes Mr. Smith, everything is alright with him just some bruising on the back and knuckles.”
“How exactly did this happen again?”
Dean mentally rolled his eyes, “We were at the bar and some drunk guy got angry and decided to start a bar fight and one of the mans drunk friends decided to start a fight with him.”
Nodding the doctor said Dean could go and see (y/n), Sam had went back to the motel to start packing up their things and to check out, “I’ll be back once im done.” He had said taking the impala but Dean could careless about that right now he was more worried for (y/n) and he finally knew why, he loved him and this friends with benefits agreement was hurting his chances at being with the hunter.
A smile came upon dean’s face, he knew what he had to do.


Running past others in the hallways he rushed through the stair case occasionally skipping steps to get to (y/n)’s floor faster.
Finally making it to the third floor he searched for room 625C, seeing the room number up ahead he did a light jog towards it, peeking in through the window seeing (y/n) sitting up in the bed he rushed in.
“Dean what-”
(Y/n) was cut off by deans pink lips pressing up against his, moaning slightly into the kiss dean pulled back the other male unconsciously moving forward. Breaking apart no words were spoken just apple green eyes staring into (light/dark) (e/c) ones.
“What was that for?” He finally asked breathlessly. Dean smiled and replied. “I love you (y/n) and I can’t keep doing this friends with benefits thing. I thought that was what i wanted from you but what i really want is….. just you.”
A smiled rose upon (y/n) lips and he chuckled softly, “Gosh, you have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to hear that.”
“Good because your mine now baby boy.” Dean cockly smirked, raising an eyebrow he said “Yours?”
Dean smirked and leaned in closer so many emotions were swirling around in his apple green eyes, “Yup just like I said before, this little ass in mine!”
Bursting out into laughter Dean soon followed before he leaned in to kiss (y/n), pulling away a few seconds later.
“God I love you so much.” Dean whispered.
“Me too dean, me too.”

Did anyone else notice that when Star’s magic eventually turned green (dark) while she was trying to move the apple, Baby’s expression totally changed? Baby told Moon that Star’s skills were comparable to Eclipsa’s, which caused obvious concern, yet she didn’t bother mentioning that Star was using dark magic, which would have been an even greater concern. What does this say about Baby? She obviously found it significant, but apparently not enough to alert Moon and River, or she wanted to hide it from them.

Warming Up

Requested by Anonymous
Written at spnfanficskatoli

Author: Assbutt

Characters: Dean x Castiel (Destiel)

Warnings: (so many), smutty smut smut, bottom!Cas, top!Dean, Dom!Dean, Sub!Cas, rimming, mention of bondage (but not actual), probably a lot more I can’t think of, cussing, fluff… Enjoy. *wipes forehead* phew.

Castiel was happy to be staying at the bunker. He really was. He got to be around Sam and Dean all the time and it was nice having his friends close.

But the bunker was so damn cold. All the time. Cold in the morning. Cold at lunch. Cold while having drinks in the library. Cold every minute of everyday, except when he was sitting close to someone or was in the shower. Most nights he took a shower right before bed so he could be warm enough to go to sleep. But tonight he had no energy for a shower.

So here he was at 3am, still trying to go to sleep but he was shivering. He couldn’t stand it. He needed more body heat.

So he did what he thought was appropriate.

He climbed out of bed, unbelieving that it was even colder outside of the multiple blankets he had on his bed.

He padded to Dean’s room, lightly knocking on the door.

Being a hunter, Dean was a pretty light sleeper. He just didn’t like waking up. He rolled over with a groan, “what? Come in.”

️Castiel cracked open the door, peeking his head in. “Dean, I can’t sleep.”

“Come here. What’s wrong? Need some tea or something? Bees?” He spoke sleepily, eyes only half open.

“I’m too cold. I have three blankets on my bed and I’m still shivering.” Castiel spoke as he walked into the room, closing the door and stepping towards Dean.

“Well that might be because you’re wearing so much. You can’t generate body heat like that, man.”

“But how am I supposed to get warm if-”

“Science. It’s weird. I don’t know. See,” Dean pulled back the covers to show Castiel that he was only wearing boxers and a t shirt. Sometimes he didn’t even wear the shirt. “I’m not wearing very much so my body heat is able to- keep me warm. Circulate and stuff.” He shrugged and pulled the covers back over himself. “So try that.”

Castiel nodded, without hesitation he took off his sweatpants, the shorts he wore under them, and his sweatshirt. Leaving him in the same amount of clothes as Dean.

Dean rolled his eyes. “I meant in your room.“

"I’m even colder!”

“You’re so whiny. C'mere.” Dean mumbled, pulling back the covers again. “Get in.”

Castiel blushed at the offer. “You want me to get into bed with you?”

“Yes. You’re cold. It’s not like I’m trying to cop a feel, dude.” Dean sighed.

Castiel nodded and crawled into bed. Dean added, “Now face away from me…” He nodded as Castiel did as he was told. Dean then wrapped his arms around Castiel’s waist, feeling that Cas really was freezing. “Dude. Are you sure your bed isn’t made of ice?”

“I question that as well. You’re very warm, Dean.”

“I try.” He snorted.

Castiel smiled, and although Dean couldn’t see it, he knew it was there.

“My legs are cold.”

“Oh geez.” Dean tangled his legs with Castiel’s. “Better?”


Dean rolled his eyes, laughing softly. “Now what?”

“My face is cold.”

“You’ve got to be joking.”

“This is not something to joke about, Dean.”

Dean pulled away and gave Castiel a little space. “Roll over. Face me again.”

Castiel did so, curling up against Dean. Dean tangled their legs once more, and wrapped himself around Castiel. Castiel put his face in Dean’s neck, feeling as if that’s where it should go.

“Goodnight, Cas.”

“Goodnight, Dean. Thank you.” He smiled against Dean’s collarbone and Dean felt it.

He didn’t think something this platonic, this simple… Could make him feel the way it did.

He felt Cas’ lips high on his chest through his shirt. And- oh… He totally felt Cas’ dick. He wasn’t hard or anything but… He was huge.

Dean sighed, trying to push the thoughts away that have haunted him ever since he met Castiel. Ever since Cas ‘gripped him tight and raised him from perdition’. Something else was about to get raised.

Dean laughed softly at himself for his thoughts and play on words. Then mentally scolded himself.

Castiel stirred a little with Dean’s laugh, pressing their crotches flush together. Dean rolled his eyes. ‘You cannot be serious’ he thought. 'You don’t like Cas. You aren’t gonna get it up for your best friend. Stop thinking. Go to sleep’.

Dean sighed for what seemed like the millionth time that night, closing his eyes and getting comfortable against Cas.

Don’t think. Don’t think. Go to sleep. With Cas. He’s right there. This totally isn’t weird or awesome or anything. It’s just Cas. Beautiful Cas… No. Best friend Cas. The one that Dean totally doesn’t have feelings for. The one he doesn’t eye fuck with all the time. The one who is making him a little hard right now, laying like this. Cuddling. Jesus, they were cuddling.

Dean felt something in his stomach. He couldn’t separate all his feelings. He wanted Castiel’s lips on his, he wanted one of their sets of legs wrapped around the other’s hips. Shit shit shit. No. He shouldn’t be thinking about this. Fuck, he’s getting hard. This is so awkward. Maybe Cas is already asleep. He hasn’t said anything for a few minutes.



“Yeah, Cas?” Dean blushed brightly.

“Your penis is erecting.”

“No- no it’s not. Also, please don’t- don’t use those words.”

“Your dick is getting hard, then.” Castiel restated.

Where the fuck had he learned those words? Dean certainly never talked like that with Cas. Although, maybe he did. “I don’t- it’s not-”

Castiel shifted his hips against Dean’s, making the hunter gasp. “Don’t, Cas. Please.” He begged. He didn’t want this. He didn’t want to want Cas. He didn’t want to need him. Oh, but he really really did.

Castiel mumbled out an apology, brushing his lips against Dean’s neck and he shivered at that.

“Dean, are you cold now?” He asked, concerned about his best friend. Rather than having their legs tangled, Castiel assumed he should do something else. So he hooked a leg around Dean’s thigh, their dicks sliding against each other through their boxers. Castiel understood when Dean made another noise.

“Please. Please stop moving.” Dean groaned.

“I’m sorry. But I know now…” Castiel blushed, gulping. “Should I move my leg back-”

“No. Don’t. Move. I’m begging you, don’t move a muscle. Please just go to sleep.” Dean’s voice was a little broken.

Castiel nodded slightly, pressing his face back into Dean and closing his eyes. He felt his whole body get warm, he could really feel Dean’s dick against his and now as a human his sexual interest was hyped up. He’d thought about having Dean in compromising situations many times, but he never thought he’d actually get here… Maybe now was his chance to act. Especially if he was the reason for Dean’s arousal as he thought.

He wanted to be naked with Dean, grinding, moving, touching, kissing… He wanted Dean’s tongue on his-

“Oh…” Castiel whimpered softly, making Dean go rigid as well as making his eyes go wide.

Castiel absentmindedly rocked his hips forward ever so slightly and Dean cried out. Thank god for the good sound proofing in the bunker.

“Cas, what are you doing?” Dean growled.

“I- I don’t…” He didn’t know what to say, but his erection said it all for him.

“Cas… You’re- you’re hard.” Dean gulped.

“I am.” Castiel stated.

“W- why?” Dean asked hesitantly.

“Because I was thinking about you. And things that I want to do with you.” Castiel’s voice had dropped in octave and been mixed with sandpaper and good god it was hot.

“Sh- shit. I can’t- fucking-” Dean cursed and rolled over on top of Castiel, grinding their hips together harshly. It elicited a magnificent moan from the both of them.

Dean was done denying himself pleasure and happiness. Done being unsure. Done being confused. And done telling himself he wasn’t completely head over heels for his best friend.

Castiel arched up into the older Winchester, head tipping back beautifully as Dean started marking up Cas’ neck.

“Dean!” Castiel whined, squirming beneath the hunter’s touch.

“I can’t wait anymore.” Dean thought aloud. “I need you, Cas.” He made eye contact and Castiel had never seen a look so intense in Dean’s green eyes before. They turned from candy apple green to a forest color, dark and dangerous.

“You can have me, Dean.”

“Mine.” Dean growled into Cas’ ear.

“Yours. I’m yours.” Castiel nodded furiously, blushing bright.

“Mine.” Dean repeated, nibbling Castiel’s earlobe.

Castiel just kept nodding, trying to pull Dean’s shirt off. Dean helped him out with that, and then practically ripped the same article of clothing off the former angel before kissing him hard.

Castiel moaned into Dean’s mouth and he swallowed it happily, one hand searching the nightstand. Dean muttered a “gotcha” as a small bottle came into view. He smirked and scooted back, bringing Castiel’s boxers with him.

Cas’ hardness sprung free, slapping against his stomach as Dean groaned at the sight of it.

Dean leaned down and dragged his tongue up Castiel’s shaft, making him cry out beautifully.

“Dean, Dean, I n- need you. Please.” He muttered out, catching Dean’s attention.

“I know, baby.” He kissed Castiel’s tip before taking off his own boxers, squirting some lube on his fingers.

Castiel’s legs dropped open and Dean fucking lost it. “Screw the lube.” He wiped it on the sheets, something he’d have to clean later, but it would be worth it.

He got on his stomach, putting Cas’ thighs over his shoulders and pressing open mouthed kisses on their insides. He licked a stripe up the crease between Castiel’s leg and crotch on each side, agonizingly slow.

One of Cas’ hands found Dean’s hair while the other twisted into the sheets. Dean’s dick twitched at the sounds his best friend was making. Although, something told him they wouldn’t be just friends after this.

Next, Dean’s lips made their way down to Cas’ hole, kissing it softly before blowing on it. Castiel arched gorgeously, pushing his hips towards Dean’s face. Really, the only thing that would make this better, Dean thought, was if Cas was handcuffed. But Dean didn’t have the patience to move from his spot. Not now.

Dean started eating Castiel out greedily, clawing at his hips and thighs, moaning from the feeling of his hair getting tugged on. Dean got Cas nice and wet before easing a finger into him, and that’s when Castiel was gone. No warning but the moans and whines, and Cas came hard. Dean didn’t intend to make him cum, just get him worked up. He thought Cas would at least know to tell him if he was getting close. Guess not.

But Dean looked up and caught the show. Castiel was exquisite. His stomach muscles flexing, eyes not being able to decide whether they should be wide open or screwed shut, jaw dropped, head tipped back… It was amazing.

Dean started rutting his hips into the mattress, biting his lip so that he could still hear Cas. Dean was never one to get off just watching someone (besides porn of course) or just giving pleasure, but now he couldn’t hold back.

With a whimper and a few more thrusts he was soaking the sheets beneath him. Castiel made eye contact as his orgasm finished and Dean’s began and it was more intense than either of them had ever looked at each other.

“Dean…” Cas whined, moving to lunge down and kiss Dean for the second time ever. It was hot and electric. It was everything both of them ever wanted or needed.

Dean’s muscles relaxed as he finished up and exhaustion came over him. Their lips didn’t separate as Dean guided them towards the head of the bed to lay down and assume their position that got them into this mess.

“I’m so glad you got cold.” Dean laughed.

“Well I’m very very warm now.” Castiel smiled. Dean didn’t get to see him smile very often, especially as a human. It was stunning and he’d do anything to see it from now on.

“Glad I could help.” Dean pecked him on the lips, closing his eyes and letting Cas nuzzle into his chest.

“You always help. That’s what you do, Dean. You help people. You’re a fantastic person.” Castiel smiled warmly, looking up into Dean’s eyes.

The corners of Dean’s eyes crinkled with happiness. “Thank you. And you make a pretty good human, yourself.”

Castiel hummed, closing his eyes and resting his head back down. “Goodnight.” He whispered.

Dean smiled into his his hair, “Goodnight, Cas.”

Little Legacies

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(GIF is not mine, credit to owner)

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Dean x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Major character death, cursing, angst, pregnant!reader, FEELS. (tell me if I missed anything

Summary: Four years after the death of your husband, you finally take your daughters to “meet” their dad.

A/N: This is just a little drabble that came to me while I was camping over the weekend. Its probably shit, but that’s okay.

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Lost Children

Harry let out a loud groan as his fist connected with the door for the 100th time in five minutes. “I know you’re in there Draco! You can’t ignore me forever!”

Silence was the only answer, and Harry gave the door a particularly vicious kick before sliding down against it. Draco sodding Malfoy couldn’t make anything easy.

“Open the fucking door, or I’ll break it down,” Harry huffed, dropping his head into his arms. He was starting to understand how the big bad wolf felt in the tale of the three pigs. All the pigs had to do was open the fucking door.

He flung his fist upwards connecting with the door, “On the count of three!” He threatened, hitting it again. “Three, two-”

“Don’t you fucking dare!” A sharp retort cut Harry off, and despite his irritation, Harry couldn’t help but grin at the sound of Draco’s plummy voice, even if it was laced with anger.

Harry smiled dumbly at the door, “Let me in please Draco.” There was silence again. “I want to talk.”

“Talk to the door.” The voice came from right behind him.

Harry turned around and rested a hand against the door. He liked to think Draco was sat facing it like he was. It was a shame he couldn’t make the door invisible and see him. It was pathetic how much he missed Draco after such a short time, but it was true.

“I’d really rather talk to you,” Harry said softly. A huff was the only response he got. “I’ll start singing,” he threatened, leaning back against the wall and facing the door. Silence. “I’m warning you, I’ve spent all summer with Molly Weasley and Luna Lovegood; I am an expert at Celestina Warbeck! ‘A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love’ is my specialty!”

Draco still said nothing, much to Harry’s irritation. He didn’t actually want to start singing Celestina Warbeck, and he didn’t actually know it that well. He knew the War memorial song and the ‘Ode to Our Saviour’ much better because of Seamus, Ginny, and Luna.

“I’m warning you! I will start singing an ‘Ode to Our Saviour!” Harry said, giving the door a gentle kick. “All you’ve got to do is let me in…”

The door didn’t open, so Harry took a deep breath and began:

“There once was a boy, eyes as green as ripe apples, and hair as dark as night,” god Harry hated himself right now but the door didn’t budge, so he was forced to continue, “Bravest of brave, greatest of great…” There was the distinctive taste of sick in his mouth as he continued the chorus, singing obnoxiously, “But only he who defeated the Dark Lord holds my heart!” he wailed, extending his arms out as he performed.

The door flew open to reveal a seething Draco, “Will you shut up?” Draco hissed, stomping his foot. “Only you would have the audacity to sing a song written about how great you are,” he muttered.

“Just wanted you to open the door,” Harry said.

Chapter 14 is up