and danny's stupid stupid face

doctorplum  asked:

50 and mcdanno -- because i can't pick just ONE quote for them i like too many. surprise me! (jazz hands)

“Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!”

“Danno, you said a bad word!”

“Yeah Danno, watch your language.”

“Steven, do not even start with me right now.”

Steve was grinning far too wide for Danny’s self control. If Gracie hadn’t been there Danny would have done something to wipe that stupid grin off his stupid face. Like kiss him, said a little voice in the back of his head that sounded suspiciously like Kono.

“Shut up, brain.” Danny muttered, removing a glove in order to pinch the bridge of his nose.

“What was that?” Steve asked, utterly unrepentant for…. well, everything.

“I’m just having a little difficulty figuring out how a Hawaii bred and born surfer dude, cowabunga whatever, plays-in-water as an Army career-”


“- guy with an allergy to shirts is able to plot out advanced snow based warfare strategies with my 9 year old daughter. Shouldn’t you be too busy shivering?” 

“Danny. The ocean? Is freaking cold once you’re far enough away from land. And places like Afghanistan get very cold, too. Also I once spent a week in Siberia locked in an ice fishing shanty with only a bear pelt, two Admirals, and long underwear. A New Jersey winter isn’t so bad by comparison.” Steve said.

“A bear pelt and long underwear?” Danny asked, unable to resist honing in on that tidbit. 

“My pack ended up under the ice. We made do and found a few… interesting ways to keep warm.” Steve explained, his face doing that ‘I’ve Had Unbelievably Acrobatic Sexacapades In More Countries Than you Can Name And I’m Thinking About Them Now’ thing that always left Danny chubbing in his pants a bit.

“’Interesting ways to keep warm’?” Danny parroted, because, you know, tidbits.

“Like cocoa?” Grace asked, ever the sweet, innocent child.

“Yes. Cocoa.” Steve said, his tone telling Danny that there was no cocoa to be found in Siberian ice fishing shanties. He looked Danny right in the eye before adding, “With whipped cream.”

“That’s, uh… I mean, yeah, that could be…. Nice?” Danny fumbled.

“Danno, can we get cocoa? My boots are wet and I’m getting cold.” Grace asked. Experience told Danny that he was mere seconds away from being obliterated by a pair of puppy eyes.

“Sure. Cocoa sounds good right about now.” he said, side eyeing Steve because… just because.

Steve grinned back, and something about it made Danny wonder if maybe he should listen to that little Kono voice in the back of his head during this trip.