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Okay, I have a VERY important question! Where did the drawing of Jack and Wiishu as characters from Night in The Woods come from? It's adorable and I must know! Also, hope you have/had a good day! 💛

From heeeeeere. (My other blog.) X3 Aw, thanks! I’m super into Night in the Woods, and I don’t know how to like things casually, so I needed to make something!

Which, now that I think of it, is pretty much how this blog came into being, haha.

Thank you, friend! I hope that you’re having a good day, too. :3

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From the diary of Nicholas II

23rd March, Thursday

A bright day after 2 o'cl and a warm spell. Took a short walk in the morning. Took inventory of my things and books and started to put aside everything that I want to bring with me if we have to go to England. After breakfast walked with Olga and Tatiana and worked in the garden. Spent the evening as usual.

—  The Diary of Olga Romanov - Helen Azar