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There were Christmas parties, and then there were Xavier’s Christmas parties.

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When the Houses team up to host parties...

Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw: You cannot breath for the amount of weed. Everyone is stoned into oblivion, having conversations about philosophy and the nature of humanity that basically all conclude that Humans just need to chill out.

Slytherin and Hufflepuff: The birthplace of all relationships—the whole night is just people dancing and snogging, that’s literally it, and it’s glorious, beloved by pretty much everyone. Really good snacks. 

Hufflepuff and Gryffindor: Everything is a competition, there will be at least a dozen dance-offs over the course of the evening, which almost always ends with twister.

Ravenclaw and Gryffindor: Invariably results in creative vandalism—there will be a 20ft mural graffitied somewhere in the school the next day, an no, no-one has the slightest clue how they managed it, but everyone will insist it’s Clever and Edgy and probably a Statement.

Ravenclaw and Slytherin: So sophisticated, so stylish. These are cocktail parties, and you either dress up or look like a total twat. You have never seen so much winged eyeliner, nor any so sharp.

Slytherin and Gryffindor: A mess, not for the faint hearted—it’s go hard or go home. So much alcohol, so many poor life choices made. Do Not open any closed doors, you really don’t want to see what they’re doing in there. At least three people end up in the hospital wing, without fail.

6179. Once a year, The titans hold their annual "Gatsby Party" to raise money for various charities. Everyone dresses up in 1920s-inspired outfits, The decorations are all Art Deco, and spend the whole night dancing away to Electroswing music. The idea behind this annual event was actually Raven, who saw a T-shirt at her favorite Indie bookstore referencing the extravagant parties held by Jay Gatsby.

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: the entire plot of Yuri on Ice could only happen because Yuuri got really very drunk after last year's Grand Prix Final and Victor danced the whole night with him and fell in love with a drunk mess who asked him to come to hot springs with him and coach him and that's pure, unconditional love and it explains so many things and Yuri on ice is so wholesome and beautiful
  • What she does: Gets really very drunk
Lipstick stain

You were wearing a red dress last night
It was fitted at the waist and flared out to the floor
Your hair was curled and it framed your face perfectly
And your lips, your lips were this shade of red that I can’t get out of my head
It was like red wine, just by gazing at you I was intoxicated
Intrigued by your beauty, how could someone like you ever dance alone?

I watched you the whole night, I sat at the bar hugging a beer
At some point the band slowed down and the lights dimmed and you found your way to the stool next to me
You grabbed a napkin and kissed it
I thought it was strange that you did that since you swore years ago that we’d never see each other again
Then in a blink of an eye you were gone again
And all that was left of you was a lipstick stain on a napkin that was now stuffed into my pocket next to a crumpled picture of you

TF drunk headcanons:

Cyclonus smiles

Tailgate likes to arm wrestle everything and dance on tables

Whirl is willing to be arm wrestled. Also slips stronger spirits into others drinks “for free”

Rung will psychoanalyse l o u d l y also for free.

Skids thinks he’s the smoothest ball room dancer. No one, not even the furniture is safe from fancy foot work


Rodimus drinks too much too quickly professes his love to everybody, cries, throws up, disappears for half an hour and then reappears with no memory of the last 50 minutes and another drink in his hand

Drift is the one who looks after Rodimus. The designated driver

Ratchet is a miserable fart, doesn’t dance spends the whole night at the bar complaining that he’s too old for this shit.

Megatron a classy drunk, never hungover.

Minimus Ambus has memorised perfectly one dance routine, repeats over and over.

Okay I have a little head canon about this. 

So I think that in high school, being such good friends and all, Alex and Vicky would have agreed pretty early on that they would just go to Prom with each other, instead of worrying about finding dates. Who wouldn’t just want to spend the whole night with their best friend, anyway?

But Vicky eventually gets a boyfriend, as teenager girls do. So when Vicky tells Alex she’s going to go Prom with him now, instead of her, Alex cant help it - she devastated. 

They’ve talked it about it for years, how they’re going to go stag and just spend the whole night dancing and having fun with one another. Alex has spent years imagining Prom Night, with them sharing a limo, and getting colour coordinated dresses, and buying corsages for each other. 

But then this random boy, who she hasn’t even been dating that long, just shows up and ruins everything. 

And Alex doesn’t want to go without Vicky, so she just stays at home that night, locked in her room, pretending she’s too sick or whatever to go, when really she’s just too hurt. And when Vicky calls her the next day to ask how she’s feeling, and to tell her what an amazing night it had been, Alex gets jealous. Despite the fact that she knows she’s being ridiculous, because of course Vicky would want to go with her own boyfriend. Even after they fight, and Alex hangs up on Vicky, Alex still isn’t sure why she’s acting this way. 

Cut to her reliving all this to Maggie one night, laughing and rolling her eyes because of course now she realizes what the hell her problem was, and how stupid she still feels about it, and how not going is still a big regret for her. And Maggie just listens, and looks at her with a mixture of sympathy, and a “been there, babe”. 

And even though Maggie hates Valentines Day, she decides Alex is worth the effort just this once, and without telling her why she tells her to dress nice and just to be ready at seven p.m sharp. 

And then Maggie shows up in a sharp suit, holding a small plastic container in her hands with a corsage inside, and after extending a chivalrous elbow for Alex to slip her arm through, takes her out for the Prom Night she never got to have. 

The Demigods at Parties
  • Percy: the one you think is hella drunk bc he's acting all wild but he's really sober af
  • Annabeth: calculating beer pong trick shots and getting Percy off of whatever furniture he's dancing on
  • Piper: ROCKING karaoke and flirting with Annabeth not so subtly and acting like she's drunk when she flirts with her but really she hasn't had anything
  • Jason: dancing on people, especially Percy and may *accidentally* kiss him
  • Frank: drinks something that he thinks is non alcoholic but it turns out to be really strong and he panics but just ends up dancing with hazel the whole time
  • Hazel: is surprised at first with all the shenanigans but just goes with it sober the whole night and just chills and dances
  • Leo: gets TOO drunk, LOUD, and flirtatious and every time tries to strip on a floor lamp pole but falls over and is driven home by Annabeth
  • Nico: is lowkey a little buzzed, is pretty chill and ends up in a closet making out with Will
  • Will: gets drunk and thinks he can dance REALLY WELL but ends up tripping over himself
  • Reyna: DJing, really good at dancing but doesn't drink that much, dat ass rules the dance floor
Gotham Girl Gang at a Gala

- Cass wanted to go so she could dance the whole night. She needed Stephanie and Harper because they are excellent dancing partners. 

- Stephanie insisting on them all getting ready together. More of goofying around and getting ready at the last minute. 

- Harper shows up in suit looking amazing and both Stephanie and Cass are in floor length dress. Cass’s is black and of course Stephanie is in purple. 

- Cass likes to lead so Harper and Stephanie follow. Like they can gracefully change partners like it is part of the dance. 

- Whenever someone ask them to dance, they decline saying they already have the best dancing partners. 

- Learning how to avoid the talkative people. Like they came for Cass, not to chat with some annoying person.

- These are the three people you would want to be with at a party. Making jokes and laughing at all the uppity people trying too hard to impress Bruce. 

- Grabbing food to go on the way out the door. No use for it to go to waste. 

- Changing quickly from the formal wear to their costumes. Like it is done to a science almost how fast they can change when needed.

- If for some lucky, once in a blue moon situation they get off after a gala: movie night. 

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Royalty AU

The masquerade ball was supposed to help prince Barry Allen’s decision of who to marry easier, as he prepared to take the throne in a few short weeks. He didn’t expect to end up dancing with Leonard Snart, the infamously cold-hearted king, for nearly the whole night.

*Summer Solstice/Litha Celebration and activities:*

Litha is a time for healing of all kinds, and protection rituals. Some work can and should be done alone, but there is room for more social gatherings.

Gather family and friends together with some drums and rattles, and dance the whole night through.

Go berry picking.

Go bird watching.

Burn a Wreath in bon fire. Wreaths of Vervain and Mugwort were burned in ancient times at the end of the festivals to burn away bad luck.

Place roses on your altar, as this is the Goddess flower.

Leave out milk and honey as an offering to the Fae.

Make a seashell charm to hang around your neck.

Create a fire divination, stare into the fire and look for forms in the leaping flames.

Create a ritual to bring healing and love to Mother Earth.

Make protection amulets for friends and family:

Witches Ladders
1. Use feathers in colors that correspond with your need

2. Braid a yard each of white, black, and red cord for Goddess

3. Chant while braiding:
“Maiden, Mother, Ancient Crone
Your powers to these cords please loan”

4. Add feathers to chain as it grows

Make a quill pen to use in your Book of Shadows:

1. Scoop out the back of the quill and remove the core

2. Cut a tiny notch on the front of the quill

3. Cut a slit on the front of the quill from the notch

5. Cut the tip of the quill to form a point

*Midsummer Symbolism:*

Symbolism : Nurturing and love are key actions related to Midsummer. If you haven’t yet done so, Litha is a good time to perform your Self-Dedication Ceremony to witchcraft.

Great time for herb gathering. Longest day of the year, marks the time when days begin to get shorter again.

Symbols: fire to celebrate the power of the sun, sun wheels, god eyes, mother goddess, ripening fruits, sun dials, feathers, and swords, blades.

Deities: Father Gods and Mother Goddesses, Pregnant Goddesses and Sun Deities. Goddesses Aphrodite, Astarte, Freya, Hathor, Ishtar, Venus and other Goddesses who preside over love, passion and beauty. Athena, Artemis, Dana, Kali, Isis, Juno, Apollo, Dagda, Gwydion, Helios, Llew, Oak Holly King, Lugh, Ra, Sol, Zeus, Prometheus, Ares, Mother Earth, Father Sun, the fey, fairy folkand Thor.

Magick: Healings, growth spells, empowerment spells, and love magick are all incredibly potent at this time

Tools: drums, rattles, bonfire, mirrors for reflecting the sun or bonfire.

Colors: white, red, maize yellow or golden yellow, green, blue and tan.

Stones: all green gemstones, especially emerald, jade, tigers eye, lapis lazuli, ruby, diamonds, amethyst, malachite, golden topaz, opal, quartz crystal, azurite-malachite, lapis lazuli.

Animals: include robins, wrens, all Summer birds, horses and cattle.

Herbs: chamomile, cinquefoil, elder, fennel, hemp, larkspur, lavender, male fern, mugwort, pine, roses, Saint Johns wort, honesty, wild thyme, wisteria, oak, mistletoe, frankincense, lemon, sandalwood, heliotrope, copal, saffron, galangal, laurel, ylang-ylang, Basil, Betony, Dogwood, Oak, Rue, vervain, trefoil and verbena.

Incense: frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, lemon , pine, jasmine, rose, lotus, or wysteria.

Foods: fresh vegetables of all kinds and fresh fruits such as lemons and oranges, pumpernickel bread as well as Summer squash and any yellow or orange colored foods. Barbecued food especially chicken or pork. Midsummer is also the time for making mead, since honey is now plentiful. Traditional drinks are ale, mead, sweet wines, fresh fruit juice of any kind and herb teas.

Element: fire

Flowers: sunflower and rose

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how old are you: 20

what’s your current job: full time student ugh

what’s your aesthetic: girls supporting girls, burning police cars, being awake the whole night dancing in your room with friends, kittens slowly falling a sleep

do you collect anything: i usually take something home after every protest but my mom won’t let me keep it

what’s a topic you always talk about: feminism, marvel/tony stark, netflix , my friends

what’s a pet peeve of yours: people who end arguments with ‘you’re too young/immature/inexperienced’ like yeah being older definitely means you’re right susan you facist hoe

good advice to give: don’t take shit from authorities, question and fight them, only you know what’s good for you

three songs you would recommend:
sookee - einige meiner besten freunde sind männer
world / inferno friendship society - addicted to bad ideas
whispering sons - wall

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Jungkook smut part 2 (requested)

I smiled at Jungkook and went outside and saw the one person I didn’t want to see. I saw my ex their standing talking to my cousin. I saw him make eye contact with me. He smirked and gave me a wink and Jungkook came out at that second and asked me to dance and I smiled at him and told him “Actually in gonna go home I have to uh be somewhere ” He laughed “where do you have to be at 11 at night?” “Fine one dance Jungkook don’t get and ideas ” He smirked “that’s all I need baby girl ” After a few dances and Jungkook making me laugh the whole night with the way he was dancing. I had a really good time with him. “Hey Jungkook I’m gonna go to the wash room I’ll be right back ” “Is that what your telling me so you can sneak out the back and leave me?” He smiled “No I actually have to go but here in case you don’t believe me take my phone and jacket ” And walked to the restroom. Luckily I didn’t see my ex the whole night. I came out the restroom and was walking through the hallway when I pair of hands grabbed my waist and the other covered my mouth and pulled me into the dark room. I pushed him off my which resulted in me falling to the bed. I saw my ex shine through the light of the moon looking at me and smirking. I saw him walking towards me. “Wth do you want from me y/e/n !!?” He smirked and the next thing I knew I was pinned to the bed with him hovering my body trying to take of my shirt “I miss doing this” he said with a evil smile. “Stop!” I screamed for help, hoping someone would hear me over the loud music that was playing. He laughed and ignored my screams. “Get off me y/e/n!!” I yelled at him tying to keep my clothes on. He slapped me “shut up bitch !” And was squeezing my wrist harder pushing it towards the bed. He managed to rip of my shirt. “Y/e/n!!” I managed to get one of my wrist free and punched him under the eye. He let me go and started grabbing his eye. “Fucking bitch !” I took my chance and kicked him in the stomach which jolted him down to the ground. I jumped of he bed and ran out the door until I bumped into someone’s chest. I looked up to see Jungkook looking down at me. “What happened !? Where’s your shirt ?!” I looked at him and looked inside the room and hugged him . He saw my ex come out and Jungkook looked at him “You fucking dick!” And punched him My cousin came in after the news came to him that two people were fighting and he came in running and saw me their crying and he asked me what happened . I explained what happened and he called the cops. the cops came and Jungkook took of his shirt and handed it to me and hugged me the whole time. He offered to give me a ride home which I accepted. While he was driving I told him. “Can I crash at your place ?” He looked at me and smiled and told me sure . We got to his place and he let me sleep in his room while he would sleep in the couch. As soon as he was gonna leave I grabbed his wrist and told him if he can stay with me. He hesitated at first but jumped in bed next to me. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to his bare chest. I looked up at him and I saw the way his eye shone in the moonlight. They sparkled. He was looking down at me. His eyes focused on my lips and then my eyes. I felt his minty breath hit my face. We started leaning in and our lips touched. He was biting my bottom for me to grant him access. I wouldn’t budge so his hands sneaked down the my ass and have it a squeeze which resulted in me gasping and slid his tongue in my mouth. Our tongues were wrestling each other. We pulled away to catch our breath. I sat on his hip and went in to his neck. I heard him moan when I found his soft spot . I started nibbling on that spot and sucking on it leaving him a love bite. I worked my way down and started leaving kiss trails down his chest down to his abs. I felt Jungkook jr. Getting excited since it was poking up from his boxers. I pulled of the shirt he gave me and I was left in my bra and panties. Jungkook was staring at me the whole time I took of my shirt and he flipped us over. He was now in control. He Unstrapped my bra and threw it on the floor. He grabbed my breast and leaned in and started sucking them. He got even more turned on with my moans and with his other hand he stared taking of my panties. He took of his boxers and I expected it to be big but not that big and he looked me in the eyes and told me “Are you sure about this ? I can stop if you’d like ” I smiled at him. “I’m positive about this Jungkook” He spread my legs and positioned his dick at my entrance. Without thinking twice he shoved it in me and started grinding in me. Our moans traveled down the halls of his house. His hands were on my hips thrusting hard and fast. “Faster Jungkook ” I moaned I was going to reach my climax at time now so I pushed Jungkook to the bed and I was now on top of him. I had my hands on his pelvic thrusting. His hands on my ass pushing me towards him each time I thruster his moans would vibrate against my body. We both reached our climax and I fell Next to him in the bed. Both sweating and panting fast, trying to catch our breaths.“ I looked up to him with my legs intertwined with his legs. "Thank you for protecting me” He smiled and tucked the hairs that were in my face behind the ear and told me. “I’d do anything for the girl I love even if it means taking a bullet for you baby girl” I looked at him and pecked his lips and smiled and snuggled up to his chest. He kissed my forehead and put his chin on top of my head and whispered “While I’m around i won’t let anything happen to you and I will treat you like the princess you are”

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