and dance skills

Dear people who get to speak with BTS at fansigns

instead of asking them for their ideal types or if they prefer dark skin or tan skin, ya know the usual things they hear on a daily  basis and probably forget about, your one of the the few people who get to actually speak with them on behalf of us armys and they need to know they are much more than their looks and such.

Can you tell Taehyung 

-that his natural skintone is amazing

- that his voice is so soulful and pure

-that we always look up to him for being so optimistic

-congratulate him for working hard in hwarang

Can you tell Jimin

-that he needs to stop overworking his body

-we don’t care about his looks he is perfect

-we care about his wonderful dance skills

-we appreciate how hard he working to improve his singing skills

-to always rest and smile

-to not overwork and stress, we are happy with what he has done for us

-his body is beautiful, keep on smiling

Can you tell Jungkook

-that his skin condition is wonderful, His skintone is blessed

-that we look up to him for working so hard for us armys at a young age

- tell him we look up to how passionate he is and how much he sacrificed at a young age

-appreciate him learning english

-tell him to rest

Can you tell Yoongi

-to never look down on himself

-to remind him that because of his music has saved lives

-his mixtape was amazing

-he is a wonderful human being who deserves happiness

-we appreciate his rapping and producing

-that he is amazing at writing meaningful lyrics

-we appreciate him choosing this path despite the hardships

Can you tell Namjoonie

-that he is an inspiration

-his mixtape literally saved me from suicide

-we appreciate him for always trying to interact with international armys

-that we are so happy he finally decided to block out the haters

-we look up to him for respecting the responsibilities of his actions

-that we really love his lyrics

-that his story on how he sacrificed family and education for music is legendary

Can you tell Seokjin

-that we appreciate eatjin its very entertaining

- that his voice is actually very skilled and so talented

-that we appreciate him for always taking care of his members

-we love listening to his solo tracks and covers

Can you tell Hoseok

-that he doesnt have to be happy all the time just bc he is the hopeful member

-that we respect him as a rapper

-that 1verse was amazing

-his dancing is inspirational

-to tell him he is so hardworking

-he doesnt need to change he is perfect

By @btsxlami

thislovelymaelstrom  asked:

yuri on ice au where it's cinderella, but instead of getting a dress and slippers from his fairy godmother, yuuri gets twenty shot of tequila, and goes really hard at the royal ball, and passes out at midnight, and when prince viktor searches the kingdom for his true love he's just going around to the houses of nobility getting them all plastered drunk and seeing which one of them has washboard abs and can pole dance like a god

i’m assuming victor also got drunk af and only remembers yuuri’s abs and pole-dancing skills lmao

hello, if you’re searching for lee taemin after fns kayousai, here’s a starter guide for you.

this is taemin

this was taemin in 2008 when shinee debuted. yes he’s laughing at you

he also laughs at people in 2016

this was baby taemin

he’s the maknae (youngest member) of shinee and also the main dancer. appreciate his dancing skills.

he’s also a soloist. his first minialbum is ‘ace’ and his first album ‘press it’ includes press your number, with the best solo choreo of the year according to mama 2016 and according to universe. more cool dancing skills.

he’s also talented at piano

but he enjoys dancing too much he dances on pianos too, as he did in his japanese solo debut with sayonara hitori

he loves food

really. he loves food.

as much as he loves his dogs, adam and eve (don’t get it wrong: they’re both males ok)

and as much as he loves jongin, his bff

also he loves moonkyu a lot

and all together love ravi too

and he loves jimin a lot lately

but he loves himself the most

but no even himself can fight jonghyun’s love for taemin (he’s the president of his fanclub you better be respectful to him)

he’s a fairy, a devil, lots of things but definitely our angel

as he’s a master of imitating sloths


and giraffes

you might know him also as the kpop dude

and as one of the idols who enjoys splitting his pants the most

and even if his facial expressions kill us every time

and sometimes we doubt if he’s living in this world or he’s lost in his own

he’s one of the cutest human beings you’ll ever meet. so please, love him a lot.

  • Yuri: I know what everyone's gonna do tonight.
  • Yuri: It's the night before the finals, so Christophe is gonna leave early to rehearse his pole dancing skills. He is preparing for the banquet.
  • Christophe: *winks*
  • Yuri: Otabek's gonna be going over his expenses for this trip.
  • Yuri: And Yuri will be making pirozhki.
  • Yuri: And if I run and leap at Victor, he will most certainly catch me in his arms.
  • Yuri: Coming in!
  • Victor: No! I'm holding tea!
  • Phichit: *takes a photo*

I know it’s easy to keep stereotyping Yoongi as cold/lazy/cut off kind of person but sometimes i think it gets to a point where it’s wrong and hurtful in the fandom. And so here’s a list of reasons Min Yoongi is a warm, hard working individual with a personality that is multi-faceted and beautiful.

  • was a member of the student council when he was in school and was always helping people who approached him and writing them encouraging messages, contrary to popular ‘bad boy’ image belief.
  • works into late hours of the night, even goes without sleeping when he’s concentrating on composing a new song/lyrics and spends hours on end in the studio
  • on that note, it is said he recorded the way he said ‘bulteorune’ about 200 times before he was satisfied with how it sounded
  • despite not being the lead dancer, is almost never criticized for his dance skills because he clearly works hard on it, whether or not he’s the best
  • again, a side note that he spent his birthday with hoseok practicing dance that hoseok taught him
  • his stage presence is full of energy and he even kneeled down and bowed for a good minute of stage when he knew his parents were in the crowd, and otherwise also displays emotions on stage, including crying
  • gets shy and touched when members throw him a surprise birthday party
  • extremely considerate of what fans think/feel, unlike a lot of other idols. he’s responsible enough to know the effect his words have on fans and therefore constantly promotes a healthy body image, saying he doesn’t have ideal an outfit/weight/height/personality type
  • that time he spent his own money to buy personal gifts/write different messages for 300+ fans on his birthday, and then did it again the next year too
  • branching off to the time when he got asked on a radio interview what he’d do with the royalties of the songs he produced (jump/tomorrow) and he replied that he’d take the band and stuff out for lunch with his own money
  • that time he bought all the kids in bts ice cream without asking and won them toys in AHL and they were so happy about it
  • that time hoseok wasn’t eating because he lost and yoongi said he couldn’t eat if his dongsaegs weren’t eating and that he was full just watching him eat, giving him his share of food
  • doesn’t care that he’s not a good singer and sings loudly and shamelessly when he’s in the mood
  • the new years day yoongi didn’t spend with own family just because hoseok was lonely in the dorms
  • that one time jungkook jumped on yoongi and hugged him and yoongi looked like he might just die from happiness
  • when he laughs when something is too funny and no noise comes out and he claps around like a seal and it’s so so adorable
  • said he likes smart girls who he could have long conversations with/hear her stories and she was good with computers
  • actually gets super flattered and smug when people find his sass funny
  • that time they were on running man and had to run for boxes and ran so fast he was far ahead of even jungkook
  • that time namjoon was supposed to perform on stage and yoongi was deadpan the whole performance until it was namjoon’s turn, and then he has laughing and singing and screaming and being super supportive
  • once when the members were just annoying jungkook a little and yoongi sensed jungkook felt a little sad so he wordlessly reached out to him and petted him and said ‘I think he’s adorable’
  • on that note, always sensing the members discomfort/sadness and being a silent supporter and saying encouraging things to make them feel better
  • never holds back of compliments. ever.
  • he is a wonderful, multi-faceted man with emotions other than being ‘dead inside’ and loves the people around him so much and is full of appreciation and support for them and endlessly a source of strength for them.

I’ve been watching a lot of popping animation dances lately, and so…this happened. So I guess this is a little AU where Gon and Killua do popping animation dancing? I thought it was a pretty cool dance style!