and dan how dare you make me cry

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how dare you reblog boncas and make me feel things?? I still remember I was watching evan's livestream and he gasped so loud when it happened and I bolted upright and almost screamed with my whole family home... it was wild, they did that. my heart is so full

i remember i was in the car when the first few videos of phil calling dan to stage for the first award and i was crying in the car and then when i got home there were videos of phil calling dan up for an award he hadn’t even won…….insert my longest cry ever

in the Undertale ending when dan was pretending to make a fanfiction as undyne and shit, when he said:


i started crying. i actually started crying. i was like “i thought i was safe. i thought there’d be no mention of the milk fic. i thought i could be happy. how could you hurt me like this.” i am home alone crying and rereading the sequel to the milk fic. help me.

DANIEL HOWELL I BLAME YOU. why… why… whywhywhywhywhy whywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhy

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How dare you make me cry at the thought of Dan making a cybernetic Arin and thinking that he's not the same but it's the closest that he can get because he's everything to him.

I’m sorry! But I think Dan would feel really comforted by the cybernetic Arin. He’s biased because he programmed Arin with lots of memories that are Dan’s favorites, didn’t really program flaws into him. Arin does glitch out and it’s weird and jarring for Dan but he ignores that because it feels like Arin is right here with him. 

28 Minutes.

A/N- Not really requested, but I was kinda sitting on this idea for a while… hope you like it! Feedback is always welcome! 

Pairing- Dan x reader

Genre- angst/fluff

(Reader’s P.O.V.)

The clock read 2:30 AM. Groaning, you decide to get up and get some type of snack from the kitchen. As you walk out of the room, you hear Dan, your boyfriend, move around in his sleep. You glance over at his face that shows his bliss from the sleep he had been missing from the past few weeks. He had been flying everywhere around the country non-stop, and he was leaving for the U.S. soon. You sighed as you reached the kitchen, leaning over the counter. You rested your elbows on the counter and ran you fingers through your hair. You were stressed with the amount of editing and filming you had to do in the next couple weeks for your YouTube channel, and with Dan leaving every other weekend, it was taking a toll on you physically and mentally.

Before you knew it, tears were running down your cheeks fast, and you were flat out sobbing. Trying not to make any sounds to not wake Dan, you cover your face with your trembling hands. You loved Dan so much, but how would you be with someone who left you in the dust all the time? You were hurting so much, and you knew that if this was going to continue, you had to end it. The thought of this made you cry even harder. 

“Y/N?” You hear Dan whisper behind you. You turn around quickly to face him. Even though he was groggy, he still looked adorable, especially with his wide brown eyes shining with concern for you. God, this was going to be hard.

“D… Dan…” you can’t muster out anything more through your sobs. He tries to pull you into a hug, but you push him away. “No.” You didn’t mean to come across so harsh, but this had to be done. “Excuse me?” Dan questioned. “Y/N, what’s going on?” 

You take a shuddering sigh. “I don’t think we can be together anymore,” you choke out before sobbing again. His face goes pale, and his eyes loose their sparkle. They are now dull and lifeless. He takes a step back from you.

“What,” he asks, more as a statement then a question. “Well,” you say as you regain a little more voice. “It’s… it’s just not fair to me!” You’ve lost it now, you’re crying and yelling at the same time.

“I don’t think you realize how much you not being here is hurting me inside! I MISS you, and you’re just flying everywhere around the world leaving me here alone! And when you ARE gone. I call you at least 10 times a day, meanwhile you make NO effort whatsoever to talk to me! Like, do you even love me?! Do you even care about me?! NO, YOU DON’T!” All of your anger had just poured out. But so had Dan’s.

“Excuse me, Y/N? Are you JOKING? Of course I love you, how DARE you say that!!! I miss you too! But I can’t help it because it’s my JOB! You can’t POSSIBLY blame this on ME!” Dan was now crying too, and it broke your heart to see his beautiful face tear-streaked. And the next thing you knew, he had pushed you back into the counter causing a piercing sharp pain to stab into your back. And it hurt.

As soon as he had done it, you could tell he regretted it. “Y/N… I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do that… I…” But you wouldn’t hear it, and you ran to your room. As you closed the door, you heard Dan yelling and cussing at himself. He was crying, too. But now it didn’t matter. He did something he never vowed to do, and that was crossing the line. After a few minutes, you heard the door creak open softly. “Y/N?” You are faced the opposite wall, so you don’t turn around. You don’t make a sound though either. You were out of tears, so silence was the only thing you turned towards. He walks quietly in and sits next to you. 

“Y/N? Please talk to me,” he pleads. You sit there in silence because you aren’t sure what to say. He takes a deep breath and begins to talk.. “Y/N, I’m so incredibly sorry that you’ve felt like this for a long time. I’m sorry that you felt like you couldn’t talk to me. But most of all, I’m sorry that I made you feel this way. You’re right, I didn’t put as much effort into our relationship as I should of. And, I hate myself for it too, not just you.” His voiced cracked in the last sentence. You faced him, surprised by how close he was to your face.

“Dan, I don’t hate you, I could never be able to, and I should really be the one apologizing. I was letting the level of stress get to me, and you can’t help what your job asks of you.” You said this all in a rush,  Dan wiping away the remnants of your tears with his soft touch as you talked. Dan closed the increasingly small gap between yours and his lips. The kiss was sweet and innocent, like the first kiss you two had ever shared. He pulled you into a hug, and you both sat there for a while, playing with each other’s fingers.

“I don’t ever want us to fight again,” he murmured into your ear.

“Me either,” you whispered. You glanced at the clock. 2:58. It took 28 minutes for you two to fight and make-up. You smiled.