and damn is this show addictive

YoI in a nutshell
  • Yuuri: anxious precious little baby who is not so innocent like damn what happened son eros a+
  • Viktor: the biggest nerd to ever nerd and just a precious little baby that loves his Yuuri
  • Yurio: small angry russian cat that highkey wants to be loved but lowkey shows it and hisses when you get too close
  • Pitchit: friend goals and the sweetest little baby that is basically a fanboy and addicted to his social media
  • Leo: a loud lion that yells and yells and loves music and tries hard and is a little bundle of sunshine
  • Guang-Hong: anxiety and chinese and small and shy and a precious little boy who tries so hard and his goal is to be a hero
  • Kenjiro: fanboy for Yuuri and a loud little boy with red in his hair and the sweetest thing to ever live that everyone loves, a precious little cinnamon roll that we all must protect no exceptions
  • Chris: mature eros and obsessed with viktor and beating him, in his own words "the sexiest ever" and ~2fab4u~
  • Jean: king of the world and a canadian who is very self absorbed and just all "me me me me me" but still a++ skating
why you should watch ‘one day at a time’

ok, so you may not know this, but netflix has a new show called one day at a time

it’s a comedy starring justina machado and rita moreno bows as justina’s character, penelope, raises her kids with her mom’s (rita) help while also dealing with a divorce and with trauma after her time in afghanistan.

why this show is important:

  • it’s a cuban family living in america, and they’re damn well proud of it
  • it displays the elderly tremendously well
  • rita moreno dancing
  • two women raising the kids
  • shows a strong latina veteran starting to live her life after a rough separation from an addicted husband
  • the daughter.
  • THE DAUGHTER. Elena. I could write a 5 thousand word essay on how much i love elena, what she represents and how much i identify with her, but just know this: she’s 15, a writer, fights for equality, a feminist, eco-friendly, has a goth girl as best friend.
  • **SPOILER** elena also is confused about her sexuality, tries to date a boy, realizes she doesn’t like him ‘like that’, comes out to her brother, mother and very religious grandmother (and later to her douche dad). like half the season is about her coming out
  • the family is actually very accepting of her, even though a few take some time to think about how they feel, they never reject or doubt her feelings in any way (this excludes the douche dad)
  • deals with misoginy and gender roles
  • immigration is treated really well
  • the mom also has a lesbian friend who is AMAZING (played by judy reyes)
  • lots of poc and very few white ppl

I didn’t even know there was a gay character in this, I stared watching it for Rita. It’s not a great writing, but it’s a very feminist show, unproblematic, and I have never related so much to a character who was half my age like I did with Elena. i feel like crying just thinking about it 

ANYWAY, watch One Day At A Time on Netflix and you won’t regret it.

okay but i really can’t stress enough how much elementary is different/better from BBC Sherlock.

the elementary writers don’t care about fucking around with their fandom to keep viewers the way the bbc does with Sherlock, they’re not obsessed with “shock value” the way the BBC is because they actually care about their viewers 

the elementary writers know they have a wider viewership than just sherlock holmes fans, they know they have an audience made up people of every race, creed, color, gender, sexuality, mental state etc. and they do their best to give as many people representation as they can. the elementary staff are also way more sensitive about holmes’ use of drugs and don’t paint it as glamorously as the bbc likes to and actually treat addiction with firm empathy instead of enabling twaddle 

elementary has main/regular characters that are trans, black, asian, mentally ill, disabled - the show deals with real relevant issues every damn episode and does it respectfully - in other words, holmes and watson don’t stick up their nose and take a pessimistic view of new things which brings me to my next point..

despite the fact that we live in a hetronormative society and the “partners to lovers” trope is a tale as old as time - Sherlock and Joan have literally never entertained the idea- like Sherlock and Joan could stand together naked and you’d still be like “awwww pals” because unlike the BBC version, the elementary writers don’t bait their audience

also did i mention that Sherlock in Elementary literally never gets away with being an asshole the way Benedict’s does?? In Elementary, Sherlock faces consequences and apologizes for his behavior and does not do it to be manipulative. He actually self reflects and betters himself.

finally, there are LOADS of elementary eps that pass the bechdel test, as opposed to Sherlock which (barely) has one.

TLDR: what I’m trying to say is that the difference between Sherlock & Elementary is this:

The Elementary writers are making multiple kinds of efforts in their casting, writing and production to make a Sherlock Holmes that is relevant and respectful to and for a diverse audience, while BBC Sherlock is really just 2 middle aged white men using cliffhangers to keep you interested in their Sherlock Holmes fanfiction that is more for themselves than any real audience.
'Star Trek: Discovery' Delayed Again as Spock's Father Is Cast
The CBS All Access series will no longer debut in May.

ITEM ONE: I really liked Ben Cross’s performance in the Kelvin timeline Star Trek, but hot damn does this James Frain dude look like Sarek. Here’s a picture of him from the Fox Batman AU Fanfic show Gotham to help bolster this claim.

ITEM TWO: Dammit, guys, straighten your shit out. And get it off this CBS platform and onto something that people who aren’t NCIS addicts have. (Or at least let me buy a season pass on Amazon. Can that be a thing?)

ITEM THREE: Is this the first time we’ve had the same character at roughly the same age played by three different actors in the franchise? It is, isn’t it?


[170122][Paris fashion week 2017 Interview] - Full vid (at 1:21)

✩ Q: What do you do after shows/events?
Weizhou: Sleep. Sleeping is my key. Actually I myself listen to music and watch movies, that’s it…
✩ Suddenly that JINGYU’s cute photo appears with a pink caption “With me?”

→ What the hell is going here? I really thought it was PTS in the first place! Even the editor also sails our ship? Of course they deleted the video already and posted a new one, but I can’t stop laughing now!! What the fuck is “With me?” ahaha

Let's see.......

Nicki Minaj, born into poverty in Trinidad with a crack addicted father who worked her ass off pretty much by her damn self to become successful in the most male dominated music genre tries to start a conversation about racism in the music industry. Miley Cyrus, white child from Tennessee, who became famous from a Disney show her rich father got for her and then re-launched her career by sticking a foam finger up her vagina tries to tell Nicki how she should and should not address racism.

The tea is too damn hot.

Read this, learn this, and remember this when they call Nicki an angry bitch tomorrow.

honestly imagine how hilarious it would be if everyone was redeemed. imagine the diamonds sending their biggest, their most loyal, their most trusted to earth again and again and again and every damn time their agents betray them and they don’t understand why but the crystal gems build a veritable army of all of the “loyal” homeworld gems the diamonds keep leaving gift-wrapped on their doorstep. and then the diamonds find out the big secret to what’s making life-long loyalists go rogue is like, a little kid showing them respect and affection and getting them addicted to crappy tv shows



Steven Adler returned to the stage during the show in Cincinnati.

it’s been awhile since I’ve been this happy. ♥

Because I feel like Steven is my baby, and knowing what he’s been through and how damn difficult it was was for him makes me feel so damn sad. The lack of understanding that he got, the loneliness, the illness of addiction, depression… It hurts when you think about it. And now seeing him smiling on that stage, knowing how happy he is makes me feel so warm. I am so happy for him, because I know that he’s happy. ♥

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omg I love HTGAWM!!!! I’ve been watching since it premiered and now….NOW I wait and binge on it because DAMN I can’t wait a week in between episodes!

I binged all three seasons in the space of 2 weeks. I am an addict. Bring on season 4 though! Urgh I can’t believe that ending. I need to know what happens next. Poor Laurel…

It is such a good show! I adore Connor and Oliver. They are honestly the only couple on the show who have lasted since season 1 and I desperately hope that they continue to be strong and perfect together. They are not quite Destiel for me but its completely different. Connor x Oliver is canon. 

A Gamer's Poem

I’ve romanced a sexy Assassin
I’ve romanced a damn Space Chicken
I’ve romanced a chem-addicted sweetheart,
So let’s get this freak show on the road…

Bioware gave me my love for aliens
Bioware gave me my love for elves,
But if there’s one thing they never gave,
It’s something Bethesda did so well…

Why Bioware, can’t I romance a ghoul?
Where’s my lovely magister of old?
This would complete my soul…

But thank you Bethesda, for Fallout 4
You’ve given us what we all wanted
A sweet, adorable, killer cinnamon roll of a ghoul…

I never thought I would be this angsty over a damn show? My stream stops working so I try to stay off. Only trying does not help. So I go to nap in the hopes I’ll wake to links only that’s not happening. The actual napping is not happening? I’m too buzzed? Or on? Or pumped?

Whatever. This is an addiction and I would be scared if I didn’t already know it was one.

I actually miss work? It was a good distraction. Hahahahaha.

What is my life? Westallen.

Oh god help me

3 stages of rp:

1. day where everything flows, you keep pumping out replies with a huge, excited grin and you’re feeling good about life. 

2. day where you don’t even know how to word. replies are slow and frustration shows its ugly head a lot, but your friends are there so it’s somewhat cool.

3. the darkest day where everything you do seems to suck, you feel super lonely and everyone probably hates your stuff. anxiety strikes and you know you should get off tumblr but it’s just too damn addictive. 

@addictionna || (accepting.)

Gambling, huh? I won’t lie, it sounds kinda interesting… Despite the negative tolls it can take, but I don’t think I’d be any good at it. I’d probably grin like a damned idiot the moment I get a good hand.

Tiffany shrugged. However, there was much more appeal to it now that the other girl began explaining her perspective on gambling. How the stranger saw it was much different than most & perhaps she could indulge a bit if she happens to play with Yumeko rather than some older addict who is only playing for money alone.

What can you teach me?

Does anyone else get this?

Okay, people all around me, even my friends, say to me all the time, “I can’t wait til you don’t like kpop anymore.” I ask them what they mean and they always go, “It’s just a phase. You’ll grow out of it.” I only say this, “EXCUSE ME, SIR, BUT I AM LEARNING KOREAN FOR THESE PEOPLE BECAUSE THE LANGUAGE IS BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE LISTENING TO THEIR SONGS BECAUSE THEY MAKE ME HAPPY WHEN YOU DON’T REPLY OR TALK TO ME FOR DAYS. SO, BACK OFF AND LET ME LOVE SOMETHING THAT ISN’T YOU FOR ONCE BECAUSE I AM DAMN HAPPY WITH THEM IN MY LIFE. SO, DON’T CRUSH MY DREAMS BY TELLING ME THAT YOU CAN’T WAIT FOR ME TO STOP LIKING THEM SO THAT YOU’LL BE RIGHT. NOT THIS TIME.” Anyway, no one supports my kpop addiction unless it’s surprise-someone-actually because she’s awesome and you should show her some love for TaeTae. Thank you!


addicted15 day 12: fave tv show reference // The Bachelor  

Ryke nods to me. “Where’d you learn how to do that?” His eyes fall to the paper rose. He’s watched me make them over the years, but this is the first time he’s asked.

Sometimes I don’t even notice that I’m playing with the napkins. I just do it out of habit. “When I was a debutante, the instructors made us sit at a table for hours. I was really bored.”

“You taught yourself?”

“Yeah,” I say. “I found an article online on how to make cool shapes.” I finish the napkin flower and hold it out to him. “Ryke, do you accept this rose?” I tease. He knows The Bachelor reference. When we were living with everyone, I made him watch taped episodes with me while I tried to fall asleep.

When you’ve read so much fanfiction within a short period of time that you’re trying to recall scenes and you’re not sure if it actually happened or you just read it, and re-telling scenes to your friends who watch the show and they’re like ???? as you recall fic not the show.