and damn is this show addictive

German TV series/shows

Hello, hello! Since you all seemed to like my posts about German movies, I wanted to share a few German TV series with you (based on series I like and/or I know) so you can improve your German by watching them. Have fun!

  • Doctor’s Diary (funny and cute, about doctors and nurses, almost all the characters are just GREAT, you’ll ship people so damn hard)
  • Türkisch für Anfänger (iconic!!!)
  • You are wanted (cyber crime)
  • Schloss Einstein (actually a show for teenagers, boarding school, I was obsessed with it when I was younger and I think it’s a good show to improve your German)
  • K11 - Kommissare im Einsatz (pseudo-documentary about crime stuff)
  • Niedrig und Kuhnt  - Kommissare ermitteln (like K11 but with so many people that you’ll ship with each other)
  • Wege zum Glück (telenovela, 4 seasons, stuff that your grandma would watch but it is fucking addictive!!! also the villain is SO fucking good and cruel!!!)
  • Hinter Gittern - Der Frauenknast (basically Orange is the new black of the 90ies in Germany lmao)
  • KRIMI.DE (a crime show for kids/teens but it’s very nice!)
  • Simsala Grimm (animated, about fairytales, it’s so cute!!)
  • Verliebt in Berlin (romance, drama)
hogwarts houses as students

*based on people I know*


  • neat handwriting
  • always shows up 1 second before class starts
  • class president
  • teachers always love or hate them
  • relatively quiet unless they know the subject by heart
  • would rather be really bad in a subject than average
  • most likely to study economics 
  • 10/10 would bring their pet to school every day if they were allowed
  • dresses up for the first day of school
  • “Do you think mr. Smith will let me skip the test if I say I accidentally ate weed brownies?”
  • wear uggs and are proud of it
  • brings a phone charger every day, and charges $5 for 30 minutes of use for everyone except their friends


  • “WHAT? we have a test tomorrow??”
  • the prankster 
  • watches youtube in class, without sound
  • constantly arranging events (costume events, halloween, sports day, pyjama day)
  • complains about wanting to take a gap year every day
  • doesn’t give a fuck about their handwriting
  • thinks homework is unnecessary but does it anyway
  • can’t study without music
  • loves p.e.
  • the one who always buys food from the cafeteria
  • really interested in learning about other cultures
  • hates wearing glasses but looks really cute in them
  • thinks dress codes are hopeless and should be abolished right away


  • starts the day with tea
  • gets really mad when the teacher says “tea isn’t allowed in this class”
  • uses every highlighter color so that every color feels valued
  • the one who remembers every single birthday and brings the birthday kid cake
  • “Why can’t we make croissants in French class?”
  • every day is a great hair day for hufflepuffs
  • wants to get into med school and works so hard to accomplish it
  • always the ones standing up to bullying
  • writes poems all the time
  • brings blankets for the people who always fall asleep at school
  • always asking if anyone needs help
    • helpful af


  • only notices that one grade they were disappointed with 
  • the library is their happy place
  • always shows up early or always shows up late
  • “flashcards are too basic, mind maps are better”
  • procrastinating, and then pulling all-nighters
  • obsessed with grammar
  • would rather discuss conspiracy theories than pay attention
  • most likely to love black coffee
  • always wants to beat the slytherins
  • “Why are teachers so damn stupid????”
  • caffeine addicts since the age of 12
  • books > people
  • wears Christmas sweaters from october to january
  • jazz, blues and classical music lovers

“Agh fuck,” he mutters as he slides into you, finally.

It’s been so long. Weeks? You don’t remember but you sigh as he begins moving his hips, groaning and slowing watching himself move in you, and you wrap your legs around his back to anchor him close.

“Mmm Jimin,” you moan as your hands smooth over his shoulders, fingers tracing the pale skin and the dips and curves of his collarbone. “You feel so good,” you whisper.

Sometimes the movies never portray how easy it is to slip into the busyness of life and marriage and kids, and just…forget. Forget to enjoy sex like this, unhurried and leisurely, solely for the sake of just fucking as a couple. As man and wife.

He maneuvers his hips in a way that angle his dick right against the spot inside you that has you cringing and arching your back. “Oh my god…” you can’t help but involuntarily squeeze around him.

“Oh shit, y/n, stop, wait,” he squeezes his eyes shut and stills inside of you, and you watch him patiently as he focuses on not cumming. To distract himself, he leans down to make out with you, slowly moving his lips against yours, and you smile and wring your arms around his neck because it finally feels like years ago, when you and him had finally tied the knot. It was a night to remember, full of flushed cheeks and questioning touched and a lot of giggles and “is this okay?”s as you both lost your virginities together.

He feels your smile against his lips and he quirks his eyebrows at you. “What are you giggling at?”

You smile up at him, pinching his cheek. “You’re so cute.”

He rolls his eyes. “Please don’t call me cute when I’m literally trying not to cum in you.”

You laugh out loud this time, almost snorting. The action makes you clench around him and his voice is strained. “Ugh fuck I feel like I’m in high school again. You feel too good.”

You laugh, pushing his hair out of his face. “You mean when you had big cheeks?” You cup his face in your hands and thumb his swollen lips.

He cringes. “Babe, forget about that. You didn’t even know me then.”

“But the entire world did. Twitter knew you.”

He groans but nevertheless gives you a sweet grin before leaning down to kiss you, roughly pushing his tongue last your lips and tasting you. His thick lips smooth past your jawline, pressing soft kisses down the slope of your neck as he reaches your breasts.

“It feels like forever since we did it like this.”

“Yeah.” You sigh as he massages them. “When was the last?”

“Since the kids got on summer break. 3 weeks.” He murmurs, glancing at the calendar on your nightstand.

“Shit…how did you not go crazy?”

He blushes. “I do. That’s why I begged Tae to babysit the kids.”

Cupping your breasts in his hands, he gently thumbs over your nipple and leans down to take one in his mouth, rolling the nub with his tongue, swirling around it and suckling with wet movements. You moan above him, carding your hands through his hair. “Oh my go—Jimin.”

“I wish we had more time you know?”

You roll your head back. “Mhm,” you grit out, the feelings of his tongue doing the best things to you and sending triggers of pleasure down to your core. “But you’re the one who didn’t want to schedule our sex. Oh fuck, I think I’m gonna cum soon.”

He hums around your nipple, letting it go and moving to the other with a loud pop. He begins to move his hips slightly again, gaining confidence as he feels your muscles clenching around him and his own orgasm is further down the line.

“Well, scheduled sex is just so…unsexy.”

You laugh, moving your hips along with him. “Yeah well so is talking about our kids during sex.”

He grins, quirking a playful eyebrow at you. “Not really. I think you’re the hottest when you’re my kids’ mom.”

“Oh my god, shut up or else I’ll make you cum first.” You clench around him as a warning.

Jimin was such a gentleman. But sometimes he felt a little embarrassed at how much in love with you he was. He was so enamored with your body and how pretty you looked with his cock deep in you that he came almost instantly when he lost his virginity. He’d taken years to recover from that guilt even though you reassured him it was okay. It was a little funny in your part but you knew he took that seriously. He glares at you and switches tactics.

He smooths his hands down your sides, and your moans become low and husky as he begins reaching deeper parts in you, trading hastiness for precision as he angles to get that spot inside of you that gets you cumming faster.

“Oh, right there,” you breath out, hands clutching at his biceps as he looks down at you. You’re as pretty as the day he met you. Ten years down the line, he’s still as 100% in love with you.

He leans down to kiss you, but the change in angle makes your moans stop because he no longer hits those spots inside of you and you’re too distracted by his lips to focus on your impending orgasm. “Mmmf,” you mumble into his mouth and he props himself up on his elbows to look at you. You smile sheepishly, “sorry, ah, I lost it.”

He stills inside of you, and You just grin and lean up to peck him. “It’s okay, just cum in me Jimin, it’s ok.” He rolls his neck because he wished that if there was just one thing he could have better control of, it was how fast he came compared to you. You were always so selfless about it though. That’s what pisses him off but also makes him want to kiss you and make you cum forever. Or something.

He finishes cleanly inside of you, and you coax him through it, cooing dirty encouragements into his ear and smoothing the sweat on his neck away and running your hands all over his body. He grunts and cries out your name hoarsely as he tenses and then caves into your softness as the last of his cum spills.

He’s panting. “Fuck,” he breathes, “sorry, I really wanted to make you cum first.”

You laugh. “Baby, it’s okay.” You squeeze your legs a bit tighter around him and wrap him in a hug and he relents, pressing a kiss to your hair as he pulls out of you. He helps you up and he gathers all the clothes and puts them in the hamper as you pee and arranged the blankets in a somewhat presentable way. When he finishes, you’re already wrapped in your robe and cleaned up, leaning against the doorway of the bedroom restroom. “Youre so hot when you clean.”

Jimin rolls his eyes at you and walks over to you. “You always say that. I have other hot qualities too you know.”

You laugh as he guides you to the bed, and removes your robe to card his shirt over your head. He puts on his own boxers before climbing in bed with you. “Hm yeah. That’s why I married you. Among other reasons too.”

He grins at you and draws you closer. “Like what?”

You cheekily begin counting off fingers. “Well first, your good genes. Can’t have my kids be ugly because I chose an ugly man. Second, your dick. Third, the really big engagement ring you bought me.” You stretch out your hand to show him, “cause damn, you did a really good job with this one.”

He giggles along with you, drawing you close. “I love you.”

You hum and smile as you press your nose into his bare skin. You were so addicted to the way he smelled. A little sweet, like the baby lotion he swore he didn’t use on himself, and with a hint of the aftershave and cologne set you bought him a few christmases back. He never used anything else.

“I love you too. I think that’s why I married you. Oh plus you’re hot when you cum.”

He furrows his brows. “Ew it sounds much better coming from me. Is this how you feel when I tell you you’re pretty when you cum?”

You purse your lips. “Nope. I like it.”

He grins, pecking your temple. “Perv.”

“You married this perv.”

“How long do we have till the kids are back?”

You hum, “Taehyung and his girlfriend are babysitting them until tomorrow. Why?”

“And you don’t have any schedules tomorrow right?”

“Yeah. I asked manager Sena to not sign me up for anything until the kids go back to school next month.”


“Why?” You mutter as he turns towards you.

He grins, and pulls you in for a kiss.

“Because,” he mutters, “I’m gonna make up for that by making you cum all night.”




“Jimin, babe, you know I can’t cum more than twice in a row right.”

“Shut up you’re ruining the mood.”

{Special}College!AU x K.A.R.D

no one asked for this,,,,but i love them,,,,support don’t recall + ohnana!!!! 


  • major: poetry 
  • sports: swim team 
  • really wanted to join the poetry club,,,but he got to shy to show up to the first meeting and jiwoo was trying to drag him into the room but he was like noOOOOOooo 
  • for a literal poetry major,,,,,,,,he never has the nerve to share any of his stuff out loud. there was a poetry slam night on campus and everyone was like you should enter!!!!! but he like,,,,,couldn’t and in the end somin went up and read his work and it was BEAUTIFUL and everyone was like “you have such talent!!!” and she was like um,,,,,,,i didn’t write this it was - but when she tried to point him out it turned out he just fled and somin’s like dammit i thought jiwoo and matthew would keep him put
  • as shy as he is,,,,he still has a really nice aesthetic going on. very simple, casual but still fashionable and people always ask to take pictures of his outfit and face and he’s like ,,,,um,,,,,,,why,,,,,,,,,and they’re like “do you have instagram???” and he’s like yes but i don’t really use it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • everyone thinks he’s hot but he’s oblivious to it basically
  • all his poems are about ,,,,, like ,,,,,,,,,, love,,,,,,and nature,,,,,,and like,,,,,,,crying in nature because you’re in love
  • he’s actually super emotional and deep but no one ever gets to know him because he’s really shy and tries not to talk much
  • even the members of his swim team are like “bro, you should tell us like your hobbies or your ideal type” and j.seph is like “,,,,,,,,,breathing is nice,,,,,”
  • and you had one class with j.seph on prose poetry,,,,,and even though he never shared out loud in class you had to do a group critic and ever since you read his poetry,,,,,,you had basically Fallen in Love
  • with his style, his flow, his choice of words,,,his voice in his poems is so strong and beautiful that you felt like you were looking at a painting and not words on a paper
  • and you’d begged him to submit something to the campus art journal but he had declined and it had left you heartbroken
  • but you didn’t give up,,,,even after your classes if you’d see him you’d be like !!!! hi i was wondering if you changed your mind-
  • but he’d just shake his head shyly and tell you that really, he couldn’t publish his work in the journal
  • and for a while you’d try to bug him when you saw him but you didn’t overdo it 
  • and at some point you had to give up because you didn’t want to come off creepy, even though you really at least wanted others to read and feel what you felt with his poems
  • and at some point you end up sharing a study table with somin and you know her as one of j.seph’s only friends and you’re like “hi,,,,this is going to sound weird but is j.seph,,,,,,,,,,not an open person?”
  • and she looks up from drawing and she’s like hmm what do you mean
  • and you tell her about the experience you had with his poetry and suddenly she seems really interested and she sets down her pencil and she’s like wait here!!!!
  • and about twenty minutes later she comes back holding a notebook and she’s like “ive had this for a long time, but it’s a poem i read by j.seph at a poetry slam a while ago. it’s the only poem i have of his but!!!! you could maybe publish it??? i really want him to be recognized by more people as a poet!!”
  • and you thank her and get all excited as you leave the building because omg the editor of the journal is going to LOVE it but then you try to read the poem,,,,,,,,,but you can’t bring yourself to do it,,,,,
  • like the words are right there waiting but you feel horrible because,,,,,you didn’t get j.seph’s consent. and it feels like you’re stealing from him
  • so you decide that you can’t publish it, instead you search the campus for him so you can return it
  • and you find him sitting on the steps outside of lecture hall and he’s writing aimlessly in his notebook and you’re like “um excuse me-”
  • and once he sees you he’s already like ‘im sorry, but i-” and you’re like i don’t want to bother you, but your friend gave me this ,,,,,,it’s yours though so im returning it. i didn’t read it by the way,,,,,
  • and when he takes the paper cautiously, opening it up he’s a bit shocked and he’s like “,,,,,,,it’s my poem” and you’re like yes and he’s like “wouldn’t you want to read this - you’re always asking me to show you my writing” and you shrug and you’re like “im asking you because poets should want to show off their writing. i have no right just looking at without your permission.”
  • and with that you bow your head in a goodbye but as you turn you suddenly feel his hand wrap around your wrist to stop you and you look over your shoulder
  • and j.seph is like “,,,,,,,,,,,,if you want,,,,,ill let you read this one.”
  • and your eyes light up and you take a seat beside him in such a hurry that you don’t notice that your so close your knees are brushing and you begin to read muttering the words to yourself
  • and j.seph is feeling a bit hot under the collar because you’re close and also reading,,,,,his work
  • and it’s a bit much for someone kind of closed off like him but when you look up all you can tell him is that you’re speechless. again. like when you first read his stuff
  • and j.seph’s ears turn red and he’s like AH don’t,,,,say that
  • but you point to a line and you’re like i love this!
  • and that’s how you end up spending like two hours sitting there talking about this one poem and somehow j.seph can feel your sincerity and that’s all it takes for him to open up to you
  • and before either of you knows he’s showing you more of his work
  • and only when you realize it’s getting dark out do you get up
  • and j.seph is like shyly,,,,,,,,like “i don’t know about publishing these in the journal,,,,,,but id love to show you more of my,,,,,,,,poems,,,,,”
  • and you clap your hands and you’re like yes!!! please do!!! and your smile makes j.seph’s heart beat
  • and your first date is basically at a cafe sharing some sweets and you gushing over his work and j.seph getting even more shy 
  • but also loving the feeling of,,,,,,having someone admire his poems
  • dating college!j.seph: staying inside all day at a library or study room and working silently on your separate projects but secretly holding hands under the table, delicate kisses where he holds you like you’re made of glass, book shopping dates, getting teased to death by matthew till both you and j.seph are flushed red, matching couple tees, sharing a drink and j.seph still getting worked up about a public indirect kiss LOL 

BM (Matthew) 

  • major: health law
  • sports: has tried all of them and has gotten bored of all of them so he just knows a bunch of athletes and is friends with them. like him and jackson from the fencing team and amber from the women’s basketball team,,,,,,but also jae from the schools band LOL
  • got into law and it was a shocker for like eVERYone because isn’t he just,,,,,,,the jock stereotype who should major in something like nutrition or physical education 
  • but nOPE matthew is seriously passionate about law, especially health law that has to deal with reproductive rights and drug safety. like he seriously just doesn’t understand why people are so hellbent on having control of other peoples bodies or making a certain medication highly addictive just to freakin suck money out of people LIKE WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD
  • and everytime they have to study cases for papers or tests he literally seathes with anger and asks the teacher 30243 questions that usually just come down to “matthew, the law let them.” and matthew is like not to sound like a law-anti but the Law IS Stupid. All Governments are Shit
  • everyone in the class:
  • the teacher:
  • matthew who is now standing on the table with the crumpled case in his hand: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ill just sit down now
  • but his passion is a good thing because law can get boring and dense, but he’s so amped up about it because he needs to know what’s the best way to help people not get wrapped up in trouble,,,,and be able to keep their damn human rights
  • he also works nights at a popular bar off-campus and his friends are always there (the boss loves it because the $$$$$ comes piling in. also matthew is,,,,,,,,Hot,,,,,,,,there are many people just there to appreciate his looks so hey even more $$$$$$)
  • but matthew also gives out free drinks like his life depends on it and dabs everytime a customer compliments him like what friendly giant tbh
  • also let’s all take a moment to hold hands and think of matthew in a cute bartender outfit ok moving on
  • when he has time he works out at the campus gym but it’s always at super super late like 3-4 am when he gets off work
  • and you also happen to work out at weird times because thanks college for draining you with studying and the only time you have that’s free is the middle of the night
  • and you notice matthew, it’s hard not to as he’s standing over six feet, and you think “oh someone else is suffering with me”
  • but halfway through your run on the treadmill you make a very big mistake,,,,,,you look over and see matthew doing push-ups with one hand, and then switching without getting up to the other hand,,,,,,and the way he looks
  • cut-off sleeveless tank, loose basketball shorts and sweat running down a chiseled jawline you damn near trip over your own feet
  • because okay,,,,,,,,he’s hot,,,,,,,,
  • and you’re like no no focus on the work out but it’s impossible,,,,,,,because when you look back you see him lifting weights, his back big and wide, the muscles strong in his arms and you’re damn near drooling honestly
  • and this goes on for like two weeks because everytime you show up to work out,,,,it’s like 3:19 am and it’s just you two and matthew smiles and greets you and then starts working out and you can’t not watch,,,,,,,,,it’s like addicting 
  • and at one point you’re like whatever and as you see matthew finishing up you drop your jump-rope and you’re like “hey can i ask you something?” and he turns around with his usual smile, wiping the sweat from his neck and he’s like “sure!” and you’re like “let’s make out, if you want, like right now”
  • and matthew’s eyes go wide only for a second because he drops the towel from his neck and smirks and is like “i thought you’d never ask”
  • and that is how you end up making you in the empty campus gym and matthew is as good as a kisser as he looks,,,,,and he’s good at other things Which I Will Leave Up to You to Imagine
  • and as you’re leaving,,,,,,the sun rising slowly on the campus you’re like “um,,,,,,,see you again soon?” and matthew is like “you know it!”
  • and you two make out every time you see each other which is like 3 times a week at the gym and it’s great and it’s fun
  • but also you talk,,,,,,,and matthew is hilarious and not afriad to embarrass himself and oh shit this is going from a hookup to a crush
  • and you’re super scared about telling him,,,,,because he’s so,,,,,popular what if he already has someone else,,,,,someone better in mind
  • and you don’t want to ruin the great thing you have going (great thing being physical only) and you’re like telling yourself to not ruin it
  • until you’re sitting in matthew’s lap and suddenly he pulls back from your kiss, arms slipping from under your shirt and he’s like “listen ive been thinking, we never meet up outside the gym and i wanna introduce you to my friends-”
  • and you’re like wait hold up he’s talking like we’re,,,,,in a relationship
  • and matthew can see the confusion on your face and his smile drops and he’s like “unless,,,,,,,,,being something serious is uncomfortable for you?” but you shake your head so much you’re scared you might crack your neck but you’re like “no!!! i do want to be something serious, i was just surprised i thought you’d ,,,,,,,,only thought of this as something on the side”
  • and matthew grins and he’s like “no way, i don’t make out with just anyone. also you’ve seen my - well,,,,,,,,you’ve seen big matthew and that’s nothing something many people can say”
  • and you’re like oh my god did you just call- whatever, yes id love to ,,,,, meet your friends and do some stuff??? together??? like dates??? and you and him are grinning like idiots in love hehe
  • dating college!matthew: long snapchat stories of you guys being a cute couple and trying out new resturants or going to the amusment park and buying matching headbands, wearing his big clothes, couple work outs, matthew always using your legs as his personal pillow, wild parties where you both get tipsy and spend an hour debating who grinds better and making a very embarrassed j.seph the judge, being silly dorks that are super touchy and pda is at an all time HIGH, couple rings 


  • major: neuroscience/pre-med
  • sports: women’s lacrosse 
  • she is FIERCE and nothing scares her. not the other lacrosse teams she has to face. not the judgmental looks people give her when she says she wants to become a neurosurgeon. not the way people snicker and point out her bold sense of fashion 
  • she’s her own person and she makes it known, because she’s a hardworker and she’s going to get into the top med school in korea just freaking watch her
  • and she’s gonna do it wearing fishnets, a motorcycle jacket, and heavy army boots like who said all girls have to dress a certain way??? and yes that’s a tattoo on her upper-arm like what are you gonna do about it????
  • matthew is always like holding jiwoo back from getting into fights at the bar he works at because if some guy as much as whispers something nasty/disrespectful/just plain gross under his breath about her or any girl in the vicinity she’s up and ready to throw hands
  • and matthew literally just wraps his arm around her torso while she’s kicking and going “let me GO” and he’s like “ow ow ow you’re so strong ow ow but thank god you’re short OW DID YOU JUST BITE MY ARM”
  • but she really studies super hard and she knows her stuff and the teachers love her,,,,,because she’s always the first to be done with her work and she really genuinely wants to be a surgeon to help people
  • ,,,,,,even though some of them are like “why,,,,,do you dress,,,,,,,so,,,,,” and she’s like “because i like it. what does that have to do with cognitive brain disorders? why does my appearance have anything to do with my passion and talent?” and the teachers are like ok ,,,true,,,,,,
  • you really look up to her because she’s so outspoken. also she makes even the scariest older classmates grovel at the knees like for instance pre-med ken made the mistake of cracking a joke about jiwoo’s resting poker face and she was like “coming from you who can’t even keep still in his seat for more than three seconds like some kind of over-energized rabbit, i don’t see whats so funny?” and ken was like i got it i Will Shut Up Now
  • and you see her a lot hanging around the computer lab of the library, probably to work on her labs and stuff and you don’t think she even notices you
  • because she’s always bickering with matthew or laughing with somin but,,,,,,,one day when you peek over you end up making eye contact
  • and you hide right away behind your hair because oh no she saw,,,you
  • but it’s too late and you can hear her boots marching across the floor and you feel the tap on your shoulder
  • and jiwoo literally spins around your computer chair and is like “heY,,,,,do you want to say something to me? you always stare at me funny? is there a problem”
  • and you’re like UH,,,,,,,turning redder by the second and matthew is already sighing across the room and getting up to get jiwoo but you just mumble out that no,,,,,no problem,,,,,,,you just think she’s really pretty
  • and the whole room turns to look at you two because oh god,,,,,,you just called jeon jiwoo pretty??????? no one has ever had the guts to approach her let alone,,,,compliment her
  • and you’re like This is The Day I Die but jiwoo,,,,,just clams up and she opens her mouth to speak but nothing comes out and she’s like uh uh uh,,,,,,,,,,wh,,,what did you say?
  • and you’re like “im sorry please don’t be mad i think you’re really pretty and cool so i can’t stop looking at you but it’s nothing mean or hateful please omg,,,,”
  • and jiwoo puts her finger to your lips and you’re like oh no im dead but is?????? is she blushing and she gets up suddenly and she’s like “let’s,,,,step out.”
  • and you follow her out of the computer lab down to a bench outside on campus and you’re shaking with nervousness but jiwoo won’t look at you and she’s just like,,,,,,,,,,,
  • “ok,,,,,listen i have never been confessed to so this is weird but,,,,,is it true,,,,,,” and you’re like ??????? what and she’s like tucking her hair behind her ear trying to seem uninterested and she’s like “that you think im pretty?”
  • and you’re like “yes of course, i’ve thought it since i first saw you,,,,i think you were giving an underclassman his lunch back when someone stole it from him??? i thought you were so cool and so cute-”
  • jiwoo: “cute?”
  • you: “y,,yeah cute, pretty, beautiful,,,,,,,you’re all of that to me.” and this time you’re 100% sure she’s blushing
  • and suddenly jiwoo is like “are you free tonight?” and you’re like um yes why and she’s like there’s going to be a party at the bar matthew works out,,,,,,,do you wanna come ,,,,,,,,,,with me?
  • and you’re SPEECHLESS because is this HAPPENING RN and jiwoo is like “give me your phone. im gonna give you my number.”
  • and that night you meet up with jiwoo and the j.sep + somin outside of the bar and jiwoo is like “stay close, ok?” and you’re like holy,,,my heart is beating so fast
  • and you’re kinda shy but jiwoo is like “let loose, c’mon!!” and as you’re dancing together she grabs your shoulders and pulls herself closer to you and you’re like ghldjsfgfdf and she’s like “try to look a little happier - you said im pretty right, and now im dancing with you, isn’t it amazing?”
  • and you’re honestly starstruck you’re like “yes, im so happy. i feel blessed”
  • and jiwoo playfully pushes your arm but she feels this warmth in her chest because,,,,,,being so special to someone feels so nice,,,,,,
  • dating college!jiwoo: quizzing her on hard science terms you can’t pronounce, letting her try out makeup on you, laying upside down off the couch and watching horror movies together, pda making jiwoo shyer than usual, having jiwoo tell matthew that if he even DARES to make a move - she will shave all that hair off his head 


  • major: interior design 
  • sports: no time, she spends all of her free hours at her internship with a famous seoul furniture designer and she comes back to her dorm only to pass out on her bed, jiwoo always finds her without a blanket 
  • originally was interested in fashion design, but people aren’t her strongest suit so she became more interested in making pretty things,,,,,,,,that didn’t have to be modeled on someone but instead,,,,,inside a house
  • finds fabric magazines more thrilling than gossip magazines 
  • gives off a very mannered, but friendly field. she’s called a ‘goddess’ by underclassmen in the major because when she works she looks so pretty and concentrated and the way she handles cloth and drawing ,,,,,, it’s so like gentle 
  • keeps two sketchbooks: one that’s tidy and clean for class and the other that’s a mess for her own ideas
  • likes working in soft pastels,,,,,,,,,,bright patterns annoy her. so when matthew shows up in his hawaiian print button downs she’s literally like Go. Change
  • her internship is really hard because she’s an assistant to this designer who thinks they’re a prodigy or something and is always making somin run around and do needless tasks and jiwoo is always like somin. i want to fight your boss
  • you’re also an intern,,,,but not to the designer but to their marketing team and so you always feel terrible seeing somin being nagged at or asked to go buy coffee for like the tenth time
  • and you think she’s really sweet,,,,and patient to never ever snap or say something mean behind the designers back
  • but you also worry because when finals come around you can see somin is skipping meals as she’s losing weight and keeps coming in with bags under her eyes
  • and you end up seeing her kind of stumble on her way to the kitchen in the designers studio and at first you brush it off that she’s just sleepy but you can’t just leave it at that
  • so you go to the kitchen to see if she’s ok and you see her???? laying on the floor????? passed out
  • and you panic, falling to your knees and getting her head in your lap and you’re like “somin??? somin???”
  • and you pull her up into your arms and stand up and you can hear her kind of coming too and you like get her over to a chair
  • and get a cup of water and some snacks and you’re like “somin, let’s drink this ok?” and very gently you get the cup to her lips 
  • and she’s already like conscious but she looks so so so weak and you unwrap the snack and encourage her to take small bites
  • and when she’s done,,,,with a bit of energy restored she shyly tries to hide and she’s like “im sorry you had to see me like this”
  • and you’re like “somin,,,,,,,,,you should ask for a day off. it’s finals, i know how hard it is but you can’t torture yourself to this point.”
  • and somin nods but you know she’s not going to listen to you 
  • but before you get up to leave, she thanks you and you’re like feeling your heart break because someone who does so much deserves a break,,,,,
  • but since she doesn’t want to take one you start to take it upon yourself to make sure she’s eating at the internship and you always give her fruits or candy and you’re like eat this on your way back to campus!!!!
  • and when finals are over,,,,you’re happy for you but also somin
  • and one day she comes over to hand you lunchbox she’s made herself and she’s like !!!!!! for helping me,,,,,,all this time
  • and you guys eat together for the first time and it’s kinda like an impromptu date and you even get her number
  • and you learn about somin’s passion for designing homes and you think she looks so cute getting excited talking about it
  • and when you walk together to campus one night,,,,,you feel her take her finger and lock it around hers and you both are giggling,,,,but it’s so cute
  • dating college!somin: having to remind her to take her sketchbooks because she always forgets where she puts them if she takes them out of her bag, forehead kisses while she’s working, sitting up until really late with tea and just talking about what makes you happy, bubble baths together on off days, having jiwoo get super protective over you two, somin always plays with your hair, you find out she secretly really likes to dance and you guys have a dance off in her dorm that matthew and j.seph walk in on,,,,,,,,,and then join it becomes a competition, telling her she’s doing her best and you know she is and that’s enough <3
A Summary of Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 121

- Akira breaking her Justice addiction

- Akira mado punches us all in the heart

-Akira goes take backsies on the adoption papers

- New best selling children book: If you give a ghoul some curry


- Saiko opens the god damn door at the sound of Maman

- Who let malpractice lawsuit near the dead

- Don’t worry at the rate this is going Touka will show up to the wedding in the newest CCG approved attire a briefcase

- Touka wants to learn if their is a cherry on her sundae. 

-Next Time on Tokyo Ghoul:re: Coffee spills to symbolize the spilling of the beans in the next

anonymous asked:

why do you like aaron gross

okay w o w this is such a loaded question I’m going to ignore the use of the word gross here unless you literally want to fight me. The short answer to that question is that I started loving Aaron the most when I realized literally no one else did, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Let’s take a little journey together:

  • Aaron Minyard is the most underappreciated character in the whole of the TFC fandom
    • literally Jean, Jeremy, and Bee get more love than him and all of them just have the briefest scattering of scenes like???
    • the only person ya’ll talk about less is Seth, and he literally died after one book, whereas Aaron is a major player in all three
  • I feel like in general the fandom despises Aaron because Neil despises Aaron, which is natural and all because the book is in Neil’s POV so we’re literally trained to think the way he thinks, but I can’t stand that mentality tbh
  • Also, typically I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t dive in enough to understand that Aaron and Andrew are a lot more similar than everyone seems to think
    • you hear over and over again how Andrew would burn the world for Aaron, that Aaron’s well being is far more important than anyone else’s
    • but how often do we consider the fact that Aaron would burn the world for Andrew, too?
  • We spend a lot of time devoting ourselves to Neil, Andrew, and Kevin (and even Jean, for crying out loud) because they have these uniquely horrible pasts that they have to overcome through the series
    • Okay. Cool. Awesome. I love me so damn character development and redemption and revenge as much as the next reader
    • But are we forgetting Aaron’s past? Aaron’s present even? And how much all that has happened to Aaron and to Andrew has literally ruined Aaron’s life and how hard he’s had to work to come to terms with it?
  • let’s take a trip back in time, to a young Aaron living alone with Tilda

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Let You Lick the Lollipop

Written by: @allwaswell16 for @31daysofsmut
Rating: Very explicit, obviously ;)
Wordcount: 4429
Prompt: Treats

Louis may be throwing a Halloween costume party for a lot of drunk college students, but that doesn’t mean he can’t also hand out candy to trick-or-treaters. He just has to keep people from stealing all the candy–especially the very hot guy in a toga who won’t leave his candy alone.

“Did you or did you not try to steal candy from children?” Louis hugs the bowl close to his body.

“Just give me one Kit Kat and I’ll go.” The monster reaches out his sticky fingers as Louis maneuvers the bowl out of his reach.

“You don’t deserve a Kit Kat. You’ve never seen Top Gun and you thought I was dressed as a mechanic.”

The monster shrugs again. Louis really wishes he didn’t look so damn attractive when he’s shrugging. “Well, have fun sitting here waiting for your non-existant trick-or-treaters.”

Louis glares at the monster’s very appealing broad shoulders as he walks away. The monster mainly stays in Niall’s circle, but at one point Louis sees him chatting with Liam and a few minutes later with his lab partner, Lissie. He’s showing them his dimples, too. Probably shows everyone his dimples. He’s a ho. A dimples ho. It’s fine. Louis doesn’t care anyway. He can show his dimples to anyone he wants. Louis just doesn’t want any part of them.


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Since I show Johnny quite a bit of love by drawing solo pictures, it’s only fair Ash gets the same treatment. ;-p Gotta love that hardcore rocker porcupine.

If any of y’all are interested, I posted new chapter of my Johnny x Ash fict, “Set Me Free”.

Also, I just saw the new Sing shorts that came out and “Eddie’s Life Coach” showed what I know has to be Johnny working out in the background…Being the sick individual I am, it inspired me to so some NSFW Johnny x Ash smut….you’re welcome.


Okay so I wanted to bring more to the start of their relationship. So I hope you are enjoying the start of it as much as I am. Also, kind of running low on ideas for this series so if you wanna hmu with some ideas, it would be greatly appreciated. 
Find other Nap Date parts Here!

Since that first ‘date’, they haven’t been able to stop talking. 

He’s on break from tour so he’s just haning out and been a dumb teen with his friends. Also he’s working his hardest to do anything for her, prove to her that he can be the guy she needs. 

She’s a bit apprehensive, with his line of work and the famousness of it all it’s a little scary. If they become official then she’s in the spotlight and she’s not sure if she wants that. 

“I promise to keep you out of it. That’s my work, you’re real. That’s not really me out there, that’s not Shawn. That’s Shawn Mendes, me right here with you, this is Shawn. Let it be Shawn, Y/n’s Shawn.” He pleads.

“Prove it to me, and then we can talk.”

“You love to through me for loops don’t you.” He grins.

So he’s trying to prove it to her. Trying to get her to see that his work won’t affect them, won’t come in between their relationship. 

She’s been around more often, the boys have noticed. Brian, Matt, Geoff even Andrew has noticed. She’s around at parties, concerts, she even showed up at the studio one day. 

They are pretty much a couple, they act like one. He’s over all the time, she’s stealing his jackets, her favorite one his red Magcon one. They kiss and fool around, they just aren’t official, yet. 

He’s out with the boys and he’s glued to his phone, she’s not feeling the greatest and he want’s to go take care of her, but he can’t just up and leave. The boys will for sure question him on it. 

“Shawn, talk to us about you’re girl situation.”

“Um,” He looks up, flushing. 

He looks back down and types her a quick text.

Can I tell the boys you’re my girl?


He bounces his leg and bites his nails as he waits for her response, praying that she’ll say yes. He’s dying to show her off as his, to hold her hand in public and kiss her in front all of the guys that stare at her while their out. 


He inhales, she’s typing. Why is he so nervous? It’s just her, but that’s the thing. It’s her. She’s different, he can see a future with her, and kissing her is his addiction. She’s his drug and he’s hooked, for life.

I don’t know can you?

Damn her and he fucking witty responses. She’ll be the death of him.

I’m gonna take that as a yes?

He continues with his first message, it’s not even for the response to Brian anymore, it’s for himself. He wants, no scratch that he needs to know if he can finally say that he’s dating her. 

Yeah Shawn, that’s fine.

Holy shit. She actually said yes. Before he even tells anyone, he changes her contact name. Long gone is Cinderella it’s now 

My Girl 

“Shawn? What’s your girl situation?” Brian asks again, when the conversation about who they should set Shawn up with dies down. 

“Um I um, I have one.” He nods, trying to play it off cool, on the inside he’s ready to bolt and go kiss her. 

“You do?” They all question, eyebrows raising, all leaning in. 

“Yeah.” He says, clicking his phone off. 



“Finally asked her out?” Matt asks.

“No, I finally got her to say yes.” He chuckles.

“How many times did you ask?”

“Too many.” 


“But she’s my girl.” Shawn says shrugging. 

“Is Shawnie falling in love?”

“Shut up.” He pushes Geoff’s shoulder.

Was he? Was he falling in love with her? 

“Sounds like someone’s a little sensitive with that subject.” Matt snickers.

“Fuck off.” He got defensive.

His phone dings. He looks down and swipes over unlocking his phone to see her message.


He looks at his phone confused but types quickly.


He looks back up and joins the conversation, not really paying attention. He waits for his phone to go off with a response, hoping that she isn’t regretting the decision. He’s nervous again, feeling a little sweat on his forehead. 

Can you come over?

He inhales sharply. Does she need him? Or is she going to turn him down again. After he bragged to the boys and everything.

Everything alright?

He tests out the waters, wondering if he can get a hint as to why she wants him to come over.

Yeah, it’s just I made muffins yesterday and their getting stale. Also I’m cold.

He smiles at her message and instantly starts getting ready to leave.

“Hey pop star where are you going?”

“Somewhere much better than here.” He grins, thinking of being with her.

“Where’s that.”

“With my girl.” He says standing, slipping his jacket on. 

“Have fun, use protection.” Brian teases.

“Fuck off.” He slaps the back of his head. 

Shawn rushes to his jeep, speeding to her house. He reaches into the back of his jeep grabbing his red Magcon jacket. 

He goes to her doorstep and knocks on the door.

“It’s open.” She coughs. He walks in, closing and locking the door behind him. “Shawn?” She asks from the little office room.

“Yeah.” He says walking in to find her sitting at her desk, a cup of coffee sitting beside her, her laptop open, and her notes everywhere. She sneezes and rubs her face.

“Bless you.” He chuckles standing behind her.

“Hey.” She smiles looking up at him.

“Hey.” He smiles looking down. He leans down to kiss her, they’ve gotten that comfortable but she pushes his face away. He looks at her confused, eyebrows knitting together.

“I don’t wanna get you sick.”

“Kissing you is worth it.”

“No, you have to record tomorrow.”

“A quick peck?”

“No Shawn.”

“Come on, you finally let me tell the boys you’re mine and I can’t even kiss you to celebrate?”

“Fine, a quick peck.”

“Fine.” He smirks. He leans down again meeting her lips with his own. He holds her face in place, so she can’t push him away, and laughs as she groans. He pulls away and she shakes her head.

“When you get sick don’t blame me.”

“Are those my sweats?” He asks turning her swivel chair so she’s facing him. In one swift movement he picks her up, sitting, then setting her on his lap. 

“Yeah, you left them here.” She shrugs.

“And you’re wearing them?” He asks smirking.

“They’re warm.” She argues. 

“I’ve got something else to keep you warm.” He grins.

“Really?” She asks getting excited. He holds up his jacket and puts it on her head, holding it out so she can slip her arms in. 

“Warm?” He asks.

“So warm.” She snuggles into it. He brings his hand up and rests it on her forehead, testing to see if she has a fever. 

“No fever.” He says.

“Just a head cold.”

“Wanna cuddle and watch a movie?” He asks brushing the hair out of her face. 

“That sounds amazing right now.” She sighs leaning against him.

“Then let’s go.” He says, picking her up. She giggles, protesting the way to the living room. He throws her on the couch, making her laugh harder. “Find a movie.” He says walking out of the room. 

He grabs her fuzzy blanket from her closet. He then grabs her coffee from the office, shutting her computer off, then goes to warm her coffee again. 

When he returns shes searching through Netflix, and smiles as she sees him holding the blanket and coffee.

“Are those my sweats?” She laughs at him. 

“Yeah someone stole mine, so I stole yours.” He says setting her coffee on her coffee table He’s in her grey cropped sweats. They are really cropped for him, stopping halfway down his shin. They’re tight in the waist and make his ass look really good.

“You look good in my sweats.” She says as he sits down next to her.

“Really?” He quirks an eyebrow.

“Yeah, makes your butt look good.” She nods, causing him to snort in laughter. He leans over and kisses her cheek, pulling her to lean on him. He throws the blanket over the both of them and tangles their legs together.

“How much shit did the boys give you?” She asks.

“Not much, I don’t care though. I’d go through anything just to be able to call you mine.”

“Yours.” She smiles to herself. He slips his fingers under her chin, making her look at him. 

“Mine.” He whispers, leaning down to kiss her. She lets him kiss her and she melts into him. 

As she pulls away she clicks play on Greys Anatomy. He watches as she snuggles herself into him and rests her head on his chest. He smiles and knows that yeah, he’s falling for her. Not only is he falling for her, he’s been falling for a while now.

fixer upper | myg

summary: yoongi keeps asking you to fix things in your new apartment, and it’s getting ridiculous.


pairing: yoongi x reader
word count: 1.5k
genre: fluff
warnings: ass staring!
a/n: there are maybe eight different writing styles in this one single drabble, but whatever. requested by anon! 

If you thought visiting IKEA sometimes three times a week was going to be a rare occurrence in the whole scheme of moving, you’d be entirely wrong. In the past three days alone, you’ve dropped by the store five times, because your boyfriend is always sending you texts at the worst times, like ‘pick up a trash can’ or ‘we need an end table!’ or ‘i can’t figure out how to put this fuckin bookcase together’.

New apartments are typically difficult to come by anyway, so the one you found with Yoongi was practically a diamond in the rough. Decent view, good cell reception, no leaks or creaks or cracks, fully functional kitchen and bathroom. One thing you will complain about for the rest of the time you spend living here, however, is the fact that the apartment overlooks a busy road and therefore means terrible firetruck sounds at three AM, but hey, you can’t have everything.

You’ve finally begun to settle into the new place, furniture slowly starting to cover the barren wasteland that is your apartment, the whole aesthetic of the landscape coming together. It looks pretty good, if you do say so yourself, but it didn’t happen without many an hour spent arguing about the IKEA directions. They just don’t make any sense, and between you and Yoongi, neither of you are very good at deciphering them.

But now the apartment is mostly furnished, save for a few missing shelves here and there, and the it’s finally starting to feel more like a home.

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on this day, 28 years ago, the legendary janet jackson released her iconic “janet jackson’s rhythm nation:1814” album. the album was released during the peak of my mother’s crack addiction. here is the LONG story through “rhythm nation: 1814” music videos of how that album and my childhood best friend, robert, saved my life. 

it was mid-august of 1989 when my life would change. i lived in north philadelphia with my mother and my five brothers in a one bed-room apartment. well it was sorta of an apartment. my grand mother has transformed her two-story house into two living quarters. we lived downstairs while grand mother lived upstairs. this meant that the “living room” was our bedroom. the “dining room” was everything but a “dinning room” because we never had meals in that room because didn’t even have a table. it was dark and empty room for the most part but it was where i spent most of my time dancing and avoiding the world. it was also the room where i first heard janet’s “miss you much.“ 

the song premiered on Q-102 fm in philadelphia and i waited till the top of the next hour to hear it again so that i could record it on my cassette. because we didn’t have cable, i had to wait until the weekly syndicated show "friday night videos” premiered the video. and hunty, once i saw the video - it was a wrap! the imagery and the fuckin’ choreography provided my lungs with oxygen! 

my mother’s crack addiction was its peak during the time. i found solace in learning choreography from music videos. i found peace in imagining myself in those music videos. “miss you much” amplified those fantasies! it was the first music video that had a fuckin’ plot twist. when she said “is that the end?” and her dancers said “no!” and she started that ICONIC chair routine! bitch, whatever life i lived before that moment no longer mattered. i needed a hat and a chair to dance with! 

i would practice the choreography in the dinning room while my younger brother nicholas watched. he was a great sport because he would sit on the floor until he fell asleep watching me dance. but i tell ya this - i mastered that routine and by the time my 7th grade school year started, i was showing off my skills to my fellow students in the lunch room.

although it had been just a few weeks since the release of the album, i already memorized every word by the time i started the grade started. i hated school and dreaded the start of a new year. i wasn’t sure if i could deal with the name calling but i was also inspired to getting my education because janet herself said it was important.

it was the first day of the 7th grade when i met robert. i knew as soon as i walked into the classroom him commanding space with his beautiful spirit that my life was about to not be as fucked as it was at that time. i remember exhaling when i saw him and thinking to myself, “finally i am not the only one.” for years, i was always the only “out” student in school and seeing another unapologetic femme dude provided me a safe place land after being in limbo for what felt like a millions years. 

i sat near him and his crew waiting for an opportunity to connect. the moment he said “i love janet jackson!” i knew this was my chance to connect. i said “ooh honey chyle, i love me some miss janet too!” we were best friends from that moment. before robert, i had to survive lunch in the cafeteria on my own. being called “faggot” sliced me open but when i was with robert, i didn’t care. we laughed at the students who called us faggots. we laughed at them because they didn’t know janet’s “miss you much” and “rhythm nation” choreography. we did! a-ha!

i remember on some days we were bold enough to do the choreography in the lunch room. of course, we had to do it without music so we just sang the songs while we danced. most students laughed but some others were quite impressed. those were the students that would eventually help to make survival in the cafeteria a little easier. 

one day, while in science class, miss harrison approached me and robert as we walked into the classroom and asked if robert and i could do our janet routines because it will quiet the kids down. miss harrison was a young teacher and the students always gave her a hard time. i remember feeling so affirmed and yet so very shocked that: 1. miss harrsion knew we could dance and 2. she was asking us to dance. usually, robert and i danced cuz we wanted to. now here we were in a classroom where the teacher is asking us to dance to help her get “control” (you see what i just did? lol) of the class. we didn’t dance that day. mainly because unlike the cafeteria, her classroom only had one exit and we weren’t trying to risk it. lol

by the time the “escapade” music video was released in january of 1990, robert was sent away to a group home. i remember feeling immense pain and heartache because i wasn’t sure if we would ever see each other again. my family didn’t have a house phone. we wouldn’t get a land line until 1995.

i had to learn the choreography alone. i had to survive school alone. i had to fuckin’ survive my mother’s addiction. but i had my rhythm nation cassette. well, i had the cassette but no radio to play it on because one of my mother’s friends stole my damn radio and sold it. lawd, how the hell did i survive!? i tell ya know.

by this time, i spent every monday and wednesday afternoon in miss wilson’s english club. granted, i was the only student who showed up but i loved miss wilson. she had been my 6th grade teacher and she was always welcoming. we didn’t do anything related to english studies, she and i just sat and gossip about the other teachers. this is how i knew that my social studies teacher, who loved to laugh whenever i was teased, was getting a divorced after finding out her husband was having an affair. this information would prove useful one day when she laughed at me after a boy called me a “faggot.”. chyle, i said “you laugh all you want but i know when you go home tonight, you’re husband won’t be there.” chyle, her face cracked! she never laughed at me again. 

anywho, during my afternoons with miss wilson, i would tell her about my life. she would remind me of how special i was and how one day janet will pick me to dance for her. when i told miss wilson about my radio being stolen, she went out and bought me a new one - the next damn day! as a token of my appreciation, i danced to “escapade” for her. also, i wanted to show off the choreography.

in other related “escapade” stories, i seldom danced in front of my mother. while she was hella supportive of me as a queer kid, she did struggle with my being unapologetically fem. she hated that i lip synced to songs by women. which is why i was so surprised when one day while drinking with friends in our “living room” which was also our bedroom, she asked me to dance to a janet jackson song. i chose “escapade” because it was the current single. although looking back now, i wished i had chosen “rhythm nation.” she smiled the entire time and after i was done her friend said, “you dance just like michael jackson.” i knew what he “meant” but was more irritated that he chose to say michael and not janet. i was sad that i wasn’t dancing with robert.

by the time “alright”, RN1814’s fourth single was released, i was living with my aunt janet. i had fallen into a deep depression so i janet invited me to come live with her. 

it was the spring of 1990 and robert was still away at his group home. i was transferred to a different school. i tried to reinvent myself as “straight” but that didn’t work. i wasn’t committed enough. lol it was in this school that i got into a fight with a dude who called me a faggot in english class - seriously, english classes sucked! also, they called the cops on me cuz i whipped that boy’s ass! i wasn’t arrested but school fucked with my mental health and decided that i would rather cut class that sit in a class that cut me. 

i used to sneak back home to my aunt’s house and watch music videos while she and her husband were at work. this is how i managed to catch the world premiere of the music video on mtv. i remember my aunt watching mtv later that night and telling me that they were about to show janet’s new video. i was like “oh really? that’s cool because i have never seen it.” i think she knew i was lying.

by the spring of 1990, robert managed to run away from his group home. i was still living with janet but somehow word got to me that robert was home and looking for me. i immediately rushed to his mom’s house but he left moments before i arrived. i am sure all of this would have been easier had we had phones but we didn’t. it was the 90s and we were poor as hell. 

anywho, i waited on his mom’s steps for hours before he finally returned! we hugged hard and he said “you still remember the steps?” we spent the next few hours talking about janet and life and boys and our dreams.

it was a school night so i had to get back to my aunt janet’s house. i didn’t want to leave robert. i was scared that he would disappear again. “hey. you want to go to the mall tomorrow? i can cut school."the next morning, i met up with robert and attempted to catch the bus but as soon as we got on, i saw my uncle jose sitting right by the damn driver. so we immediately jumped off the bus and decided to walk the five miles to the mall. i remember us taking a picture in the photo booth. i remember being hot as hell because i wore my burgundy turtleneck and it was fuckin’ june! 

on our way back from the mall, we stopped by save-a-lot. we had just under 5 dollars. enough to buy a few sodas, some cookies and a bag of chips. we found a playground nearby and sat on the swings killing time before i had to head back home. while we were there we met a girl about our age, who by today’s standard would be considered sex-positive but back then she was a girl who didn’t give a fuck what people thought. we shared our sodas and treats with her and laughed until our heads hurt.

robert walked me half way home that night. right as we were saying good-bye and planning our next outing, he said "you won.” i replied, “what?” he said, “remember our bet. i said that ‘lonely’ would have a video and you said that ‘come back to me’ would have a video. you won.

in late june of 1990, i was the saddest i had ever been. robert was returned to his group home and my aunt janet sent me back to live with my mother. she was fed up with my cutting school. the kicker is that i had just one more week of school. 

i remember leaving her house and dreading going back to my mother’s house. by this time, my mother lived in a two bedroom house. it was definitely a come-up from our usual one-bedroom apartment. but i didn’t want to deal with her addiction. but i had no choice. 

i spent the entire summer locked in a room that i shared with my brothers. i just watched tv shows and music videos all. damn. day. this is why i can still remember the timeslots of many forgotten tv shows. 

sometime in july, robert showed up at my house. he had not run away but was given a weekend pass to visit family. we did what we had always done - danced to janet songs. i don’t remember us talking about our dreams. i think we became aware of that dreams for boys like us don’t come true. but we could still dance our asses off. 

that sunday, my aunt blanca and i drove him back to his group home. it was about a 45-minute drive and i counted every minute. he said if he was good, he would be given another weekend pass. i told him to be good. "black cat” premiered on a sunday in august. this i will always remember because i hated sundays. some days i still do. robert hated this song.

in the winter of 1990, robert came to live with us after he ranaway yet again from the group home. i told my mother that he was dischagred but had no place to go. she said, “then he will stay here." 

"love will never do (without you)” was released during this time. it is not only my fave song from the rhythm nation 1814 album, but it is my all-time-fave janet song. it is also one of me and robert’s fave janet video. the hair. the smile. the walk. antonio. everything. 

i remember us walking to the record store on germantown avenue - the same store i purchased the rhythm nation album in september of ‘89 - to buy the 12” single. mind you, i didn’t have a record player. we just had to have it! we would wind up buying all of the rhythm nation singles on 12" and then nail them to my wall (see pic in comment section.)

robert was already my brother but he became a brother to my brothers. my brother nicholas, who once watched me dance to “miss you much,” now watched as me and robert danced to everything.when janet released “janet.” in 1993, robert and i would perform “if” for all the drug dealers on the block. they would block traffic and turn the car lights on to provide us a spot light.

robert lived with my mother years long after i moved out. he even moved to florida with her. he would provide my mother the same magical gift he provided me for many years - his love and friendship. robert, love will never do without you.

Unwanted Love: Part 2

A/N: Thank you for the positive feedback for part one! I’m really enjoying writing this fic and I hope you are enjoying the story so far! I will try to update as often as I can, but I have a full time job and a family and sometimes it’s hard to write! Please be patient!

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The Library / Movie for One


It’s been two weeks since that awful party. Callie barged into my room the next morning, crying, telling me how sorry she was and that she never meant to leave me. The guy she ran off with was someone that she had been interested in for a while and she didn’t want to pass up that opportunity. I was harsh with her. I hated confrontation and I hated fighting with Callie, but what she did was not okay, and she had to be sure to know where I stood with that.

Callie begged and pleaded with me to forgive her and crawled into bed with me, hugging me tight until I gave in. She went out to describe her night with Ben and how sweet he was and how good he was in bed. I groaned at her descriptive story, begging her to stop talking and to get out of my room. I couldn’t stay mad at Callie. I understood why she did what she did. I tried to think about it from her perspective and I came to the conclusion that I probably would have done the same thing if I had the same personality as Callie.

But I didn’t, which is why I’m in the campus library at 6:00 on a Friday night, studying for my Spanish test. I could barely speak English let alone speak a whole different language. I needed the credits to graduate though so here I was trying to conjugate verbs. Most of them fell into a particular pattern so breaking them apart was much easier, but the Spanish language also had those words that changed form and spelling and it was those that always stumped me.

The library was mostly empty. A few people I seen in some of my classes over the years were sitting at different tables. I smiled to myself. I may be shy and keep to myself, but at least I wasn’t technically spending this Friday night alone.

Focusing on my Spanish verbs, I hear laughter echoing into the library. I look up to see Alex and the blonde girl that was lying across his lap at the party, walking through the doors. His arm is wrapped around the back of her, his fingers digging into her waist. She’s giggling into his neck as he’s whispering things into her ear. I don’t even understand how she’s not falling over as she’s not watching where she’s walking, her eyes purely focused on Alex’s neck.

I quickly avert my eyes back to my notes and try to focus on the words in front of me. Praying to myself that he doesn’t notice me. Once again, my prayers are unanswered as I see the outline of two bodies stopped in front of my peripheral vision.

“Hey, Eve.” I look up at Alex, a smile gracing his lips. My eyes flit over to the girl, her eyes shooting me death glares. I look back to Alex and offer a small smile. “You coming to the party tonight?”

I shake my head no and begin drumming my pencil on my notebook, a nervous habit of mine. I hear the girl exhale, indicating she’s bored with this conversation. “Come on baby, nerds don’t go to parties.” My head shoots up to see her leaning into Alex’s neck again, placing her lips on his skin. Her face turns towards me again, a sly smile growing on her face. “What? You don’t, right?” Alex glares at her, but she’s too busy looking at me to notice.

“You should come.” Alex speaks up. I shake my head no again and start packing up my things. I just want to hide in my room. “Well, if you change your mind…” Alex loosens his hold on the girl and bends over the table, getting closer to my face, “…come find me.”

I let out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding. Alex and his girl walk out of the library, but not before I see the girl look over his shoulder, her hand traveling down his back to place her hand in the back pocket of his jeans. The smile on her face anything but friendly.

I finish the rest of my studying in my dorm, sitting cross-legged on my bedroom floor, my notes and books scattered open to different pages. Callie tried to invite me to the party with her, the same party that Alex invited me to, but I turned her down, giving her an incredulous look after what happened at the last party I went to with her. She gave me puppy eyes and pouted her lips, but I just shook my head and told her to have fun.

After another hour of studying, I decide to watch a movie on TV and relax on the sofa and drink some coffee. The peace and quiet is appreciated, but I’m lonely and after experiencing what most college students do in their free time, I’m a little envious. The envy almost enough to drag my sorry ass to the party. Almost.

I sit down with my second cup of coffee, pressing play on “Atypical”. The show is quite addicting. It shows the life of a teenage boy in high school who is on the autism spectrum. It piqued my interest as I’m a psychology major. The pictures on the wall start to rattle as someone begins banging on the front door, so hard I’m afraid the damn door is going to break off the hinges.

I look down at my wrinkled black Ramones tee with my red plaid sleep shorts and decide that I’m modestly covered for anyone who decides to show up this late at night. The person on the other side is relentless and doesn’t give up. “I’m coming! You better have a good fuck-“, my words are cut short when I open the door to reveal Alex standing there with a passed out Callie in his arms.

I look between Alex and Callie and immediately see red. “What happened? Is she okay? Why are you here? Did you do something to her?” My mouth is going a mile a minute and I can’t stop all of the questions flying out. Alex rushes past me and places Callie in her room. I walk after him to make sure he doesn’t try anything with her. I don’t trust him as far as I could throw him and looking at him, 6 feet tall, I don’t think I’d be able to throw him very far.

As he walks past me again, he glares at me. Why the hell is he glaring at me? He showed up at my door with my best friend passed out in his arms. I glance back at Callie once more, my heart thudding in my chest. I storm after Alex who’s pacing my living room.

“What happened to her? What did you do?” My face is burning from my anger.

“Excuse me?” He freezes in place, turns around to face me, and begins taking steps towards me. For every step he takes forward, I take two steps backward. As my back connects with the wall behind me, I realize I’m stuck. He’s too close to try to get around him. He cages me against the wall, his muscular arms on either side of my head. “What did you say?” His voice drips with venom, each word punctuated. He’s so close to my face that I can feel the spittle on my skin from his words. The faint smell of alcohol passes between us, but the smell that intoxicates me is manlier, like pine mixed with aftershave.

I take a shuddering breath before looking up at him. At only 5 feet, he stands a whole foot above me. His eyes hold anger and hurt, but he’s pinning me with a gaze that tells me he’s trying to control himself. His icy blue eyes turning darker the longer he stares at me.

Meeting his eyes, I pin him with a glare of my own, “Did you have something to do with this?” He scoffs, his arms flexing on both sides of my head. “I swear to God, I will hurt you!” I yell at him.

“She had too much to drink. I found her passed out on the kitchen floor and brought her home. I thought that you, out of all people, would appreciate that. Trust me, Eve, if I wanted her, I wouldn’t need to wait for her to be drunk to have her. You know that.” My jaw drops open. I cannot believe him right now.

“Me? Out of all people? Get out, Alex! Stay away from Callie. Stay away from me!” I push at his chest, he doesn’t resist this time, moving away from me and walking towards my front door.

“What happened to you?” He whispers in the air, opening the door and walking through without another glance back.

Nicotine M.C

warning: smut

word count: 3000+

song: Nicotine by Panic! At the Disco

I really like how this one turned out. I tried writing it a bit differently so instead of writing it just in 1st person I did a mixture of 3rd and 1st, I felt like it would’ve turned out better like that. Hope you like it @miastxy ! x

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I taste you on my lips and I can’t get rid of you
So I say damn your kiss and the awful things you do

Just one more hit and then we’re through
‘Cause you could never love me back
Cut every tie I have to you
'Cause your love’s a fucking drag
But I need it so bad
Your love’s a fucking drag
But I need it so bad

Yeah, you’re worse than nicotine, nicotine

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Ok but can we please talk about Gryffindor Lee Chan?

• Lee Chan whose parents are quidditch players

• They are both beaters for the same team, that’s how they met

• Lee Chan who was practically born in the quidditch field

• His first Christmas gift was a mini broom that levitated a few inches above the ground

• Lee Chan who counted the days until he received his Hogwarts letter

• And then counted the days until he got into Hogwarts

• That’s just how excited he was

• Lee Chan who walked into the train station a little bit uncertain

• It didn’t help that people kept whispering about him and his parents

• But soon he found Jeonghan

• And then Hansol, and then Hoshi

• And soon enough, without even noticing he was sitting with twelve other boys

• By the end of the trip all of the boys had about a hundred galleons on which house he was going to get sorted in

• Hoshi and Seungcheol were the only ones who got in right

• Lee Chan who sat down for 0.2 seconds with the hat on his head

• Because let’s be honest this kid is nothing but a Gryffindor

• The whole Gryffindor table was going wild

• Because “This boy is a legacy and he will ruin your asses at quidditch!”-Choi Hansol probably

• He wasn’t wrong

• Lee Chan who got into the Gryffindor quidditch team first year

• He’s best seeker Gryffindor has ever had

• Like Harry Potter who?

• Lee Chan who has an affinity for Care of Magical creatures

• And by affinity I mean he is obsessed with it

• His favorite book is fantastic beasts and where to find them

• Wonwoo gave it to him for his fifteenth birthday

• He has read it about a thousand times

• Chan even got it signed

• Lee Chan who is sure Jeonghan charmed him into admitting he was his baby

• At first it didn’t bother him

• But “Dammit Jeonghan I’m a fifth year! I’m too old for this!”

• “Then why do you keep saying it?”


• If you ask Jeonghan though he would say he’s never charmed anyone into doing something they didn’t want to do

• Lee Chan who blends in with people from every house and every year • He hangs out with everyone, that’s just his personality

• Lee Chan who Seokmin sucked into video games third year

• It all started when Seokmin smuggled a few Nintendo games into school

• He now is addicted to them

• Lee Chan who gets in trouble all the time because he can’t not talk back

• “Lee Chan can you stop showing off and catch the snitch?”

• “I don’t know Soonyoung can you stop telling me what to do and mind your own damn business?”

• Needles to say Seungkwan’s commentary goes wild every time Dino goes savage

• Again Harry Potter who??

• Lee Chan who by fifth year already had five quidditch teams pinning after him

• He decided to graduate first though

• Saying that he wanted to have a normal life

• As normal as he could have when he was constantly getting dragged into the schemes of twelve other boys

• Lee Chan who actually discovered how to make the marauder’s map work • Don’t ask him how though he has no idea

• He doesn’t use it often (mostly because Minghao practically monopolized its use)

• But when he does is mostly so he can sneak into the kitchens at night

• Lee Chan who spends Christmas at Hogwarts because every year at least one of the boys has to stay and he doesn’t want to leave them alone

• The boys just think he doesn’t like going home for the holidays

• But little by little they started catching up to it

• They never mention it though

• They know Chan doesn’t really like it when people thank him

• Lee Chan who will literally take the blame every time one of his friends is caught

• Because he has the trouble maker reputation and it won’t personally affect him

• Lee Chan who is the definition of Gryffindor’s golden boy


Ravenclaw Wonwoo   Hufflepuff Seungkwan   Slytherin MinghaoRavenclaw Jun  Gryffindor Hansol   Hufflepuff Seokmin Ravenclaw Jihoon  Hufflepuff Jisoo  Gryffindor Chan Hufflepuff Mingyu  Gryffindor Hoshi Slytherin Jeonghan

anonymous asked:

Why do you hate Felicity Smoak so much? I just started watching Arrow and thought she was kinda cute and now i wonder if she's going to seriously disappoint me or if that's just a personal preference of yours

Why do I hate Felicity Smoak so much? Well let me see, her cute little ‘foot-in-mouth’ syndrome got real old real quick, especially when she started shoving every other woman Oliver was with under the proverbial bus. Calling Lian Yu ‘Fantasy Island’ was real fuckin funny cuz ya know, there were women (Sara and Shado) there so it couldn’t have been that bad, right? Oliver is forced to marry Nyssa al Ghul, and Felicity being the jealous and petty thing she is has to make a comment about their honeymoon, knowing full well that Nyssa is a fucking lesbian. She trash talks Moira Queen at the woman’s own funeral, but hey Oliver wasn’t around to hear it and Moira did some bad shit so no one batted an eye.

There’s a situation involving Oliver and the son he finds out he has, and Felicity manages to make it all about her. She looked at a bloodstain left from when Thea was basically stabbed to death like it’s a mild inconvenience that’ll need to be taken care of when she and Oliver move into Thea’s old loft. Oh, she drugged Oliver in order to try to get him away from Ra’s al Ghul, nevermind that Oliver had chosen to stay on account of his sister. 

Felicity has a habit of acting like she knows best, and the show has a habit of putting her on this pedestal while characters like Laurel get dragged through the mud for every decision they make, right or wrong. Felicity nuked a town, and as far as I know it was just a blip on the show’s radar cuz ‘she didn’t do it intentionally and it was to avert a bigger disaster’ or whatever. Laurel spent s2 raked over the coals for her addiction, yet Fefe’s supposed ‘dark arc’ didn’t knock her off her pedestal at all.

I think my biggest beef with Felicity Smoak though is that the character of Dinah Laurel Lance and the iconic Black Canary/Green Arrow relationship were pretty much tossed into the garbage on account of this low-rent Barbara Gordon/Chloe Sullivan knockoff. Oh, and Fefe being praised over Cisco Ramon…on his own damn show…fucking tragic. 

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Headcannon that Brooke, Jenna, Rich, Jake, Jeremy, Michael, Christine, and Chloe become the closest, most supportive friends after the play. Like they go to all Christine's shows and Jake's games to cheer them on and every time Rich throws a party they're the first people on the guest list and whenever Brooke and Chloe wanna go get frozen yogurt everyone goes to Pinkberry and Michael gets everyone addicted to video games so they all hang out at Jeremy's house and play Apocalypse of the Damned


Jason Todd/ Red Hood X Reader-Don’t Take That Out Of Context

Here’s part 2 to ‘Why Don’t You Buy Me Dinner First’!!  I really hope that I will remember to post warnings from now on, but please tell me if I don’t!!!  I want to make my fics as safe and enjoyable as possible, so please tell me if something is bothering you!!

Part 1

Warnings: Blood, Cursing, Flirting (Seriously I’m really bad at this), slight sexual themes (Literally it’s just kissing)

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thoughts on netflix’s gypsy

spoilers ahead

it’s super fucked up that they used a slur as the title of a show. I know it was just from the creator overhearing the song by fleetwood mac, but that doesn’t excuse it

sidney x jean/diane is fucking HOT like holy shit

so many deeply complex women, all fucked up in their own right is my jam. WOMEN ANTIHEROES ARE EVERYTHING TO ME. obviously, since I’m obsessed with the women from UnREAL as well as this show (and nurse jackie right now tbh)

so much more below the cut

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