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Supernatural Survey

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1. What season did you start watching Supernatural? 

I started watching 2005 when the very first episode aired on German television. When someone had told me back then that I would still watch this show 12 years later I would have died from laugther because after watching the pilot I was like ‘wtf was that??!!’ But I tuned in for the second episode and then for the third and the forth and soon I was pretty addicted to it. And I still couldn’t escape lol.

2. Who was the first character you fell in love with? 

I loved Dean from the very beginning because he was just adorable and smart and hilarious and yeah damn good looking. But when Cas entered that barn I stopped breathing and I really really fell in love and I knew this precious angel is the best thing that could’ve ever happened to the show! And to me! And to Dean ofc.

3. Who was a character that you hated at first but grew to love? 

I don’t know why but I didn’t like Rowena that much in the first episodes but that changed quickly! I love her so much!! Yup, ‘love’ not loved because she will be back ;-)

4. Which character would you most want to be in a long-term relationship with? Hmm I can’t take Dean or Cas because they belong to each other so I take Sam. Besides I believe that only Sam really is long-term relationship material and he would make a perfect boyfriend, sweet, smart, caring & loyal :)

5. If you could go on a date with just one character, which one would you choose? Probably Dean so I could tell him to finally pull that stick out of his ass and kiss Cas already!!

6. What would you do on that date?
Already answered that :) Oh but of course we would have really good burgers while talking! And a few drinks. And maybe after that date with Dean I would meet up with Sam so we could make a concrete plan how to bring Dean and Cas together.

7. Which character would you most want to be like?
I was about to say Charlie, Sam or Cas but now I’m thinking I’m probably already some weird mixture of these three characters…?

8. Which character would you most want to see brought back from the dead? CAS. But he will be back :) So I go with Bobby! The show is not the same since he’s died…  

9. Which character would you most like to punch? 

Lucifer. For killing my baby

10. Who is your absolute favorite character? 


11. Which “Big Bad” do you think was the worst? 

Hmm I don’t know. But Alistair was pretty scary.

12. Which character are you most like? 

As I said, I’m probably a mixture of Sam, Cas and Charlie… 

13. What death hit you the hardest? 

Eileen and Charlie. Because both deaths were so unnessacary and it still makes me so fucking angry!!

14. What season finale hit you the hardest? 

Season 3, 8 and 9

15. What are your ten all-time favorite episodes? 

Oh my god it’s so hard to choose… On The Head Of A Pin, The End, Swan Song, The Man Who Would Be King, The French Mistake, Free to be You and Me, Baby, Into The Mystic, Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets, Stuck In The Middle (With You) and many many more…

16. What’s been your favorite season? 

Season 4, 5 and 8.

17. Who is your favorite angel? 


18. Who is your favorite demon? 

Crowley & Meg

19. Who’s your favorite evil character? 

Metatron. Yes, I really like this evil piece of shit<3

20. Do you have any Supernatural ships? 

Just the one :)

21. Who’s your favorite supporting actor? 

Rob Benedict? Or Kim Rhodes? Or Felicia? I CAN’T DECIDE

22. What’s your favorite quote from the show? 

“I’d rather have you, cursed or not.”

23. If you could cast one famous actor in an episode of SPN, who would you choose? 

Um no idea…

24. If you could write your own episode, what kind of creatures would you like to see included? 

Angels. Definitely angels. More angels. There can’t be enough angels.

25. Who’s your favorite girl that Dean’s hooked up with? 

If I really have to choose one then maybe Cassie?

26. Who’s your favorite girl that Sam’s hooked up with? 

I wish he would have got the chance to go on a date with Eileen…

27. What are some of your favorite convention moments? Oh god there is so much to choose from where do I even start??!! Probably every single Cockles Panel, especially the last JibCon because of reasons (roarrrr) and of course the classic resume reading and the harry met sally reanacting! Basically all the heart eyes Jensen ever gave Misha and his beautiful unicorn laugh when Misha starts talking or doing his indian russian accent. Oh god and all the moments where Jareds teases Jensen about Cockles and Destiel!! (…umm let me just… leave a link here to my Shipper!Jared Video.… ahem)

28. If you were going to guest star (or be a recurring guest star) on SPN, how would you want your character to be described? Rie wrote ‘some hunter that goes on that bullriding date with Dean and gets him to drunkenly admit his feelings for Cas’ and yes sign me up this is perfect!

29. What do you hope to see in the next season? Cas being back!! But first I need to see Dean mourning Cas’s death, I need him to realize that Cas is gone and that he’d never told him that he loves him back…I need him to regret that he missed the chance to be happy, I need him to understand that it could have been so easy all the time if he just had told Cas… And when nephilim Jack finally brings Cas back I need a very long and desperate hug, and Dean stroking Cas’s cheek, and Dean whispering that Cas is not allowed to ever leave him again because he needs him, because he loves him, and then they kiss and everything is just perfect and Sam, Dean and Cas live happily ever after all together in the bunker, hunting together and watching movies together at night and now I’m crying and I need to read some fluffy fanfic.

30. - 40. If you had to choose…

Bobby or John? Bobby

Bela or Ruby? Ruby

Jess or Madison? Jess

Jo or Lisa? Jo

Charlie or Kevin? Charlie

Balthazar or Ash? Balthazar

Cas or Crowley? Cas

Ben or Claire? Claire

Jody or Donna? Jody

Sam or Dean? Dean

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A Summary of Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 121

- Akira breaking her Justice addiction

- Akira mado punches us all in the heart

-Akira goes take backsies on the adoption papers

- New best selling children book: If you give a ghoul some curry


- Saiko opens the god damn door at the sound of Maman

- Who let malpractice lawsuit near the dead

- Don’t worry at the rate this is going Touka will show up to the wedding in the newest CCG approved attire a briefcase

- Touka wants to learn if their is a cherry on her sundae. 

-Next Time on Tokyo Ghoul:re: Coffee spills to symbolize the spilling of the beans in the next

{Special}College!AU x K.A.R.D

no one asked for this,,,,but i love them,,,,support don’t recall + ohnana!!!! 


  • major: poetry 
  • sports: swim team 
  • really wanted to join the poetry club,,,but he got to shy to show up to the first meeting and jiwoo was trying to drag him into the room but he was like noOOOOOooo 
  • for a literal poetry major,,,,,,,,he never has the nerve to share any of his stuff out loud. there was a poetry slam night on campus and everyone was like you should enter!!!!! but he like,,,,,couldn’t and in the end somin went up and read his work and it was BEAUTIFUL and everyone was like “you have such talent!!!” and she was like um,,,,,,,i didn’t write this it was - but when she tried to point him out it turned out he just fled and somin’s like dammit i thought jiwoo and matthew would keep him put
  • as shy as he is,,,,he still has a really nice aesthetic going on. very simple, casual but still fashionable and people always ask to take pictures of his outfit and face and he’s like ,,,,um,,,,,,,why,,,,,,,,,and they’re like “do you have instagram???” and he’s like yes but i don’t really use it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • everyone thinks he’s hot but he’s oblivious to it basically
  • all his poems are about ,,,,, like ,,,,,,,,,, love,,,,,,and nature,,,,,,and like,,,,,,,crying in nature because you’re in love
  • he’s actually super emotional and deep but no one ever gets to know him because he’s really shy and tries not to talk much
  • even the members of his swim team are like “bro, you should tell us like your hobbies or your ideal type” and j.seph is like “,,,,,,,,,breathing is nice,,,,,”
  • and you had one class with j.seph on prose poetry,,,,,and even though he never shared out loud in class you had to do a group critic and ever since you read his poetry,,,,,,you had basically Fallen in Love
  • with his style, his flow, his choice of words,,,his voice in his poems is so strong and beautiful that you felt like you were looking at a painting and not words on a paper
  • and you’d begged him to submit something to the campus art journal but he had declined and it had left you heartbroken
  • but you didn’t give up,,,,even after your classes if you’d see him you’d be like !!!! hi i was wondering if you changed your mind-
  • but he’d just shake his head shyly and tell you that really, he couldn’t publish his work in the journal
  • and for a while you’d try to bug him when you saw him but you didn’t overdo it 
  • and at some point you had to give up because you didn’t want to come off creepy, even though you really at least wanted others to read and feel what you felt with his poems
  • and at some point you end up sharing a study table with somin and you know her as one of j.seph’s only friends and you’re like “hi,,,,this is going to sound weird but is j.seph,,,,,,,,,,not an open person?”
  • and she looks up from drawing and she’s like hmm what do you mean
  • and you tell her about the experience you had with his poetry and suddenly she seems really interested and she sets down her pencil and she’s like wait here!!!!
  • and about twenty minutes later she comes back holding a notebook and she’s like “ive had this for a long time, but it’s a poem i read by j.seph at a poetry slam a while ago. it’s the only poem i have of his but!!!! you could maybe publish it??? i really want him to be recognized by more people as a poet!!”
  • and you thank her and get all excited as you leave the building because omg the editor of the journal is going to LOVE it but then you try to read the poem,,,,,,,,,but you can’t bring yourself to do it,,,,,
  • like the words are right there waiting but you feel horrible because,,,,,you didn’t get j.seph’s consent. and it feels like you’re stealing from him
  • so you decide that you can’t publish it, instead you search the campus for him so you can return it
  • and you find him sitting on the steps outside of lecture hall and he’s writing aimlessly in his notebook and you’re like “um excuse me-”
  • and once he sees you he’s already like ‘im sorry, but i-” and you’re like i don’t want to bother you, but your friend gave me this ,,,,,,it’s yours though so im returning it. i didn’t read it by the way,,,,,
  • and when he takes the paper cautiously, opening it up he’s a bit shocked and he’s like “,,,,,,,it’s my poem” and you’re like yes and he’s like “wouldn’t you want to read this - you’re always asking me to show you my writing” and you shrug and you’re like “im asking you because poets should want to show off their writing. i have no right just looking at without your permission.”
  • and with that you bow your head in a goodbye but as you turn you suddenly feel his hand wrap around your wrist to stop you and you look over your shoulder
  • and j.seph is like “,,,,,,,,,,,,if you want,,,,,ill let you read this one.”
  • and your eyes light up and you take a seat beside him in such a hurry that you don’t notice that your so close your knees are brushing and you begin to read muttering the words to yourself
  • and j.seph is feeling a bit hot under the collar because you’re close and also reading,,,,,his work
  • and it’s a bit much for someone kind of closed off like him but when you look up all you can tell him is that you’re speechless. again. like when you first read his stuff
  • and j.seph’s ears turn red and he’s like AH don’t,,,,say that
  • but you point to a line and you’re like i love this!
  • and that’s how you end up spending like two hours sitting there talking about this one poem and somehow j.seph can feel your sincerity and that’s all it takes for him to open up to you
  • and before either of you knows he’s showing you more of his work
  • and only when you realize it’s getting dark out do you get up
  • and j.seph is like shyly,,,,,,,,like “i don’t know about publishing these in the journal,,,,,,but id love to show you more of my,,,,,,,,poems,,,,,”
  • and you clap your hands and you’re like yes!!! please do!!! and your smile makes j.seph’s heart beat
  • and your first date is basically at a cafe sharing some sweets and you gushing over his work and j.seph getting even more shy 
  • but also loving the feeling of,,,,,,having someone admire his poems
  • dating college!j.seph: staying inside all day at a library or study room and working silently on your separate projects but secretly holding hands under the table, delicate kisses where he holds you like you’re made of glass, book shopping dates, getting teased to death by matthew till both you and j.seph are flushed red, matching couple tees, sharing a drink and j.seph still getting worked up about a public indirect kiss LOL 

BM (Matthew) 

  • major: health law
  • sports: has tried all of them and has gotten bored of all of them so he just knows a bunch of athletes and is friends with them. like him and jackson from the fencing team and amber from the women’s basketball team,,,,,,but also jae from the schools band LOL
  • got into law and it was a shocker for like eVERYone because isn’t he just,,,,,,,the jock stereotype who should major in something like nutrition or physical education 
  • but nOPE matthew is seriously passionate about law, especially health law that has to deal with reproductive rights and drug safety. like he seriously just doesn’t understand why people are so hellbent on having control of other peoples bodies or making a certain medication highly addictive just to freakin suck money out of people LIKE WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD
  • and everytime they have to study cases for papers or tests he literally seathes with anger and asks the teacher 30243 questions that usually just come down to “matthew, the law let them.” and matthew is like not to sound like a law-anti but the Law IS Stupid. All Governments are Shit
  • everyone in the class:
  • the teacher:
  • matthew who is now standing on the table with the crumpled case in his hand: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ill just sit down now
  • but his passion is a good thing because law can get boring and dense, but he’s so amped up about it because he needs to know what’s the best way to help people not get wrapped up in trouble,,,,and be able to keep their damn human rights
  • he also works nights at a popular bar off-campus and his friends are always there (the boss loves it because the $$$$$ comes piling in. also matthew is,,,,,,,,Hot,,,,,,,,there are many people just there to appreciate his looks so hey even more $$$$$$)
  • but matthew also gives out free drinks like his life depends on it and dabs everytime a customer compliments him like what friendly giant tbh
  • also let’s all take a moment to hold hands and think of matthew in a cute bartender outfit ok moving on
  • when he has time he works out at the campus gym but it’s always at super super late like 3-4 am when he gets off work
  • and you also happen to work out at weird times because thanks college for draining you with studying and the only time you have that’s free is the middle of the night
  • and you notice matthew, it’s hard not to as he’s standing over six feet, and you think “oh someone else is suffering with me”
  • but halfway through your run on the treadmill you make a very big mistake,,,,,,you look over and see matthew doing push-ups with one hand, and then switching without getting up to the other hand,,,,,,and the way he looks
  • cut-off sleeveless tank, loose basketball shorts and sweat running down a chiseled jawline you damn near trip over your own feet
  • because okay,,,,,,,,he’s hot,,,,,,,,
  • and you’re like no no focus on the work out but it’s impossible,,,,,,,because when you look back you see him lifting weights, his back big and wide, the muscles strong in his arms and you’re damn near drooling honestly
  • and this goes on for like two weeks because everytime you show up to work out,,,,it’s like 3:19 am and it’s just you two and matthew smiles and greets you and then starts working out and you can’t not watch,,,,,,,,,it’s like addicting 
  • and at one point you’re like whatever and as you see matthew finishing up you drop your jump-rope and you’re like “hey can i ask you something?” and he turns around with his usual smile, wiping the sweat from his neck and he’s like “sure!” and you’re like “let’s make out, if you want, like right now”
  • and matthew’s eyes go wide only for a second because he drops the towel from his neck and smirks and is like “i thought you’d never ask”
  • and that is how you end up making you in the empty campus gym and matthew is as good as a kisser as he looks,,,,,and he’s good at other things Which I Will Leave Up to You to Imagine
  • and as you’re leaving,,,,,,the sun rising slowly on the campus you’re like “um,,,,,,,see you again soon?” and matthew is like “you know it!”
  • and you two make out every time you see each other which is like 3 times a week at the gym and it’s great and it’s fun
  • but also you talk,,,,,,,and matthew is hilarious and not afriad to embarrass himself and oh shit this is going from a hookup to a crush
  • and you’re super scared about telling him,,,,,because he’s so,,,,,popular what if he already has someone else,,,,,someone better in mind
  • and you don’t want to ruin the great thing you have going (great thing being physical only) and you’re like telling yourself to not ruin it
  • until you’re sitting in matthew’s lap and suddenly he pulls back from your kiss, arms slipping from under your shirt and he’s like “listen ive been thinking, we never meet up outside the gym and i wanna introduce you to my friends-”
  • and you’re like wait hold up he’s talking like we’re,,,,,in a relationship
  • and matthew can see the confusion on your face and his smile drops and he’s like “unless,,,,,,,,,being something serious is uncomfortable for you?” but you shake your head so much you’re scared you might crack your neck but you’re like “no!!! i do want to be something serious, i was just surprised i thought you’d ,,,,,,,,only thought of this as something on the side”
  • and matthew grins and he’s like “no way, i don’t make out with just anyone. also you’ve seen my - well,,,,,,,,you’ve seen big matthew and that’s nothing something many people can say”
  • and you’re like oh my god did you just call- whatever, yes id love to ,,,,, meet your friends and do some stuff??? together??? like dates??? and you and him are grinning like idiots in love hehe
  • dating college!matthew: long snapchat stories of you guys being a cute couple and trying out new resturants or going to the amusment park and buying matching headbands, wearing his big clothes, couple work outs, matthew always using your legs as his personal pillow, wild parties where you both get tipsy and spend an hour debating who grinds better and making a very embarrassed j.seph the judge, being silly dorks that are super touchy and pda is at an all time HIGH, couple rings 


  • major: neuroscience/pre-med
  • sports: women’s lacrosse 
  • she is FIERCE and nothing scares her. not the other lacrosse teams she has to face. not the judgmental looks people give her when she says she wants to become a neurosurgeon. not the way people snicker and point out her bold sense of fashion 
  • she’s her own person and she makes it known, because she’s a hardworker and she’s going to get into the top med school in korea just freaking watch her
  • and she’s gonna do it wearing fishnets, a motorcycle jacket, and heavy army boots like who said all girls have to dress a certain way??? and yes that’s a tattoo on her upper-arm like what are you gonna do about it????
  • matthew is always like holding jiwoo back from getting into fights at the bar he works at because if some guy as much as whispers something nasty/disrespectful/just plain gross under his breath about her or any girl in the vicinity she’s up and ready to throw hands
  • and matthew literally just wraps his arm around her torso while she’s kicking and going “let me GO” and he’s like “ow ow ow you’re so strong ow ow but thank god you’re short OW DID YOU JUST BITE MY ARM”
  • but she really studies super hard and she knows her stuff and the teachers love her,,,,,because she’s always the first to be done with her work and she really genuinely wants to be a surgeon to help people
  • ,,,,,,even though some of them are like “why,,,,,do you dress,,,,,,,so,,,,,” and she’s like “because i like it. what does that have to do with cognitive brain disorders? why does my appearance have anything to do with my passion and talent?” and the teachers are like ok ,,,true,,,,,,
  • you really look up to her because she’s so outspoken. also she makes even the scariest older classmates grovel at the knees like for instance pre-med ken made the mistake of cracking a joke about jiwoo’s resting poker face and she was like “coming from you who can’t even keep still in his seat for more than three seconds like some kind of over-energized rabbit, i don’t see whats so funny?” and ken was like i got it i Will Shut Up Now
  • and you see her a lot hanging around the computer lab of the library, probably to work on her labs and stuff and you don’t think she even notices you
  • because she’s always bickering with matthew or laughing with somin but,,,,,,,one day when you peek over you end up making eye contact
  • and you hide right away behind your hair because oh no she saw,,,you
  • but it’s too late and you can hear her boots marching across the floor and you feel the tap on your shoulder
  • and jiwoo literally spins around your computer chair and is like “heY,,,,,do you want to say something to me? you always stare at me funny? is there a problem”
  • and you’re like UH,,,,,,,turning redder by the second and matthew is already sighing across the room and getting up to get jiwoo but you just mumble out that no,,,,,no problem,,,,,,,you just think she’s really pretty
  • and the whole room turns to look at you two because oh god,,,,,,you just called jeon jiwoo pretty??????? no one has ever had the guts to approach her let alone,,,,compliment her
  • and you’re like This is The Day I Die but jiwoo,,,,,just clams up and she opens her mouth to speak but nothing comes out and she’s like uh uh uh,,,,,,,,,,wh,,,what did you say?
  • and you’re like “im sorry please don’t be mad i think you’re really pretty and cool so i can’t stop looking at you but it’s nothing mean or hateful please omg,,,,”
  • and jiwoo puts her finger to your lips and you’re like oh no im dead but is?????? is she blushing and she gets up suddenly and she’s like “let’s,,,,step out.”
  • and you follow her out of the computer lab down to a bench outside on campus and you’re shaking with nervousness but jiwoo won’t look at you and she’s just like,,,,,,,,,,,
  • “ok,,,,,listen i have never been confessed to so this is weird but,,,,,is it true,,,,,,” and you’re like ??????? what and she’s like tucking her hair behind her ear trying to seem uninterested and she’s like “that you think im pretty?”
  • and you’re like “yes of course, i’ve thought it since i first saw you,,,,i think you were giving an underclassman his lunch back when someone stole it from him??? i thought you were so cool and so cute-”
  • jiwoo: “cute?”
  • you: “y,,yeah cute, pretty, beautiful,,,,,,,you’re all of that to me.” and this time you’re 100% sure she’s blushing
  • and suddenly jiwoo is like “are you free tonight?” and you’re like um yes why and she’s like there’s going to be a party at the bar matthew works out,,,,,,,do you wanna come ,,,,,,,,,,with me?
  • and you’re SPEECHLESS because is this HAPPENING RN and jiwoo is like “give me your phone. im gonna give you my number.”
  • and that night you meet up with jiwoo and the j.sep + somin outside of the bar and jiwoo is like “stay close, ok?” and you’re like holy,,,my heart is beating so fast
  • and you’re kinda shy but jiwoo is like “let loose, c’mon!!” and as you’re dancing together she grabs your shoulders and pulls herself closer to you and you’re like ghldjsfgfdf and she’s like “try to look a little happier - you said im pretty right, and now im dancing with you, isn’t it amazing?”
  • and you’re honestly starstruck you’re like “yes, im so happy. i feel blessed”
  • and jiwoo playfully pushes your arm but she feels this warmth in her chest because,,,,,,being so special to someone feels so nice,,,,,,
  • dating college!jiwoo: quizzing her on hard science terms you can’t pronounce, letting her try out makeup on you, laying upside down off the couch and watching horror movies together, pda making jiwoo shyer than usual, having jiwoo tell matthew that if he even DARES to make a move - she will shave all that hair off his head 


  • major: interior design 
  • sports: no time, she spends all of her free hours at her internship with a famous seoul furniture designer and she comes back to her dorm only to pass out on her bed, jiwoo always finds her without a blanket 
  • originally was interested in fashion design, but people aren’t her strongest suit so she became more interested in making pretty things,,,,,,,,that didn’t have to be modeled on someone but instead,,,,,inside a house
  • finds fabric magazines more thrilling than gossip magazines 
  • gives off a very mannered, but friendly field. she’s called a ‘goddess’ by underclassmen in the major because when she works she looks so pretty and concentrated and the way she handles cloth and drawing ,,,,,, it’s so like gentle 
  • keeps two sketchbooks: one that’s tidy and clean for class and the other that’s a mess for her own ideas
  • likes working in soft pastels,,,,,,,,,,bright patterns annoy her. so when matthew shows up in his hawaiian print button downs she’s literally like Go. Change
  • her internship is really hard because she’s an assistant to this designer who thinks they’re a prodigy or something and is always making somin run around and do needless tasks and jiwoo is always like somin. i want to fight your boss
  • you’re also an intern,,,,but not to the designer but to their marketing team and so you always feel terrible seeing somin being nagged at or asked to go buy coffee for like the tenth time
  • and you think she’s really sweet,,,,and patient to never ever snap or say something mean behind the designers back
  • but you also worry because when finals come around you can see somin is skipping meals as she’s losing weight and keeps coming in with bags under her eyes
  • and you end up seeing her kind of stumble on her way to the kitchen in the designers studio and at first you brush it off that she’s just sleepy but you can’t just leave it at that
  • so you go to the kitchen to see if she’s ok and you see her???? laying on the floor????? passed out
  • and you panic, falling to your knees and getting her head in your lap and you’re like “somin??? somin???”
  • and you pull her up into your arms and stand up and you can hear her kind of coming too and you like get her over to a chair
  • and get a cup of water and some snacks and you’re like “somin, let’s drink this ok?” and very gently you get the cup to her lips 
  • and she’s already like conscious but she looks so so so weak and you unwrap the snack and encourage her to take small bites
  • and when she’s done,,,,with a bit of energy restored she shyly tries to hide and she’s like “im sorry you had to see me like this”
  • and you’re like “somin,,,,,,,,,you should ask for a day off. it’s finals, i know how hard it is but you can’t torture yourself to this point.”
  • and somin nods but you know she’s not going to listen to you 
  • but before you get up to leave, she thanks you and you’re like feeling your heart break because someone who does so much deserves a break,,,,,
  • but since she doesn’t want to take one you start to take it upon yourself to make sure she’s eating at the internship and you always give her fruits or candy and you’re like eat this on your way back to campus!!!!
  • and when finals are over,,,,you’re happy for you but also somin
  • and one day she comes over to hand you lunchbox she’s made herself and she’s like !!!!!! for helping me,,,,,,all this time
  • and you guys eat together for the first time and it’s kinda like an impromptu date and you even get her number
  • and you learn about somin’s passion for designing homes and you think she looks so cute getting excited talking about it
  • and when you walk together to campus one night,,,,,you feel her take her finger and lock it around hers and you both are giggling,,,,but it’s so cute
  • dating college!somin: having to remind her to take her sketchbooks because she always forgets where she puts them if she takes them out of her bag, forehead kisses while she’s working, sitting up until really late with tea and just talking about what makes you happy, bubble baths together on off days, having jiwoo get super protective over you two, somin always plays with your hair, you find out she secretly really likes to dance and you guys have a dance off in her dorm that matthew and j.seph walk in on,,,,,,,,,and then join it becomes a competition, telling her she’s doing her best and you know she is and that’s enough <3

Since I show Johnny quite a bit of love by drawing solo pictures, it’s only fair Ash gets the same treatment. ;-p Gotta love that hardcore rocker porcupine.

If any of y’all are interested, I posted new chapter of my Johnny x Ash fict, “Set Me Free”.

Also, I just saw the new Sing shorts that came out and “Eddie’s Life Coach” showed what I know has to be Johnny working out in the background…Being the sick individual I am, it inspired me to so some NSFW Johnny x Ash smut….you’re welcome.

anonymous asked:

Headcannon that Brooke, Jenna, Rich, Jake, Jeremy, Michael, Christine, and Chloe become the closest, most supportive friends after the play. Like they go to all Christine's shows and Jake's games to cheer them on and every time Rich throws a party they're the first people on the guest list and whenever Brooke and Chloe wanna go get frozen yogurt everyone goes to Pinkberry and Michael gets everyone addicted to video games so they all hang out at Jeremy's house and play Apocalypse of the Damned


Nicotine M.C

warning: smut

word count: 3000+

song: Nicotine by Panic! At the Disco

I really like how this one turned out. I tried writing it a bit differently so instead of writing it just in 1st person I did a mixture of 3rd and 1st, I felt like it would’ve turned out better like that. Hope you like it @miastxy ! x

- Find my Masterlist here -


I taste you on my lips and I can’t get rid of you
So I say damn your kiss and the awful things you do

Just one more hit and then we’re through
‘Cause you could never love me back
Cut every tie I have to you
'Cause your love’s a fucking drag
But I need it so bad
Your love’s a fucking drag
But I need it so bad

Yeah, you’re worse than nicotine, nicotine

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Okay I know that its already late for me to say this but still I wanna say something about exo 5th anniversary v live. Before that, you might want to watch the video first. *if u cant find it, u can dm me? I think… bcz I want to put the link but I afraid the owner might be dont like it idk*

First, the vlive was proposed by Baek. He is the one who want to make it as a gift for fans and yeah of cz Chanyeol gonna realized it for him thats why he was the one who started the live.
FMO since it was Baek’s idea so of cz Baek was there from the beginning I mean on the same bed with Chanyeol. The moans at the beginning also cant help but to prove he was there *i didnt notice it at first but thanks to ppl on twitter n @awkwardmickey if im not mistaken to point out about it damn I was hardly listening to it* .. but of cz Sehun gonna sat beside Chanyeol *not gonna make it obvious right*. Actually even when Sehun already came and sat beside Chanyeol we can see he was conversing with someone in front him where we can see Baek was sitting on the bed too after the screen showed all the members.

Should I talk about the bowling part too?? Chanyeol kept on emphasizing on his addiction with bowling these days and we all know with whom he spends until late morning playing bowling 👀👀 I actually lowkey hoping that Baek will say something about bowling tho but he jz said that he sleeps in dorms and playing games and workin out sooo yeah we know chanbaek right??? Gotta be secret with everything.

Okay..okay..okay… lets skip all the glances and stares games cause damn booiiii theyre soo obvious were eyexxxxing with eo all the time.

Move to the part of introducing of the Baek’s solo teaser. First, look at possessive Chanyeol when he asked “Baek with whom?” then he took the phone from Jongdae *like mann you dont need to take the phone actually, everyone can just look while Jongdae hold it*. Or maybe Jongdae is the one who gave it to Chanyeol cz he knows the priority *we know what kind of troll he is haha&. After that the moment he said “Ill wake you home” TWICE; he turned back to Baek while saying it and Baek definitely smiled to him the second time he said it. Theyre looking at eo AGAIN. And Suho look at the camera and Jongdae at that time tho, he was like…. “what? What? What? Stahp it u two lovebirds” directed to Chanbaek. *they knew…they awareee*

Thus, the time the members seem so lost and asked who is the actress in the mv and there was Chanyeol knowing everything in saying “”. Of course Baek will tell and share with him everything..The reactions of the members tho..hahhaha like the situation is so awkward everyone was going “aaa….” like to cover the situation. And the way Baek was trying to convince the actress is nothing to him “she is too tall.. she cant lean on me blablabla” *maybe to convince certain giant that he is the only one that he can lean on lol excuse me hahaha*

Note: I really want to insert gifs an pics in explaining all the things but being the lazy person I am, I cant do that. I am too lazy to edit the video to gifs and pics. So, maybe anyone who happen to have a lot of time can do it. @ me when you do that hahahha…

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Why do you hate Felicity Smoak so much? I just started watching Arrow and thought she was kinda cute and now i wonder if she's going to seriously disappoint me or if that's just a personal preference of yours

Why do I hate Felicity Smoak so much? Well let me see, her cute little ‘foot-in-mouth’ syndrome got real old real quick, especially when she started shoving every other woman Oliver was with under the proverbial bus. Calling Lian Yu ‘Fantasy Island’ was real fuckin funny cuz ya know, there were women (Sara and Shado) there so it couldn’t have been that bad, right? Oliver is forced to marry Nyssa al Ghul, and Felicity being the jealous and petty thing she is has to make a comment about their honeymoon, knowing full well that Nyssa is a fucking lesbian. She trash talks Moira Queen at the woman’s own funeral, but hey Oliver wasn’t around to hear it and Moira did some bad shit so no one batted an eye.

There’s a situation involving Oliver and the son he finds out he has, and Felicity manages to make it all about her. She looked at a bloodstain left from when Thea was basically stabbed to death like it’s a mild inconvenience that’ll need to be taken care of when she and Oliver move into Thea’s old loft. Oh, she drugged Oliver in order to try to get him away from Ra’s al Ghul, nevermind that Oliver had chosen to stay on account of his sister. 

Felicity has a habit of acting like she knows best, and the show has a habit of putting her on this pedestal while characters like Laurel get dragged through the mud for every decision they make, right or wrong. Felicity nuked a town, and as far as I know it was just a blip on the show’s radar cuz ‘she didn’t do it intentionally and it was to avert a bigger disaster’ or whatever. Laurel spent s2 raked over the coals for her addiction, yet Fefe’s supposed ‘dark arc’ didn’t knock her off her pedestal at all.

I think my biggest beef with Felicity Smoak though is that the character of Dinah Laurel Lance and the iconic Black Canary/Green Arrow relationship were pretty much tossed into the garbage on account of this low-rent Barbara Gordon/Chloe Sullivan knockoff. Oh, and Fefe being praised over Cisco Ramon…on his own damn show…fucking tragic. 


Laila Mahdi: USC Trojans

Pronounced ‘lehla mahdee’. 21. French Muslim raised in SoCal. Hijabi. Vegetarian. Friend to all dogs, but the best dog is my pug, Fabio. Fashion Design major and Arabic minor. Lover to my girlfriend, friend to all. Very into inspirational quotes. What is love? Love is earned (30:45). Love is rewarded (3:134). Love is steadfast (3:146). Love is reliance on God (3:159). Love is humanity (4:36). Love is not obsessive (4:36). Love is intimate (7:189). Love is sibling rivalry (12:8). Love is material (14:3) Love is true sacrifice (2:177). Love does not corrupt (2:205). Love is purity (2:222). Love is brotherhood (3:103). Love is fair (49:9). Love is following Muhammad (3:31). To love is difficult (2:216). Love is a Divine sign (30:21). Fake love is replaceable (5:54) Love is temporal (3:14). Immaterial love will die (29:25). Love is addictive (100:8). Love can become lust (12:30). Beware, love can turn to hate (60:7). Real love does not decay (49:12). Allah is love (11:90, 85:14). السلام عليكم 

Jason Todd/ Red Hood X Reader-Don’t Take That Out Of Context

Here’s part 2 to ‘Why Don’t You Buy Me Dinner First’!!  I really hope that I will remember to post warnings from now on, but please tell me if I don’t!!!  I want to make my fics as safe and enjoyable as possible, so please tell me if something is bothering you!!

Part 1

Warnings: Blood, Cursing, Flirting (Seriously I’m really bad at this), slight sexual themes (Literally it’s just kissing)

Keep reading

Real To You

Requested: “Sooo with all the 13 reasons why stuff lately… I really love that serie and I was wondering if you could do an image where shawn and the reader watch it together and then say kinda come that she tells him about her thoughts (after he “begged ” her) of killing herself a few years ago a day than all fluffy you know? AND BY THE WAY I LOVE YOUR WRITING!“

A/N: TRIGGER WARNING:I realize now I should probably put trigger warnings on any imagines I have that are related to sensitive subjects, and I apologize for not having warnings on my past imagines. That being said, I don’t exactly know what requires a trigger warning because everyone has a different definition of what triggers them. So, I guess I’ll just mention that this imagine talks deeply about suicide/self harm. ALSO CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM 13 REASONS WHY. And, I didn’t fully understand this request and I’m sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted!

It was fictional. Everything you were watching, everything you couldn’t take your eyes away from wasn’t real, but it felt real. You were on the verge of tears as you watched her use the blade to cut into her skin, spilling blood into the bathtub water. You noted the warning that Netflix gave you before you played this episode, but you ignored it, thinking that maybe since things were different now, it wouldn’t affect you. You thought that about some other scenes the writers warned you about, but you were wrong. The whole series you were watching was emotionally draining you, but for some reason you couldn’t stop watching. It was like old times, being addicted to your own pain and continuing to perform sins that cut into your heart, but for some twisted reason you enjoyed it. And now you were sitting on your couch with your boyfriend trying to finish this damn show, without losing it. You couldn’t sit still in your seat and so Shawn’s hand gripped your leg, worry written all over his face. You couldn’t handle yourself, him, or what was playing in front of you anymore so you got up as quickly as you could and ran to the bathroom hoping that Shawn wouldn’t see the tears spilling out of your eyes.

Everyone is just so nice until they drive you to kill yourself

You remembered that quote very clearly and it made you think. Think back to when you wanted to kill yourself, to when you truly believed you were nothing. Memories of years behind you, came flooding in and you were suddenly falling apart.

“Y/N? You okay?” Shawn was knocking on the door now and you didn’t know what to do.

“Uh yeah.” You said as casually as possible, praying that he couldn’t tell you were crying. But, Shawn being who is, of course he could tell.

“Baby open the door, what’s wrong?” You didn’t respond and you just stood there, staring at the door. Shawn had no idea about how your life used to be and you didn’t exactly plan on telling him considering how much you hated thinking about it. But now it was coming back, and how could you not tell him? All thanks to that damn TV show, all thanks to Hannah Baker. That was the issue though. You used to be Hannah Baker.

“Open this door right now Y/N.” Shawn said one more time, in a loving tone. He wasn’t mad, he just wanted to help you. And so you weakly opened the door, falling into his arms. He kissed your head, and kept quiet like he usually did whenever he comforted you. He never forced you to talk about anything and he’d let you cry it out until you were ready to speak. But this time there was only one thing you could thing of to say;

“It’s not fair.” You mumbled through Shawn’s now tear soaked t-shirt.

“What’s not fair?”

“Life isn’t fair.. Hannah didn’t deserve it, Jess didn’t deserve it, and Alex..” You couldn’t breathe properly and you felt pathetic. Shawn probably thought you were insane for getting so worked up about events that didn’t happen. But they did happen. They happened to you, they happen everyday to people all over the world and that’s why 13 Reasons Why fucked you up so badly. Because of how realistic it was, and because of how incredibly they portrayed the mind of a depressed teenager. It was almost as if they based Hannah Baker’s character on you. You and millions of other teens who’ve experienced such horrific events.

“Everything’s okay, it’s not real.” Shawn said trying to comfort you. He didn’t understand and he wouldn’t, unless you spoke up. You wiped your eyes, trying to get yourself together to say something, but nothing came out.

“Unless.. Unless it’s real to you?” Shawn said and pulled your hands away from your face, so he could look at you. He held onto your hands, and squeezed them, making you feel slightly better. You had been with Shawn for so long now, and he should know about what happened. You held onto his hands tighter than ever and finally spoke up.

“A few years ago, I tried to kill myself.” You said bluntly and as honest as possible. You couldn’t look at Shawn, you stared at the ground. He stayed silent for a small five seconds but it was long enough for you to go off.

“But it didn’t work. I wasn’t as lucky as Hannah Baker. It didn’t work Shawn.” Your voice cracked, and you were almost yelling now. You felt angry, angry at yourself for several different things. The fact that you even tried to take your own life angered you, because you had so much to live for, you just couldn’t see it. But of course, with the luck you had it didn’t work. You remember feeling so pathetic, and there was a time when you envied those who got away with dying, by suicide. The one time you actually find the courage to kill yourself, it doesn’t work, and you’re stuck in a hospital bed wondering where you went wrong. You had wished that you were lucky enough to die, the way Hannah Baker did. It was so easy for her. Shawn’s arms were suddenly wrapped around you, and he was holding you tighter than he ever did before. You almost couldn’t breathe, and your crying was immediately stopped for some reason. Everything was quiet until you heard Shawn sniffling, and you knew he was crying now. He hasn’t said anything though, and so you pulled away, wondering what he was thinking. You grabbed his face, and felt his now wet cheeks.

“I didn’t know. I’m so sorry, I wouldn’t have let you watch that fucking show if I knew it could’ve been an issue. You’re right, life isn’t fair. And it’s not fucking fair that you ever had to feel like that Y/N. No one deserves that especially not you.” Shawn said while gritting his teeth, as if he was angry at himself. You felt bad for not letting him know sooner, and you didn’t know what to say other than, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, are you kidding? You’re perfect, you’re perfect the way you are okay? You have nothing to be sorry for. I’m sorry, I feel like such a shit boyfriend.” Your heart broke at his words.

“What? Why?”

“Because I’m supposed to be there for you, you shouldn’t feel sad, like ever. I’m gunna do better, I promise. I love you so much, you know that right? You deserve everything in the entire world, and you-” He was rambling and rambling and although you loved it, you cut him off.

“Shawn. You’re not a shit boyfriend for not knowing about my issues. I’m the one who didn’t tell you. You’ve done so much to help me throughout our relationship, and I love you. I couldn’t thank you enough.” You said and he didn’t say anything, he just stared at you, his thumb rubbing circles on your cheek.

“I love you.” He whispered softly.

“I know, you already told me baby.” You smiled, your eyes watering still.

“Well, I wanted to tell you again. And I’ll probably tell you again and again later. I love you, I fucking love you.”

okay but i really can’t stress enough how much elementary is different/better from BBC Sherlock.

the elementary writers don’t care about fucking around with their fandom to keep viewers the way the bbc does with Sherlock, they’re not obsessed with “shock value” the way the BBC is because they actually care about their viewers 

the elementary writers know they have a wider viewership than just sherlock holmes fans, they know they have an audience made up people of every race, creed, color, gender, sexuality, mental state etc. and they do their best to give as many people representation as they can. the elementary staff are also way more sensitive about holmes’ use of drugs and don’t paint it as glamorously as the bbc likes to and actually treat addiction with firm empathy instead of enabling twaddle 

elementary has main/regular characters that are trans, black, asian, mentally ill, disabled - the show deals with real relevant issues every damn episode and does it respectfully - in other words, holmes and watson don’t stick up their nose and take a pessimistic view of new things which brings me to my next point..

despite the fact that we live in a hetronormative society and the “partners to lovers” trope is a tale as old as time - Sherlock and Joan have literally never entertained the idea- like Sherlock and Joan could stand together naked and you’d still be like “awwww pals” because unlike the BBC version, the elementary writers don’t bait their audience

also did i mention that Sherlock in Elementary literally never gets away with being an asshole the way Benedict’s does?? In Elementary, Sherlock faces consequences and apologizes for his behavior and does not do it to be manipulative. He actually self reflects and betters himself.

finally, there are LOADS of elementary eps that pass the bechdel test, as opposed to Sherlock which (barely) has one.

TLDR: what I’m trying to say is that the difference between Sherlock & Elementary is this:

The Elementary writers are making multiple kinds of efforts in their casting, writing and production to make a Sherlock Holmes that is relevant and respectful to and for a diverse audience, while BBC Sherlock is really just 2 middle aged white men using cliffhangers to keep you interested in their Sherlock Holmes fanfiction that is more for themselves than any real audience.

  • What i say: i'm chill.
  • What i mean: Spencer reid should have been in jail for the drugs from mexico thing but like 12 seasons of character development did not lead to him poisoning and like killing his entire cell block, like i get he was trying to survive and "prison changes you" but like come on, he killed more men in that episode then the whole 12 seasons and like what about his drug addiction? Like why was that given like maybe an episode, like show me the trauma and him getting better. Also fuck you for taking away the one happiness he had by having it shot in the head in front of him. Like thats real fucked. Like first meeting, first sight, oh nope sike bitch she dead. And like also what the fuck, dude keeps losing people like blake left and gideon and morgan like give him some god damn stability. Fucking shit! I mean yeah hes fucked up, and i know he needs to like realize that but like give him a puppy or like a fish...something to have him smile, fucking christ.
Enough Already!

I’m so tired of this so called “Feminist” and “Gay elitist” in supergirl fandom. Being feminist and gay doesn’t give you the right to attack and bully other people cause they don’t have the same preference as yours. Being straight and shipping straight couples is not necessarily homophobic!
If they’re not attacking or bullying you leave them alone. And let them enjoy what they love and enjoy yours! Why it is so hard for you guys to respect others! If they’re disrespecting you then don’t respect them, but until then be quiet it’s that easy.
Don’t attack them just cause they ship a hetero white couple! Stop putting labels and stereotype on a character! If you do please learn the facts first. Mon el and kara is far from being a white hetero couple. They’re are from another planet which make them alien (illegal alien to be precise) they’re are not white or Caucasian because they’re ancestors didn’t came from Europe. Stop judging them cause of the color of their skin, you know why? Because that makes you racist and prejudice! They’re alien from another planet! You’re basically erasing their real race by saying they’re white or Caucasian!
As for their sexuality it’s not their fault that they’re hetero, as like it’s not your fault to be gay. Supergirl is canon hetero in comics and in the show. They never showed or gives hints that she could be bi or gay, it’s just your shipper goggles that makes you see that. And as far as mon el goes, so far the show is portraying him straight, but who knows cause some of the hints he’s dropping says otherwise but still the show is not giving us besides him being straight. Kara is hetero in comics and in the show, and there’s no changing that until the creator and writer said so. It’s not your call or right to push your belief cause you didn’t create supergirl. You’re just an audience you cannot demand to change a character because it doesn’t suits you.
This show is the most diverse show I’ve ever watch! Why are you still can’t see that. Why can’t you celebrate it! we have two alien lovers whose trying to fit in a new planet, gay couples showing us what it’s like to be gay and be in a healthy relationship, and a possible interracial human (Winn). Supergirl is a show where you can see they celebrate different form of love. But still it’s not enough for you guys! I don’t get it at all?
Stop calling yourself feminist if you hate seeing or reading hetero couple. You’re an embarrassment. Feminist stand for equality and inclusivity, and you are neither that, if you hate straight character. Stop throwing hate and bullying people for the sake of feminism, cause that not what feminism is about.
Don’t ruin this show cause you’re blinded with your hate.
Try to enjoy the little things! My god gays and lesbians are so blessed being shown in the media right now! They’re being portrayed. Not all LGBTQ has been portrayed yet in tv cause the people is not yet ready! Damn I haven’t even seen a lot of show about trans people. The only one I know is OITNB, and that’s it! I don’t see a lot of trans in the media!. Do you know how I feel about that being trans? No you don’t! Trans people were never portray perfectly by the media! Except OITNB but still she’s a black trans woman who is in jail. I’ve never seen trans character being healthy or portrayed in good light. They’re always portrayed as sex worker drug addict or a pariah in the community. But do I bitch about that? No because I’m trying to enjoy what gay and lesbians are doing in the media right now. It’s giving me hope that one day it will be trans people next to be portrayed in beautiful spotlight.
So enough with the hate enjoy supergirl for what it is. It’s not perfect but damn they’re giving us all the inclusivity and equality we are all craving for.
Stop calling people homophobes and racist just cause they ship karamel. Not all karamel shippers are straight and hetero. Some karamel shippers are member of lgbtq so sit your ass down and chill. I am a karamel shipper and I’m an lgb"T"q member. Emphasis on T just in case you still don’t get it, TRANS WOMAN OF COLOR (Chinese/Filipino/Spaniard).

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2 AM (m)

↳ high school au

pairings: park jimin x reader, mentions of min yoongi x reader
genre: angst, smut
warnings: heartbreak, phone sex
word count:
description: all your favorite things happened at 2 AM. unfortunately, time flew until before you knew it he was gone like the hour.
author’s note: this is based on a personal experience of mine. just ventured through some old feelings. re-uploaded!

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The Ness proposal!

He’s had it in his drawer for several years now. The small black velvet box, neatly tucked in at the back, hidden among his underwear and socks (the clean ones). His mum gave it to him during the Christmas when he and Jess were still together. “I want you to have this, son. It was my grandmother’s wedding ring. And something tells me you will want to ask a certain blue-eyed girl a certain question very soon.” Mrs Miller winked playfully at her son.

That day proved to be further away than they both had expected, but Nick had had these strange dreams ever since the day he and Jess got back together again, so he guessed his subconcious mind was trying to tell him something. Maybe he should listen even though those dreams were…unusual, to say the least.

“The One With The Santa”
There was this Christmas dream, where he would take Jess to the mall to meet Santa, and then fall on his knees and pop the question. Jess loved the holidays and especially Christmas. But this very situation reminded Nick too much of Schmidt’s previous Sexy Santa gigs, so he quickly dismissed the idea.

“The One In Tokyo”
Another night he dreamed he was taking Jess to Tokyo (since those non-refundable tickets Nick had purchased for Schmidt’s orginial bachelor party had never been cashed in) to ask her to marry him, but hearing about Aly’s Japanese game show addiction scared him off. And even though he knew Jess loved him regardless of his lack of fashion sense, he didn’t want to push it by appearing in a kangaroo costume.

“The One On The Landing Strip”
Then one night he dreamed of a baby in a damn meadow. Although it wasn’t a baby all of a sudden, it was a piano. With a terrestrial globe on it. And a small plane behind them. Where the hell were they??? HEEEEEEEELP!!! Nick woke up with his heart beating like crazy and sweat covering his body. Nope, no, no proposing on a landing strip. Too many risks involved.

“The One In The Bathroom”
Then one night the dream was scary close to reality. Jess was brushing her teeth, in her pyjama outfit. And Nick just got this instant feeling that “this is the moment. It’s time now. Of COURSE I should do it in our home, in our bathroom.” He gets down on his knees, Jess turns around and lets out a gasp of surprise when suddenly they hear a “Uuuhhmm” from one of the stalls. “WINSTON, I’M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!” And just like that, the moment is ruined.

“The Reversed One”
And then suddenly one morning Nick wakes up with a peculiar feeling in his body. He can’t quite remember his dream, but he did recollect something about New York City, and Manhattan. And him and Jess being there, for some reason both of them dressed in formal, hot lawyer kinda suits. Jess falling down on her knees on the sidewalk, pulling something small out from her pocket… Oh. My. God. Was JESS gonna propose to HIM?????

Well Roomfriends - how do you think the Ness proposal will turn out? Share your thoughts and let us know!

(This post is anonther exellent collaboration between @zooeyslaychanell​ and myself <3)

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what if the MC lost all of her memories of the RFA? How would they try to help her get her old memories back/would they try at all and just try to make new ones? (i'm feeling tragic sorry in advance)

i am ready for angst

so in these scenarios, MC lost their memories in a car accident and this is the following morning


  • brings a big vase of flowers to MC to try and cheer them up
  • he walks in to find MC quietly munching on their hospital breakfast in bed
  • “Good morning! How are you feeling? I brought flowers”
  • “I’m sorry but..who are you?”
  • at first, Yoosung thinks MC is messing with him
  • “Hey now, is this really how you’re going to treat your boyfriend at a time like this?”
  • when MC still claims they dont know who he is, Yoosung starts to panic
  • “It’s me, Yoosung.”
  • “Yknow, your boyfriend? Yoosung, of the RFA? Yoosung?
  • okay, just telling MC who you are over and over again isn’t working
  • oh my god, they really dont remember
  • ok Yoosung, you cant cry in front of MC now
  • deep breaths
  • “If you’re my boyfriend then…how did we meet?”
  • clearly, Yoosung has a lot of explaining to you
  • “just rest for now, i’ll visit again tomorrow and tell you all about it”
  • all Yoosung wants to do is break down into tears, but he knows that MC needs him to be strong right now.
  • he makes sure he is the only one to visit, he doesnt want MC to feel overwhelmed and doesnt want to risk them falling for anyone else
  • so, everyday Yoosung visits MC in the hospital and tells them stories about their past together
  • he also brings flowers every day
  • the first tale he tells is of how him and MC met
  • “I followed a strangers texts to a random address?? what was i thinking??”
  • “I didn’t understand it then either then but…that was the best thing that ever happened to me.”
  • before long, Yoosungs visits became MC’s favorite part of the day. they began to look forward to Yoosung’s stories about their past
  • once day, MC asks what happened to Yoosungs eye
  • he tells them a dramatic story about a castle, an evil villain, and a secret agent
  • “Yoosung, stop messing with me! i really wanna know what happened!”
  • “whether or not you believe me, that story is true! i was like your manly knight in shining armor”
  • MC giggles, and Yoosungs heart melts
  • on the day MC is released from the hospital, Yoosung is waiting for them with yet another big bouquet of flowers
  • “How did i know you’d be here?” 
  • “i guess we know each other pretty well now…”
  • A KISS! wow!


  • Zen cancels rehearsal that day to visit MC
  • “my princess needs me”
  • when Zen comes into MC’s room, theyre asleep
  • my beautiful sleeping beauty! ill wake them up with a kiss!
  • Zen thinks it’s a great idea but
  • to MC, a stranger is kissing them
  • MC grabs the pillow from behind their head and smacks Zen with it
  • he staggers backwards
  • “Ah, babe, what’s all this about?”
  • “’babe?!’ who are you? why are you in my room? I’ll call security!”
  • ‘who are you?’
  • Zen’s heart shatters when the words leave MC’s mouth
  • do they really not remember..? how is this possible?
  • so many people know Zen’s face but now the person who matters most to him doesn’t even recognize him.
  • all Zen wants to do is wrap MC in his arms and tell them all about how much he loves them, and that he’ll always love them…
  • but now is not the time to be so selfish
  • “I’m sorry I startled you. we’re…close friends”
  • “Oh…I dont remember…”
  • and so, Zen takes it upon himself to educate MC about their life
  • being the drama nerd he is, he does it through a series of vlogs
  • so everyday Zen visits MC with one new vlog he recorded and edited the day before on his camcorder
  • vlog #1: Yoosung
  • it’s a video of Zen harassing Yoosung while he plays on the computer
  • “and here we see a wild Yoosung in his natural habitat: the virtual world of LOLOL”
  • “the tragic narrative of a college student ignoring his responsibilities. sorry about the lack of content for this video”
  • vlog #2: 707
  • “so, Seven, why dont you tell MC a little bit about yourself?”
  • “well, most importantly, i am your favorite member of the RFA-”
  • “alright that’s enough out of you, weirdo”
  • he continues to interview 707 anyway, though
  • vlog #3: Jaehee
  • “Im surprised that jerk of a boss let you take a break to film this”
  • a tour of Jaehee’s office and a description of what she does at work
  • *whispers* “she’s addicted to coffee”
  • vlog #4: Jumin
  • “last but not least: Mista Trust Fund Kid”
  • “Please edit that out”
  • “can’t you put that damn cat away while we film? my nose is starting to itch”
  • “no”
  • the video eventually ends with a sneezing fit
  • after showing MC the last vlog, Zen gets up to leave but MC grabs his hand, stopping him.
  • “Zen… is there a video about you?”
  • “Hmm?”
  • “I…want to know about you, too”
  • “what would you like to know? ill tell you anything”
  • “why did you do all that for me?”
  • “Because i love you”
  • this time when Zen kisses MC, they dont hit him with a pillow


  • she brings MC a coffee and pastries on the way to work
  • “Good morning. how are you feeling? is the hospital providing decent meals for you?”
  • “Are you my nurse…?”
  • “Im not your nurse, silly, it’s me, Jaehee”
  • she doesn’t realize that MC is being completely serious
  • “I’m sorry but, I dont know a Jaehee”
  • slowly realizing the severity of MC’s situation, Jaehee sits at their bedside
  • Jaehee wants to panic, but know’s that right now MC must be very confused, and needs someone to who is a calm, collected presence
  • “Im your best friend.”
  • “Oh…if you’re my friend, than can you please help me? i feel confused today.”
  • “Of course. get some rest, but keep your phone close by, okay?”
  • it’s killing Jaehee to leave MC’s side today
  • every chance she gets through out the day, Jaehee calls MC
  • “Hello, it’s me Jaehee from this morning. how are you feeling? i took a break to check on you”
  • Jaehee calls MC every once every hour or so while she’s at work
  • MC grows to love the sound of Jaehee’s voice. it becomes a source of comfort, something familiar in an otherwise dark world
  • after work, Jaehee returns to the hospital to visit MC
  • “Jaehee, can you tell me more about my life? I could hear you talk all day”
  • so through Jaehee’s phone calls and daily visits, MC learns about all their friends and the RFA
  • on the day MC is released from the hospital, they call Jaehee immediately
  • “Jaehee, It’s me. i can come home now…i want to come home to you”
  • “I want you to come home too, MC”


  • when MC wakes up, Jumin is already there, sitting by their bed
  • he’s been by their side all night
  • “Good morning, my darling” his voice is soft
  • MC’s eyes flutter open, and they see jumin looking at them
  • “Who…are you?” MC stares at Jumin without sitting up
  • “I must admit, you are quite cute like this, though i’d hope you would recognize me no matter how tired you are. how are you feeling, my love?”
  • “I’m sorry if this is rude, but i honestly dont recognize you. are we friends?”
  • Jumin feels knots twist up his stomach
  • “I’m sorry if i startled you. go back to sleep and i’ll be here when you wake up again”
  • MC is too groggy to question Jumin further and nods off again
  • he calls the doctor in to ask about MC’s condition
  • amnesia?
  • the only person he ever loved….
  • the only person who ever understood him, even when he didnt understand himself….
  • they truly have no memory of him now?
  • this is the same MC Jumin has loved, sleeping quietly now, but to MC…he’s not the same Jumin
  • “Jaehee. cancel my appointments for today. my meetings, too. on second thought, i wont be coming into work at all this week”
  • he sits by MC’s beside until they’re awake again, just like he promised
  • he keeps quiet as MC rubs their eyes and sits up slowly
  • “You’re still here…”
  • “i told you i would be. how are you feeling?”
  • “My head hurts…”
  • “I will call for some medication”
  • “Wait.i dont remember you but you’ve stayed with me all this time… am i important to you?”
  • Jumin gently kisses MC’s hand
  • “you are the most important person in the world to me”
  • “oh…this is awkward but, what’s your name?”
  • a shock of pain rips through Jumin’s heart, but he hides it for MC’s sake
  • “im Jumin”
  • “Jumin…are you going to continue to stay with me? I…think i want you to”
  • Jumin pushes the hair out of MC’s face to kiss them on the forehead
  • “Until the world ends”
  • “Will you tell me why I am important to you?”
  • “Of course, my dear”
  • so Jumin stays by MC’s side every minute of everyday and night


  • Seven nearly vomited when he’s heard MC was in an accident
  • he rushed immediately to their side
  • when MC wakes up, Seven’s asleep in a chair that’s facing their bed
  • “Um..excuse me?”
  • Sevens eyes flutter open
  • seeing that MC is awake, he stands and leans over them, wrapping them in a tight hug
  • “thank god your’re awake…”
  • “Im sorry I know you?”
  • Seven pulls away from MC, fighting back tears
  • no no no no no no
  • “MC, it’s me. it’s me.
  • unable to keep them at bay, the tears start to stream down his face
  • “i dont remember you but…please dont cry. are we friends?
  • “We’re more than that. we’re soulmates”
  • “Oh…”
  • Seven chokes on sobs as he watches MC grown more confused
  • he rushes out of the room feeling embarrassed that he started to break down in front of MC
  • no…they still love me. somewhere, deep down, they still love me. they remember me
  • he reenters MC’s room after taking a few minutes to compose himself
  • MC’s confused, but wants to learn more about the boy who just claimed to be their soulmate
  • “Maybe you should tell me a little about yourself..”
  • “give me your phone”
  • “huh?”
  • Seven grabs MC’s phone from their bedside table and pulls his contact up.
  • “This is how we met. messages. so if you wanna talk, just message me, okay?”
  • “okay…”
  • Seven leaves the room, but curious MC messages him almost immediately after he leaves
  • “Hi, whats your name?”
  • “call me 707 for now”
  • “okay….”
  • MC and 707 exchange messages often, since hospital life doesn’t offer much in the way of entertainment for MC
  • Seven tells MC about his work and how busy he is
  • “Too busy to visit me again?”
  • “miss me already? B)”
  • eventually, Seven does come back to the hospital
  • the next day, MC is woken up by a call from Seven
  • “I cant focus on work at allllllll~~”
  • “Why don’t you come see me?”
  • “Hmmm, thats a tempting offer..”
  • in a way, Seven enjoys falling in love with MC all over again
  • MC likes falling in love with him too
  • when MC is released from the hospital, Seven waits to take them home
  • “MC, will you..come home with me?”
  • “of course. we are soulmates after all, right, Saeyoung?”


headcannon requests?