and damn he looks so gorgeous in suit

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Amazing imagines!! I love them so much!! ❤❤ I think you've even written enough to start a masterlist soon! If you ever need any ideas/ideas for a rainy day here's a couple. However, please don't feel like I'm expecting you to write all these right now!! It's more of a compiled list of ideas for you if you're having a slow request day/just want to write them -Jealous Betty -Beach day for the gang/Betty in a swimsuit/Jughead in a swimsuit -Bughead napping together -Betty's parents walk in on them

Hey! These are all awesome! I think I’m gonna go with the hickey role reversal for today! Let’s give it a try!

School was ending in about a week, and summer was so close Jughead could practically smell the sunscreen and taste the countless milkshakes he would be devouring.
That being said…

It was hot.

And by hot he didn’t mean, warm with a light breeze, he meant crack an egg on it, it was smoking. He was sweating almost all the time and even with the windows open the Riverdale classrooms were boiling. Unfortunately for him that meant his typical wardrobe of flannels and jeans just wasn’t gonna cut it, and he most definitely was not gonna show up to school in one of those ridiculous tank tops with the sleeves cut down all the way to the bottom, he would leave that to Reggie and chuck. Tools.

Anyway, figuring out what to wear, that was still comfortable for him but also kept him cool enough so he didn’t pass out was a struggle. He wasn’t a shorts guy, unless they were bathing suit bottoms and he was at the beach, so he stuck to his jeans, these ones had a few holes so that should help atleast a little, digging in his drawer he pulled out the only light weight t shirt he had, it was a simple white v neck, nothing too crazy, but also something he normally wouldn’t wear without something else to cover it up, at this point he couldn’t care less, it was too damn hot.

“Looking good” he turned with a smile, meeting the eyes of the gorgeous blonde who had come out of nowhere. Okay so maybe there was one positive thing about the heat, Betty’s wardrobe had to adjust accordingly as well and man was he grateful for the tiny dresses that showed off her gorgeous long legs. Today she had on a white sundress covered in pink and red flowers, it skimmed her mid thigh and he fought the urge to run his fingers along the bare skin. As soon as he was about to retort with a witty comeback, her eyes got wide

“Oh my god” she looked horrified.

Whipping around to look behind him, confused as to what had her in such a state of panic she repeated a little more panicky

“Oh my god.”

“Betty? what the hell? What’s the matter?” She seemed to be at a loss for words and suddenly two more of the gang had arrived, both wearing Similar expressions to Bettys.

“What in sexy time?!” Veronica was practically bouncing she seemed so excited.

Kevin was moving his hands to jugheads neck, before he dodged them with a glare

“What are you all talking about.”

Suddenly Archie was rounding the corner zeroing in on Jughead

“Hey ma… hey! Nice hickey dude! Way to go” he slapped a hand to jugheads shoulder, smiling.

“What! What hick..what are you.” He was twisting trying to find the offending mark. He glanced up at Betty who was beet red and was desperately trying to hide her laughter.

“See Betty, I told you. It’s totally normal to give a boy a hickey, That’s so funny, Betty was just asking me about this at our sleepover last week.” Veronica said laughing handing Jughead her hand mirror.

He snatched the mirror and held it up to his neck. Sure enough, there was a purple mouth shaped bruise on his neck. Snapping the mirror shut he shook his head

“Bacon grease, it splattered.”

Everyone eyed him sceptically as Cheryl walked over

“Oh please, like you cook. Just fess up Jughead, who’s the mystery woman?” The redhead asked.

“There’s no one, you’re all nuts.”

The conversation was stopped short by the first period bell.

“Dude, were totally talking about this at lunch,” Archie said grinning

“Duh” Veronica added throwing a wave to Betty, leaving behind Jughead and Betty as Kevin kissed Betty on the cheek before walking off with Cheryl.

There was a moment of silence Betty smirking at her bright red boyfriend

“So… a tshirt today? No flannel.”

He stared at her dryly

“Wait till all of our friends find out what a little minx you are. You won’t be laughing then.”

Betty shrugged, smiling guiltily and turning on her heels to walk the other way , she quickly turned around and added

“No one told you to wear the worlds sexiest tshirt the day after our two month anniversary festivities.”
She winked and practically skipped off.

He slammed his head into the locker gently. She was gonna be the death of him.

By the time lunch came around the entire school was talking about Jugheads hickey, the rumors were everywhere,

Jughead was seeing Ethel,

Jughead was seeing a girl from central

And of course, Archie and jughead were a couple (that one was Reggie. Tool.)

Slamming his tray on the table besides Betty, she jumped up smiling and meeting his eyes.

The rest of the gang was already there and they instantly turned the conversation to hickeys.

Cheryl of course instigating it
“Well it has to be someone who’s aggressive, obvi, look at that mark.”

Veronica nodded “agreed. I could never do something that good, and I’ve been told I’m a pretty fiery lover.” She flipped her dark hair , smiling.

Cheryl nodded “and we all know how intense I am, but that’s good, even for me.”

Kevin said something that had Archie practically dying he was laughing so hard.

“And we all know it can’t be Betty, no offense bets but we all kind of agree, your not really the most passionate lover.”

Before Jughead could even think he had opened his mouth “try again, she’s pretty much the definition of passionate.”

Everyone at the table seemed to have stopped time, slowly turning their heads to stare at the pair in front of them. Betty was blushing so hard they thought she might explode and jughead was kind of just lost in his own idiocy.

“B..Betty?” Archie squeaked out.

“No way you’re lying.” This time it was kevin.

And Cheryl and Veronica were just staring, shocked.

Suddenly something in Betty snapped and she turned to Kevin.

“Actually, yes it was me. As quiet as you think I am, I am very very attracted to my boyfriend, therefore sometimes I get carried away. Can we please stop this conversation now.” She stabbed a piece of lettuce with her fork.

The table went dead silent for thirty seconds before all hell broke loose.

“Carried away?!”
“How long?”
“How did you get it in that shape?”

Dropping her head to the table, she sighed as Jugheads arm came to rest around her shoulder, tugging her into his side.

“No questions, were dating, going on two months. That’s all you’ve gotta know.” The lazy tone in his voice left no room for argument and the table went silent once again.

Squeezing his hand in hers, she smiled up at him. This was far from over and they both knew that, but for right now, their friends were just gonna have to wait. They were happy, and that’s what matters.

Evak’s First Vacation

Originally posted by softly-evak

Can’t stop thinking about what their first trip somewhere would look like (inspired by Henrik’s trip w/ his friends and Lea)

  • Arguing about what to pack and what stays (“Isak, you’re not allowed to take textbooks with you. Like, I’m actually offended that you thought this was an option.” “Fine, but you need to put at least four hoodies back. It’s going to be so hot there.” “But my aesthetic”)

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Something wretched about this (so precious about this)

For anyone that missed it on AO3, here is the Klaroline Valentine one shot I wrote for @thetourguidebarbie. Includes Succubus!Caroline. Title from From Eden by Hozier.

Caroline despised being indebted to anyone.

              Being in such debt to a vampire of all creatures was even worse.

              For millennia, the vampires had been a bane to Caroline’s kind.  They became addicted to the touch and taste of a Succubus so easily, and it typically resulted in a shortened lifespan for the succubus in question.

              But Katherine Pierce had once saved Caroline’s life, and so was – begrudgingly – owed a boon.

              “Distraction.” She ran a finger around the edge of her cup.  It was a latte – a rather delicious latte – but the taste was marred by the fact that she was there with a creature that could choose to go for her throat at any moment.  “That’s all?”

              “That’s all?” Katherine raised one perfectly manicured eyebrow.  “Well, I could try and make it more complicated… but I figured that being a distraction to Klaus Mikaelson would be difficult enough.”

              “Is Klaus Mikaelson supposed to mean something to me?”  Caroline took a sip of her latte, watching Katherine over the edge.

              Katherine eyed her in return, a slow smile that Caroline knew better than to trust curving her lips, but… this would get rid of the damn favor.

              “He doesn’t need to mean a thing.  So you’ll help me?”

              “Tell me what you know.”

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cam we get mckirk seeing each other in formal uniforms for the first time?

  • The first time they see each other in official Starfleet Academy graduate uniforms is just after defeating Nero. Bones graduated a little earlier than Jim, due to not being suspended, and generally already being a doctor, but he shows up in uniform nonetheless. Officially collecting that document saying he’s graduated, and all that. Jim is grateful they celebrate this together; even more so because Earth is still standing. “You look really handsome in that Starfleet uniform, doctor,” he smiles, gently patting his shoulder, and Bones laughs. “You too, Jim, but you’re gonna have to hit on someone else.” “Who says anything about hitting on other people? Let’s get drunk and celebrate we’re officially a recognized CMO and Captain.” “Fine,” Bones says, a hand gently resting on Jim’s lower back, “and for the record, you look really handsome, too.”  Jim laughs fondly as they make their way out of Starfleet HQ. “I know.”
  • Bones also looks incredibly handsome wearing a pair of decent black trousers and a dark, formal t-shirt, but Jim can’t bring himself to appreciate how handsome Bones is. He stands quietly next to the other while a commodore gives Pike’s eulogy. He just stands there, stiff as a board, and with deep breaths, gritting teeth and forcing himself to think of other stuff, he manages to get by. That is, until afterwards when he’s alone at the bar, drinking himself into a stupor. “How are you doing, Jim?” Bones asks, sliding in a chair next to him. “Fine,” Jim says, though when he receives a worried frown from the other, Jim sighs, “I will be fine.” “It’s okay not to be, sometimes,” Bones says, though Jim scoffs at that. Only when he feels Bones’ hand on his shoulder, Jim allows his shoulder to sag and his fingers to tremble. He feels so angry about Khan, still. “Why do I get to walk off being dead, but Pike can’t?” “Jim…” Bones starts, but Jim shakes his head. “I survive on dumb luck, and even that I suck at, because you literally had to bring me back from being dead. And then Pike…” “If Pike heard about the way you handled Khan and your crew, I’m sure he’d be proud,” Bones says, “and then possibly yell at you for an hour or so for testing that dumb luck of yours.” Jim laughs, though sadly so, and he finds comfort in Bones’ arms that night.
  • The first time he sees Bones in formal Starfleet attire, though, he takes his time to appreciate it. They’re on some important gala, and Jim thinks his suit looks dumb; all dark but with a command gold jacket. Chekov looks equally uncomfortable wearing his, but Sulu seems to be able to rock his just fine. Uhura looks gorgeous in a red dress, too. But Bones, Bones looks amazing. All dark, and that blue vest a little tight on his arms, but perfectly so, and it’s super distracting. Formalities be damned, Jim openly hits on his best friend that night. Easy smiles, compliments, soft touches and lingering looks. That works for most people, though Jim thinks he’s a little rusty, because Bones sees right through it. “You’re hitting on me,” he says, and Jim huffs. “No. I would never,” he replies. “Really?” Bones says, “because I would be okay with that.”  
  • Jim thinks Bones looks the most incredible when they’re on holiday together to some fancy foreign city. With a dark waistcoat and a white sleeve with his sleeves rolled up, Jim thinks Bones has never looked quite as good. He’s above swooning, but perhaps that’s exactly what he’s doing, and they’ve been together for a while now. They enjoy a quiet restaurant, though the candlelit dinners isn’t really their scene. Jim enjoys a quiet night walk a lot more. Holding hands quickly turns into their usual bickering, and that turns into heatedly making out against a tree in the park.
  • But then comes the first time Jim sees Bones in a black tuxedo, and he falls even more in love. Not that surprisingly, because Jim is looking at Bones from the altar. Joanna walks him down the isle, in her late teens and freshly accepted into Starfleet Academy to follow Jim’s route into Command. Jim’s incredibly nervous, for some reason, though Bones looks oddly calm, and that’s reassuring. “How come you look more handsome every time you wear something remotely formal?” “Only when I wear something formal?” Bones asks, “did I ever mention that you’re terrible at flirting?” Jim laughs, circling his arms around Bones’ shoulders slowly. “It worked on you." 

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Hey it's me again, I was wondering if I could get a wedding day hc for the RFA please. Also for your submission box would I be allowed to send a picture of my 707 cosplay just to like get your opinion, thank you :)

hello ! i thought i’d answer this request first bc of the submission thing - my submit box should be open - feel free!!!


  • He acts like it’s a breeze, but secretly he’s panicking about every single detail.
  • Is the reception venue sorted? Will you actually turn up? Are the rings perfect?
  • He cries when you walk down the aisle.
  • And the kiss at the end is the most dramatic and passionate kiss anyone has ever seen.
  • He swears that he heard Jumin mutter “get a room” at one point???

Jumin Han

  • He got the most extravagant venue and there are so many flowers.
  • Everyone can see that he’s shaking as he fiddles with his cufflinks.
  • But his shaking stops as soon as he sees you because d a m n you’re the most beautiful person he’s ever seen.
  • He prepared this long-ass speech about you and why you’re perfect, and almost everyone in the reception was crying.
  • Ngl Saeyoung cried like a baby at all of this - because it’s all so damn cute.

Jaehee Kang

  • I lowkey picture her as Monica when she arranged Phoebe’s wedding, except it’s her own wedding and she shouldn’t be this involved (video here for those who haven’t watched friends)
  • She’s not as extreme, but she likes sticking to a schedule and having things short and sweet.
  • You agreed that she would walk down the aisle and her in a wedding dress is the most stunning thing that anyone has seen.
  • Her wedding speech is mainly dedicated to you, but she also hides a little “thank you” to Jumin because without him she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to join the RFA.
  • Jumin becomes so s m u g.


  • If you’ll allow
  • On his suit he has his LOLOL badge and a few other gaming pins.
  • He also cries when you walk down the aisle because oh my lord you’re gorgeous and how is this boy so l u c k y???
  • His speech goes on for ages.
  • “Oh yeah I forgot this really cute thing MC does when she gets mad!”
  • He lists everything he loves about you and your relationship, and that’s what takes so long.


  • He lowkey wanted to wear a dress but you said no :(
  • Mainly because damn does Saeyoung look gorgeous in a suit!!
  • The wedding is simple and very very cute, and when you two kissed the whole RFA went “awwh!” bc they’re so happy!
  • You two wanted something simple but important to the relationship, so you agreed to get these rings.

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I will prompt you, nudge nudge :) One of my faves as you know, grocery shopping eruri au, tiny arguments over what they buy, indulge me please! I can't do it justice xxx

I FINALLY finished a prompt! Thank you so much Zed 😘😘😘😘😘
You know I’m a sucker for domestic eruri 😍
Warning for slightly smutty ending (I’m stuck posting on the app and can’t add a cut 🙁) :

Levi lets out an annoyed huff as he walks aimlessly through unfamiliar territory. He’d been here for barely even five minutes and he could already feel the beginnings of a headache coming on. He hated to admit it but he really misses his favorite supermarket. He and Erwin had been going there for years. Now thanks to a permanent ban for ‘inappropriate behavior’, they were forced to the outskirts of town in this horribly lit poor excuse for a grocery store.

Levi cringes as he hears a faint squeal approaching as Erwin arrives next to him with the cart. Just to make this shitty trip even worse, the only cart left to use had to have a squeaky wheel. “I found the vegetables you wanted.” Erwin says proudly as Levi peers into the cart to inspect.

“I thought you hated broccoli,Erwin?” Levi asks, confused as to why his husband would voluntarily add his most hated food to the cart.
Erwin looks away slightly. “Well, um Nile likes broccoli.” he replied quietly.

Levi pauses to shoot an irritated glare at Erwin. “It’s your fault we’re even in this shitty store to begin with, you’re the one who invited that annoying prick to dinner in the first place!” Levi responds angrily pointing the carrot he was holding like a sword towards Erwin.

“You know Nile is a good friend of mine Levi, he and Marie had us over for dinner last month, it’s our turn now.” Erwin chides as he plucks the carrot from Levi’s hand and places it back in the cart. “Besides, you’ve had Hange over for dinner twice this month and I didn’t complain.” He says, pushing the cart forward.

Levi stomps angrily behind, following Erwin. “I never invited Hange over, they invite themself!” He grumbles.
Erwin has grown bored and starts to fidget as he watches Levi inspect what seems to be every bottle of wine in the aisle. “Just pick one Levi, we’re running out of time.” Erwin whines slightly.
Levi clicks his tongue in annoyance. “Well excuse me for wanting to serve decent wine that doesn’t come out of a fucking box!” Levi practically hisses.

Erwin rolls his eyes. “You’re bringing this up again?, how do you even know it was boxed wine?”

“Because I saw it in the kitchen on my way back from the bathroom last time we were there.” Levi says as he finally places a bottle into the cart with a look of satisfaction.

Erwin just stares at him incredulously.”That’s why you took so long, everyone was worried about you!” He replies, slightly agitated by Levi’s habit of being a ‘wine snob’.

“It tasted just like the shit Kenny used to keep around for company when I was growing up, I wanted to know if I was right.” Levi replies triumphantly as he walks away. Erwin just shakes his head slightly and smiles, choosing to just let it go.
Levi makes his way towards the checkout where he had said he’d meet Erwin after he grabbed a couple of things they had forgotten. He arrives to see Erwin engaged in conversation with the young bubbly cashier who seemed to be blatantly flirting with him over a bottle of body wash. Levi couldn’t help but smirk slightly.
Having been with Erwin for at least fifteen years now, he had witnessed this type of situation countless times.

He never got bothered by it. People were always naturally drawn to Erwin. He was charming, handsome and had a way of talking that made you feel you were the only one in the room. Levi had been a victim of it himself and he was still surprised that when he had proposed to Erwin ten years ago, he had actually said yes.
Levi unceremoniously drops his items down on the belt with a thump. “You forgot the lube and that damn face cream you love so much.” He informs.

The cashier pauses seemingly trying to figure out what the hell this gorgeous man in a suit had in common with the short grumpy looking individual wearing a t-shirt that read ‘Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck’ standing next to him. Erwin chuckles. “Thank you Levi.” He says and turns to the cashier. “It’s okay to ring these up, we’re together.” He says snapping the cashier out of a trance. The cashier blushes slightly, feeling embarrassed for staring and finishes ringing up their order.

"Thank you for saving me today.” Erwin says to Levi as he waits for him to finish preparing dinner.

Levi finished his work and then proceeds to wash his hands and hang up his apron. “Are you serious?” He asks trying not to laugh.

"Yes, if you hadn’t come back, I might have died of boredom from being hit on under the guise of discussing brands of body wash.” Erwin replies, sighing dramatically as he falls back onto the couch.

"Poor Princess Erwin, I wonder what your suitors would say if they knew your favorite activity is watching QVC until you pass out snoring wearing nothing but your spongebob boxers?” Levi asks unable to keep from laughing.

"Hey, I thought you said I look hot in those.” Erwin says with a pout.

"You do.” Levi says moving closer to Erwin.
A mischievous smile spreads across Erwin’s face. “What would you say if I told you I was wearing them under this suit?” He says reaching down to unbuckle his belt.

Levi watches hungrily as Erwin reveals the top of his boxers only to interrupt him by crawling on top of him hastily. “I’d say thirty minutes.” Levi pants out rapidly.

Erwin looks at him in confusion. “Thirty minutes?”

Levi smiles seductively while hastily unbuttoning Erwin’s pants. “That’s how long we have until our guests show up.”
Erwin lets out a moan when he feels Levi’s grip on his erection. “Good answer.”

So there it is and thank you so much for the prompt Zed, I hope you liked it ❤️.

Naughty Classy Party - Luhan

Group: EXO
Member: Luhan
Type: Smut
Warning: sexual content!

There it was, wrapped up in a red, satin bow. It was not too big, yet not really small either. You touched it and bit your lip. It was all so…unexpected.

You already shook the box several times to guess what was inside it but it didn’t really make any sound. You glimpsed at your bed, where you found it, and noticed you overlooked a little paper. It must’ve come with the box. You grabbed it and unfolded the little letter.

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Only a Moment Away [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Sequel to Gate 24B. Lin and reader go on their first date in London.

Word Count: 1,560

Warnings: a little cursing, allusion to smut but sadly no smut on this blog yet folks.

A/N: THIS WAS QUITE A RIDE. I am so happy about how this turned out, for real. I was going to take things further on the end but I’m just not ready to write /that/ yet. Still, I hope y’all like it <3 PS: MAJOR shoutout to mah girl @ourforgottenboleros for the title idea and for proofreading this mess haha

askbox | masterlist

Business meeting, hotel, getting dressed, Lin.

That was everything you had planned for your second day in London: after leaving the airport on the day before, took you a really long nap and a few e-mails to adjust yourself as much as possible to the timezone and pull yourself together to work the next day, but Lin was the only thing on your mind.

He texted you minutes after leaving you on a cab to your hotel, discussing dinner plans and places to visit since he was a ‘newbie’ when it comes to London. You, however, had been there many times because of work, making you an expert when it came to restaurants and locations.

Of course, this time your knowledge on the best places to try the British cuisine wouldn’t be used to convince a business partner or seal a deal.

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First off look at how magical those pink highlights looks on his bright hair like ASDFGHJKKL?????!!!

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The way it matches perfectly with his little tan!!!!!

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And how it makes his eyebrows stand out aka SEXY AF.

Originally posted by jengkook

Those slight blonde highlights that were the prophecy to our future death 

Originally posted by amagandaaa

How it could turn from brown to blonde easily with lighting…

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Originally posted by kingkoook

How it makes his profile so gorgeous~~~

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Another prophecy to our death when he was about to transition to blonde T_T

Originally posted by bangtoori

Look at how fresh he’s trying to be ???!!


Look at him throwing his peace signs as if it’d make up for the fact that he slaughtered our fandom with his perfection


Looking like a PRINCE???!!!! 

Those gorgeous pink highlight ….It almost looks like cotton candy :O!!!!


Looking so elegant T_T

Boyfriend material ;)

Originally posted by kths

but it his hair got damaged unfortunately T_T

when his blonde hair gave him confidence and he started making use of his little SMIRKS…..


looking all fluffy and with that explosive red beanie <3




Originally posted by koiyomi

When it looks even more pink~~~

Originally posted by yoongichii

Making his face brighter ~ THAT LITTLE FLUFFY ADORABLE PUPPY—


he looks like he’s part of those japanese boy bands :O??

LOOKING all serious with that hair ~

But it’s so saddening to look at it from the damaged pov T_T

Uhm no. I don’T think so. Stop staring at me like that.




Hot Office worker blonde kook~ ;)


*heavy breathing* WHAT IS HEE????!?!!!! 

* cries in all languages* (Off topic but LEGS MUSCLES FTW)



That unamused face ft Hobi as a cameo ( he looks like a little PRINCE AGAIN <333)


BOYFRIEND FEELS X3 : Okay guys I know you’re all dying to get in his arms while playing with his gorgeous hair. 




That bad boy look in his eyes that comes with his hair

The way the pink highlights make him look so rebellious

He has that bad boy vibe : Chewing gum while skipping classes 


( confused and tries to not cry for the 1234567880 time cause I still fall for this)

Magical Jungkook wants y’all to eat his gummy bear and join him in dat bathtub 

( I bet half of y’all said yes subconsciously)


When it makes him look like a 12 years old kid x)

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Bad boy vibes ;) 
“How about you skip classes with me Y/N?”

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Shook with blonde hair too

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AS I said…. y’all can give up,cause jungkook looks prettier than all of us T_T * cries*

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“ Come on play with me!!!”

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Even jin holds onto jungkook cause he looks so fine with dat hair !!!

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PETERKOOK  PAN *wishpers* please take me to neverland * whispers*

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“Noona,I need you to hug me pwease”


SIR.I’ll kindly ask you to STOP THAT DISRESPECT.


Jeon’s previous light brown hair from BS&T when turned into a dark blonde and it LOOKED SO DAMN GORGEOUS


Reblog if Blonde kook WRECKS YOU T_T 

First Kiss (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Summary: You’re a new foreign actress who’s striving in Hollywood and Marvel decided to hire you.

Word count: 1.7k

Genre: Fluff

A/N: This is my first time writing a fanfiction so bear with me! Positive criticisms and inputs are welcome. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Author: @chrixa

“Oh, c’mon you can do it, (Y/N)!” Chris said as he’s widely smiling in front of you, still in his Cap suit.

It’s the last day of filming and you’re on the set of the new Marvel movie and you’re about to confess to Sebastian about your deep crush towards him. Somehow, Chris is the only one who knows about this and you can’t tell anyone else because God knows what will happen if Mackie knows.

“It’s not that easy, Chris!” you protested him nervously.

“You practiced in front of me like a thousand times,” he said mockingly. You grin.

“What? Need a support hug?” he asked with his arms outstretched which you ran into gladly. It’s nice to have a good friend who understands you. “Now go get him, gurl.”

You finally had the courage to walk towards the man with the metal arm while glancing at Chris behind you once or twice. Or maybe even more. You lost count. And there you are, standing behind him while he’s talking to Lizzie. Lizzie notices you and gives Seb a signal that you’re there. He turns around.

Here goes nothing.

“Oh, hey (Y/N). What’s going on?” he asked in his cheerful voice.

It’s not like you haven’t talked to him since pre-production started. It’s just that you don’t think he’s into you and girls way younger than him in general. You know a lot about him and the movies he made. He doesn’t know you; you’re considered new to the industry. You just think that you’re not good enough for him. In which Chris opposes that thought. Every time.

“Oh, um, hey Seb,” you glance at Chris. He gives you an approving nod. It’s okay, he mouthed. “I just wanted to tell you that, um, that..”

“Yeah?” Sebastian stepped closer.

“That I, um..” stop sweating, “that I like your work. I like how you’re so into the character, you know, the Winter Soldier and stuff,” you finally said after what seemed like a thousand years and chuckled. A bit too much.

“Oh really? Thank you, I-I appreciate it. Um, I love your work, too. It’s wonderful since you’re still young and new and so much talent,” he praised you and gave you a pat on the shoulder and you blushed.

“Oh, wow, thank you. Haha. It’s really nice since it’s coming from someone that I look up to.”

He smirked. Ugh, that dork.

Awkward silence.

“Um, anyways, would you like to come and have dinner with me at a nice cafe tonight?” he asked quietly.

You literally felt your cheeks burn.

“Tonight? Yeah, sure!” A bit too much. “Well, I-I mean I don’t have anything better to do tonight so, yeah, I’ll go with you,” you answer nervously, excited.

“Really? Okay, great. I’ll pick you up at 7. Wear something nice,” he winked.

“Wait, you know where my apartment is?”

He left you with a teasing smile.

You stood there frozen, still processing what just happened between you and Sebastian. Is this even real? You’re going on a date with Sebastian? The thing that you’ve been dreaming about?

“(Y/N), hey,” Chris called you from behind. “Hey, (Y/N), you okay? How did it go? Did you tell him?”

You turned around and saw Chris jogging towards you worriedly because you stupidly stood there like a planted tree. “Oh, hey, I’m fine,” you managed a smile.

“What did he say that made you froze there for like five minutes?” he chuckled and walked with you, his arm around you.

“Well, I wasn’t brave enough to tell him the truth, so I told him I liked his work, you know. And he told me he loved mine and asked me to go to a nice cafe with him tonight,” you feel your cheeks burn. Chris stopped walking.

“What? He asked you out? Really?” he asked with disbelief.

“Sshh! Well, yeah. Sort of. And he asked me to wear something nice. What should I wear?”

“Well, I don’t know. You’re the girl he’s asking out, not me.”

“What if he doesn’t like what I wear? What if I don’t impress him? What if-”

“Hey, relax. You’ll figure out what to wear and you’ll definitely impress him.” He patted your shoulder. “If you need any help, I’m always available, kid.”

“Stop calling me kid.”


“I hate you, Chris,” you said as you hug that ridiculously tall man.

“I hate you, too, kiddo.” He hugged you back.

Your doorbell rang. That’s probably him.

You ran towards the door and almost fell on your face because of your nervousness. Stupid.

You opened the door and saw Sebastian dressed up in a navy blue suit. He looked gorgeous.  

“Sebastian. Hi,” you let out a sigh.

“(Y/N). Hi. You look.. Different.” You’re wearing a long, sleeveless, red dress with your favorite black heels.

“T-thank you. You’re not so bad yourself.” You can’t help but smile widely. He smiled back and your heart melts.

“Shall we?” He asked as he kissed the back of your hand.

“Yes.” You can’t help but smile even wider.

The walk to the cafe was not that far, accompanied by the relaxing near-autumn breeze. You shivered because you forgot to bring your damn coat. Sebastian, being the gentleman that he is, lent you his coat, which is more than warm. Plus it has his scent. Double win.

He sweetly ordered you your favorite food (how did he know?) which was the classic Fettuccine Carbonara. He order his favorite, Grilled Salmon with Lemon Sauce. He ordered a cup of coffee for himself and you ordered a cup of Jasmine tea because it’s cold outside.

“So, you’re not from around here, huh?” he opened the conversation after you guys finished your food.

“So are you, Mr. Romanian,” you gave him a half smile.

“Well played,” he sounded satisfied. “And I heard you like dancing. Singing as well.”

“You heard that correctly.” You chuckled. He must’ve known all this from Chris. You don’t know whether to thank him or curse him.

“I’d love to see you dance someday. Or probably dance with you one day. Yeah, that would be nice.” He tried to hide his red cheeks from smiling to wide.

“Well, it would be a pleasure to dance with you.” You’re really enjoying yourself.

“May I have this dance, beautiful?” he’s suddenly on his feet and reached out his hand. You can hear your heartbeat in your ears and your blood rushing through your veins. You take his hand gracefully and dance with him to the slow music playing in the cafe. Luckily it was not that crowded or else everyone can tell how flushed you are in that very moment.

He walked you back to your apartment and said in the gentlest voice that he enjoyed his night very much.

“Don’t give me all the credit, Seb. You’re such a sweetheart and I just can’t find the words how thankful I am to have met you.” You’re unlocking your apartment door.

“You’re beautiful, you know, both in and out,” you feel yourself smile from ear to ear. You opened your door and stepped inside, followed by Sebastian. You turn to face him while he’s closing your door. He turned to face you, and stared deeply into you with his blue eyes. The lights were still dim, yet you can see how happy he is to have spent the night with you.

He stepped closer and kissed you right on the lips passionately. He went slow at first, steadily, and wanting for more. You place your hands on the back of his neck, pulling him closer to you; so close that you can feel his heart racing. He placed one hand on the your back, steadying you and the other hand running through your hair. He pinned you against the wall, not hurting you, and continue exploring your delicate mouth. His lips were so soft and precious, and his stubble tickled you. You bite his lower lip, not too hard, worrying that you’ll hurt him.You feel him smile the most exquisite smile you’ve ever known.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” he said in between breaths.

“I-” he stopped you with another kiss. “My first kiss,” you said as you kissed him one more time.

“What?” He stopped and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

“That was my first kiss,” you answered shyly, burying your face in your hands while smiling like an idiot.

“Really?” He took your hands down. You nodded while biting your lower lip. “Was it a good one?” He chuckled.

“Absolutely.” You have never been happier.

“You know something, (Y/N)?” He lifted your chin.


“I love you.”

“I love you, too, Sebastian.”

A few dates later, you’re officially his girlfriend.

Part 2? Yay or nay?

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Saaaame I absolutely love Harry's hair right now, it suits him so well and also makes his ridiculously beautiful bone structure pop even more. Also, he's just looking extra gorgeous lately in general, all radiant and happy, that solo glow looks so lovely on him 😊

I know omg I saw a gif earlier from his Radio1 thing with Nick like damn Harold who is your dermatologist, give me their number! He looks amazing, it’s probably just his beautiful person genes and also all that water and healthy food …THIS GOT OFF TRACK anyways same he’s hot it’s infuriating

My beautiful Omega - Dean Winchester x Reader (Alpha/Omega & Teacher/Student) - Pt. 7

Title: My beautiful Omega

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 1,684

Warnings: Age gap, A/B/O dynamics, Teacher x student relationship

Original imagine: Imagine Dean being an Alpha who has not met his Omega. He doesn’t think that he has a mate so he has decided to live with Lisa Braeden, a Beta, whom he’s engaged to. He thinks he’s happy and in love until the day he meets you. His Omega and mate. Only problem is that you are a lot younger than him and a new student at the school he is a teacher.

Read other parts: Part 1 here! l Part 2 here! l Part 3 here! l Part 4 here! l Part 5 here! l Part 6 here!

A/N: Ok so I uploaded this earlier than I predicted but that’s even better. I have lots of writing to do, not only for this AU but for others too. I will be updating frequently but I’m giving you a warning HOLD ON CAUSE YOUR FEELS ARE GOING TO BE BROKEN AFTER A COUPLE CHAPTERS! Anyway, enjoy~! xx’

The weekend, despite all of Dean’s hopes, was a long one. The longest in his life. The need to see you and the fact that Lisa was moving out of their house all the more added to his torment. There was really nothing he could do, though. Little to no words were exchanged between them as they both gathered her things and put them in boxes. After that Friday night she had decided that she should move out of their place as soon as possible and Dean was not one to say no. It hurt him to see her like this but he knew that it was something that should be done. Maybe it should have been done long time ago, for that matter. He could see that what he had with her was long ago over and there was nothing that could keep them together. The fact that Dean had found his true mate just made things happen faster, none of them having to wait till some true reason for the break-up was found.

He gave her a last hug, once all of her boxes were put in her car, a tight smile on his face. He wasn’t happy. Of course, he couldn’t be. Even though one part of him felt relief that all of this was over, there still was a part of him that felt bad about what he had done to her and the way that things ended between them. However, though, there was nothing he could do. He could not control his heart nor his feelings for you.

With a last ‘Goodbye’ and 'Take care’ Lisa took off her ring that Dean had bought when he proposed to her and with a sad smile turned to walk towards her car. Dean mumbled a small 'See you’ but a tight smile was on his face, knowing full well that he was not going to see her again. She had decided not only to move out of their house but the town in general. Staying in Mystic Falls (seeing as the town was a really small one) meant that she would have to see him almost every day. The fact that they worked at the same place, the local school, making sure of that.

Dean put his hand with the ring in his pocket and waved at her with the other one. Only one thought running through his mind…

'Tomorrow I will see her’


'Tomorrow I will see him’

That was the only thought that was running through your mind on Sunday. You found it impossible to explain what had gotten over you, but you could not wait to see him. Hear him talk to you. Feeling his hand on yours again, leaving that tingling sensation behind. It got all the more strange when you thought of the fact that the person of whom you couldn’t stop thinking was actually your teacher who also happened to be engaged (thank Caroline for all the information).

You tried to reason with yourself during the weekend, tried to get him out of your head, but that was impossible. The man even hunted your dreams, which was totally crazy as you had seen him just once. Talked to him for no longer than an hour and yet… Yet, he had found his way into your dreams. Dreams that at the mere memory of you found yourself blushing furiously. You were not that type of person, never the kind of girl that would actually made those dreams come true, but this man… This man with the name Dean Winchester managed to make you feel things that you had never felt before in your life. Never even thought of.

And, yet, here you were daydreaming about an older (really handsome - nobody could ever deny that) man, that was your teacher, engaged and totally off limits for you. Daydreaming about him and his perfect face. His strong jaw and full lips (you had a hard time not kissing them), his cute freckles that dusted his nose and cheeks and those mesmerizing green eyes that you couldn’t help but stare at. Daydreaming about his short spiky hair that looked so soft and you wanted more than anything to run your fingers through them. And then there was his damn gorgeous body. You had not seen it for real but you were more than sure that under that completely professional suit and tie was a well-toned body, strong arms and (why not) maybe a tattoo? You really thought it would make him look really hot. Not that he wasn’t already.

You let out a sigh, shaking your head slightly.

Damn, that Alpha (again, thank Caroline for the information) had you hooked over him like he was a piece of chocolate.

'Maybe he tastes better than chocolate’ a thought run through your mind and before you could realize it your eyes widened.

You shook your head, trying to dismiss any further thoughts. Trying your hardest (and failing) to focus on your project for History.

“I’ll just ask Ric to give me a few more days” you mumbled and shut the book closed. Opting to do what you were trying to avoid (and failing at) doing all this time. Thinking about him.


And just like that it was Monday and of course last period. You really could not get why they had to do this to you. The only thing you wanted to do today was see him (even if it was just during lesson) and they had to put Psychology as the last class for your day. Needless to say, it felt like centuries instead of hours till the last hour came.

But it did. And here you were, walking into Dean’s class. Your heart hammering in your chest as you expected to see him.

“Are you ok?” Caroline, who was next to you, asked concerned.

“Yeah” you smiled “Just a little bit tired, that’s all” you said as you entered Dean’s classroom. You didn’t miss a beat to look at the desk and see if he was there, but to your disappointment he wasn’t.

“Don’t worry, you will be able to relax. Mr. Winchester always makes his lessons interesting and not boring. Unless the king of hell decides to take his place today” she mostly said the last part to herself as you both took your seats.

“King of hell?” you frowned at her.

“Oh yeah, that’s how we call the principal, Crowley. He’s helpful in general but really knows how to punish somebody when they break the rules of the school. I swear there are moments I think he’s a demon!” Caroline said over-dramatically and you giggled at her.

“That’s nonsense Car. Besides, why would he give us a lesson instead of Mr. Winchester?” you asked her.

“Because, believe it or not, that demon is actually a licensed psychologist! And I’m telling you, he really does know about causing mental torture to the naughty ones” she made a sign at the back of the class where a group of boys sat laughing, rather loudly. They were for sure Alphas. Arrogant at that!

“I mean, he has done it a few times. Gave us a lesson when Mr. Winchester was absent from school so, why not today?” she asked, rhetorically, and you found yourself frowning at the idea.

That’s the only thing you’ve been looking forward to, all day, seeing him, and you were really hoping that you weren’t going to lose your chance because-

“Hello class” a rough voice said and your head snapped at its direction. A big smile soon spreading on your face at locking eyes with green forest ones.

“Hello Mr. Winchester” everybody said in unison, you too. Your voice was more like a whisper, though, it was nowhere near audible.

Dean looked through the class, as if counting to see if somebody was absent, but stopped abruptly when he spotted you. A smile (although he tried to suppress it) appeared on his face and you felt your cheeks heat up. You immediately averted your eyes and looked down at your notebook, biting your lip nervously.

Dean smiled more at your reaction but as soon as he realized he was staring, he averted his eyes from you and, clearing his throat, he made his way to his desk; setting there his few books.

“Ok class, so before I start with my lesson today I would like you all to meet someone” he said and you felt your eyes widened.

Oh no, he wasn’t going to give the 'New Student’ speech for you, was he?

“(Y/n)” he said your name and you immediately felt like crawling into a whole and dying there “Please sit up” he added and you reluctantly did as he told you.

“I want you all to meet (Y/f/n) (Y/l/n). She’s a new student here so I expect you all make her feel comfortable and welcomed” he said and you turned at the class, giving them an awkward smile.

Some girls smiled back, they seemed really nice, a few guys doing the same; a cute one giving you a charming smile that would surely have made you melt. But of course the moment had to be ruined by the arrogant Alphas at the back of the class.

“Oh don’t worry Mr. Winchester, we will make sure she feels welcomed” he said with a cocky smirk that really made you want to punch him; winking at you.

“Just as much welcomed you will feel at the principal’s office, Tyler, if you continue like that” Dean all but growled at him.

“Sit (Y/n)” his voice softened when he spoke to you, a comforting hand was put on your shoulder.

After a small glance at Dean and a shy smile, you turned and took a seat. Tyler, and his gang, seemed like they would bring you a lot of trouble but maybe, just maybe, with Dean by your side things would be ok. He made you feel safe and…

… for the first time you actually thought that things would go well.

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OKAY IVE HAD THIS IDEA FOR A WHILE NOW: So Alex Summers soulmate thing. So they have little clocks on their bodies telling them when their going to meet their soulmate and all that. Well one weekend, Alex and Sean are sent to go find a powerful mutant before the brotherhood and Charles tells them she's at a casino in Vegas. And Alex doesn't want to go bc his clock is at a day and a half and he needs to meet this person but Charles makes him go anyways (that little shit) IMMA MAKE A PART 2

PT 2 for the soulmate! So Alex and Sean get to Vegas and are all dressed really nice in suits and damn do they look good. The whole time Sean has been making jokes that Alex’s soulmate is a stripper “shut up you still have three more months” SO THEY GET TO THIS CASINO AND ITS REALLY FANCY. And there are famous people and girls swinging on these giant hanging hoops and they start looking for mutants when there’s suddenly less than ten seconds on Alex’s clock- PT 3 PT 3- So Alex turns around to scan over the club when he runs into one of the dancers (and Alex is just like “holy shit she’s gorgeous”) and your just too shocked for words bc Alex is a fucking ball of hotness. So you introduce yourselves and you start to get really happy and silver magic (like Wanda’s) starts weaving around your fingers and Alex is so happy that she’s a mutant and his soulmate bc a lot less explaining in the future and like ITS SOCUTE IMMA CRY LIKE HOLY FUCK


The First Meet (Dean x Reader)

               Youlaughed along with your friends; you’d been discussing your friend’s bachelorette party. She was the last of your friends to get married, apart from you. You hadn’t been on a date in a few years and your friends often tried to set you up with guys they knew. You’d politely turn them down, making up some excuse. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to find the one, it was simple. He didn’t exist. You were 26; you were for sure you’d be single at the age of 30.

               “So, Y/N when are you going to settle down and find Mr. Right?” your Melissa asked as they all turned and smiled toward you, you blushed and looked at the table, fiddling with your silverware. “Oh-uh. I uh…I don’t know…I think I’m going to just focus on my career, I’m pretty content being alone” you said finally meeting their eyes; which were bulging out of their heads. “What! That’s insane! You can’t be alone! That’s so sad!” Amber, your friend who was dating Matthew for 3 years now, said. You shrugged as Melissa reached over and grabbed your hand. “Honey, you’ll find someone I swear. In fact, David said his younger brother Carter was going to be at the wedding, and that he was 28 and single! Maybe you two will hit it off!” she said grinning. You were about to speak when a waiter stepped up and set down a fresh glass of your drink.

               “Oh I didn’t order this” you said quickly looking up at the man. “No, the gentleman sitting over there, in the suit with the red tie, ordered it for you.” He said smiling a little before walking away. You glanced over at the table and saw two incredibly gorgeous men, both in business suits sitting there having lunch. The one with the red tie had sandy brown hair, a strong jaw, clean shaven. He looked tall, but so did the other man sitting there. “Oh my god, he’s gorgeous Y/N! Send a napkin back with your number on it!!” Tiffany said smirking. “If you don’t I will. Because hot damn I could climb him like a tree, and ride him into battle.” She said eyeing him. You all stared at her, annoyance written on your faces. “What?” she asked as she finally tore her eyes from the man and looked at each of you. “Tiffany, he clearly thinks Y/N attractive, he sent her the drink. Not you.” Amber said glaring toward her. “But she is right; send him a napkin thanking him for the drink!” she said turning towards you and grinning. You blushed and finally grabbed a pen as Melissa handed you a piece of soft pink paper. “Napkins are tacky!” you laughed softly before writing a quick note.

               ‘Thank you for my drink:)’ you slipped it to the waiter and asked him to give it to the man who had sent the drink. He nodded and walked away.

Dean’s POV

               She was wearing a simple pair of jeans, with a black tee shirt. Her long brown hair was slightly curled and hanging loose. She wore glasses and seemed more bashful than the rest of the girls she was sitting with. I couldn’t stop watching her, she was so beautiful, and the way she would laugh and look at the table. Mesmerizing. “So yeah, and then we both burn and die in a car crash.” Sam said noticing his brother wasn’t paying any attention. “Yeah sure” you said nodding before looking at Sam. “What?” you asked staring at him. “Dude, if you stare any harder, the earth will shift and gravity will pull you two together. Stop staring!” he said giving you a look. You rolled your eyes as the waiter walked up. “Anything I can get for you guys?” he asked politely. “Uh actually would you mind sending a drink to her for me?”  You asked motioning to the girl at the booth across the restaurant. The waiter smiled and nodded “Absolutely, just a fresh drink of hers; or would you like to order something for her?” you shook your head. “Just a fresh drink of hers please” he nodded and swiftly walked away. “Now is the time we stop staring.” You said smirking to him. Sam rolled his eyes and glanced at the girls, they were comforting the girl his brother had become slightly obsessed with. “I wonder what they’re talking about” Sam mumbled quietly.  You tried your hardest to focus on your work talk, you being the CEO of an Insurance company and your brother Sam being a Lawyer.

               You had noticed she had received her drink and saw her cheeks darken as she glanced your way. You maintained to keep your eyes on Sam but out of the corner of your eye, you noticed her friends giggling and lightly touching her arm. She mumbled something before they all giggled.

               After a few moments the waiter stopped back by and laid something by you. You glanced down and saw beautiful handwriting. ‘Thank you for the drink :)’ it read and you looked up to see her look away quickly, her cheeks darkening. You smirked and quickly wrote back.

               ‘You’re very welcome, I’m Dean…Call me’ you wrote your number down and had the waiter give her the note as you paid and stood along with Sam. You notice her table quiet down as you walked past and winked at her.  She blushed and lightly bit her lip. “I will” she whispered as you walked past; a smile on your lips.

(If anyone wants a part 2, I would be willing to write one!) 

Part 2

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Damn, I don't know if I'm the only one but I've noticed that Ozzie's eyelashes are getting so SO SO SO SO DAMN PRETTY like WAT THE HECK THEY'RE SO LONG AND BEAUTIFUL AND ARGH

You’re not the only one!! Aaaaah god he looked so amazing in the episode, so dashing and gorgeous fashion! Those glitter shoes thank god we get to see those again and his new suit and I love that he walks with the cane all the time, I really hope he will have it like always! And god he probably put more effort into his eyebrows than all the women in the show lol. (It’s a joke okay I don’t mean to offend with stereotypicals). And aaah god his eyelashes are so pretty too, Look how he flutters for Ed. Which also reminds me yet again that I want a scene where Oswald gets ready in the morning!! With his make up and hairspray and everything. PLEASE

Wouldn’t surprise me if we will see him like this soon:

Originally posted by sugar-dipped

don’t you think so @hotgothamite hehe

More Than Anything (Fred)

Anon:  please a fluffy fred imagine where you’re both in class just messing around and being all cutesy and couple goals

A/N - Y/H/C = your hair colour :)

* * *

Sitting at the back of your Divinations class probably was not the best idea for you and Fred. Seeing as Trelawney didn’t seem to notice anyone but the girls at the front who worshiped her, you both got away with doing absolutely nothing. Admittedly, the fumes from the incense and the candles did result in you both having strange conversations. 

‘What do you see?’ Fred asked as you both stared tiredly into the glass orb. 
‘I see a huge nerd, oh wait that’s you.’ You said dryly, making Fred laugh softly. ‘Do you see anything?’ You asked. Fred paused for a moment saying, 
‘I see white fog.’ He said this time making you laugh which then made him laugh. ‘Why are we laughing?’ You said through giggles. 
‘I don’t know.’ Fred replied, placing his head on the table. 
‘Ah Mr Weasley.’ The floaty voice of Professor Trelawney rang throughout the class, making Fred look up. ‘Tell me boy, what do you see?’ She asked, her bug-eyes wide. Fred glanced at you before looking into the orb. ‘Um.’ He said, and you knew he was thinking desperately to think of something, anything, to say. ‘I see a girl.’ He said slowly, and you had to pretend you were coughing to hide your laughter. ‘What does she look like?’ Trelawney asked, ignoring your “coughing fit”. ‘She’s got Y/H/C hair. And she’s in a hogwarts uniform.’ He said. You bit into your lip to try hide your smile. Trelawney looked at you, her mouth agape. ‘Oh my dear.’ She said. She then looked back to Fred, ‘What else do you see? Perhaps a black dog?’ She asked. Fred nodded,
‘Yes a very large black dog is behind her.’ He said, his voice shaking as he tried his hardest not to laugh. Trelawney looked at you, ‘It’s a shame. You’re such a good student.’ She said, dramatically, ‘I’m afraid I knew as soon as you entered this class that your time with us would be short.’ She said before turning away to pay attention to someone else. As soon as she was gone you and Fred burst out laughing. ‘Wow I can’t believe I’m going to die soon.’ You said. ‘I can’t believe I predicted your death. My mum is not going to be happy with that.’ 
‘You mum? What about me?’ You said, laughing. ‘Could you take another look and tell me how I’m going to die? Might as well prepare.’ You said. Fred looked seriously into the orb. ‘Oh my-I see something!’ He said. 
‘What? What?’ You asked, leaning over him to see. 
‘It’s you. You’re standing in my house at the bottom of the stairs with my parents. You’re wearing a ball gown. There I am!’ He gasped, ‘I’m walking down the stairs in a suit.’ He paused, 
‘What’s happening? What’s happening?’ You asked. 
‘You’ve fallen to the ground. I’m holding you. You’re about to say your last words.’ He says seriously. 
‘What are they?’ You gasp. 
‘”You’re drop dead gorgeous.”’ Fred said, turning to you. You roll your eyes and hit him in the chest, ‘Fuck you.’ You said, laughing. 
‘Official press release,’ Fred said, laughing, ‘You die because I look so damn good.’ You grin and shake your head, 
‘You wish, Weasley. Aint no boy ever gonna kill me off with his looks. Your sister however…’ You said as Fred laughed shouldering you. You stuck your tongue out at him, laughing. ‘You’re insane.’ He said. 
‘Shut up, you love it.’ You smile as Fred raised his eyebrows. 
‘Whatever.’ He winks. You leaned in and kissed his sweetly for a brief moment which made the tip of his ears turn a light pink. ‘Do you think Trelawney could predict anything of our future?’ He asked, glancing down at your lips. You moved the crystal ball slightly to face you. ‘I don’t know if I ever told you,’ You said, ‘But I am actually a great fortune-teller.’ You said, winking at him before dramatically staring into the glass orb. ‘Well, well, well…’ You said. 
‘What do you see, O Great One?’ Fred asked, smiling. 
‘I see a tall red-haired boy.’ You said, squinting slightly for effect, ‘And a girl with Y/H/C hair.’ 
‘What are they doing?’ He asked, resting his head in his hands as he stared at you. ‘They’re standing outside a small house.’ 
Small?’ Fred said. 
‘It’s cosy.’ You said, shooting him a look before looking back to the ball. 
‘They’ve got two children. A boy and a girl.’ 
‘What are their names?’ Fred asked, biting his lip. 
‘Uhm…Jam and…uh…cheese stick.’ You said, laughing. 
‘Jam and Cheese Stick?’ Fred said, laughing, ‘You want to name our children-’ 
‘It’s french!’ You said, through laughter. 
‘French?’ Fred said, ‘Oh I’m sorry, Jamé and chés stíck.’ He said, putting on a French accent, sending you into a fit of laughing. ‘Exactly.’ You said once you’d pulled yourself together. ‘And what are they doing?’ He asked. 
‘They are walking into their home.’ You said quietly. Fred smiled, 
‘You want to get married and have kids with me?’ He said softly. You looked up at him and bit your lip. ‘Yeah.’ You said simply. Fred looked down, smiling, his eyes twinkling. ‘Do you want that?’ You asked, lacing your hand with his. 
‘More than anything.’ He replied. 

Finders Keepers (ft. Suho)

A/N: Soundtrack to this drabble: ♩♪♪♩♬♫ ♩ ♩. 

“He’s cute.“


“Whaaat? He’s seriously so adorable. You would die if you saw him.” You let out a slight giggle as you continued to sneak peeks of the boy through the glass window while waiting for your gadget to unlock the code to the secured air shaft beside you.

You heard an annoyed snort through your ear piece. “I highly doubt it. Now can you focus on the situation at hand? You’re about to be fall down hundreds of feet through a tiny air shaft.”

Keep reading

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Just wanted to say that Akashi is perfect in all your oneshots! *_* Can I request a bit angsty scenario when you’ve been rejected by your colleague and end up in a night club meeting Akashi?

How long had you been pining over a man like him? He was everything you needed. A gentleman, wealthy, successful, kind, thoughtful. And it was all fun and sweet until the day you found him with another woman.

Which was tonight.

“You’re too cold-hearted.” He had said.

Well, fuck you too, asshole. You tipped back your drink and swallowed it all down in one gulp. Motioning the bartender, you ordered another drink. You needed to get numb tonight.

How naive you had been for thinking that it could’ve lasted. He was oh so successful and accomplished. He was up there, way beyond your league. How in the world did you think that you could nail down a man like him?

“Rough night?” A voice spoke up. You turned around to find a gorgeous, red-headed man dressed in a crisp suit. Wow, damn, he was good-looking. Wow. But looking at his suit, judging that he was probably a businessman, only reminded you of the douchebag who you had just ended things with. And that only irked you.

“Yeah,” you muttered and turned away from him.

Akashi noted the sudden change of air. You first seemed pleasant and warm, but then it disappeared. You grew cold and shut him out. He raised an eyebrow, curious now, as he settled down next to you and ordered his drink. “What’s your name?”

“I don’t just give my name out to random strangers at a bar.”

“That’s a good way of staying safe,” he said, sipping his drink.

“Don’t be so condescending,” you snapped.

“I wasn’t aware I was being condescending,” he pointed out, raising an eyebrow at your harsh tone.

You pursed your lips. Okay, so you took your anger out on him, who didn’t even hold any resemblance to the douchebag aside from the suit. That was wrong. But you needed your pride and dignity tonight so you just shrugged it off.

Akashi’s lips twitched in amusement. Stubborn but admitting to their mistakes. Interesting. “I’m Akashi Seijurou.”

Wow, that name just oozed power. Who didn’t know the Akashi name? His introduction only sent unwelcome shivers down your spine — and definitely not in a good way. “Hi.” You muttered.

“You’re not very interested, are you?”

“No, not really.” You smiled tightly at him.

“Bad experience with suits?” He smirked. How the hell did he even — you glared at him. What gave him the right to say such things? “I apologize if I offended you for that wasn’t my intention. That was an educated guess, considering your office attire and since that was your third straight shot of vodka. Straight from the office, bad experience with the boss, I’m guessing.”

“Got that right,” you mumbled under your breath. “He’s a real douchebag that one.”

“Would you mind if I asked you what happened?”

Oh what the hell. This night couldn’t get any worse. “I got fired and went to my boss slash boyfriend to find him fucking another woman in his room. So, yeah, rough night.” Did you mention that you got fired?

Akashi didn’t even flinch. “I see. That’s a terrible thing to do.”

“Tell me about it.”

He paused before slipping a name card across the bar. “Well, how about this. Instead of drowning your sorrows in alcohol and risking poisoning, why don’t you come to my office tomorrow and we can discuss something?”

You narrowed your eyes suspiciously at him, “What? In return, I give you sexual favors.”

“Well, that wasn’t what I had in mind but if you—“


He smiled and stood up, holding out his hand. “In return, will you join me for a dance or two?”

You sighed. It wasn’t a bad deal and maybe this guy wasn’t so bad after all. “Alright. One.”

You stayed for four.