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Okay so now that Kevin Kline has played both Phoebus

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and Maurice I can finally have my interconnected Hunchback/Beauty & the Beast fan theory. 

After the events of Hunchback, Phoebus and Esmeralda got married. Phoebus started going by Maurice because he deserted his post in the army, and pursued his first love of painting. They lived happily in Paris, and were equally excited to welcome their daughter Belle into the world. However, when the plague struck Esmeralda begged Maurice to take their daughter safety, to find sanctuary somewhere danger couldn’t touch her. 

Maurice could never forgive himself for abandoning his wife’s side, and for that reason he couldn’t ever face Esmeralda’s people when they traveled near their town. However, he always taught Belle to treat the Romani with love and respect. 

In the end, Maurice couldn’t be too surprised when Belle told him the story of how she fell in love with the Beast. Even if she didn’t know it, Belle had inherited Esmeralda’s ability to love anyone despite of how society has classified them. 

Maurice watches Belle dance with her Prince, and prays to God he knows how lucky he is that she chose him.