and cuuuuuute


seojuhyun_s: 뽀뽀야~넌 강아지니 말이니..? 이게 말이니 뭐니..
아귀여워어어어어 우리 Chuchu❤

[trans by SonexStella] Ppo Ppo-yah~ Are you a puppy or a horse…? Is this a horse or what..
Ah, so cuuuuuute, our ChuChu ❤️


seojuhyun_s: Exceeding the levels of a puppy, this is running at the level of a pony🐾

omggggg…. i can’t….  

new xkit replaced the like hearts with little ghosts for halloween

they smile when you like something and get scared when you unlike

so cuuuuuute


MARK LEE’s smile & TEN’s ethereal pose = perfection