and cutest little pumpkins

Preference #231: Your child picks out a Halloween costume

Pregnancy/Baby/Child Series

: “A princess! No a robot! No a frog! Oh, I know! I want to be a pirate!” Your daughter had already listed 30 different things she wanted to be, each one seemingly more exciting to her than the last, and you were beginning to worry. With less than 2 hours before trick-or-treating began, her choices when you actually arrived at the store would be limited, and all because you had been to busy to go and get her something before now. She was so excited, and you didn’t want to let her down. “Babe,” Liam began, sensing the worry you felt over your daughter’s costume, “She is going to be happy as anything. Listen to her.” “No, a unicorn! Oh or Thor! I want to be a butterfly! A dragon would be cool!” You laughed, seeing what he meant. “But I want her to get something she’s happy with.” “Can I be a ghost?! Ghost are cool!” Liam glanced at your daughter, really not understanding your concern. “Why don’t we see what they have when we get there, and you can decide then.” “Okay,” she nodded, as yet another idea came to her mind, “I think I want to be a dinosaur.”

Harry: “Aren’t you the cutest little pumpkin ever,” you cooed, as your son stepped out of the dressing room wearing the most adorable little orange outfit you had ever seen. His face told you he did not agree with your statement though, and when Harry followed behind him laughing, he quickly told you why. “He wants to be a superhero. Pumpkins are for babies.” “No!” You quickly shook your head, while looking at your 6 year old who was glaring at you for making him wear this for even five seconds. “It’s so cute! It’s not for babies!” He stomped his little feet, “But I want to be Spiderman! All my friends are!” “But..” You began, then stopped as Harry cut you off. “I know you had this picked for him all along,” he sighed, as he walked over to the Marvel display and picked up a Spiderman costume, “But I think he’d be just as cute as a little superhero.” “Of course,” you nodded, knowing anything he wore would look so cute. It was just another step of him growing up, picking his own costume, and that was the hard part for you. But you had to let him. “Okay, fine, go let Daddy help you put the spiderman costume on. Let me see how that looks.”

Niall: Your daughter was quick to decide exactly what she wanted to be. A zombie princess was her first and only choice. Your son on the other hand, he could never make up his mind. “Why not a zombie like your sister? You two always have similar costumes,” Niall asked him, as the two of them looked through costumes once more. But your son quickly shook his head, and shot down that idea, “Zombies are scary. I want to be something happy.” “So I guess no skeleton either,” Niall asked, as he picked up that exact costume. “No!” Your son shook his head again, and finally something caught his eye, “oh! This one! I want this one!” Niall looked towards where your son was pointing, and knew you would laugh so much at that choice. It was something that Niall would have picked himself if he were dressing up this year. “Pizza?” “Yes, I want to be pizza!” your son exclaimed, as he rushed to grab the costume, “Can I get it? Please, please!” Niall nodded, “Yes, and we need to tell your mum what you’ve picked. Maybe you should try it on first, and I’ll text her a picture.” You son happily ran towards the dressing rooms, “Yes! She’s going to love it!”

Louis: The excitement you expected your 7 year old daughter to have, as she picked out her costume by herself for the first time, was just not there. Louis was more excited than she was, over what she would pick. “Why aren’t you excited? I thought you would be?” You asked her, as she looked through the hundreds of choices. Louis quickly agreed with you, “Yeah, you kept talking about Halloween, and how happy you were it was so soon. But you don’t seem to care now. Why?” Your daughter looked around the huge store, and her eyes told you she was panicking, “There’s too many! How do I pick? I just want candy!” Louis laughed, “Well you need a good costume to get candy.” “But can’t I buy my own, so I get the good kind only?” You shook your head, “No, what’s the fun in that. You’re going to go trick-or-treating, and get your candy like everyone else.” Your daughter looked around the store once again, so overwhelmed, and just could not decide, “Daddy, you pick. I’ll be whatever you say. I can’t chose! I like them all!” Louis did not hesitate to quickly go and grab exactly what he wanted her to be, “This is it!” Your daughter began smiling brightly, as she grabbed her costume, “A monster! I love it!”

Zayn: Your 8 year old son kept telling you and Zayn over and over again that he already had his costume, and knew what he was going to be. Neither you nor Zayn had bought him anything though, so you were very confused. “Why don’t you show me and Daddy the costume?” you asked, the night before Halloween, knowing the mad dash to the store you would have to make if he really did not have anything yet. “Okay!” He excitedly yelled, “Give me an hour!” “An hour?” Zayn was just as confused as you, “What do you think he’s doing?” You shrugged your shoulders, “I really have no idea.” Sitting there, for an hour waiting, you and Zayn were more getting more and more curious. What could he possibly have as costume that he’d come up with all on his own, and why did he take so long to put on? Finally, after 73 minutes, your son came running out of his room. He had written all over himself with a marker in the exact spots that ink covered your husbands body, and was wearing a shirt that was far too large on him, but fit Zayn just right. “Look! I’m Daddy!” Of all the costumes in the world, he picked to be Zayn. The smile that instantly covered both of your faces told your son how much you loved his costume. “I told you I had one! And it’s awesome!” “It is,“ Zayn said, so happy over it, "Do you want me to draw those tattoos tomorrow?” Your sons face lit up, “Yes! Please!”

I have some new followers but not a lot of new consistent content. I think it’s because of this new thing tumblr is doing (on mobile at least) where it puts people’s posts on your dash that you don’t even follow that they “recommend”. It’s a little bothersome because I try to keep my space free from certain things but you know, it happens.

I got sick. Well let’s put the blame where it belongs and Kevin got me sick. Just kidding I won’t drag him but I did get a cold and missed work Friday. I hate missing work because I’m sick but when I got up to get ready I had no energy to do anything so I called my boss and went back to bed and slept the day away and watched hours of Scandal. I’m feeling better now and I think I needed the day off. Work has been a little stressful and had me anxious the past few weeks. The random day to sleep and do nothing was just what I needed.

Sarah hosted the cutest little pumpkin decorating party last year and it was where I met Ginny for the first time and our friend Rachel from Zumba. I’m hosting it this year and it’s awesome to see the friendships I’ve formed over the past year vs. knowing only Sarah last. I’m very excited to host my first party at our house. I’m going to attempt to make homemade butter beer (no actual beer in it if you aren’t a Harry Potter fan) so I’m hoping it works out!

I’ve done the working out every day thing and now I’ve done the working out a day or two a week thing and would like to find a better balance. I just need to try to make 30 minutes of physical activity 4 to 5 times a week a routine again. So that’s one of my goals this week.

Well that was a lot to say. I hope you all have a lovely Monday!