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Itty bitty Reaper beans for @thewormwood for friends surprising friends! I am so happy you liked them, and thank you @lemoneewonder for calling so I could hear the reveal of beans- and buns.

I did not come up with tiny simplified Reapers, that appears to have been done by many individuals before me. If anyone knows who did it first, please let me know and credit where it is due!

Each of the little beans has a tiny bum, ranging from a little crack to full vivacious rump. The owl has no bum, but does have tiny feathers sculpted in. And that blue one sparkles and has glow in the dark face mask. And all of them are smaller than the first joint on my pinkie.

Enjoy them all my friend! :)

22.4.17 // Back to my Berlin home desk. I`m preparing some material for the next week and dealing with a hot topic: radicalism and extremism. I´m also going on with my readings: I finished the postface to Berlin Alexanderplatz and read the first 40 pages. Next week starts the summer semester and I need to get back on track! 

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I humble request more of the pine twins being cute and Pacific gets jealous please. Ps. Love your stuff!

Just a quickie doodle at work.

Hana symbolizes how Meihem fans would react

Quinn-Ling isn’t actually mine, but is the adorable Meihem brain child of @aly-the-alligator. He is SO God damn cute! (Go look at her stuff!)

*Cough* he might also be in my fanfiction *cough*

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I just got the image that Makkachin's world is concurrently taking place as Oliver and Company and somewhere his gang of dogs has adopted a kitten. Of course Viktor would have replaced Fagin and it diverges where major characterisations are replaced by the AU stuff.

Oh man, Oliver and Company was totes my jam back in my youth X3
That’s such a cute thought ;w;
Little pet mafia and stuff~
I’m thinking about the gang adopting Yurio’s cat, ahhaha XD


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“Lil bland.” Not gonna you man….but wholeheartedly disagree

sorry dude i’m just gonna be frank i think he’s boring. this is partially because the starkiller trench run scene is my least favorite scene in the entire movie with the rathtar scene close behind. it interrupts the lightsaber fight and then drags and drags and no amount of poe being charming can save it–we’ve done this song and dance too many times before in star wars. jj abrams himself said something along the lines of “now we get back to what we REALLY care about” when it cuts back to kylo and rey and he’s damn right because i couldn’t care less about the process of blowing up death star 3 all over again

i WILL give oscar this he manages to sell the charming thing just fine like his line delivery w/ his little quips and stuff are cute and funny and he plays off of john boyega well. he’s a good quipping classic action hero archetype. but he’s out of the movie for over an hour and then just jumps back in and it’s like ?? uh??? ok i guess you survived that. i don’t care about him enough to purchase any spinoff material about him to learn more. i accidentally bought a comic about his parents once and tbh it did not make me feel any more invested, either

maybe they’ll redeem him in my eyes in the next movie but for now i just don’t think he’s compelling.

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sorry for venting in your inbox, but this shit just pisses me off. I don't think I am 100 % anti porn, bc I used to be an actress and enjoyed it, but I am mostly anti industry and I know that the "anti swerf" crowd doesn't really care about us. anyway, I love your blog, bc you post some really cute stuff and there's no porn/kink stuff on here. do you maybe know other blogs that are porn/kink critial who also post aesthetic stuff? thanks in advance for your answer and have a nice day <3

thank you ahh!! and no no don’t worry at all my inbox is mostly used for ppl to vent tbh, and I’m sorry but I never know where to start when people ask that question because it’s like all the blogs I follow but 

( Please like this post if you’re an sfw cute aesthetic blog who doesn’t post porn or kink!! ) 

hopefully that works :^0 

I’m still in the mood for more DC art, but with so many options I don’t mind asking people from the fandom! However I will start out with a few silly ideas ;D

among these options which ones should I draw some more of

-Ran and Shinichi
-Ran and Conan(funny stuff or cute stuff)
-Ran, Sonoko and friends
-Detective boys
-BO members.more of the Emperor’s New Groove AU with Gin, Vodka etc.
-Mouri family along with/without Conan
-More color palette challenges

Feel free to comment on it! Good way to pass time while waiting for the big chapter 1000!

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Hi I sent in an anon (i couldn't find it) but I just wanted to let you know I love you !! I scrolled back far enough to see you think love is fake & I respect what it is you believe !!! But if you ever need reckless hope abt it lemme know bc my bf (5 yrs!!! Yes!!!) does some cute/stupid/dorky stuff all the time so I got some stories bc I'm lame

it’s okie!! i don’t think love is fake anymore! i have a lovely gf who i love very much and i know she loves me back and ^^ 5 years tho!! that’s a long time i’m happy for u!!!!