and cuss in front of their kids

soulmate first words au prompt

ok but like keith having ‘you kids get off my lawn’ written on his wrist and panicking for most of his life because he thought his soulmate was gonna be a grisly old man

keith hearing the tail end of lance telling a story with keith’s words being the first thing he hears and him just yelling ‘oh my god thank fuck you’re not an old man’

lance being the only kid in his town with cussing in his soulmark and getting teased mercilessly by his older siblings about it

lance hearing those words being shouted by this jerk right in front of him and just freaking the fuck out

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One time working for a restaurant that serves Wings from a Buffalo. a customers child was throwing a tantrum. They bring their child up front, smack them and tell them to sit on the front bench. They turned to me and said "You work here, watch my kid." When I explained that I would not watch her child as that is not part of my job and is a liability issue, she complained to a manager, who told her the same thing. Customer then cussed me out and hit her child again before returning to the table.

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RFA + Saeran reactions to MC swearing like a sailor ??

•he probably curses like a grandma so he’s a little shook at first
• then he gets used to it
• be careful he might pick it up

• he cusses a lot too
• but he tried not to curse that much at first in case you had a problem with it
• but when you start swearing he stops trying to hold it back
• the other members are mildly irritated by it (cue one of them covering yoosung’s ears)

•surprised at first
•probably curses very very lightly like only when he’s really mad or frustrated, or during sex
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
•disproves of it but gets used to it, tries to at least get them to not curse in public as much
•eventually just starts tuning it out

•he doesn’t curse much himself but he doesn’t really care that MC does
• gives them “alternate” swear words for when they’re in public or around kids (like frickernugget or heckiebutt, yes I’ve used these) •laughs at it

Edit : I fucking forgot Jaehee and Saeran shitty shit I’ll make a post w them hold up
Important OTP First Questions

-Who holds the others hand first?

-Who initiates the first kiss?

-Who asks the other out for the first date?

-Who says ‘I love you’ first?

-Who’s ready for marriage first?

-Who wants kids first?

-Who’s the first to break down because they’re going to be parents?

-Who’s the first to cuss in front of the baby?

-Who’s name does the baby learn first?

-Who’s least ready to let their kids grow up?

-Who cries when the kids leave?

-Who makes tea for the other because they really shouldn’t be getting up so much anymore?

-Who teases the grandkids most?

-Who spoils the grandkids most?

-Who insists on doing even the most simple of tasks for the other because they’re both growing so old and they really need to rest?

-Who dies first?

You Got Me In Chains For Your Love

Written by: @why-do-i-ship-this

Requested by: anon

Fic Type: fluff, one-shot

Words: 973

Warnings: swearing, mild fighting, brief descriptions of past gore

Prompt: Carl and Negan get handcuffed together, and the latter “loses” the key.


“You did what?!”

Carl Grimes’ angered voice rang through the Sanctuary, the shrill pitch having sliced through the heavy wood of Negan’s bedroom door like it was Michonne’s katana.

Negan smirked, pulling the younger man closer by their handcuffed wrists, ghosting the fingertips of his free hand along the boy’s pale cheekbone. He laughed as Carl flinched away, face going red with fury and embarrassment.

“I lost the key, kid,” Negan said, tone nonchalant. “So it looks like you’re stuck with me.”

Carl silently fumed, stepping away from the older man as he yanked futilely on the cool metal cuff around his slender wrist, wincing as it bit painfully into his skin.

“Hey now,” Negan said quickly, his calloused hand catching Carl’s bony one, only to gently pull it away from chain connecting the two of them. “Stop that shit. You’ll hurt yourself.”

Carl scowled deeply, yanking his hand out of Negan’s grip. “What do you care?” He spat, narrowing his stormy blue eye. “You we’re gonna chop this fuckin’ arm off yourself not too long ago!”

Negan rolled his eyes, sighing heavily. “That was then, this is now. And right now, I don’t want an adolescent boy bleeding all over my fucking carpet.”

Carl shoved Negan’s chest with his free hand, baring his teeth almost animalistically. “You shoulda fucking thought about that before you handcuffed together!” He growled, his entire body visibly agitated.

Negan’s eyes widened at the teen’s outburst, but quickly narrowed as he grabbed Carl’s free hand again, grip much tighter this time.

“Stop acting like a fucking brat,” he hissed, all humor gone from his tone. “With the shit that’s gone down in your lifetime? You’ve been in plenty of worse situations–so stop pissin’ ‘n moanin’ ‘bout this one.”

Carl visibly flinched at the older man’s sudden change in demeanor, but continued glaring at him defiantly nonetheless.

“You’re right that I’ve been in worse situations than this–much fucking worse–but I would rather relive all of them than spend another minute chained to you,” he spat venomously.

Negan was surprised by how much Carl’s words hurt. He felt himself sit down on the couch heavily, noticing the teen stumble slightly out of the corner of his eye. The older man sighed, scrubbing his free hand over his face.

“Am I really that bad?” He asked, voice tired.

Carl was quiet for a long moment, from shock or ponderance, Negan wasn’t sure.

“You killed my best friend,” he finally said, as if that was answer enough. Negan looked up sharply, meeting the teen’s conflicted gaze.

“The redhead–he was your best friend?” He asked, doubt lingering in his tone. Carl’s eye narrowed, and he shook his head.

“No, Abraham wasn’t my best friend,” he answered, making sure to make his bitterness over Negan not knowing his victim’s name obvious. “I’m talking about Glenn. The one who’s pregnant wife you threatened to murder right before his eyes. The one you mocked for trying to tell her he loved her one last time. The one who was always, always there for me when no one else was. He was my best friend. And you killed him.”

Carl’s breathing was ragged, and unshed tears blurred his vision. He waited for Negan to say something stupid, to dismiss the murder of his friends like he always did, but an uncomfortable number of minutes had passed, and yet, the man hadn’t spoken.

“Fucking say something, you asshole!” The teen finally snapped, getting up in Negan’s space and grabbing his collar. Deep down, he knew that he shouldn’t be cussing the man out, nor threatening him, but for some reason, he felt invincible–as if no punishment would befall him.

“The fuck do you want me to say, kid?!” Negan spat, latching his free hand on to Carl’s collar, mimicking the boy’s action. “That I’m sorry? Because I fucking am, okay!? I’m really fucking sorry I bashed your best friend to death in front of his pregnant wife! And no matter how many fuckin’ times I say it was your redneck, hillbilly Daryl’s fault, I know that’s not the fuckin’ truth! I’m the one who picked up the damn bat, and I’m the one who smashed in Glenn’s skull! It’s my fuckin’ fault he’s dead, and I’m sorry!”

Carl’s jaw was dropped, his eye wide in shock as he tried to process the words that Negan had said. His grip on the man’s collar loosed, his limp hand eventually falling back to his side. Negan’s did the same, the only thing left connecting them being the stupid pair of handcuffs.

“That’s all you had to say,” the teen finally whispered, sitting down on the couch next to Negan. Belatedly, he realized their thighs were touching, the thin material of their jeans the only thing separating them. Carl thought about moving his leg, but found the pressure somehow comforting, and he scooched it closer instead. If Negan noticed, he didn’t comment.

“That all I had to say,” the older man mimicked, as if in a trance. He let his head fall into his hands again, elbows resting on his knees. After a while, he felt thin fingers wrap themselves around his lower thigh, squeezing lightly. Much later, a silent, brown-haired head took their place.

“That’s all you had to say,” Carl mumbled reassuringly, letting his eye fall closed as he felt the jean’s of Negan’s pants rub against his cheek. Negan hummed deeply in response, unable to stop his calloused hand from resting itself on the teen’s head, rubbing circles into his scalp. He heard Carl sigh in content at the feeling, and he knew the kid must’ve been loopy from exhaustion. Once he was sure Carl was fully asleep, Negan leaned over, pressing a soft, lingering kiss to his forehead.

“Thank you,” he whispered, closing his eyes. “Thank you.”


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choose your battles ii

here’s pt 1 if you haven’t read it!

pt 3 is here!

a/n: so much happening in so little time how will everyone adjust. by being a whiny little bitch obviously. i thought I knew where this pairing was going and then someone asked a question about the fic and now im Rethinking My Entire Life. i also do not have a schedule for posting this! idk what im doing w my life rn so im coasting on inspiration and coffee like any kid my age.

warnings: nooone unless u count steve rogers bein a baby as something that you need to be warned about. i promise he will get better. pinky promise.

Steve is a tad ooc rn but i promise it’ll improve w time

words: jinkies its like 5k.

tag list: @bobbdylan (youre the only one and i hope this is the fic you meant. if not, im sorry and i will tag you in the other one.)

The next morning, you woke up to your toddler cuddling up to you in your bed, mumbling sleepily about pancakes. She didn’t usually sleep with you, but there was something about the stress of the past couple days that had forced you into overprotective mom mode and you didn’t move her when she fell asleep watching The Little Mermaid in your bed last night.

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Purple Tulips

Summary: After saving a girl in a fire, you meet a very sweet fireman.
Pairing: Fireman!Gabriel x Teacher!Reader
Word counting: 930 something words.
Warnings: AU! Fireman Gabriel. Fluff.
A/N: Wrote this to my sweet @thewhiterabbit42​. Hope you like it, babe. 

Originally posted by lucifersagents

“Out, out.” You yelled at the panicking kids.

It was the last day of the school year, and the school was on fire. You didn’t know how it happened, but now it had spread through that side of the building and your students were literally panicking with all the smoke and noise around.

“Miss Y/L/N…” One of the girls stopped in front of you.

“Alex, you need to go.” You exclaimed, pointing the way out to the other kids.

“But Lisa is locked in the bathroom!” She cried out.

You frowned deep, worried.

“Shit.” You whispered to yourself, looking for a closer adult. “Alex, get out of here with the other kids, I’m gonna get Lisa. Where is she?”

“In the third floor, close to the room with the instruments.”

You nodded, cussing under your breath when you realised you’d have trough two sets of stairs to get there.

Your blood was pumping hard while you ran up, covering your mouth and nose with your coat when you felt the smoke in your breath.

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Opie @mrskokitztelford (Hope you enjoy smut!)

48) I bet you can’t go 24 hours without cussing.

73) I like proving you wrong.

94) You’re an idiot. I married an idiot.

Reader’s POV

I was rocking back in forth in the nursery while the twins rested in my arms. I had already put Kenny and Ellie to bed and was waiting for Opie to get back home. He had called three hours ago and told me it would be a late night. But since this was the first night after having the twins that we could be together, I was staying up.

I was starting to doze off when I heard the front door creak open. I smiled sleepily and waited for him to pass the door. He was trying to be quiet and sneak past.

“Opie?” I called softly so I didn’t wake up the twins. Opie turned and smiled at me. He came in the nursery and took one of the babies out of my arm. He placed Jax in his crib and I put Harry Jr in his. I smiled as Opie wrapped his arms around my waist.

“You look sexy as fuck!” Opie told me and I turned in his arms and smacked his shoulder.

“Not in front of the kids Ope!” I scolded him.

“They are asleep!” He defended himself.

“You are always cussing in front of the kids and Kenny is starting to pick up on it.” I told him.

“No I’m not.” He said.

“Really?” I gave him a look. “I bet you can’t go a 24 hours without cussing.

“What do I get if I win?” He asked.

“Hmmm, if you win… then I will do that thing you’ve been begging for me to agree to for years.” I smirked knowing he’d know what I was talking about. He grinned.

“Oh fuck yeah! You’re on!” Opie said. I raised an eyebrow at him. “That doesn’t count! We haven’t started yet.” I giggled and nodded.

You’re an idiot. I married an idiot.” I looked at the clock it was 1:55 am. “But fine, we will start at two.”

“Okay!” Opie smiled and went into kiss me before I stopped him.

“What do I get if I win?” I smirked.

“What do you want?” Opie gave me a look that said he didn’t trust me.

“You have to give me a strip tease and a lap dance at the clubhouse in front of all your brothers.” I gave him an evil grin as his eyes widen.

“What? No way! Not fair.” He shook his head.

“If I’m going to be putting up the thing then that is more than fair. Honestly what you are putting up is a little light. Do you want me to add more?” I gave him a stern look.

“Fine, fine! I’ll do it. It’s just 24 hours right?” He asked.

“Right.” I smiled sweetly. “Let’s go to bed. I want my sexy husband.” I took his hand and pulled him to the bedroom. He thought I was taking too long and decided to pick me up and throw me over his shoulder. I attempted not to squeal at his actions and he carried me into our room. He closed the door behind him and then threw me gently on the bed. I smiled and watched him pull off his kutte and T-shirt.

He went to get on top of me and I stopped him. I got on my knees, on the bed, in front of him. I kissed up his chest and lightly raked my nails down his side. He let out a growl as I did. I smirked and bit down on one of his tattoos while digging my nails in hard. That did the trick as he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back to give me a bruising kiss.

“Mmmmm Opie…” I moaned as he moved his lips to my neck. He gripped my waist hard.

“Say my name again…” He groaned against my neck and bit it lightly.

“Opie…” I moaned slightly louder. He grabbed my pj pants and ripped them off. He then took my shirt off and threw it across the room. He looked down at my body and had to bit his lips to keep from cursing. I leaned back on the bed and spread my legs wide. I smirked and dragged a finger around my nipple and then the other one.  I moved my finger down my body and slid it inside my pussy. I moaned again.

He watched me and his hands shook slightly as he did. He bit his lip harder. I started pumping my finger in and out. He took his pants and boxers off. I moaned louder as he slowly started to stroke his cock.

“You want me?” I asked him as I slid another finger in.

“Yes…” He nodded and groaned. “So much baby.”

“Then take me.” I slipped my fingers out and he got on me. He slipped his cock in me and groaned loudly. I kissed him and I wrapped my arms around him. He kissed back and start pounding me. I tangled my fingers in his hair and pulled on it. He bit my lip and moved faster. I rolled us over so I was on top and began to ride him fast. Opie grabbed my boobs and pushed up into me as I moved down onto him.

“God yes baby!” He groaned as I dug my nails into his chest.

“Fuck Opie!” I moaned as I got closer to cumming. He could tell I was getting closer and turned us back over so he could pound into me harder. We moaned and the bed shook as we moved closer and closer to our orgasms. I came first screaming out Opie’s name.

“Fuck!” Opie yelled as he came hard. Opie collapsed on top of me afterwards. We stayed like that until I started laughing. Opie rolled over so he was laying beside me and gave me a confused look. “What?”

I like proving you wrong.” I smiled and giggled. He rolled his eyes and kissed me.

“Fine but I’m leaving my boxers on when I strip.” He said and I nodded and kissed him.

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 “Y/N, what are you going here?” You could sense a billion different emotions coming from Andy. He was angry, confused, worried, surprised, and you don’t know what else. “I could ask you the same thing, Andy. I need an explanation.” You demanded. You didn’t mean to come off so harsh, but what else were you supposed to do? Andy had a little girl with him, “Daddy, what’s going on?” DADDY?! “Nothing, princess. Go looks at the ducks.” He softly smiled at her and she nodded before running off. 

Andy kept looking at her as we started to a bench that Andy was able to see the little girl. I sat on the opposite of Andy and looked at him as he looked past me to his “daughter”. “Andy seriously! What’s going on?” You asked him. You were freaking out. “What’s going on is that, that’s my daughter, Aurora and I haven’t told you about her because I knew you’d freak out.” His eyebrows were furrowed at me and not the only emotion you were getting from him was anger. “Why didn’t you just tell me?” You questioned softly. “Because… I-” Andy was cut off, “Daddy! Daddy! There’s the ice cream man! Come on!” Aurora pulled him off the bench and dragged him to the ice cream man. 

You were mad and so many thoughts were running through your head. One, you’re his best friend and he could have told you. Two, who was the mom? where was the mom? Three, you hated kids. Four, how long has this been going on. Andy came back to the bench and Aurora had sat under a tree near us, “Any questions?” He finally said. “Yeah, plenty, but only one I want to know first, how long have you had her?” Andy sighed and looked at Aurora licking her ice cream and looking at the flowers that were near her, “For about a year now…” You stood up quickly and yelled, “A fucking year?!” Andy’s attention went from Aurora to you, but the look he gave you looked like pure hatred. He stood up to meet your level, but he’s always been taller so it just made him look more intimidating. 

“First, my daughter is right there, don’t you DARE yell at me and cuss at me in front of her. If you want to yell at me do it in private. Second, I get we’re best friends, I should have told you, but I knew you would freak out. You hate kids. But, i was not about to give up Aurora. She is my entire life and if you don’t like it, you can leave. Be my guest.” you hadn’t realized until Andy stopped speaking that your eyes were practically falling out of your head. “Andy..”—“No. I’m leaving. Talk to me when you calm down. Come on, princess.” Aurora stood up and ran over to Andy. He reached out his hand to her and she happily took it as they started to walk off. You watched as they made it to his car and you could see from your position he put her in her car seat, which explained why he always wanted to take your car whenever you guys hung out for those few hours you that you did. He walked over to the drivers side and looked at you one last time before getting in and driving off. 

Little did you know, that would be the last time you would have seen Andy in a long time, and you did not enjoy how it ended.

Today, I fucked up by calling a kid a waffle.

One of my classes is a black and white photography class. We were assigned to take a roll of film worth of pictures. Photo assignments are weighed heavily so I wanted to take awesome photos. Anyways, I was taking a picture of a friend and this dude purposely walks in front of my camera and ruins my picture! He snickers and walks off. I am pissed because it is not like I can just delete the photo! So, I yelled my favorite insult

“You are a rude waffle! A crusty pancake with square holes!”

He turned around and looked me in the eyes and retaliated with

“This is why nobody FUCKING loves you!”

He walks off again and I just stand in shock. I knew this kid. He would follow me around sometimes and was really creepy. I turned around to finish taking a picture and one of my teachers comes up and starts ranting.

“Don’t use that language! It is improper for a lady!”

I looked at her confused.

“I just called him a waffle! He is the one that cussed at me!”

“Well, two wrongs don’t make a right. I’m disappointed”

“He walked in front of my camera and ruined a picture for photography. I am getting graded on it!”

“He has a hard life. You don’t know what he has been through okay?”

“I know he went through my fucking picture! I have a hard life to but I’m not an asshole.”

She got really mad and sent me to the dean. I had to explain to my mom why I called a kid a crusty pancake. I have to write an apology note. My dad finds this hilarious though and we are making waffles for dinner.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.
Go ahead, curse in front of your kids
I always seasoned my vocabulary with as many four-letter words as 50-cent ones, at least until my first child was born two years ago. That’s when I found myself — and I’m almost embarrassed to admit it — watching my language. Something deep in my subconscious told me that profanity might harm him in some way, that even a fleeting expletive, like a curse word uttered while stumbling over a child gate, could do lasting damage.
By Los Angeles Times

A nice summary of the important difference between swearing and slurs: 

As far as I know, scientists have never conducted a controlled experiment aimed at uncovering the consequences of swearing in front of children; you can’t ethically justify exposing 5-year-olds to heavy cussing if there’s even the slightest risk of harm. But college students are another story. And we can extrapolate to children from experimental research conducted with adults.

The only profane words that demonstrably cause trouble are slurs. A 2014 study exposed 52 university students (average age: 21 years) to either a slur for homosexuals or a neutral term. Those who saw the slur subsequently thought that less money should go towards AIDS-HIV prevention efforts for “high risk groups.” In another, 61 participants (average age: 23) saw either a homosexual slur or a neutral label. The ones who saw the slur positioned their chairs physically farther away from a person they believed to be homosexual by an average of more than 10 centimeters.

Slurs may have similar or greater effects in children, who are less developed socially and cognitively. Indeed, correlational studies suggest as much. For instance, a study that followed 143 middle school students found that those who reported more exposure to homophobic slurs tended to report feeling less connected to their school lives. They also exhibited symptoms of anxiety and depression.

But there’s no similar proof that exposure to ordinary profanity — four-letter words — causes any sort of direct harm: no increased aggression, stunted vocabulary, numbed emotions or anything else.

Of course, parents aren’t holding their tongues solely because they think hearing a bad word will turn their kid into a criminal. They also worry that the kid will turn around and use it. And yet the largest observational study — again we don’t have controlled experiments — found that childhood swearing is largely innocuous. Scientists documented children ages 1 to 12 naturally producing thousands of taboo utterances, and only rarely witnessed negative repercussions. On no occasion did swearing lead to physical violence. Instead, taboo words were used mostly for positive reasons, for instance humor, and mostly were not produced out of anger. […]

I’ve come up with a compromise solution. I don’t censor myself because I know my child won’t suffer cognitive or emotional damage; and I don’t try to stop him from parroting me, in large part because I’m not delusional enough to think that would work. But when I happen to swear around my kid, I provide some coaching. I engage him in an honest dialogue about why some words are OK in some places, but not others. Even a 2-year-old can understand that the f-word can be muttered consequence-free at home but might lead to a negative reaction when screamed in the supermarket.

Read the whole thing.

headcanon that, while Stan cusses like a sailor when the kids are out of sight, Ford actually has a much harder time NOT cussing in front of the kids, because he’s been living in a hellhole nightmare dimension for 30 years and he’s long since forgotten that swear words are actually bad until he accidentally says “fuck” in front of Mabel once

seconds later, Stan tackles Ford to the ground, screaming something about dirtying the pure children’s innocent minds with his foul language, while Mabel ran to the bathroom to dunk her head into soapy water so she could wash her ears of the dirty word Ford said, all while screaming “LA LA LA LA LA” at the top of her lungs

Dipper, who watched the whole thing from the kitchen, just stares at Ford with disappointment as he walks up the stairs to help Mabel keep from accidentally drowning herself

meanwhile Ford, who is still on the ground and absolutely befuddled, just asks “What? What did I say??”

Stan has to reeducate Ford on “bad words” and what is ok and definitely not ok to say in front of the kids

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I request a h/c about Kid reacting to his kid's first word being a cuss word.

Awkward moments with Kidd:

Originally posted by rossy2001

  • He’d be so proud.
  • “My baby!” he’d exclaim, on the verge of tears, hugging his baby.
  • And he’d call Killer to tell him the big news. 
  • Only then he’d start realizing HIS WIFE WILL FUCKING KILL HIM.
  • Then he’d panic.
  • And leave the country island for a while.
  • Still very proud of his child tho.

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BTS MTL date a girl who doesn't cuss at all. Thank you 💕


Seokjin: he hardly cusses, so he’d probably appreciate that you didn’t cuss

Taehyung: it was less likely that you’d slip up and cuss in front of his cousins or other kids, so he’d be all for it

Hoseok: he’d call you cute and tease you, but he’d love it

Jungkook: he’d do all the cussing for you, dw. just point to him when you need a curse word said and he’d say it

Jimin: he probably didn’t notice at first, but when he did he didn’t think much of it. it didn’t really matter to him

Yoongi: well you can’t quote his lyrics soo xP

Namjoon: as long as you didn’t mind him cussing a lot then it wouldn’t really bother him, but he’d want to know why you didn’t cuss


Super Rich Kids || 1

Summary: asshole!Luke Hemmings considered that life was just ok. Even though he had “friends”, a girlfriend, grades good enough to get into whatever college he wanted, reigning king of the top of the food chain in school, and money to throw away- Luke still was unsatisfied. So what happens when a new girl from big apple New York moves to Australia and he can’t help but feel intrigued with her “playing hard to get” façade. 

Word Count: 1,643

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Concert Going Tips

So I went to the One Direction WWA stadium tour at LP Stadium last Tuesday and I realized there was a lot of things I wish I would’ve known or thought of before I went. So here are the basic tips I’ve piled together for any first time concert goers or someone who can never remember anything, like myself.

Prep (A week or more before the event)

1. Choose your outfit.

     Whether you go purchase a new outfit specifically for the concert or you choose something from your existing wardrobe, it’s really important to decide what to wear at least a week in advance. Try it on, and if at all possible, wear it for a day to see if there are any issues that need to be dealt with, especially if you’ve never worn it before. Wardrobe malfunctions suck and if you can avoid them, please do. Remember, wear something comfortable. You’ll be walking and jumping around a lot and that’s no fun to do in a mini dress and heels.

2. Hair and makeup

If you aren’t so much into beauty then this might not be necessary, but if you want to try out any new products, do it WAY in advance. It’s no fun to break out right before your event. Also, try out the look you want to achieve and wear it for a day. That way you’ll know what to do and how to do it when concert day rolls around. Remember, if it’s hot, wear a primer and waterproof makeup! Also, do yourself a favor and wear minimal makeup. Not only will you be sweating and your makeup will most likely slide, but it’s also more comfortable in the long run.

3. Check the weather

      Do this AS SOON AS YOU CAN. Make any wardrobe adjustments according to how hot or cold it will be. The heat index was 105 degrees for my concert and many people were wearing black jeans and tshirts and they were dying. They will most likely have rain coats available for purchase at the venue so don’t fret if it starts to rain!

4. Beauty

If you want to look your absolute best, I would suggest whitening your teeth, using a self tanner, and exfoliating if you want. Use your favorite products and have a spa day!

5. Check the venue

       There is going to be a shit load of traffic and tons of fans so make sure to have the address and distance time to your venue. It will make concert day go so much smoother. There also may be rules depending on what type of venue. I highly suggest checking to make sure your purse and other items fit within any requirements on the ticket selling website (Ticketmaster for example), the venue’s website, or the artists’ website. If it’s in a stadium they will have bag size requirements so please check! They will make you throw your bag out if it doesn’t follow the guidelines.

Night before the concert

1. Set out your outfit

        Set out everything you’re going to wear so you don’t forget anything important.

2. Pack your bag

        Pack items such as

Your wallet and ID (which you will need to receive your tickets)


      Pressed powder

      Blotting sheets

      Lip products

      Any other touch up items

Phone and charger (They will most likely have outlets scattered around, even outside the venue!)

Camera (I will warn you, security can be dicks about you using your camera during he performance so don’t bring anything big or too expensive.)

Hand sanitizer (because there are fucking germs everywhere. Control that shit)

And MOST importantly, WATER (Bring a plastic grocery bag filled with them and keep hydrated while you wait. They won’t let you bring any food or water into the venue but have some on had for while you wait.)

3. Last minute things

       I would suggest doing your nails the night before so you don’t have to worry about them not drying in time! Tweeze those brows and shave those legs if that’s your thing and moisturize moisturize moisturize.

Day of the concert

Yes! The day has arrived! Only a few things left to do.

1. Get ready super early

         I skipped school that day to avoid excess stress and also to give myself plenty of time to get ready. Take your time if at all possible and just relax and enjoy yourself.

2. Go to the venue early!

         If you get to your venue plenty early then you won’t have to worry about any mishaps that are bound to happen. It also gives you plenty of time to get your hands on some merch before they sell out. Make sure you get to AND STAY AT the correct entrance for your tickets. Make sure you know when and where to get them (that is if they’re will call of course). Also, STAY IN ONE SPOT NEAR THE FRONT! Lines form fast and who doesn’t want to be up front? Don’t worry about being bored while waiting! Everyone is there for the same reason: to see their favorite band! So socialize and make friends! Who knows! You might even see the artists while you wait too!

Random tips

1. Signs

           I know. We all want to tell Harry Styles to fuck us over a table but it is NOT okay to put that on a sign. Not only does security have to look at your sign before you enter the venue (you can gauruntee that cuss words and sexual innuendos won’t fly with them) but there will probably be young kids there as well so just avoid anything super obviously inappropriate. Also, want to bring multiple signs but don’t want to carry them all? Attach Velcro to the corners of your signs so you can stick them together!

2. Be respectful but firm

           You are there to have fun so cut loose! BUT remember that other people are there to have fun too so be mindful! No pushing or cussing because… just don’t. Thanks. Also, security can be bitches. Make sure to follow the rules they lay out but if they are being rude, tell them. Be respectful (because you don’t want to be kicked out) but just let them know you are trying to adhere to the rules as best you can.



               See a band member? Walk over and ask that fucker for a picture! I saw so many people get pushed to the side because they didn’t get in there and ask. There’s nothing worse than having the opportunity of a life time and letting it walk away! But again, be respectful of others and don’t push or be rude!

Additional notes

               Stadiums do not allow umbrellas in their venue and bags cannot be bigger than your spread out hand unless it clear. It can be 12 inches by 16 inches if it is clear.

Also, don’t bother bringing anything super obvious (like stuffed animals, blow ups, etc) to throw to the band. Security will take it away.

WATCH! Pay attention while you wait or even in the concert. That’s how I met One Direction’s manager, Paul!

I hope this was at least slightly helpful for any newbies or forgetfuls! Let me know about your concert experiences or tips and I’ll be happy to add them to the list!

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So story: one time I was cosplaying as Red Hood but so my fiance. We took a ferry there and some dude in front of us where dressed as Batman and superman. They would only speak to my fiance who real only knew Red Hood from the game. They made incorrect comments about Red Hood too. I was so close to riping them a new one and correcting all their facts but there was a kid near us and I was too worried about a cuss word slipping out. I did through a throw a few corrections their way.

Yes!!! So much yes! I understand you wanting to rip into them. Glad you didn’t just in case you said something that upset the kid. But that’s amazing.

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Ok so I'm sitting here all emotional and stuff cause mother nature is a bitch and I started thinking about daddy-to-be Niall and now I'm even more emotional. Could you possibly write a little something on that?

You woke up to the sound of a loud thud and Niall’s voice cussing.  What time was it?  What day was it?  You tried to roll over and then remembered, you were bigger than a house.  Almost 8 months pregnant, tired, bloated, and making embarrassing noises from every orifice in your body no matter how much you tried to control them.

The day’s events came flooding back into your brain.  You’d woken up at 3 a.m. unable to fall back to sleep.  Terrible heartburn and a nasty headache kept you tossing and turning until Niall finally woke up.  He sluggishly got up and poured you a glass of milk.  He pushed up behind you once you’d finished and kept his arms around you for the rest of the night.  After a few hours, you had fallen back to a restless sleep.

When you finally did wake up, you were greeted by breakfast in bed and Niall’s concerned face.  He had been more than a little jumpy this last few weeks of your pregnancy.  Any tiny discomfort you felt he was quick to try to remedy.  But this last week in particular had been the worst and there was little to nothing he could do.  An eventuality he was not ok with.

So waking up now to hear him cussing after a loud thud was a little more than alarming.  You pushed yourself up and out of bed, glancing down at your protruding belly you exhaled a deep breath.  The quicker this kid decided to exit your stomach, the better.

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Animal Crackers In My Soup

Ray was always such a calm kid. He’d eat his carrots out of a bowl sitting next to him while he watched Geoff play video games (if he wasn’t playing them himself and smoking his adoptive parent at every game he picked up). He kept his bunny ears clean without being reminded, was low-key, and loved a good cuddle.

Michael and Gavin…weren’t.

Warnings: Nothing but cute hybrid toddler/young kid lads and parent gents up in here

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