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Sympathy For The Devil (part 9)

Set in 1978, Bill a young yet accomplish cop takes on the crime in New York City. Nervous yet excited to take on his first big task at his new department and prove himself. He soon finds out his partner is everything he had least expected.

warnings: strong language, mentions of sex acts, mentions of drugs, mentions of sexual assault

author’s note: one more chapter and the epilogue and we’re done! this one’s a bit long for the wait, enjoy! thanks for reading!

  • also if you’re seeing this for the first time you can read part one here and if you need to catch up on previous chapters go here.

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Bill and Star sat in the same interrogation room they first met for hours. Telling and retelling the accounts of Randi’s Thanksgiving party. They were even separated for a moment to be questioned individually. Bill waited right out the door of the room, pacing with his arms crossed, until the detective on the case let him back in; looking a little peeved when their story never budged. Having to incriminate colleagues was something no one was happy about doing. Especially, since Stan was the co-director of the Criminal Informant Unit, it was almost unheard of to bust someone if his stature. Though with the information the department had gotten they couldn’t deny that Stan was up to no good and it was in their best interest to reprimand him for his actions.

Bill took a seat on the cold aluminum chair next to Star. She looked a little peeved herself as she smoked her cigarette.

“You alright?” He asked pulling a cig from his pack to join her.

“Yeah… assholes, you know?” She lightly shrugged. “How long are we gonna be here we didn’t do anything?”

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