and cry at their beauty


#the moment when you realised#you’re falling for that man#who trusts you#even though you know each other#just for a couple of days#magnus has fallen#so bad#both unintentionally#and#unconditionally


🥀 me??? wearing gay make up bc BigHit broke my heart yday??? more likely than u think!!!💐

anyway i done my makeup b4 they semi-redeemed themselves *shrugs* but 3 selfies?? from two different days??? yiKES…. 

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[NU'EST W - If You] Special Stage | M COUNTDOWN 170817 EP.537

Ever since I stanned Nu’est, even if it’s not as long as the others and not as short as the new fans, I’ve had many tears with them. This performance just got me. I’m teary-eyed and happy and I literally hugged myself because everything is so good. They did so well and I just need a fandom hug, seriously.

Wandering around the photo gallery exhibition like a ghost aimlessly exploring purgatory, Bradley eventually wound up in front of a black and white portrait of a homeless man, his rancid teeth flashed in a golden smile for the benefit of the lens. “Moving,” she commented simply, intending it for the nearby guide and accidentally broadcasting for anyone at a close range to catch what she said next. “Think I should be offended that my photo’s three along from Crest’s wet dream?”


Sasha Velour’s drag race look book