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The Blade of Marmora guys need more love… (Since the creators don’t seem to love them //sob)

I was thinking the other day about the bi-species in Voltron and as far as we know there seems to be a lot of half Galra ones in particular and this gave me pause. I guess before the empire, most people stayed on their own planets? But because of the invasion there’s Galrans everywhere and… hrrmm.

Makes you wonder though why their DnA is so compatible with so many other aliens. haha

Short dumb comic. LOL. Feels like it’s been a while since I’ve done one of those.

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  « It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons »  - J.R.R. Tolkien


Newt absolutely loves Tina’s smile and he thinks it’s so beautiful and radiant. He also thinks she doesn’t do it often enough so he makes it his mission to make her smile as much as possible.

On their wedding day, during their vows, one of the things he promises is to try his best to make her as happy as she deserves to be.

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Like adults, we swallowed the crap they fed us, and now we’re throwing it all aside. Funny, us both trying to live out our dreams - like children. I… can’t let you come with me.

Even after I became a soldier, war still seemed like something that happened in a far off land where I couldn’t see it, where someone else fought and died. It didn’t seem real. I thought war had nothing to do with me…. The homunculi may throw fuel on the fire of war, but didn’t the desire to bring back people that we love create them? And if they’re nothing more than products of our hearts and minds, no matter how pure our intentions… then there will never be a war that isn’t, at least in some part, caused by all of us. 

But you’re thinking on too large a scale there, kid. If we don’t want to drive ourselves crazy, each of us can only deal with what’s directly in front of us.


TT, thank you for giving me the inspiration to finally make a fanvid. Have my favorite friendship of all time, James and Sirius. 

(( OOC: I’m sobbing. )) 

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HI! 24. “That looks like it hurts…” - minjoon + tongue piercing eyyyyy

“Alright,” the piercer says in a light, pleasant voice, “now you may feel some discomfort, but whatever you do, don’t pull away from me.” 

Namjoon’s staring at his face, high cheekbones and sharp jaw line, expressive eyes that light up as he talks. Really, he’s a beautiful man. It’s almost a shame that he’s so riddled with holes. 

“That’d be bad,” the piercer continues. “We may accidentally give you a piercing you didn’t want.” 

He makes a funny face, but Namjoon is too busy thinking about the little flash of silver inside the piercer’s mouth to do much more than nod. 

“There’s gonna be a lot of pressure–” 

“That looks like it hurts,” Namjoon blurts out, still staring in fascination at the piercer’s lips, past the labret ring and into the little sliver of darkness that’s his oral cavity as he parts them in surprise. 

“Well, yeah,” he says, like it should be obvious. “I mean, it’s a piercing. You’re jamming a needle through your skin. In the case of the tongue piercing, you actually use a hollow needle, which removes a small portion of the tongue as it passes through so that you have enough room to insert the tongue ring.” 

When Namjoon blanches, the piercer looks sympathetic and says, “Relax, we don’t use a hollow needle for the tragus. It’s a standard gauge. We will use a tube to catch the needle as it passes through though.” 

“But the tongue…” Namjoon hesitates.

The baby-faced piercer smiles at him a little, his eyes beginning to curve into crescents. “Mouth piercings actually heal very fast, so even though it swells for a few days afterward, I think the tongue is one of the easiest piercings to get. Now, let me get this done.”

“Oh–okay,” Namjoon stutters, then reminds himself to hold still no matter what. 

There’s the strange sensation of the cool receiving tube being pressed against the mark on his cartilage. 

“On the count of three,” the piercer says. “Deep breath. One, two, three.” 

He doesn’t jump the gun on Namjoon, attacking when he’s unprepared for the pain. He actually goes on the three count, but the pain still manages to take Namjoon by surprise. He stops breathing, suffering through the pressure until all of the sudden he hears a pop as the needle breaks through the small, thick bit of cartilage. 

The distract himself as the piercer slips the hoop in, he asks, “It doesn’t…hurt…when you do stuff with it?” 

The piercer grins widely as he cleans up his tools, mischief in his eyes. “Not usually. Not unless I want it to.” He wipes Namjoon’s ear one last time with an alcohol swab, then winks mischievously. 

Nerves gone now, Namjoon suddenly has the presence of mind to blush.