and creepy at the same time

So, it’s going to be one of those days …

I am about just over 5'6 ½. I’m wearing boots with an inch heel, and suddenly I’m queen of the giants! *Looms over tiny coworkers* Worship me!!!

My employee and I are wearing the same outfit (we don’t have uniforms). We go to be the creepy twins from The Shining in front of friend. Big boss hears this and goes “That’s just wrong.” Not because creepy, but because she thought we were trying to ensnare friend into some weird Davito/Swarzenegger (because height difference, haha) threesome sex romp… She openly admitted this.

Every time I pick up my cup of coffee someone rushes in and asks me something.

Coworker asked me if the fiber in cardboard  (literal cardboard) offset any poor consequences of eating said cardboard.

Overheard: It’s Friday out here, but it’s Monday morning in my heart … always.

Friend: “[Redacted] is a fucking pussy!” *Storms off*

Discovered that we’ve been doing something totally wrong … T’is alright, we’ve fixed it … sorta.

Soooooo, how’s it goin’ for you guys? It’s going to be quite the day here.


The ‘Passengers’ trailers are hiding the full, creepy story about manipulation and kidnapping

  • Going by the trailers, Passengers looks like an exhilarating and romantic space romp.
  • The promo materials make it appear Pratt and Lawrence’s characters wake up at the same time.
  • SPOILER ALERT: They don’t. Pratt’s characters wakes up first, is alone and desperate, stalks Lawrence on the ship’s computers, then wakes her up and lies to her about it.
  • Many critics and movie fans on Twitter are pointing out how creepy, manipulative and irredeemable this is. Read more

This made me chuckle :) I think we all knew he was having fun watching us “panic” and discuss about that particular eerie sentence in the middle of a gameplay or that other creepy Anti appearance but to actually hear him say this made me smile! I don’t know, it’s probably because we were all on the same page all this time, playing our role in this awesome play! 

(from “Happy Halloween!”)

“It’s pointless to count stars.”

“It’s also pointless to count freckles, but I know you have 36 on the edge of your left hand.”

submitted by anonymous someone who could probs woo me in a day

At approximately 5AM on 4 August, 2002, 39-year-old Todd Sees departed his home in Mount Pleasant Township, Pennsylvania, to drive two miles to Mt. Montour to assess the deer population. Hunting season was fast approaching. At around the same time, a number of separate witnesses reported seeing a disc-shaped object floating in the sky over Mt. Montour. One of the witnesses reported seeing a flicker of sparks coming from the wires that run across the top of the mountain. Another witness reported seeing a beam of light coming down from the UFO and then the body of a man being levitated by the beam of light.

When Sees did not return home, his son went out searching for him and found his car. Beside the car he found his father’s neatly folded clothes. A search party was assembled and they scoured the surrounding area. Two days later, his body was found in some underbrush in an area that had already been extensively searched the day before. Sees was naked except for his undergarments and was said to have an expression of horror on the face. Additionally, his body was extremely emaciated. With no external or internal injuries, the results of the autopsy were inconclusive. Many people believe that what took place that morning on Mt. Montour was something otherworldly. 

WHY 👏   IS 👏   NO 👏   ONE 👏  TALKING 👏   ABOUT 👏   THE 👏  FACT 👏 THAT 👏   THIS 👏  IS 👏  MORAN????

i’m reposting buT IT MEANS THIS IS MAYBE SORT OF PROOF THAT THIS WHOLE JOHN CHEATING THING IS IN SHERLOCK’S HEAD. we already had hints that this is mind palace/dream sequences with the glowing skull on the wall, with sherlock admitting to reoccurring dreams, with water references happening everywhere (including when he was drugged and dreaming about pirate times). the newspaper he’s holding references a case he was working on ‘two places at the same time’, the advert peeking over her shoulder is of culverton being creepy af and she is culverton’s daughter (or in some way related), Sherlock’s mind is filling in the blanks and adding random faces to people in his dream and then he’s trying to make sense of it by going to ella, either for real or more likely in his mind palace

it’s sherlock’s nightmare that not only john decides to cheat which is bad enough bUT HE DECIDES TO CHEAT WITH SOMEONE WHO ISN’T HIM. and then proceeds to tell him to fuck right off for something he had no control over/no way of helping

  • Jealousy
  • Mystic Messenger

Oh, you picked up right away! We must have thought the same thing~
I know this is funny to say… but I thought you were talking to someone else before I called you.

MC: No, I was waiting for you to call?

Really? Oh.. my heart just jumped a bit. So excited…
Honestly… I.. should be sorry that I made you wait… but I’m happy.
I want to be the only one with your heart~!
Oh, and this is something else… but I think I’m a bit weird.
When I see you enjoy talking with others in the messenger, I feel… itchy for some reason.
It kind of hurts, and I don’t want to see it but I can’t leave… is this what it’s like to be possessive?
It’s always the two of us there… I want to talk to you privately.
I’m sorry. You might think it’s boring for me to say that.

MC: I sign in because I enjoy talking with you.

…Even when I hear that, I feel like there’s a heavy rock on my chest.
I’m so happy, but I’m nervous too.
What if you start liking someone else?
What if I’m no longer the reason you come to the chat room? I can’t help but think about that.
I know it’s important to take your feelings as they are… but why do I keep doubting and wanting confirmation?
When I’m happy, I get scared of losing that happiness… I must be stupid.

MC: Just live in the present. Don’t be scared of your past and future.

Oh, look at the time.
I should quit chatting and get ready for bed. I hope you’ve had a good day.
Good night… and think of me.

…You still haven’t hung up? Hello? Oh… I guess you’re still there.
I need to say this. To be honest…
You know… I don’t know if this is what jealousy is.
I want you to only look at me.
I want you to look at me, cherish me, and just only talk to me.
Your kind voice, words, I  want all those to be geared towards me.
…If this is jealousy, then I am being jealous.

…Sweet dreams. I’m really hanging up now.
Good night.

believe me, i love that there’s so much transboy positivity on this website. really, i do. it makes me feel pretty good about myself, bc who doesn’t want posts telling them how cute they are? right?

the thing about it is, these posts infantilize us. they describe us in baby words, “squishy,” “cute,” “lil baby boys,” and it’s… well, it’s a bit insulting. since transboys are naturally a bit more feminine-looking than cisboys, those “compliments” play off of that. they diminish us to little more than these cute little girly boys that, hey, i can compliment them and get tumblr cred at the same time!

so, idk. hopefully it’s not just me who’s bothered by this, bc tbh it’s fairly creepy. in conclusion:

stop infantilizing transboys. (:

New titles for dear Evan Hansen songs

Anybody got a map?: idk how to parent, I think I’m doing it right

Waving through a window: The song that will be ruined by tone deaf pre teens singing it for every audition

For Forever: bromance and lying song 1

Sincerely me: bromance and lying song 2

Requiem: Angst

If I could tell her: Creepy kid uses a girl’s dead brother to get into her pants: the musical!

Disappear: lying song 3.

You will be found: aggressively crying on the floor because it’s too comforting

Sincerely me reprise: Sir not appearing in this cast recording

Break in a glove: the song everyone will skip because they missed the point of it entirely

Only Us: the soon to be over done love duet

Good for you: Angst 2 With everyone who wasn’t in the first angst song

Words fail: let’s see if you can hold your breath and crying at the same time for 5:51 minutes

So big so small: at this point I’m weeping on the floor in the fetal position

Finale: Do you still have tears, Ben sure does

having roadhog be a straight everday family man with a wife and kids before the omnic crisis then having him shipped with junkrat gives of unfortunate implications that I don’t like (and the creepy feeling is a billion times worse when junkrat is trans).

i mean, i’ve only seen him written as a part of the lgbt community pre-omnium explosion a couple of times?

and its usually never addressed? not even in the tags? if you headcanon him as bi/pan/was closeted gay, it be something to know?

i dunno, i mean if it was just a couple of fics i’d go huh he’s bi/pan or something, cool! but seeing this trope over and over again gives off the implication that his same gender attraction was a result of desperation from living in the irradiated outback, like the murder and violence. and that junkrat is a cheap replacement to the Pure Wholesome Cis Family and then i start to smell heterosexism in the air…

I’m not upset at anyone in particular, this is just a plea to be a little more self aware with the tropes you use?

musicals ft. summaries

Phantom of The Opera: gross goth guy lives beneath sewer and writes an opera

Natasha, Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812: seriously who the fuck writes an electropop opera about a 1200 page russian novel

Hamilton: seriously who the fuck writes a hip hop musical about alexander fucking hamilton

Zombie Prom: you know, taking your dead ex-boyfriend to prom may have seemed like a good idea in theory but im not sure anymore

In The Heights: somehow humorous and depressing all at the same time, also gay

Lizzie the Musical: okay im not kidding this time who the fuck writes a musical about lizzie fucking borden

Heathers the Musical: dating creepy guys in trench coats is probably a bad idea

Carrie the Musical: if you make fun of someone for getting their period, you’re in for a big surprise buddy

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson: who the actual fuck comes up with the idea to write a musical about the seventh president of the usa

Wicked: green gay meets pink gay and it’s pretty gay

Ghost Quartet: who the fuck comes up with this shit though

Les Misérables: emotional pain feat. gay revolutionaries

Spring Awakening: not explaining puberty to sexually frustrated teenagers is probably a bad idea

Waitress: deep shit blueberry pie and overly lovable characters

21 Chump Street: drugs are not the way to a woman’s heart, apparently

Sweeney Todd: okay no seriously who the everliving fuck comes up with this shit

Love Never Dies: i don’t have any funny joke for this lnd just sucks

CATS: i mean i guess writing a musical about cats may have seemed like a good idea in theory

Starlight Express: what the fuck alw