and creeping is ageless

mimocca  asked:

"college au where my roommate brings me home to their thanksgiving and my roommate’s sister has brought her friend home as well and oh no you’re hot au" Just sounds so cute!

So very cute

“Come on, Kurt,” Mason says, kicking his feet against the wall as he looks at Kurt upside-down. “It will be fun!”

Kurt looks out of the mini fridge and gives his roommate his patented glare, hoping that it will deter the sophomore, but he has little hope.

Mason McCarthy is a ball of enthusiasm and energy no matter what, even when his twin decided to go to Berklee instead of NYU with him.

“The more depth to our dynamic duo,” he said, and Kurt doesn’t think there is room for anger or resentment in Mason’s heart.

Lovable dumbass.

And that occurrence is no different, Mason rolling on his belly to face Kurt with pleading eyes–one might say puppy eyes, even.

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