and creeperness


Before I dive into Asks I wanted to put a quick note/meta out there as we begin to compile our theories.  

It was never said that AIDA changed their BIGGEST regret…just one of them or what she perceived from going all creeper through their memories what was one.  When in fact what she saw as a regret for someone could rather be for them a defining moment…what makes them who they are.  As Robo May said.  Mistakes are what helps our characters grow and evolve.  

There is only one world in the Framework.  This isn’t like Quantum Leap where we see Jemma and Daisy Leaping into a new world each week to get someone else out.  This Framework world is all connected.   What May does at Hydra will ripple and could effect everyone from Fitz to Mack depending on the action.  So for me in AIDA creating this world she had to also take that into account when she decided what to change.  IE she had to make sure that whatever she did didn’t mess everything up.  

And to a certain extent she is keeping them together.  Because they are still a team, a family, and we had 2 canon couples going into this mess.  Robo Coulson told Robo May they were together in the Framework.  Robo Fitz told Jemma once she was uploaded they would be together, safe, and they could get married and grow old together without fearing being ripped apart.  For me, the Robo’s had to have some idea of AIDA had going on in there.  

  • I do feel there is a good chance Jemma is with Fitz.  AIDA knew how much they meant to each other, Radcliffe knew it and was fond of both of them.  If she is taking away their pain why would she keep them apart.  If they regret anything when it comes to each other…its that they didn’t act on their feelings sooner.  

We aren’t going into a world where the team never met each other…though Mack and Mace might be there…they are my x factors right now.  But OT6 (we literally have OT6 back I can’t believe it) should cross paths in one way or another.  While it won’t be Hydra OT6 flying around on the bus ala season one….we will still see them interacting and even working together. 

Ward showing back up means that he’s back as part of fixing someone’s regret…and part of that mystery is whose (May, Coulson, or FItz).  Neither Daisy and Jemma have been scanned so their Avatars are in there as PART of someone else’s fix.  Neither of their regrets have been changed or factored into the world they will find themselves in.  They hacked their way in.  Had AIDA caught them she would have had to readjust again to work them into the mix.

  • I don’t think Jemma is in the grave, I think that is Jemma’s back door.  we would literally burn and episode with Daisy finding and digging her up and we don’t have time for that.  
  • Jemma also said she found their avatars “running around in there”  If her avatar was dead she wouldn’t have found her.

Radcliffe also pointed out that while it was VERY real while one was in the framework, once one came out they realized it wasn’t.  Meaning the trick will be to get those trapped to realize its not real…that they need to wake up and that things aren’t right.  That this is NOT who they really are. 

Every experience they have had…not matter how painful has got them where they are today.  That is a big piece of the puzzle AIDA Is missing.  

Just some food for though to keep in mind as we go into full on theory mode here.  There is a lot more to this than meets the eye and we are going to get down to the core of each of our characters as Daisy and Jemma work to free them.  

We have Daisy and Jemma fighting for the people they love, their family, and their future.

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The Orangery

What is it about front gates that makes them enchanting and enticing all at once? Perhaps it’s their “vedo-non-vedo” quality, which allows passersby to peek in and catch a glimpse of the treasures within. Or is it perhaps, that I end up fantasising about flower and herb gardens, whilst sipping a hot cuppa and reading a good book on a rocking chair, with a kitten on my lap? 

I can’t help myself. When I see a high, ornate, wrought iron gate, I simply have to linger a little longer. (Apologies for the alliteration. It wasn’t planned.) After all, a front gate, is like a second front door, yet it allows people like me to experience much more than its timber counterpart affords. 

So, what is it about front gates? Even if they can’t be seen? 

Hal-Balzan, Malta