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Tfw you procrastinate so hard that you end up making a bunch of bisexual Wonder Woman icons for no reason other than that.
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“We need a redemption story about someone who was exposed to years of propaganda to ensure loyalty to Snoke and the First Order”


“Someone who went against everything he was taught/trained (since birth) to do.”


“Someone who ends up joining The Resistance to fight against the very people who put him through all of that.”


I mean… we already have a pretty solid redemption arc going on…just saying.

Part 2 of my 50+ Followers Gift!

I actually made a mesh, well it’s just a basic edit of one of the tops and recolored in my palette but still I love it. This is part two of my 50+ followers gift. I hope you guys enjoy this!

- Base Game Compatible

- Custom Thumbnail

- 34 Colors

Tag me if you use this I would love to see what you do with it!

TOU- Please don’t claim this as your own. Feel free to recolor but don’t include the mesh and give proper credit <3

download (No Adfly) / simfileshare

Credits, Ea

Picture of it in game under the cut. 

((…hey guess what I’m dealing with again 8) seems like a great opportunity to post an edit of an actual game asset I made. feel free to use this as you wish, credit would be cool but w/e if you don’t idc its a dumb 5-minute edit. also here’s yer daily reminder:

stop stealing art you little shits. respect artists, or they will stop making content.

don’t repost stuff that isn’t yours. if you did not explicitly ask the artist if you could repost it, even if you credit them, if you didn’t ask to repost it you’re a thief. plain. and. simple. credit doesn’t give you the right to do whatever you want. you need to ask. and you need their permission. disrespecting fandom artists is how you lose artists.))


Today I made matching bts ships icons with headers. If you want use this headers in your post (with icons or smth) please credit me first :) thats no problem! / for using on profiles actually don’t need credits but my twitter is 4hixtape

Theme #4 by raiidens
I wanted to make myself a cute simple little pastel ish theme and then this happened! Princess Jellyfish themed cause I absolutely adore that series~ Hope you like it! ^^
Static preview + install
Ver. 1.04
  • 500px posts
  • Up to 4 links
  • Customizable colours, images, fonts
    • Sidebar picture: 160px x 200px
  • Infinite scrolling (optional)
  • Monochrome posts (optional)
  • Gradient background (optional)
  • Removable captions
  • Mirrored layout available

  • Leave the credit or move it somewhere else visible
  • Edit as much as you like
  • Show me what you’ve done with it!

icons for you and your fantasy friends who are also idols 


Messing around with my fandoms + random aesthetics. Credit me if you use one, these aren’t my images, etc, etc. I actually sorta like these. The last ones are so messy tho, I just shoved all of them into one image, lol. Well, at least I spent my time doing something creative. The joys of being a teen with no life. EDIT: I added a landscape collage thing, hope you like them!


BTS Moodboard: Punk Rock Band BTS

Credit for edited images used:

Jin: min-yoongle

Jungkook: min-yoongle

Jimin: daydreamer-au

Namjoon: ohsuga

Taehyung: min-yoongle

The photos used are not mine. Credit goes to their original owners.


“Gentlemen Don’t Kiss and Tell” - [Keanu Reeves/Tom Hiddleston - One Shot].

Based on: Imagine: When your first husband, Keanu, gets in touch all of a sudden, you start emailing each other often, just being friendly. After the two of you got divorced, he never married again, you never even heard about him being in a serious relationship. On his birthday, you decide to show up at his place just so he won’t spend it alone. When you come home to your current husband, Tom, he’s waiting for you with your laptop and all the emails on the screen that he found while using it. Knowing that you’re talking to your ex, enrages him and makes him assume that every time you’re out, you’re with him having the time of your life, and Tom’s so upset he even calls himself a fool for loving you.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: I’ve decided to address Keanu by his middle name, ‘Charles’, in this story. I don’t know, i was just more comfortable with it. Also there’s 1 POV change, and a few visuals.


It started with a package and a wrong address.

My old address actually.

Work was a mess. I would’ve lost my head if it wasn’t attached. Everyone rushed around, the phones wouldn’t stop ringing, and the stacks of paper on my desk were starting to resemble skyscrapers. So with a bit of sleep-deprivation and trying to function on one too many espressos on top of it all, I was more than likely to make a mistake.

It was a little after seven in the morning when, with yet another caffeinated drink in hand and taking sips of it, I went through my emails. But a sudden notification of something new in my inbox caught my attention.

I set my mug on the desk and stared at the computer when I read the sender’s address. I might’ve clicked on it a bit faster than I’d like to admit.

I covered my face with my right hand.

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Imagine: Sam and Dean are amazed by your hunting skills.

So I found those GIFS and I really wanted to use them, so here they are. I liked this actually, do you want a FULL STORY??



heyyy so i’m working on a thing and did these for it. idk anything about editing but somehow they came out good so here they are!!! 

these are an icon, a sidebar edit, and two headers!

feel free to use but please like/reblog if you do and credit me somewhere/link back!!!


Hufflepuff! Hoseok | moodboard

“How do you describe Hoseok? Bright, warm, kind, happiness, infinite smiles, funny moments. Everyone in the Castle loved him. Teachers, students, you and Slytherins. Yes, Slytherins. The snakes couldn’t resist when Hoseok was in the same room as them. They tried hard to hide their smiles at first but he was so contagious, so full of love. When Hoseok was being loud or weird, nobody seemed to care because ‘It’s Hobi, I always feel better when he’s around’.

Also, there’s a rumour going around that even the Giant Squid is very fond of him, of all Hufflepuffs actually, but especially Hoseok. Crazy to think, no? However, it’s probably true.

And if Hoseok was having a bad day or looked a bit more sad, no one would wait a second. All of his friends would work hard to put a smile on his face, because in the end, that was the only way they had to ‘repay’ his actions of love and kindness. To love him in return.” 

(my edit, pictures are not mine. if you use it, give credit)

Jungkook | Taehyung | Jimin | Namjoon | Hoseok | Yoongi | Seokjin


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I can’t remember whose tags I read it in (I just spent 45 minutes looking and couldn’t find it, ugh, but if it was you, please let me know so I can credit you and also so I can high-five you for your awesome theory ;) ) but they wondered if why Nyx had such an affinity for using the King’s magic was because Regis was actually his father.


EDIT: It was @desperateauboise who suggested this in her tag!

Sorry not to link directly to the post but links make my own posts vanish, grr. So, next best thing! :D


Kureto + Red (1/?)

Feel free to use these icons as you see fit <3