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I don’t understand how some people don’t like Steven Moffat’s writing and his DW era. I mean ok everybody has an opinion but why there’re so many people who hates him. Seriously?!

  • he gave us two amazing Doctors - 11 and 12
  • two different from each other Doctors - one young and chilsdish and one old and cared about everything
  • he gave us a few seasons full of emotions
  • he tries to mention things from classic who and this is amazing because the new who fans should watch it. He’s one of the reasons why I have started it
  • how the hell you called him “sexist” when he gave us River Song - amazing sassy female professor who’s also good with guns. She’s the Doctor’s wife. She was smart and strong charatcter. Very smart actually. She had a diary and shows you how it’s still normal to have one. She has so cool story arc and beautiful end. 
  • he gave us Amy Pond - the girl who waited. The girl who waited for her imaginary best friend for years even when it was so hard for her. Just imagine how ridiculous everybody had watched her when she was talking about him. This girl was also independent. She was a writer. She was one of the Doctors closest friends. She was funny and ginger, who was really perfect companion. 
  • he gave us Clara - a girl who wasn’t only “the impossible girl, the woman twice dead and the girl who saves the Doctor”. She was a lot more then this. She was a teacher. She has a life without the Doctor too. She was smart. She was bi. She was amazingly good friend to him. She was sassy. She was control freak. She has amazing style /I wanna steal her wardrobe/. She did everything to save her love Danny Pink. And she was always there when the Doctor needed her. And I will just leave one of her best qoutes:  “This is just a dream, but very clever people can hear dreams. So please, just listen. I know you’re afraid, but being afraid is alright. Because didn’t anybody ever tell you? Fear is a superpower. Fear can make you faster and cleverer and stronger. And one day you’re gonna come back to this barn and on that day you’re going to be very afraid indeed. But that’s okay, because if you’re very wise and very strong fear doesn’t have to make you cruel or cowardly. Fear can make you kind. It doesn’t matter if there’s nothing under the bed or in the dark so long as you know it’s okay to be afraid of it. So listen. If you listen to anything else, listen to this. You’re always gonna be afraid even if you learn to hide it. Fear is like a companion, a constant companion, always there. But that’s okay because fear can bring us together. Fear can bring you home. I’m gonna leave you something just so you’ll always remember. Fear makes companions of us all.”
  • he gave us Ashildr and this qoute -  “I’ve always been different. All my life I’ve known that. The girls all thought I was a boy. The boys all said I was just a girl. My head is always full of stories. I know I’m strange. Everyone knows I’m strange. But here I’m loved. You tell me to run, to save my life. I tell you that leaving this place would be death itself.“ So many important things in just a few sentences
  • he gave us Bill - the girl who serves chips. Who loves girls. Who was the first lesbian companion in dw. Who was funny. Who takes selfies in space. Who has so manny good lines. Who has a perfect end with Heather. Who was just perfect in any single way.
  • he gave us Vastra and Jenny - this cute lesbian couple
  • he gave us Missy - first female version of the Master. She was all sassy, dangerous, classy, funny and everything that a villain should be.Missy was the best. And still in the end she changed. She changed for good. Steven just shows how everybody can change if he really wants it.  
  • he gave us Nardole - a funny, small guy who was smart and sassy. Who is not prince Charming but you just love him. You do, don’t lie.
  • he gave us Rory - the boy who was always funny. Who shows everybody how a girl should be loved. I’d be a really lucky girl if I ever find my Rory Williams. This is boy is just perfect. Give me my Rory now please
  • he gave us Craig Owens - the best noncompanion character ever
  • he gave us the cute little Maebh and Stormageddon
  • he gave us Osgood - the girl who is just us in the dw universe
  • he gave us so amazing characters
  • he gave us Missy and the Master together
  • he gave us a good 50 anniversary movie
  • he gave us The fivish doctors reboot
  • he gave us - Vincent and The Doctor, Blink, Heavent sent, Forrest of the dead, The day of the Doctor, World enough and time, Silence in the library, The girl in the fireplace, The big bang /8 of the top 10 new who episodes in imdb/ and so many others.
  • he gave us all of this and you hate him?!
  • and here’s a gif of the best Doctor:
Blame Denmark
  • Kyle: Times have changed,
  • everything is getting worse!
  • we've spent weeks on this plotline,
  • It's all just one big fat stupid curse!
  • Ike: Should we blame those bastards?
  • Stan: Or blame Garrison?
  • All: Or should we blame the trolls who started it?
  • Kyle: No, blame Denmark!
  • Everyone: Blame Denmark!
  • Kyle: With all their tiny little eyes,
  • And stupid heads so full of lies!
  • Everyone:
  • Blame Denmark!
  • Blame Denmark!
  • Kyle: We need to form a full assault!
  • Everyone: It's Denmark's fault!
  • Kenny:
  • Don't blame me,
  • For what you see,
  • It's my own private business,
  • And now everyone's gonna see it!
  • Craig:
  • And I trust my boyfriend,Tweek.
  • but I'm not sure if he trusts me,
  • And I'm just scared of what he'll see and how it'll affect everything.!
  • Kyle:
  • Well, blame Denmark!
  • Everyone: Blame Denmark!
  • Kyle:
  • It seems that everything's gone wrong,
  • Since Denmark came along!
  • Everyone:
  • Blame Denmark!
  • Blame Denmark!
  • Randy: They're not even a real country anyway!
  • Liane:
  • My son could've been a doctor or a lawyer it's all true,
  • Instead he ran away to Mars with his girlfriend!
  • Everyone:
  • Should we blame the media?
  • Should we blame the school?
  • Or everyone who made them think they had to run?
  • Kyle:
  • Heck no!
  • Everyone:
  • Blame Denmark!
  • Blame Denmark!
  • Kyle:
  • With all their viking hullabaloo,
  • Ike:
  • And that bitch Anne Murray too!
  • Everyone:
  • Blame Denmark!
  • Shame on Denmark!
  • For...
  • The trolls we must stop,
  • The trash we must bash,
  • The trolltrace and fun,
  • Must all be undone,
  • We must blame them and cause a fuss,
  • Before somebody thinks of blaming us!

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Alison Janney and Craig Gillespie( the director) are the overly white grandparents who shop at Hobby Lobby and eat at Chicfila on Sunday. Seb and Margot are those white parents who probably eat avocado bread and watch TLC channel and mackenna grace is their daughter who is in every pageant and rides horses

I can see Margot being a wine mom who makes those jokes on facebook like “the doctor said I should stick to one glass of wine a day” and then it’s a picture of a glass the size of her head

You guys don't watch Craig Ferugson and that makes me sad, because Craig Ferguson is the best late night talk show host okay, I mean, look at him

He’s a complete creep and cares about nothing and he’s obsessed with Doctor Who and a bunch of other stuff an he’s Scottish and his sidekicks are a gay talking robot named Geoff and a creepy horse named Secretariat. He doesn’t get enough love, he’s on now on CBS. You all should watch him.
BREAKING: My uncle was the first person to die from Ebola in America. We still don't have his remains.

“Still today President Obama has not called on my grandmother to say, ‘my condolences.’”

Josephus Weeks is the nephew of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in America. In late September he found out that Duncan — a Liberian man who was visiting the US for the first time — had been hospitalized in Dallas. On October 8,Thomas Eric Duncan died, leaving behind two sons in America and two daughters in Africa. From his home in North Carolina, Weeks talked about the uncle he loved, how health officials here failed his family, and what it was like to suddenly be in the national spotlight because of the virus.

On the day of my birthday I made a phone call and all hell broke loose. It was September 29, a Monday morning.

Eric was in the hospital in Dallas, and they weren’t moving on his blood work. So I called a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hotline. Eric had his blood work sitting at the hospital in Dallas for a whole 48 hours. I had been telling them, “You know he’s from Liberia.” I don’t think they knew what Ebola was before Thomas Eric Duncan came in.

I found out through the news that he had Ebola. That’s the same way I found out he died — through the news.

When I found out it was Ebola, I just got scared. I didn’t want him to die. Eric had been living in Liberia. This was his first visit to America, and he didn’t survive. 

He didn’t get to see anything here in America. He spent most of his time in hospital. He arrived on the 20th, and by the 24th, he was sick. By 30th,I found out through the news that he had Ebola, and then the hospital called us and told us. That’s the same way I found out he died — through the news.

External image

The photo of Thomas Eric Duncan that was widely circulated during his illness (Wilmot Chayee, Associated Press)

At first, I thought he was sick with something simple. I was calling him from here in North Carolina, saying, “Man you’re weak.” I thought he had a stomach virus. I just assumed he came from Liberia, and his body was adjusting. That was my thought. So I was just laughing at him. “Man you’re weak.”

I was going to drive down to Dallas, to pick him up, and do a little road trip. So we could talk and bond. It’s been a while since we saw each other, since 1992. The war started, and I left Liberia over 20 years ago.

When he was in the hospital, he asked me, “Josephus, how long does this thing stay in your body?” I said, “Well, based on what I had seen with the other two other patients transported from Liberia, both survived.  Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol.” I told him, “In three weeks, you’ll be okay.”

He kept saying he was in pain. He was trembling, he was cold all the time. He had diarrhea. He was nauseated. He was having trouble breathing. But he mostly he complained about the pain. 

The bleeding stuff, I didn’t hear much about it except for one time while he was in the hospital. I heard they were trying to give him an IV and they missed, and there was blood everywhere.

On that Friday morning before he died, he was on the oxygen mask. Through the phone, I could hear the oxygen tanks hissing. We told him to go to sleep, that we’d call him this afternoon. And we never talked again.

What bothers me has been the lack of attention and lack of humanity about his death. Still today President Obama has not called on my grandmother to say, “my condolences.” He sent prayers to Amber Vinson and Nina Pham, the other nurses who got infected. But he never gave prayers to Thomas Eric Duncan’s family.

The media attention was painful. Here’s my brother on the bed, fighting for his life. Every time I turned around, my grandma had to turn on TV, and see him in that green shirt. I was at the airport trying to take a flight to Chicago and we were standing here, and he came up on the screen big as the Brooklyn Bridge. I wanted to say, “Please stop showing his picture.” It was hard for us to deal with.

Still today President Obama has not called on my grandmother to say, “my condolences”

As a family, we are praying people. We just keep praying, and supporting each other.

We don’t have his remains. We don’t know where they are at. It’s a big old mess. The indignity he faced in death is really upsetting to me. We should have had his remains and figured out if we are going to take them to Liberia and find a decent place to bury this man.

He still doesn’t have a place to rest. There’s a human being out there but you can’t give him a burial.

People think Eric came here under malicious intent and that’s not the case. I always refer to Dr. Craig Spencer. He was a doctor who knew better but he arrived in New York, went around the city, and then got sick. Eric was a regular old civilian. He came here, he was just living his life. He got sick and it turned out to be Ebola.

—as told to Julia Belluz

Source: Josephus Weeks for Vox