and courfeyrac would look at him and be like

balemabrasax asked:

oh oH!! marius and courfeyrac for that character thing.


  • what they smell like nerd (jk) peaches and mint
  • what music they like classic rock and 2003 pop songs
  • something they collect books, which sounds plain but i love it because it is literally canon (he would go out with a book under his arm and often return with two)
  • what their bedroom looks like once he gets his own place after sharing with courf it’s just almost pitifully bare and uninteresting so he and his friends dedicate a weekend to spicing up the place and with some coaxing they convince him to get all the furnishings he desperately wanted as a kid (think star wars posters, a fuzzy rug, colorful sheets) but was denied plus important things like a body pillow and a lamp and he’s just so happy with it by the time they’re done Darling (he keeps it spotlessly clean)
  • their eating habits pretty mechanical, he doesn’t really eat to enjoy and doesn’t get enough protein
  • intellectual pursuits & other hobbies languages, lawyering, fine arts (from an appreciative standpoint although?? marius doing theatre or being a technician Please), backpacking
  • their most prized possession the textbooks he used to teach himself german and french

radiantcentre asked:


send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it
  • !!! Cosette running up to the carpool line whenever Courfeyrac comes to pick up his daughter, just so she can talk to him about something random that most likely has something to do with his daughter.
  • Cosette perfecting her handwriting so that when she writes notes on Courfeyrac’s daughter’s report cards, her handwriting looks pretty enough to be attractive in some sort of way.
  • And, as a result, she would accidentally end up doodling Courfeyrac’s name and forget to cross it out, which would lead to some form of embarrassment.
  • Cosette constantly asking Courfeyrac’s daughter if her father has a girlfriend, or a boyfriend, or any sort of friend whatsoever, because she doesn’t want to ask him directly, because she is scared that would make him uncomfortable.
  • And, let’s be real, she would totally space in her class and get so excited for the end of the day, just so she could see Courfeyrac for that brief moment.