and courfeyrac would look at him and be like


Enjoltaire Week | Day 1 | Painting

Summary:  Three portraits are discovered in a hidden cellar in Paris, all three dating back from the nineteenth century. What’s weird is that the man in the portraits looks an awful lot like Enjolras. What’s weirder is that the paintings are all signed “R.”

Tags: Modern AU; Reincarnation AU; Rated G

Word count: 3.5k


“Remind me why anyone would choose to watch what is considered to be the worst movie in history?”

Enjolras sat on the couch and balanced a huge bowl of popcorn on his lap. Courfeyrac’s picks for movie night were usually more mainstream and understandable. Well. As understandable as romantic comedies could be, but at least they didn’t require much brain activity. At least it allowed Enjolras to switch off his brain and shove handfuls of popcorn into his mouth while wondering how heteronormativity and dumb misunderstandings had become such crowd-pullers.

“That’s because it’s an experience!” Courfeyrac argued, slumping on the couch next to Enjolras and seriously compromising the balance of the popcorn bowl. “As your best friend, I just can’t let you die a Room virgin!”

“What’s so great about it, anyway?”

“Everything! The acting is so bad! It’s like… You know how people say that if you let monkeys in a room full of typewriters the monkey would eventually end up rewriting Shakespeare? Well switch the monkeys with aliens who only have a vague idea of how human interactions work and you’ve got The Room! It’s flipping fantastic!”

Enjolras shrugged. The enjoyment of intrinsically bad media was beyond him.

“There are some really interesting studies about trash movies and their ironical audience, actually,” Combeferre chimed in as he joined them in the living room. He brought heavy-looking pizza plates that he settled on the coffee table before settling next to Courfeyrac. “Something about collectively liking something so bad that it gets good.”

“Exactly!” Courfeyrac exclaimed, triumphant. “So sit back and brace yourself for this absolute masterpiece.”

He switched on the TV and started rummaging through the pile of DVDs to find the right one. Automatically, the first channel popped up on screen. The news were still on and a generic news anchor looked at the three of them in the eyes.

“Wait,” Enjolras said before Courfeyrac could switch on the DVD player.

And tonight we come back on an incredible discovering in Paris earlier today,” the news anchor announced, “when three paintings were discovered in a cellar in the Latin Quarter. The three works of art allegedly date back from the nineteenth century and predate the Haussmanian renovations of the capital. For more on this story, we go to Olivier Barron in the Latin Quarter, Olivier?

The three paintings appeared on screen. Silence fell on the living room, leaving nothing but the artificial chatter of the television. In his seat, Enjolras turned to stone.

-Twitter already rushed to title the works names such as ‘Apollo in Red’-


That jaw line. That nose. The same eye colour. Enjolras’ throat tightened. A cold shiver ran down his spine.

“Holy shit,” Courfeyrac whispered. “Enj, it’s you!”

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R and Courf can totally relate in that they’re constantly flirting with Enjolras and Combeferre and yet never seem to get the right reaction.

Combeferre doesn’t always realise that Courf’s flirting with him, meaning that over time Courf has become much more direct. It’s not like it was ever really subtle flirting it’s just that Combeferre isn’t great at picking up on this sort of thing. When Courfeyrac is trying to get in Ferre’s pants he tends to be a little less obvious than he could be so when Ferre finally gets the message he starts to blush suddenly realising what Courf has been hinting at for the past half an hour. Still there are plenty of times when Courf will attempt a short but sexy flirtation that would easily entice anyone but Ferre just looks blankly at him or acts as if it was a normal thing to say, obviously believing that too. Courf is a bit too smooth for Ferre and often just gives up and continues the conversation Ferre’s been trying to have about some really nerdy topic. In the end he’s happy to have a conversation about moths if that’s what excites his boyfriend because he’s rather enticed himself by Ferre’s passions for weird things.

Of course when R attempts to flirt, Enj just gets annoyed and frustrated and complains that he has more important things to do than sit around and listen to Grantaire’s useless flattery. Often R’s flirtations are quite direct and quite sexual but Enjolras has just learnt to ignore him and not respond (if you don’t count his irritated sighs as a response). Then again when it gets to the end of the night and R is in that stage where he’s really tired and kind of drowsy from all the alcohol, he tends to come out with rather poetic compliments. He’ll tell Enj something sweet and meaningful about his strength and passion which he pretends to ignore but is actually really touched by. It’s actually really common for R to sit the with his legs wrapped around the back of his chair, leaning his head and arms on the top of it staring at Enjolras. He’ll say something self-deprecating and compare himself and his flaws to Enj and his strengths. Something like ‘how do you manage to stay so strong when I can’t even stand on my own two feet?’

More Enjoltaire cuddles

 & general Amis friendships, modern AU, ~1.3k

For @adorablecrab <3

Being with Enjolras was easier, Grantaire had found, than just being around him. And not just because he didn’t have the whole ‘unrequited feelings’ thing to deal with now. No, interacting with him was just a lot easier now he had the option to pull Enjolras into a hug instead of saying something. Everybody agreed about that actually. When they had gotten together, Courfeyrac had told Grantaire that he was now the designated source of cuddles for Enjolras. Grantaire hadn’t really paid attention to that because one, he had just gotten together with the man he’d been in love with for over a year, and two, he and Enjolras had talked about what a romantic relationship between the two of them would involve and Enjolras had been absolutely clear that cuddling would be very welcome.

By now, however, Grantaire has learned that being Enjolras’ “designated source of cuddles” is as much for the benefit of the rest of the group as it is for his and even Enjolras’ benefit…

“Grantaire!” Courfeyrac exclaims when he steps into the Musain. “You, Enjolras, couch, now.”

“Gee, Courf,” Grantaire says sarcastically. “Don’t I get a minute to take my coat off?”

“You’re not wearing a coat,” Courfeyrac points out. “Now get to holding my best friend.”

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Just thought I would leave this here. Marius needs love.

  • Enjolras: They had an icy relationship at first, but then they started hanging out more, and understanding each other point of views, and Enjolras realised they were kind of similar: they both want to make the world a better place. 
  • Courfeyrac: One of Marius firsts friends and he’s proud of it. They are very touchy, and at first, Marius was a little bit uncomfortable, but Courfeyrac way of showing affection grew on him, so now he can’t live without it.
  • Combeferre: They didn’t start with a good first impression. And it just got worse with time as Marius develop a fear towards Combeferre, that tall intimidating guy, who would always look down on him. But one day Combeferre decided to talk to Marius and put their problems in the past, because, Marius seems like a nice person, even if he had some different views. (plus he didn’t like making the man scarred) they can even sometimes find themselves debating about philosophy or great writers.
  • Jehan: Marius clicked easily with Jehan, since they are somewhat shy people. They respected each other boundaries and it meant a lot for both of them. They like making flower crowns together for all their friends (double points if the flowers have a meaning behind it) and doing fake tattoos.
  • Bahorel: He thought it would be funny to boss Marius around for a little bit, you know, nothing harmful. But he lost control of it, and only realised that when a trembling, scarred Marius confronted him about it. He then noticed how much of a jerk he was being, he apologised sincerely and changed completely the way he treated Marius, who chose to forgive Bahorel with no bad feelings. Since that day Bahorel have a huge respect towards Marius for standing up to himself. He gives Marius piggyback rides when he is feeling down, and sometimes they even race against Joly and Bossuet. 
  • Feuilly: They both enjoy some quiet time. Once a week, they meet up in one of their houses and spend a pleasant afternoon drinking tea and reading books. They sometimes even go to this club book meeting together with Jehan. Feuilly appreciates the friendship, and the same goes to Marius. 
  • Joly: Both Marius and Joly love cooking, so whenever the big group meet, they are the cookers, and they get along incredibly well in the kitchen. Joly makes Marius laugh a lot, which is not a very common thing to happen, so he takes pride in that.
  • Bossuet: Bossuet and Marius often get unlucky strikes throughout their week, but strangely enough, when they are together for a certain period of time, everything goes back to normal. So whenever one of them is having a shitty week, they meet up in a cafe to chat or play card games.
  • Grantaire: Grantaire was at first very distant towards Marius. But the more the guy showed up in his life, the more he warmed up to him. They also have a touchy relationship, holding hands, hugging, cuddling, as long as Marius is not uncomfortable. They sometimes break into rooftops (at first Marius was scared shitless, but now he loves doing it) to draw/paint. 
  • Musichetta: They go along amazingly. They love going shopping together, or going to the cinema, or anywhere. They are comfortable enough with each other to talk about feelings and their significant others and that’s so good for them both. The last time they went to the zoo, Marius got licked in the face by a giraffe and Musichetta has pictures of it and she uses it to blackmail him.
  • Eponine: They first met when Marius moved next to her, but Eponine never got the courage to go and talk with him, until one day they bumped on each other and from then on, they spent most of their time together. After some extreme pinning, they got their shit together and started dating, Cosette joining them later on.
  • Cosette: Marius and her love taking rose petals bath together. They also love painting their nails and singing duets. Eponine normally chooses what song they are going to sing together. This one time, Eponine recorded them singing and it went viral on the internet. Marius was embarrassed, but happy that people liked it.

I wrote something else!! I feel alive again. I thought I’d share it on here but it’s posted on my ao3

Grantaire was little more than a myth to Enjolras. Almost all of his friends knew him.

Bahorel met him during a bar fight; Jehan met him at a poetry reading; Joly, Bossuet, and Musichetta had been friends with him since high school; and Feuilly worked at a candle store with him for a while.

The point is, Grantaire had started to intrude on Enjolras’ life a long time ago, and he was constantly hearing stories of his escapades (punching a cop in the face for harassing Jehan and then actually escaping the police, accidentally acquiring a sugar daddy and using his money to pay for pole-dancing lessons, living in a random frat house for two weeks before anyone realized).

It didn’t exactly paint a portrait of what to expect when Enjolras first meets him. To Enjolras, although he’s erratic, Grantaire seems to be a person worth being friends with, if the way Jehan’s eyes like up when they speak of him is anything to go by.

Bahorel’s shouting them all drinks at the Corinth because he finally gave up on law and decided to pursue his dreams of being a chef, and when Enjolras hears that Grantaire will be there he decides to finally sate his curiosity.

There’s a large uproar, mainly Bahorel’s booming voice, when Enjolras and Combeferre walk in, and Enjolras gives his friends a polite smile. There’s people he doesn’t know - a girl with dark hair and hungry eyes, a man wearing inappropriately-fashionable clothes and a coldly happy expression, and another man, drinking from a bottle and talking with Feuilly, his cheeks and ears red from the warmth of the bar, his black hair curly.

“That must be Grantaire,” Combeferre points out mildly as they near their friends.

“I’m going to introduce myself,” Enjolras announces, watching and trying to match the man to the legend. He’s certainly lively, laughing joyously at whatever Feuilly says.

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anonymous asked:

I always imagine Spanish R slipping Spanish into conversations, like he just uses Spanish terms of endearments a lot & E never knows until he asks Marius to translate for him!!!!!! R has basically confessed his love for MONTHS before E works it out


I also love desperately monolingual Enjolras who tries so hard to learn English and fails miserably, so let alone Spanish. And Grantaire finds a real outlet there, because he can unburden himself and literally confess his love for Enjolras every single day his he wants to. Enjolras won’t ever know. Courfeyrac and Marius will know but it’s not like Courfeyrac didn’t know already and Marius… well Marius doesn’t want to jump into that bundle of needles does he?

So Grantaire’s there one day, saying stuff like “Te amo tanto que daria mi vida por la tuya” and Enjolras blushes hard and says in a very bad accent “Puedo entender todo lo que dices, idiota.”

Grantaire has a mini heart-attack while Courfeyrac looks at him like a shit-eating grin cause “You thought I wasn’t going to teach my best friend spanish, you pining mess?”

(Grantaire: “I love you so much that I would give my life for yours”
Enjolras: I can understand everything you say, you idiot)

anonymous asked:

your tags on the groomzilla montparnasse post were perfect 👌👌👌

(x) Ahhh thank you!! Okay so me and @just-french-me-up​ are talking about the Jehanparnasse wedding!!!

  • Montparnasse is of course a groomzilla to the extreme. He’s never actually cared for marriage but the moment he found out Jehan had always wanted a big, picturesque wedding he jumped straight into it and micromanaged everything. Because it had to be perfect for Jehan
  • Jehan would have the most stunning bohemian gown that would be flowing and beautiful.  
  • They’d wear a large flower crown with a really dramatically trailing veil
  • Montparnasse never ever cries. But the music begins to swell and Jehan is suddenly walking down the aisle looking like something out of his wildest dreams and he can’t help but blubbering
  • Jehan’s vows are of course poetic and beautiful but nobody is expecting the pure art that is Montparnasse’s wedding vows. The whole room is floored. Jehan is crying because “YOU TOLD ME YOU COULDN’T WRITE POETRY WHAT DO YOU CALL THAT?!”
  • When they say “I do” They’re holding each others hands so, so tightly
  • They keep kissing in the middle of the ceremony and the officiant gets fed up and just pronounces them married halfway through their speech
  • Montparnasse cradles Jehan’s face and kisses them slowly and tenderly for the married kiss.
  • Jehan’s ring. Montparnasse’s ring.
  • Patron Minette giving them obviously stolen high end wedding gifts and envelopes of cash.
  • Jehan already knows the rule of “Don’t ask questions.” when it comes to their ‘gifts’. It’s a little bit more difficult to stop Enjolras and Combeferre from asking said questions though.
  • “Enjolras, your wedding present to me can be to keep your mouth shut and not start any trouble. Please?”
    “But… I already got you a toaster?”
    “Awww! Two presents? You’re such a great friend!”
  • Les Amis see Montparnasse being so in love and so sweet and they come up to Jehan during the reception like. “Okay I may have been wrong about him.” Eponine and Jehan share a look of “I told you so.”
  • Courfeyrac is very drunk and very emotional and he clings to a horrified Montparnasse apologising “I’m so, so, so, sorry. I was wrong about you. You’re not an evil crime Lord you’re just as much as a dork as Jehan is. And you’re so in love!”
  • Montparnasse doing shots at the bar with Grantaire, Bossuet, Joly and Bahorel
  • Montparnasse spending the night looking amorously at Jehan because they’re married!!! He’s married!!! He never ever would have thought that he’d be able do such a thing but then Jehan came along and turned his world upside down and he’s so grateful for it

therewas-courfeyrac  asked:

enjolras rehearses speeches and revises for exams by muttering facts and arguments to himself whilst walking around his flat. sometimes with his eyes closed to really focus. sometimes he walks into things and he looks really startled but then acts super cool and casual like it didn't just happen. when combeferre and courfeyrac move in with him they. literally can't believe how much more ridiculous he is than they ever imagined

Enjolras getting so into his own head he does stupid stuff is my Favorite, it’s a good thing Combeferre and Courfeyrac are trusted too, the rest of the amis would have a riot of a time finding out his black eye isn’t from a cop or telling someone off and actually from just walking face first into a wall

flower-at-the-bayonet  asked:

Hey Elise! Today's been a long day full of tiredness and homophobic remarks, and now I'm feeling really down. Any cute and soft headcanons would be welcomed.. Bonne soirée ♡

I’m feeling soft Courferre morning ♡

  • Combeferre wakes up first to the sound of the rain drumming against the window. It’s Sunday morning, and the sky has put on a light grey coat. Combeferre likes that kind of weather. It helps him think
  • Courfeyrac is there beside him, all tangled hair, half of his face buried in his pillow, looking incredibly cute. His boyfriend. Combeferre smiles at the thought. His boyfriend.
  • Courfeyrac stirs at the feeling of a light pressure against his cheek. A kiss. A sleepy moan escapes him, and he cracks an eye open. The very first thing he sees is Combeferre’s smile.
  • They would do breakfast in bed, but Combeferre banned the idea in the roomate agreement. Too many opportunities to make a mess, and Courfeyrac is very clumsy in the morning
  • Courfeyrac wears Ferre’s oversized Star Trek t-shirt to bed. He likes his pyjamas the way he likes his boyfriend: never and wrapped around him. When he reaches for the cereal box in the cupboard, the hem of the shirt reveals just enough of his butt for Combeferre to stare
  • Courfeyrac is very aware much aware of this
  • Combeferre’s kisses taste like coffee and apricot jam. It’s Courfeyrac’s favourite combinaison.
  • “What has the world in store for us today, mon coeur?”
  • “Mmmmh the forecast said something about an imminent avalanche of cuddles.”
  • “I’d hate to prove the forecast wrong.”

akigriffin  asked:

I've always had this headcanon where Maruis and Cosette are each other's first love, and it's as sickening cute as it is in the book and everyone thinks they'll be together forever. Then they both realize they're bi and not actually in love anymore (two separate discoveries). They break up, stay BFFs and fall in love with other people. (namely Courf and Ep)

Hey, this speaks to me on a veeeery personal level, friend. This post will be long and have feelings and stuff.


Cosette had been thinking about things for months. Unpleasant things, things that made her mood change and her mouth curve downwards in an uncharacteristic mope.

She could deny and try to pretend for as long as she wanted. But when it really came down to the quiet moments like these, she knew in her heart that her relationship with Marius had run its course. They felt much more like friends than lovers, more like roommates than cohabiting partners.

The worst thing about it was that everybody perceived them as perfect. She’d lost count at the amount of times somebody had aww’d in their general direction, described them as goals or told them they were perfect for each other.

But they weren’t, and it hurt- but Cosette was sick of pretending. She was also sick of fantasising about dates with other, pretend people. 

It was an awful call of judgement, to make such a sudden decision to break things off over a petty squabble over dinner. But it wasn’t the little thing that broke her, it was the collection of little things that became a mountain of one big unspoken thing. She was unhappy, and they had stopped bringing out the best in each other a long time ago.

There was crying and frustrated arguments and desperate attempts for each of the other to understand what they were saying, but by 9:00PM that night, they were done.

Marius & Cosette the perfect couple were no more.

Marius and Cosette the individuals were just beginning. 

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Shining Bright

Note: This is just a small offering for @acemisweek! Featuring Bossuet, aro-ace Enjolras, a night at the opera, and some heartfelt conversations on the walk home. Canon era. 


Somehow, Bossuet convinces Enjolras to the opera.

“As you know,” Bossuet says, leaning against the door-frame of Enjolras’ bedroom, his coat tossed haphazardly on the sofa in the sitting room beyond. “Poor Courfeyrac remains down with a head cold, and begged me to not let the ticket go to waste.”

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gaberoonius  asked:

Are you still doing the headcanons thing? This is not even really a headcanon, it's straight up canon, but anyway... in the book Courfeyrac has a sword cane as one of the weapons he brings to the barricade and I just love sword canes and want to hear more about him and his awesome sword cane :)

I’m always curious about that sword-cane! Like, it was the preferred weapon of young dandies who didn’t really know how to fight, but it was also the preferred weapon of guys who really really  knew how to swordfight but couldn’t easily carry a saber around with them in public. 

I think I lean towards believing that Courfeyrac’s really very good with a sword (not as good as Enjolras, but then Enjolras is basically a superhero). He just would rather look Less Arrestable as a general matter of course, so he always has the swordcane to hand instead of a more obvious weapon. (He also has a really good  sword cane; he invested in one where he trusts the blade not to snap off in a few slashes).  It’s practical, and it’s come in handy long before the barricade. 

…He DOES regret that he can’t really carry around a Real Sword of Toledo Steel, though. With a fancy basket hilt. He would only use it for Awesome and not for Evil! Stupid society, man. Always keepin’ him down, or at least keeping him from visibly swashbuckling on a daily basis. 

Enjolras’ Anon - Final Part

Ok ok i know it’s been a while, and this is gonna be a really short chapter, but i’ve already drawn it out so it’s gonna be short n’ sweet

support this on AO3 and stay tuned for the sequel that i won’t publish until i’m done with it so y’all won’t have to wait forever between updates

It was nerve wracking. Enjolras had spilled his guts, and honestly, he wouldn’t blame Grantaire for turning him down. He watched as Grantaire thought, every second feeling like an eternity too long.

“You make everything so complicated,” Grantaire finally said. He had a slight smile on his face and a knowing twinkle in his eyes. “You could’ve asked. Any of our friends could tell you that it was me.”

Enjolras breathed a sigh of relief. Grantaire wasn’t mad, and while he hadn’t said ‘yes’ yet, if he said no, it wouldn’t be the end of their friendship. Enjolras let out a breathy chuckle. “I thought you were going to say you hated me.”

Grantaire laughed, shaking his head. “I could never hate you.” He reached across the table and took Enjolras’ hand. “And to answer your question, yes. I will go out with you.” Enjolras smiled widely, a feeling of joy overflowing his body.

Grantaire pulled Enjolras’ hand, bringing him over. Enjolras scooted his chair so that his knees brushed against Grantaire’s.

“Do you think this can work?” he whispered.

Grantaire nodded, bringing Enjolras’ hand to his lips, giving them a quick kiss. He blushed at the gesture, turning away from Grantaire. Grantaire let go of his hands and shuffled around until he pulled out a wad of cash. He put the money on the table and took Enjolras’ hand again.

“Let’s go take a walk.”

Grantaire walked out of the cafe and Enjolras followed along numbly. He couldn’t believe what was happening, and he hadn’t planned what he was going to do if this happened. Part of him wanted to text Combeferre or Courfeyrac to ask for some advice on what to do. He decided against it, letting himself go along with whatever Grantaire wanted to do.

Grantaire stopped, which brought Enjolras back into reality. He looked around and noticed that they were back where Enjolras originally confessed.

“I thought this would be a good place to do this.” Enjolras looked at him, confused. Grantaire stepped forward and held Enjolras’ face in his hands.

“May I kiss you?”

Enjolras nodded and closed his eyes.

Grantaire’s lips were soft and cold. His breath warmed Enjolras’ face as he kissed him. Enjolras felt like he was floating, unable to comprehend that yes, Grantaire was finally kissing him.

It was too soon when Grantaire pulled away. Enjolras looked at him, unable to say anything. Grantaire smiled at him once more and Enjolras knew, yeah, they’d be ok.

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The only thing I can think about rn is the amis calling Combeferre covfefe just to piss him off

Combeferre would legit hate it?? Because it comes from a despicable being? So he’s like?? Can you not?

And all of les Amis are slowly getting into it, either nicknaming him that or slipping it into sentences. All hell breaks loose when one morning, Enjolras asks Combeferre if he can pour him some covfefe and Combeferre looks at him like “Et tu, Enjolras?”

Bahorel and Grantaire double dog dared Courfeyrac to call Combeferre Covfefe in his wedding vows, but Courfeyrac backed out because he wanted his marriage to be perfect and hopefully not piss off his groom

feel-good enjoltaire fics

Touching Souls by nightswatch: "There had never been a time in Enjolras’ life when would have thought that he’d one day be sad about not getting to kiss a certain person, but it seemed that moment had come after all.“ ( so this fic is based off a video and there’s a movie based off the video and i love them so much and this fic is actual perfection)

The Quiet Truth by kiyala: Grantaire’s homophobic parents are coming to visit, and Courfeyrac volunteers Enjolras to pretend to be his boyfriend. Enjolras doesn’t do things halfway. ( i love this fic so much you don’t understand )

Have & Hold by arriviste: Enjolras has not only fake-married an alcoholic annoyance who doesn’t take anything he says or does seriously, he somehow did it while Jehan was live-tweeting the civil ceremony. He’s fighting for marriage equality, but the evidence overwhelmingly points to the fact that marriage as an institution is dead, and that he has personally helped administer its Barthesian coup de grâce. ( this fic gave me a lot of emotions but it was really cute and honestly its the perfect fic for a rainy day )

The Twelve Days You Gave To Me by Carolinecalfo: The Amis make their way through the 12 days leading up to Christmas with determination only the Amis could muster, a tree named Patria, an unhappy tenant, ominous swans and a road trip gone awry, and much, much more holiday fun. ( i read this fic a while ago but it was sO CUTE I CAN’T )

Shut Up And Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is by zimriya: In the long list of Hollywood rom-com clichés that Enjolras has once upon a time imagined becoming his life, this probably would have had to be the one that takes the cake. It has to, since most of the Hollywood rom-coms that Enjolras has ever watched are tame, comparatively. Most of the Hollywood rom-coms that Enjolras has watched are the fault of Courfeyrac, but Enjolras is relatively certain that this one is entirely his own fault—which is just great, since he’s wearing a wedding band.He supposes that it’s only fair, really, that when that finishes sinking in and he opens his eyes it’s Grantaire’s sleeping face that greets him. ( so i love fake dating / fake marriage au’s of any kind but this was really great and idk for some reason i’ve read it like 7 times i mean its pretty amazing and i just love it a lot )

In Love When You Wake Me Up by BethXP: When Enjolras wakes up from an operation he is still under the influence of the anaesthetic and ends up revealing more than he intended. ( basically enjolras is really sappy cause of the drugs and there’s no sad parts and i love it )

A Christmas Miracle by tellthemstories: Enjolras is sitting in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, squinting at his latest case report, when the first snow begins to fall on Christmas Eve. ( this has got to be the best hogwarts au one shot/ficlet i’ve ever read its really cute and no spoilers but grantaire is amazing and enjolras is so enjolras™ and honestly its great)

RSVP (+1) by tellthemstories: When Enjolras is invited to Marius and Cosette’s wedding, he fully intends to ignore the ‘plus one’ on the invite. He’s busy at work and he has a lot on - he doesn’t have time for relationships. What he doesn’t expect is for Grantaire to invite himself along and then hit it off immediately with all of his friends.Now if everyone can just stop assuming he and Grantaire are dating, Combeferre and Courfeyrac will stop giving him that look, and they can get through the entire two weeks without bringing up what happened at Christmas, everything will be just fine. ( so i really like this writer’s works and her word choice and ahhHHHH okay so about the fic its really cute i mean duh why else would i put it on this list but anyway the ending is AMAZING and DRAMAAAAAAA WOW but its amazinggggg )

oilan  asked:

Courfeyrac 2, 9, 24?

2) Who they want to please the most.

His friends, obviously!  He could name other people– personal idols,family members (he has a very cool uncle who he admires a great deal) , whichever young ladies he is very definitely in love with this week– but he knows perfectly well that he’d prioritize his friends and their happiness over everything but their shared cause and ideals, which after all works out to the same thing.

9) What calms them when they are upset.

Nothing is Okay? Time to throw  a huge party with all his friends.  Maybe organize a meeting with some likely allies? Or an outing in the country, with friends?  Or take someone out to dinner, at the very least. The important thing is to be involved with Other People, in some happy way, and then he’ll be happy too (He is not particularly aware that this is how he works; he just does it. Sitting around focusing on his Inner Whatever is not  enjoyable or calming. Certain friends with grueling study/life schedules may have made the connection that a persistently present  Courfeyrac is a Courfeyrac who’s needing to Make Things Better in an immediate tangible way, and have at any time  a short mental list of other people who could use some energetic sunshine pointed their way, so they can get back to studying anatomy geology cartography philosophy theories of education  Egypt things  without having to risk seeing the Disappointed Face.) 

24) What they wish they could change about themselves

Are you kidding, he’s Excellent. He has a sword cane. He knows how to use it! He is a Dashing Hero. What would he need to change about himself? 
(..okay he would really like to be able to grow a real beard. Beards are super cool and rebellious, he would look so sharp! Why has this been denied to him, why.

Close Encounter of the Weird kind

Day six of Enjoltaireweek2017 : Fallen Angel

Modern AU, 1637 words

Enjolras stepped on the fire escape, grimacing when the fresh snow bit into his feet. Had he seen him like that, barefoot and wrapped in a blanket like a cloak, Combeferre would have howled at the moon and grabbed him with enough force to throw him right back into his bed. But Combeferre was currently buried under sixteen pillows, two books and a Courfeyrac, and as usual when it snowed, wouldn’t show himself before noon. At least. So Enjolras was free of enjoying the snow first thing in the morning.

He leaned against the rail, careful of not getting his pajamas wet. With everything lined in fresh snow and glistening in the morning light, the whole town suddenly looked… magic. Straight out of a fairy tale. Suddenly, the sharpest edges seemed soft, carved in biscuit and covered with sugar. It was blindingly beautiful, and relaxing too. Even the bins, down there, looked strangely pretty.

Wait… there was something down there that wasn’t supposed to be. Not at all. In the small yard under him, right in the middle of the snow-covererd square, there was someone. Someone laying down on the ground, like in a bed. Enjolras barely took the time to jump into the nearest pair of slippers, and tumbled down the fire exit, almost slipping on the frozen steps and landing in the recycling bin.

Yes, it was a man. A very, very naked man, sprawled in the snow in a way that was almost… indecent. One wrist resting on his forehead, the other arm extended, legs slightly bent on the side, he looked asleep. And from what Enjolras could see while trying not to stare too much, he didn’t really seemed to have been killed by the cold. He didn’t seem dead at all. But was he breathing ? Enjolras didn’t think so, but he could see, from where he was. He tiptoed closer, slowly…

… and the man’s eyes opened. He looked at Enjolras, who froze. That man… that man had the greenest eyes he’d ever seen, and he was smiling at him. Slowly, he sat up, rubbing his head and yawning. The perfect picture of a man waking up in the morning. Except than most men didn’t sleep naked in the middle of winter. Enjolras did his best not to look too much at the muscles playing under the darker skin, and noticed that there were no foot marks around. Where did that strange man come from ? Did he really spend all night here under the snow ? How was he still alive ?

And now, the strange man was getting up. Not knowing what to do or say, Enjolras just held up his blanket. The man took it, looking at him inquisitively, and simply held it up. What ? Was he going to have to wrap him in it ? Walk up close to him and…? But no, the man finally put the blanket on his shoulders, simply holding it closed. Apparently, he didn’t need to be protected from the cold.

But now ? What should he do ? Ask him what he was doing here ? Abandon him to his fate ? No, he couldn’t. That would make him the biggest hypocrite in the world, if he pleaded for people to help, support and defend each other, and leave a man to fend off for himself ? That wouldn’t do ! And so, he went to climb the fire exit, motionning for the man to follow him.

The climb was a very awkward one. Not because it was difficult to grasp the icy steps, even if it didn’t help. But Enjolras could feel the man’s stare fixed on him. Logic would ask that, like him, he was watching where he was going, but no. He was sure that the man was staring. And from where he was, he probably had a perfect vision of his ass.

Finally, they reached the flat. Everything was still silent, without any trace of Courfeyrac, Combeferre, any combination of the two, or one of their friends deciding to drop by for a cup of coffee or twenty. Good. Enjolras wasn’t ready to explain what he was doing with a wet and naked person at this hour. He just showed the couch to the man and went to make him something warm to drink.

While their coffee was brewing, he tried to reason : that man probably was a homeless person who had had some troubles the night before, and had accidentally found the yard. He had probably been mugged, and just needed a place to rest and some coffee. Which Enjolras was of course going to give him. He was a good person, and wanted to help. This had nothing to do with those green eyes and the way their owner stared at him. It was… strange, in fact. Enjolras was used to people looking at him like he just fell from the sky. This was different. There was still a hint of admiration, of course, but it was… more intent. Like the man was trying to… recognize him ? But that wasn’t possible. They’d never seen each other before. He would have remembered.

Enjolras brought back the coffee in the living room… and stopped. Visibly comfortable and warm enough, the man had taken the blanket off. This allowed Enjolras to get a perfect view of the two large marks on his back. They looked like deep wounds, charred in the center and raw around it. Angry red lines started from there, zigzaging on the skin. It looked incredibly painful, and very recent.

Enjolras gave the man a cup of coffee he grabbed eagerly, and sat in the armchair facing him. Okay, so the stranger was safe now, warm, and with coffee. Now, what to do ? Ask something ? Yeah, maybe. Did he even understand the same language ? After all, there was but one way to know, right ? He took the time to blew on his coffee, wondering what was the best question to ask without being rude. But the man was faster than him.

- Thank you, he said. This coffee is perfect.

Okay, so he did understand the language. And he had quite a nice voice, deep and just a bit husky. Enjolras muttered in his cup :

- You’re welcome.

- No, seriously. Thank you for bringing me here, too. I know lots of people wouldn’t have any qualm to leave me out there until I freeze over.

Any other time, Enjolras would have protested that people weren’t that cruel, and surely, someone else would have come to his rescue. But there was such bitterness in the man’s words that he didn’t dare. But the green eyes were still on him, and he was starting to get nervous. So instead, he blurted :

- What happened to your back ?

The man grimaced, and Enjolras bit his lip. Yeah, that was so subtle ! If the man wasn’t already uncomfortable, this would certainly do the trick. He wanted to bash himself on the head, to teach himself about politeness. But the man answered :

- Let’s just say some people may have taken offense at my poor behavior, and decided to punish me.

- What ? Who ? Who could have thought that this was a good idea for a punishment ? Who would be so cruel ?

The man smiled, as if amused by Enjolras’ outrage.

- Once again, it’s complicated, and all answers I could give you will only confuse you more. Let’s just say they thought that the punishment was fitting the crime.

Well, this was frustrating, sure. But helping the man didn’t mean Enjolras was untitled to his entire life story and secrets, and he didn’t push the issue further. But there was another one to take care of, namely treating those wounds. And maybe finding that man some clothes, too.

- Do you need help, he asked. I mean, for your back ? And… the rest ?

The man shrugged with a smile, which Enjolras interpretated as a permission to do as he wanted. Not wanting to wake Combeferre up (or barge into a very private scene), Enjolras fished his phone from under a cushion, and dialed Joly’s number. Knowing his friend, he was up with the sun, and wouldn’t be angry at him for being awaken. With Joly’s enthusiastic and very intrigued advice, Enjolras managed to patch the man’s back. Said man let him clean and bandage the wounds without a word. It certainly wasn’t top-of-the-line care, but it would do for now. Joly promised that he would come around after his shift as the hospital, to redo it better. Enjolras knew that the offer was at least motivated by curiosity. But he would deal with that later.

It took some digging to find clothes that fit. The man was taller than Enjorlas, and broader too, and even his biggest hoodie would have been too tight on his frame. Finally, he borrowed a t-shirt, pants, and a plaid shirt from Combeferre’s clean laundry pile, promising himself that he would buy his friend an expensive coffee to apologize. The man seemed quite happy with the clothes, that was the most important part.

Two hours later, Enjolras was back in the armchair, books around him and his laptop perched on his lap, trying to work. The man was asleep on the couch, wrapped in two plaids. Enjolras didn’t know yet what he was going to do with him, if he even was going to do something, and what was going to happen. But something told him that he hadn’t heard the end of this story yet. This was probably only the beginning, and the man and he had a long, bumpy, weird road ahead of them.

drunken words are sober thoughts - courferre

rin writes instead of fixing shit in their life - part two of my courferre one shots, also on ao3

@thegoodlesmisurlsaretaken you’re dragging me even deeper into courferre hell, i was already fucked up by this ship and you’re making it worse

It was Grantaire who got him drunk, Bahorel who made him dance on the table, and it was Combeferre who dragged him back to the hotel room. The amis were spending a weekend in Vegas, celebrating surviving another exam season. Enjolras initially protested going to the bar, but everyone else had the argument of why else were they in Vegas?

So that’s how Courfeyrac ended up in a crowded bar, singing Britney Spears on top of his lungs. To be fair, he’d had crazier nights. Thought most nights didn’t end with him slung over Combeferre’s shoulder while waving to everyone else.

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theblazeofmemory  asked:

Also 8: "Let's just pretend. Just for tonight." Enjoltaire ily ❤

Okay so this is part of this Fantasy From Enemies to Lovers fic idea in which Grantaire is the crown prince of a kingdom stolen to Enjolras’ royal family. They now working together to get Enjolras on the throne, but confusing feelings are getting in the way

Also this got way out of hand and ended up being 900 words long

The festivities were going full swing, but Grantaire’s heart was not in it. He felt out of place, like an intruder, watching the revellers making merry, dancing and singing, like one would look at a picture, standing outside of the frame. He could not join them, not when his father was the one bleeding them dry with taxes. Or bleeding them dry in a much more literal sense.

How could he celebrate the harvest, when he was standing on a blood-soaked soil? Fruits didn’t taste the same, now that he knew. Grantaire could feel the tinge of iron everytime he ate one, and had to swallow the guilt with every bite.

Leaning against a fence, Grantaire watched the flames of the bonfire tickling the stars. They were supposed to ward off wicked spirits that would ruin the next crops, Bossuet had told Grantaire when he had asked. They didn’t build bonfires for the harvest, back at the palace. You can’t ward off the wicked spirits when they’re already inside, Grantaire had thought bitterly.

The sounds of music and laughter were deafening. Longing for some peace of mind, Grantaire retreated towards the woods, hoping that the trees would muffle the noise. Enjolras was there, right on the edge of the forest, sitting on a stump. He stood up awkwardly as Grantaire approached, and Grantaire held his steps.

“I didn’t mean to disturb you,” he said, trying to keep his voice neutral.

“You didn’t. I just needed to be somewhere… calmer. The smoke went to my head.”

Grantaire nodded in acknowledgement. If Enjolras had noticed Grantaire had spent the whole day avoiding him, he didn’t show any sign of it. Nothing in his voice suggested he remembered the kiss they had exchanged either. Grantaire didn’t know if he should have felt relieved or sad about it.

“I don’t want to scare you off, but that will be one of your duties when you’re king,” Grantaire teased, a crooked smile on his lips. “Presiding balls. Standing in a noisy throne room. Pretending you’re having a good time.”

“It take it that wasn’t your favourite part of being crown prince.”

“No, screw that. That’s why I’m leaving you the throne, I couldn’t stand it more than a year!”

Enjolras laughed softly at that and leant against a trunk. It was rare, seeing him laugh. Grantaire supposed being the only living heir of a royal line did that to a person. Perhaps, if Enjolras’ father was still on the throne, he and Grantaire could have grown together. Enjolras, the golden crown prince, and Grantaire, a child of the aristocracy. He wondered how different that Enjolras would have been from the one he was looking at now.

“Perhaps you shouldn’t stay here too long,” Grantaire advised. “These are your people. You should celebrate the harvest with them. Make a speech or something. People love it when their monarch has a flair for the dramatic.”

“I’m good here for now,” Enjolras answered, closing his eyes.

Knowing he couldn’t be seen, Grantaire took a couple more steps towards Enjolras, looking at his features. If it was rare to see Enjolras laugh, it was even rarer to see him so exposed, defenseless.

“That’s funny,” Grantaire said.

“What is?”

“That you’re letting me this close. If Courfeyrac knew you were alone with the rotten usurper, he’d probably shit himself.”

“You’re not going to kill me,” Enjolras asserted. “You would have done it fifty times over by now.”

“Does that mean you trust me?”

“Something like that.”

Grantaire was a couple of feet away now. Enjolras didn’t say anything, watching him approach with his arms crossed against his chest. If he wanted Grantaire to step back, he would have said so by now. There was a fleeting moment of silent between them.

“What are you thinking about?” Enjolras finally asked.

Grantaire’s chest tightened.

“About how different it could have been.”

Enjolras didn’t say anything, but Grantaire could feel the air getting thicker. Yet, he did not move. His eyes kept looking into Grantaire’s. Tentatively, as though he was afraid of being burnt, the other put a hand on Enjolras’ shoulder. The muscles under Grantaire’s fingers were tense, but there was no attempt to push him away. Slowly, Grantaire followed the curve of Enjolras’ elbow to find his hand.

“How different?” Enjolras asked, pushing him to elaborate.

“The court, the palace, the kingdom… everything. You. Me. I would have been part of the court. Perhaps we could have been friends.”

The word sounded off in his mouth. Were they even friends now? Enjolras was so close that Grantaire could feel his breath against his lips. As close as they had been last night, when Enjolras had kissed him. Grantaire’s gaze went from his eyes to his lips. For a second, Enjolras dipped closer, his breath getting warmer against Grantaire.

Enjolras pushed him away.

“It doesn’t change anything,” he said, his voice as cold as his cheeks were hot.

“Let’s just pretend. Just for tonight!” Grantaire tried desperately.

“I can’t!” Enjolras snapped back, before storming off towards the bonfires, his hair set ablaze by the light of the flames.

windfall | combeferre/courfeyrac | t | 2k | canon-era

Combeferre, usually placid if not neatly composed, looks to have walked some miles in the rain, hatless. His hair has lost its wave and all its sandy strands are dripping. “I am saved,” he announces.

“You are soaked through,” Courfeyrac tsks. “Come inside. If you catch your death I shall murder you.”

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