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sixofcrowsnw challenge: take two ≡ best moment of your otp

kanej + religion

How to be an amazing partner, poly or not.

Be courageous

Ask for what you need. Ask for what you want.


Know yourself.  

Be honest with yourself and your partner(s).

Own your shit. Seriously. Humility, curiosity and honesty are a huge part of this, and you must be willing to take responsibility for your part - emotions, actions, all of it.

Love boldly and with great compassion.

Let's talk about LeFou's growing awareness of Gaston's crazy & why he's scared of him...

And let’s address outing because that’s totally how I read LeFou’s fear of Gaston.

LeFou had made himself so vulnerable in his and Gaston’s friendship, with Gaston clearly turning a blind eye to LeFou’s blatant crush on him, because Gaston enjoys the pampering and hero worship that comes with LeFou being in love with him. We saw how LeFou behaved with Gaston in public, who knows what kind of dirt Gaston had on LeFou from their private lives.

When LeFou finally gets the courage to call Gaston on his shit, Gaston immediately tells him to be quiet or he’ll “be next” in the line of people he gets carted off to a mad house. When Gaston threatened LeFou with the insane asylum you could see the pure horror on LeFou’s face and his fear of being outed was definitely what it invoked for me.

(Side note: we also know that Gaston was SO STRONG he could literally lift LeFou up on one arm, not to mention so vicious along with this strength that he had SOMEHOW GOD KNOWS HOW permanently scarred his best friend with his teeth?? Like LeFou had hardcore conscious you guys, and also hardcore fear of the very strong straight man he was hardcore in love with.)

Sometimes I do feel like Western Animation is suffering from less and less studios taking risks on sort of weird borderline experimental shit like Courage the Cowardly Dog.

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wait can u further explain the cinderella au u want


okay so lets consider: cinderenjolras 

he’s kind! he has courage! he’s charming and helpful and compassionate and his stepmother is a shit and his stepsisters are shits but that’s okay! he will bear this injustice for the good of others! he’s working hard, one could even say he’s busting ass, cause he’s waiting for his time to come. and it’s gonna come. the people will rise, and all that. so he does his chores and he studies his books and he waits. 

and then we come to grantaire! this is what i mean by a kind of cinderella au because i dont? want him to be a prince? who knows Who grantaire is, but he lives in the local village and happens to cross paths with enjolras Very Often. it’s uncanny, the amount of times these two have bumped into each other. 

the first time, they were ever so polite to each other, and then on their separate ways. the second time, they found themselves in a heated debate on whether or not the prince’s decision of inviting Everyone™ to the ball is honourable or shameful. the third time, grantaire ended up wandering entirely off his chosen path for the sole reason of having more time to pick enjolras’ argument about the actual merits of a monarchy apart. 

so, yeah, they know each other. 

and this ball that the prince is throwing has enjolras’ stepfam all in a kerfuffle, because both his stepsisters are planning on marrying the prince. it doesn’t occur to any of them, caught up in their own fantasies of such a fanciful marriage, that the prince could possibly want to marry a man, so the subject of enjolras attending isn’t really an issue.

(in fact. enjolras looks rather regal, even in his rags, so it would befit them to dress him up and have him Escort them.)

enjolras is horrified at the prospect of actually attending a royal ball, until. until he’s chatting to courf one day, and courfeyrac just mentions that he and some of the others will be going, just to drink and eat and have some fun, paying no mind to the royal family.

despite himself, enjolras asks if grantaire is going to be there– he is, aparently, loathe to pass up an opportunity to drink for free. and he’ll never admit it, because grantaire is infuriating and lacking any courage at all, but this maybe makes the prospect of a royal ball a little more bearable.

the ball is in two weeks, which means theres a lot of preparation to be done. enjolras is in and out of town, checking up on the many, many gowns his fam are having made for the big night, meeting up with the others, etc etc. he bumps into grantaire a few times, too, and they do their usual routine of arguing, talking, (even laughing, these days. their debates are starting to lose their damaging heat and have more of a…..warmth. it confuses the both of them.)

one evening enjolras loses track of time at the musain, and the sun sets before he can make it home. grantaire declares that it is far too dangerous for him to possibly try to make the short journey by himself, and offers to accompany him. you know, to protect from thieves and monsters lurking at the edges of the forest. the usual stuff. enjolras, keen to keep up with their current debate (and that weird, warm feeling that comes with it) accepts, and off the go.

their debate tapers off, as they walk, and they get on to talking about more personal things. enjolras, looking back on this conversation later, will have no idea why he told grantaire about his parents, and his stepfamily, but he did. grantaire in turn tells him about the passing of his own parents, and the farm he helps around in return for a room and some money that admittedly he does tend to waste on drink, but has a vague ambition of one day spending on paints and such.

“do they treat you well?” 
“better than i deserve, i’m sure. and you?”

and grantaire has never seen enjolras look sad in his life, but then he says, “as well as they’re able.” and he’s a little bit floored. 

“i’m sorry,” he says, and enjolras shakes his head and is Full Of Regret, because he’s really not one to show his own vulnerabilities, thank you. 

and that’s it. that’s the Moment that things change between them, a subtle shift in their own dynamic, even if neither of them notice it. 

so comes the ball! everyone is dressed up, having fun, drinking, making merry. enjolras has no fucking clue where his sisters are but he pities the men they’ve cornered, and, okay, maybe he’s a lil distracted looking out for grantaire. and suddenly! he appears!

enjolras, as stated before, somehow always looks regal. grantaire does not. he doesn’t think he’s ever seen him without straw in his hair, all unkempt curls flying everywhere, and his clothes are simple, usually grass stained or wine stained or paint stained. 

the point is, grantaire looks awfully fancy. and for a few moments enjolras is like HOLY SHIT HE LOOKS SO HOT, but then. then he realises how uncomfortable he looks in all his Fanciness, and he’s not so impressed. because he doesn’t really look like Grantaire? grantaire smiling stiffly in ridiculous clothes is nothing compared to grantaire laughing deeply, with straw in his hair and his shirt half-undone.

and this is the moment when enjolras leans on combeferre and is like, fuck, dude. cause he’s totally in love with grantaire. 

anyway ive been rambling for so long so, tldr, they dance, they dance some more, they walk home together, they kiss and eventually they get married and have their own little farm and the monarchy fails and the revolution is successful. the end.

Like…I really hope he knows that we literally could not be more proud of him.

Todrick is walking unapologetic proof that you can make shit happen even when people tell you that you aren’t the right color or shape or gender or style or orientation or “look” or voice…Todrick is kind and humble and DAMN is he talented. But it isn’t just talent. It’s drive and courage and creativity and he makes shit happen. He doesn’t make it look easy, either. He’s talked about finances and prejudice and relationships.

Todrick is inspiring and he has a gift for story telling and I cannot wait to see where the queen will go.

Fluffy as cotton candy Aus

because we all need some that make us warm and fuzzy inside sometimes :)

  • “I’m looking for my favourite kind of tea/hot chocolate/keurig coffee cup things and I spot two boxes on the shelf and I take one and oh hi, you like it too?”

  • Alternatively: There’s only 1 box
  • also imagine: Them enjoying the tea together

  • i’m taking pictures of the sunset here because it’s really pretty and I see you drawing the sunset and it’s such a great photo opportunity let me just- oh shit the flash was on um, hi?

  • alternatively: I come to this spot to draw the sunset all the time and I just saw a flash out of the corner of my eye. I look and someone’s pointing a camera at me. what the hell?

  • I decide to go swimming at night because there’s less people but there’s a group of people having a bonfire at my normal spot what now (OT+ friendly!)

  • I’m asking if the library has a book that I’ve been waiting for and you happen to return it just then

  • I’m low on cash by a few cents/forgot my wallet/card and you pay for my drink order at this coffee place hey thank you so much

  • I always come to this coffee shop to draw bc I love the atmosphere and someone asks to sit here sure I guess??

  • Alternatively: Everytime I come in here you’re drawing and they always look so pretty so I muster up the courage to ask to sit with you and you said yes shit now what

  • *insert obligatory one is sick here* but then person A taking care of person B gets sick and person B just laughs and said I warned you

  • imagine sleepy cuddles early in the morning or late at night or the middle of a sleepy afternoon please

  • teasing one when they can’t reach something on a high shelf so they climb the counter out of spite and then sit on the counter

  • friendly teasing in general especially if it leads to kissing i mean what

annnnnnd I’m gonna stop here because I just realized how long this was ^^’ Have fun with these and have a wonderful day!!
~Mod Karissa

Yesterday was my birthday. We went out to dinner and while at dinner I saw the most godly long haired boy who was singing for open mic night. Me being the shy socially awkward little shit I am, couldn’t get the courage to give him my number so my roommate gave it to him for me.

I totally didn’t expect him to text me because in my head I’m still that unattractive, fat girl that no boy ever looked at without making fun of me art the same time… but he did. He said my name was beautiful and we’re going out for a drink when I get back from QLD.

I’m pretty stoked. I never take risks like that. It paid off. Hehe.


For: A lot of people including 5 anons, @raywinchester and a few people who I think I’m forgetting (Sorry) so enjoy!

Imagine: Having tension between you and Eric after being caught accidentally cuddling. 

Part 3 to these imagines: Part 1 and Part 2

It’s been a week since you left Amity, a week since you were caught snuggling with the jackass leader, Eric. The two of you hadn’t spoken since the incident, you had simply made uncomfortable eye contact every time you ran into each other. Your friends, especially Zeke, on the other hand refused to let you live it down, not only had he told half the faction about what he had seen, but every time you walked past him, he would make snarky remarks or teasingly call you muffin

Eric had been an even bigger ass to everyone in attempts to keep up his reputation. Though you hadn’t spoken to him, every time he snapped at someone you had the urge to punch him in the face. For some unknown reason, you had been even more irritable around him ever since that unfortunate night, something inside you had changed, but you couldn’t tell what it was. 

You shake your head to clear your mind and continue walking down the hallways, making your way to your apartment after a long day of work. Just before you turn a corner you hear the quivering voice of a boy, “P-please sir, I didn’t mean to, the knife slipped and-and I-I’m sorry sir.”

You peak your head around the corner and see the familiar blonde haired man with tattoos trailing down his neck. Eric was burning holes into the scrawny black-haired boy’s face with his piercing stare; the venomous smirk on his face was enough to send chills even down your own spine. He had the boy, who you assumed was from this year’s batch of initiates, shaking in his boots and he was clearly enjoying it, “You didn’t mean to huh? If you were on the streets in a fight and you dropped the fucking knife you’d be killed! You’re a weak-ass, boneless initiate who is better off factionless!”

“Eric!” You yell revealing yourself, both of them turn their attention towards you and you storm over, “Initiation just started, it’s your job to teach them how to throw a fucking knife, not discourage them!" 

"How do you except me to do shit when they have no courage in the first place?” He hisses, the poor initiate looks like he’s about to burst into tears.

“Kid, get back to the dorms, don’t worry about any of this,” You say gently but assertively, the kid looks up at Eric for permission so you simply say, “Go.”

He scampers away and Eric instantly grabs your arms pushing hard against the wall, you let out an unintentional gasp, “What the fuck are you doing?!" 

"You’re being a fucking ass!”

“They’re my initiates Y/N, I’m a fucking leader, you are a petty patrol, how dare you butt into my business?!” His face is now meer centimetres from yours, and you can smell his minty breath. 

“Just because you’re a leader doesn’t mean you can make everyone’s life a living hell Eric, ever since you’ve become a leader, nobody even wants to be in Dauntless!” For a split second, you think you see a look of hurt on his face, but it goes back to its menacing-self so fast that you think you probably just imagined it. 

“You’ve gained a lot of guts after sleeping with me Y/N, weren’t you absolutely horrified of that little spider? Now you’re talking back to a Dauntless leader?” He smirks. 

“Oh dear Eric, the only difference is that spiders are actually scary, you, on the other hand, are not,” You smirk back; you have a fucking death wish don’t you Y/N?

He raises his eyebrows, tightening his grip on your arms, there’ll definitely be bruises there in the morning, “You’re not scared of me huh Y/N?" 

"Definitely not,” your voice falters at the end, he’s a lot closer now. 

“You sure are something special Y/N, you have been since that first day of your training when you told me to, ‘Do my job and actually teach you something,’” You blush. 

“Y-you still remember that?” You had transferred a year after Eric and he had been one of your instructors, him being the ass he was, you had decided to stand up for yourself and your fellow initiates, it’s been five years since that encounter and you had almost forgotten about it, you were surprised that he hadn’t. He got closer. 

“I haven’t forgotten, I also remember that in order to punish you I made you stand in front of a target in the gun range and I shot at you. You didn’t even flinch a millimetre,” He moved closer and closer with every word that followed, “I remember everything muffin.”

You couldn’t help but lean up in attempts to close the gap between you two, Eric leans back, chuckling, his eyes had softened considerably, “You just can’t wait can you muffin?”

He releases one of your arms, moving his hand to your cheek, running the pad of his thumb across your lower lip, you involuntarily whisper his name and he smirks, finally he closes the gap between your desperate lips, he gently bites your lip and you gasp, giving him entrance, your tongues fight for dominance. He finally pulls away and without thinking you lean into him, surprisingly he puts him arms around you for a second before you steady yourself on your feet. 

Eric finally takes a step back, “I was definitely right about you being special Y/N." 

"Y-you’re not too bad yourself Eric,” You stutter, attempting to sound confident but failing. 

“Well we should probably get back to our apartments, it’s getting late,” He turns to leave but he suddenly turns back, “Oh and Y/N?”


“This time let’s be a little more careful about accidentally getting caught,” He winks and walks away, leaving you to compose yourself. 

Something had definitely changed that night in Amity, the feelings you had been repressing for Eric since initiation had finally surfaced. 

A/N: I’m baaaaackkkkkkk!!!!!! I missed you all! xoxo

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Can you do prompt four with young!sirius black? Thank you!

Young!Sirius Black One Shot/Drabble

Fandom: Harry Potter (Marauder’s Era)

Prompt: “How do I know I can trust you?” “Should I strip?”

AN: You’ll have to bear with me. I don’t actually remember if there was a description of the trail in the Whomping Willow so I just based it off the Prisoner of Azkaban movie.

Originally posted by monmoss

You found James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew extremely annoying but you couldn’t help but also find them extremely intriguing.

Despite their countless detentions and popularity, you knew that they were a lot smarter than they let on but also hiding a lot more too. After all, you’d seen them disappear inside the Whomping Willow on several occasions – the one tree that can hit you back. What interested you more was where they managed to vanish to. It was a tree.

“Ouch!” you hissed after getting hit by the Whomping Willow – again. You used the freezing charm on the tree but it stopped working after a few moments. You’d thought that trying to figure out where the boys went to during the night would be a smart idea but it wasn’t. Thankfully, the usual darkness was dimly lit by the full moon so you could see much better without having to use your wand.

You were thrown back once more by the tree and landed on another tree root, causing you to curse loudly but surprisingly causing the tree to immobilise.

“I did it,” you said to yourself, feeling around for the wand you’d dropped as you were thrown but finding a trapdoor instead.

After finding your wand (which amazingly hadn’t snapped in half), you lit up a pathway back to the trapdoor. It creaked open and you hesitantly crawled inside, discovering a narrow pathway that led to somewhere you weren’t sure of. You were concerned of what you may find because after discovering this trap door, you were certain that these boys were geniuses. Did any of the Professors know this existed? Were you about to find a secret trail to Hogsmeade or just a trail into the girl’s bathroom? There was only one way to find out.

You deducted that you weren’t travelling towards Hogwarts as you seemed to be walking further away from the castle then towards it. That at least meant you weren’t going to find out that the boys were peeping in on the girls. You were humming quietly to yourself, trying to lighten the mood as you could barely see far ahead of you. You were beginning to think you were paranoid because every now and then you thought you could hear people arguing followed by the sounds of animals (large animals) making noise. Just as you thought you’d come back during daylight hours and take one of your friends with you, you could hear footsteps hitting the gravel path and coming the direction you were walking towards. You froze, swiftly turning the light off your wand and hoping that the footsteps would stop and you could make a quick getaway.

“Who’s there?” an all too familiar voice whisper yelled and you could see a light coming towards you, getting brighter and brighter by the second, “if that’s you Snivelly, I swear I will hex you into an oblivion. Can’t you mind your own fucki – (Y/N)?”

“Hi Sirius,” you squeaked, now being able to see his surprised face illuminated by his wand. “I just got lost.”

Sirius was baffled, “you just got lost in the Whomping… y’know what? Never mind. You need to leave. Now.”

He jabbed you with his wand as if it was supposed to make you move but you stayed put.

“Why? Where does this lead to? Are you – are you spying on Madam Rosmerta? Oh my – are you a Death Eater? Are you all Death Eaters?”

“For fucks sake, (Y/N). We are not Death Eaters and we’re not spying on Madam Rosmerta,” he hissed, looking over his shoulder as if he was expecting something to happen. “Please, just trust me.”

“How do I know I can trust you?”

“Should I strip?”

Before you could give a witty retort, a loud howl came from the direction Sirius kept glancing off to. He winced at the noise as if it physically hurt him and all sense of humour seemed to disappear off his face; you’d never seen Sirius Black look like this before.

“I was just leaving anyway,” you said, lighting your wand up again and beginning to walk back in the direction of the castle.

“Thanks. Can you not –?”

You looked over your shoulder, “I just got lost. I have no idea where or what this place is.”

For the next few weeks, you couldn’t get Sirius off your back.

You never used to see Sirius without James Potter but now it was becoming as if you never saw Sirius without you. Although he never mentioned the encounter you had that night, you knew the reason he was constantly following you was because he wanted to make sure you didn’t tell anyone. Even though you tried to say you had no intention of doing so, he just seemed to ignore you.

On top of Sirius’s antics, you also had his other three friends around you as well. If you were sitting alone in the library, all four of them would sit down around you and act as if you’d been friends forever. They also called you over during lunch hours and if you had classes together they’d save you a seat – your friends, particularly your girl ones, couldn’t believe this was happening to you. How did you get so lucky?

Eventually, you got the courage to confront Sirius about this. He seemed to be the leader of the hounding. You waited until he sat down beside you in the courtyard, knowing when and when not to talk to you because sometimes you just like to read and study in silence, and was shocked when you started speaking.  

“Sirius, I don’t care what you and the others were doing that night. Seriously, I don’t give a shit –  I can’t emphasize that enough. I just wanted to know how you got in the tree and was only exploring it because I got my arse kicked trying to figure out how to immobilise it,” you played with a bit of your robes, “and running into you was an accident and I had and still have no plans on telling anyone about it because I don’t care.”

And to your astonishment, he started laughing. You stared at him as he did so, not believing that this was going to be his response to what you’d just said.

“Can you not laugh? It took me ages to work up the courage to say that.”

Sirius attempted to contain himself but his shit-eating grin wasn’t going to leave his face any time soon. He then wrapped one of his arms around you, “maybe I just genuinely like spending time with you? That whole incident was just an excuse to do that.”

“You couldn’t have just said that earlier? This has been eating at me for weeks!”

Sirius leaned his face close to yours, “you’re fucking hilarious,” and then he kissed you.