and couple hands ^___^

And I swear that I love you.
And I swear that your arms felt like home.
And I swear your hoodie makes me happy.
And I swear that I should come home:
To your heart beating in perfect symphony to mine.
And to the feeling of wishing your body was with mine.
—  9:28 ramblings- a. h

Okay so I feel like marichat is just them sitting together complaining about crushes, ladrien is them both just staring at each other in awe and that’s it, ladynoir is like this sassy badass power couple, and adrienette is the cute shy hand-holding going-out-for-ice-cream couple. And when you put them all together it’s just pERFECTION

I had a bit of an epiphany tonight while chatting about how Mulder and Scully being broken up has played out and how its been handled so far. The general consensus among the group was that whatever their relationship is right now, it’s working. The tension is working and the banter is working, and I think we can all agree that the revival so far has not been short on MSR (thank you Morgan brothers).

But we have 2 episodes left to go, and their breakup hasn’t been addressed since episode 1 (and barely even then). CC is telling us this is how things had to play out if we are to stay to true to who they are as people and to the passage of time, but he’s shown us absolutely nothing to support this except for a lip service line about Mulder being depressed. And what I realized was that he isn’t giving us any insight into their breakup because in a way, he hasn’t really broken them up. He’s just pretending in a way like the whole thing never happened to begin with. Mulder & Scully’s history is there, it’s there 23 years deep, but that’s in thanks to Gillian & David, not the story.

And I keep coming back to the continuity issues and the reshuffling of episodes that has been driving me crazy, and this is part of it. There just isn’t enough time in 6 episodes to address why Mulder & Scully broke up, and William, and the conspiracy, while still giving us comedic MOTW episodes (and my rambling on this are best saved for another post). So CC uses the idea of a “breakup” as a quick and easy fix to get Mulder & Scully to that emotional place he always considered ideal. Not apart and not together. The breakup wasn’t an actual thing that happened to these characters, it’s just a cheap tool which he uses to pretend these issues never were there in the first place.

people tumblr user neubivko almost cried at in tesco metro this day:

- elderly man in ragged sheepskin coat with infected eye buying only reduced to clear tinned vegetables who smiled at them in the queue

- a girl who looked uncannily like ruslana korshunova

- a young butch/femme lesbian couple holding hands and sharing a shopping basket

- that tiny first year from their housing complex who dresses like she was homeschooled in a christian cult and weighs about 70 lbs buying only three jars of instant coffee and some apples

kpopimaginesandthings asked:

Can you do an Imagine where you and Justin get a new puppy ?


So you and Justin were just walking in town, holding hands and being the cutest couple you guys are! You two walk by this puppy adoption center and you freak out!! You always wanted a puppy and now that you were older, you felt you were more responsible with having a pet.

You like tug on Justin’s arms and you’re like ‘BABYPLEASELOOKATTHEPUPPIESOHMYGODI’MGONNADIEIWANTAPUPPY!!” so he’s laughing because when you’re really excited, you talk extremely fast. You guys walk in and this puppy immediately meets you two’s eyes and you guys fall in love with the puppy super fast and the puppy really likes you guys to so you’re like ‘BABE WE HAVE TO GET THIS PUPPY RIGHT NOW!!” and he laughs and has you hold the puppy and you guys adopt it yay and you guys are so happy to have an addition to your family that you guys plan on having together aw get this away from meeee Justin and puppies give me lifeeeee 

Hi Strike Back producers, excuse me, I’d like to put in a request, please? For a spinoff featuring Nina and Scott going around the world fighting crime by day and having crazy vodka-fueled sex by night (or also by day; they can have sex and shoot guns at the same time, right?). Thanks!

And another spinoff featuring Stonebridge and Martinez trying to make it as an adorable civilian couple that can also kill you with their bare hands—that would be great, too.


Karate Tuesday Feb 9

Just Serena and I.

Went over some green belt curriculum and the a couple sparring sessions. Got my ass handed to me. I hope I can get it together before tournament season starts in a couple weeks.