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Imagine Hinata being all “GWAH” at Tsukishima the longer they practice together, so he calls Coach Ukai for advice. “I think… I think something’s wrong with me? My stomach hurts.”

“Did you eat something bad? Eat too much?”

“No, I ate what’s in my meal plan :( But… the longer I practice with Tsukishima, the more dizzy I get? Am I- Is something wrong with me, coach?” He gasps. “Am I allergic to Tsukishima?! Maybe I am! He’s such a jerk, that would explain it.” And then he kinda mumbles “but he’s not that bad lately…”

And Ukai’s so mortified by this conversation he kinda just stops Hinata with “…oh. Ah- That’s- Talk to Takeda-sensei tomorrow.”

“Eh? Does Take-chan know what’s wrong with me?”

“…yes, definitely. He’ll give you perfect advice.”

And when he hangs up, Ukai’s just thinking “I don’t get paid enough for this shit”

Thank you guys so much. You made these last three years much better for me in such a dark time. I am not lying when I say that I wouldn’t be here without you. I joined when I was 14 and it was the summer before my first year of high school. It was around that time when I was diagnosed with depression and given some medication I would soon stop taking. But even through my relapses, through the hardest days, you guys have always been there to let me know that it’s okay. I couldn’t ask for better people to talk to every day. Never before in my entire life have I felt so wanted, like I belong. And I know I ramble a lot and have bad days more often than I should, which just makes me feel worse. I honestly do not deserve to have 340 people caring about me. It’s an absurd amount of people for me. I know so many deserving people who don’t have that many, and it’s really unfair because I don’t deserve you guys. Really, I depend on you for my happiness and I honestly put you guys through hell way too often. And it hurts when I do post about having bad days or when I’m having a panic attack, because it feels like I’m not here for you guys. That even on my better days I can’t help you. How can I help you guys through your problems when I can’t even do that for myself? I know it’s something wrong to ask for, but don’t give up on me, please. I want to help you guys like you’ve helped me. I want you guys to trust me in that I’m going to be okay enough to help you guys be okay. It really hurts me that I’m not doing enough for you guys. Because I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone or anything else. You’re literally my only friends, and that might sound sad, but I couldn’t be more proud to know you guys. I have come to meet some of the greatest people, and I’ve made the best friends I’ll probably ever have. Just because I tag people in these sorts of posts doesn’t mean that this post is only meant for them. I tag people to let everyone know how wonderful they are, that you cant always talk to them. This post is meant for every follower, every person, that made me decide to keep it up for three years. Thank you so much for allowing me to be here for three years, I hope I’ll be here for so many more.

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when someone with a lil bit of a cough laughs super hard at something and their laughter eventually devolves into a coughing fit, and they’re still like. half-laughing and half-coughing their lungs out until tears are streaming down their face

and as they start pulling it together a little bit, they’re just… all tired out and sniffly and can’t stop clearing their throat…. and if someone asks if they’re ok, all they can do is just. nod. head turned downwards, blushing a little, still smiling, eyes closed, and tears still sparkling on their lashes. focusing every fiber of their being on calming themselves down, but occasionally losing their composure a bit and giggling softly until it turns into a shy, muffled cough. their face is so wet from tears of both laughter and irritation.

maybe someone hands them a tissue, or just cups their face and starts blotting their eyes with a tissue. they turn even redder.


전경련회관 50층/ FKI Tower 50th floor.

Idk anything about architecture or interior design but this place was seriouslyyy stunning. The mood was so peaceful, everything was beautiful and I could have taken photos all day long. I don’t care about getting married but imagine having a wedding reception here?? *squeal* I also saw a family getting portraits done which was very cute!! There’s a brunch place called 세상의 모든 아침 but honestly it was just really average so I don’t recommend it… I did notice some other restaurants though and it is definitely worth checking out if you happen to be in 여의도. ^^

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fushimi playing with a talking parrot! that would be funny

Hmm so are we talking Kotosaka or just a regular parrot XD Maybe Yukari and Sukuna have to like go do a thing and they need someone to watch Kotosaka for a few days. The Silvers can’t keep him because Neko might go after him (hey she’s a cat, she gets killing urges when she sees a tasty bird) so they decide to drop him off at Scepter 4 because he’d be more calm with someone he knows and Kotosaka probably did enjoy Fushimi’s tasty, tasty hair that one time. Just imagine Yukari and Sukuna showing up at Scepter 4 and Fushimi standing there in front of them like ‘I betrayed you guys and also I hate you.’ ‘Now, Saruhiko-chan, should we really be dwelling on the past?’ Fushimi’s ready to just kick them out when Munakata appears behind him like oh a talking parrot how fascinating we’ll take him. Munakata wants to take care of the birdy himself but he has stuff to do too and anyway Kotosaka seems more comfortable with Fushimi so Fushimi is designated parrot babysitter for the next few days. Fushimi is not happy.

Maybe Kotosaka is a bit more like a normal parrot now that Hisui’s dead and he keeps repeating random things just because. This ends up getting Fushimi in trouble because maybe he’ll be sitting at his desk trying to write a report with the bird on his shoulder, Awashima comes in and orders him to stop overdoing it and take a break, Fushimi mutters something rude under his breath and Awashima’s like 'What was that?’ 'Nothing, ma'am.’ Which is when Kotosaka helpfully repeats whatever it was Fushimi just said while he flails a little trying to shut the bird up. Awashima’s probably torn between scolding Fushimi and being amused at the whole thing. Kotosaka proceeds to do that all day, everything Fushimi mutters under his breath Kotosaka just has to repeat very loudly for everyone. And usually it’s Fushimi just being a cranky asshole but he also has a few cute genuine emotion moments where like he ends up complimenting someone without wanting them to hear, Kotosaka repeats it and Fushimi gets thanked instead and everyone’s like aw, Fushimi-san does have a heart while Fushimi threatens to carve the bird up into fried chicken. Though on the bright side, at some point Fushimi totally decides to train the bird to say 'Misaki’ and then they head down to bar Homra to tag-team tease him and Fushimi has a good time until he tries to quietly compliment Misaki for something and Kotosaka naturally loudly blares his true feelings out for the world to hear (oh I just had a terrible thought, just imagine lewd version of this: Fushimi thinks the bird is asleep and masturbates while thinking about Yata, then when they run into him later Kotosaka suddenly gives this perfect echo of Fushimi’s sensual gasping 'Misaki~’ and Fushimi goes bright red and probably really does try to stab the bird).

  • it’s the anniversary of his mother’s death 
  • it’s the first time this has passed since Neil became a fox and stopped running
  • all Neil can think about is that his mother would kill him if she saw him right now
  • this is not what she died for
  • she did not die so Neil could be happy
  • she died so he would be safe and Neil is as safe as he knows how to be with most of Nathan’s men behind bars or dead and the Moriyama’s leaving him to his career 
  • but Neil can’t get her voice out of her head
  • never stay someone for too long and never ever be yourself
  • normally he would take comfort in Andrew but he can’t even do that because all he can hear is her voice screaming at him after he kissed that girl
  • he can feel phantom fists on his skin and everything inside of Neil is yelling at him to run

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  • here’s her playlist it’s literally only 3 songs and not deserving of it’s own post 
  • “tainted love but muffled cause its playing in another room while i get murdered”
  • grimm’s local social recluse
  • nobody can ever tell if she has blood on her face or if she just got really intimate with some marinara (and tbh, they’re afraid to ask)
  • was raised by wolves - literally. her mother and brothers are wolf skinwalkers who greatly prefer their animal form. she’s more feral than human because of it.
  • fate had a different path in mind for the slater’s only daughter, and thomasin is now a witch who desperately wants to be a wolf
  • the type of witch that probably does rituals half naked w/ virgin blood and bones in the middle of the woods
  • will slit your throat without batting an eye 
  • has probably turned at least one of your cousins into a pig 
  • fiercely grounded in her connection to nature, she doesn’t go downtown a lot, but can be found ghosting along the outskirts of the city
  • politicians annoy her but she is a strong arm for the purist movement
  • which is ironic, because she’s adopted and her birth mom was non-magic
  • but wolf momma hasn’t quite gotten around to breaking that news yet
  • just wants to be left alone (jk she’s a tsundere piece of shit, please squeeze her)
  • will likely end up breaking down her walls for a jet setter because Angst and Character Development™

Did you mean alternate AU / recycled draft Gael in which he grew up in the dark elf village and stayed in his homeland after his hometown was burned down, growing up learning to hate Sechs and humans alike and not opening up to anyone but still loving flowers because it’s in his nature?

This would be his dark elf attire. You’re welcome.

You didn’t meet my eye right away, I won’t deny that. But when you did, I swear we couldn’t stop looking at each other.
—  and it was lovely

I’ve gone by a nickname my whole life (even before I came out as trans) and the idea of going by either of my full names is so funny to me… my dead name is Samantha Maris which sounds so fancy and my name now is Samuel Christophe and I’m just… genuinely reeling over the idea of me showing up in socks and sandals with a batman shirt tucked into my jorts and telling someone “hi I’m Samuel”

i feel really alive lately :::)