and couldn't see out of one eye

every animorphs book
  • chapter 1: my name is jake. I can't tell you my real name, because I'm the leader of a special group of kids... we're called the Animorphs. Because we morph into animals and fight aliens.
  • chapter 16: 'god, please don't do this,' i begged on my knees. Visser Three had all of my loved ones hanging from his claws in his multi-armed alien morph and was slowly squeezing the life out of them. 'you must either choose them, jake, or the rest of your planet.' i couldn't take it. i started to morph into a cockroach.
  • chapter 23: as i felt my own brain slither down my throat and into my torso to reform into my digestive system, my bones also began to dissolve into dust inside my skin. my eyes shrunk back into my skull and i could see into eternity- i could see my own mind, taken over by the yeerk. i had already taken my last breath as a free creature, now i saw my last vision as a being of this dimension. suddenly, i was gone. and my parents would never even know i had died. was saving the world worth this? i wondered, if anyone on this planet could be forced to prioritize one life over another, what choice would they make? how can any decision be right, or wrong? i closed my mind off, and fell into eternal sleep, my last echoes of thought being of how humanity continued to live on, but not truly alive.
  • chapter 26: 'hey, bro, wanna go to mc d's and grab some fries?' marco asked, riding by on his skateboard. 'yeah, that'd be totally radical!' i answered, whipping out my own razor scooter. as i pulled a nasty kickflip, i felt eyes watching me. turning around, i saw my own dog, and thought of the horrible truth only i knew. we went to the mall to get big macs. it was a good day to not be dead.

[au’s that exist elsewhere]

there’s whispers around town about the two boys who live in the forrest. the locals will talk about them with their eyes cast downward and their voices hushed, worried that they would hear them.

there would be moments, in the dead of night, that shrieks will pierce the hot. humid air and people will shudder.

they’ll warn the foolish tourists who come to their town, seeking out the two boys who makes their home in the woods and they’ll tell them to watch out, beware.

beware of the boy with gold in his eyes because if you see him then the one with emeralds won’t be too far behind.

and if you see him, your shrieks will fill the night air, shouts and pleas for help and the locals will turn their heads, ignoring the way that goosebumps rise on their flesh and pretend that they don’t have two witches who haunt their town.

[southern gothic witch winchesters]

Chapter 12 - When the Bough Breaks

The premise: What if Claire had conceived on her wedding night?

You can find previous chapters here.

October 8th, 1734; near Leoch

“What was that?”

Geillis paused a moment before responding, “It’s nothing but the wind, Claire.”

“No, listen,” I urged. In a moment, the sound came again. It was weaker this time, almost imperceptible, but my blood ran cold as I realized what it was.

It was a baby.

Dropping my basket, I plunged into the underbrush in the general direction of the infant’s cry.

“That’s a faerie hill!” Geillis hissed as she pulled me back towards the path, her eyes wide.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“That baby is no human child, it’s a changeling,” she impatiently explained, “When the faeries steal a human child away, they leave one of their own in it’s place. You know it’s a changeling because it doesna thrive and grow,”

I pried her fingers from my arm and turned away, “That’s just superstitious nonsense!”

“Claire!” she spun me back around to face her, “If you leave a changeling overnight in such a place, they’ll return the child they’ve stolen!”

“But they won’t because it’s not a changeling, it’s a sick child, and it might not very well survive a night out in the open,” I spat. “I have to go!”

“You go yourself, then, and good luck to you!” She dismissed me with a wave of her hand and disappeared into the fog.

The plaintive wail was closer now, pulling me ever onward and upward by my heart strings. It was a steep climb and the forest floor was slippery with wet leaves and mud. I struggled to find traction, grabbing onto branches and rocks in a desperate attempt to reach the abandoned child.

I burst into the clearing atop the hill and spotted the foundling nestled in the crook of large branch, laying completely still.

“Oh God,” I choked, my hands shaking as I gently lifted the tiny bundle from its resting place. The infant’s eyelids flickered and my heart soared as I realized it was still alive, then clattered to a stop as I took in its sunken eyes and deathly pallor.

The babe lay limp in my arms, making no effort to curl into my body for warmth or nourishment. It made a choking, wheezing sound as it fought to take another breath and I eased into an upright position against my chest, the crown of its downy head brushing my chin. I gently rubbed its back as I slowly bounced, swaying side to side. My tears mingled with the rain and an icy chill settled upon me. I clung to the baby, willing it to breathe, to fight to stay alive.

Oh, God.

There was nothing I could do. For all of my medical training, I was absolutely powerless to save this poor, helpless child. I couldn’t staunch the blood flow of a wound. I couldn’t give the relief of a salve or herbal tonic. I could do nothing but sit and wait as the baby’s life drained away.

“I’m sorry,” I sobbed as I slid to the ground, pulling my knees up as close as the baby in my arms and the growing swell of new life within me would allow, “I’m so sorry.”

Hunching over, I rocked back and forth, back and forth, back and forth until everything went numb. The forest around me faded away into a solid white fog. I couldn’t feel my hands, my feet; just the baby’s cold, clammy skin against mine. I couldn’t hear the sound of the rain on the leaves or the wind in the trees, the only sound that could reach me was the death rattle of the baby’s lungs.

Time stood still in the interminable silence between the baby’s breaths, each pause longer than the last.

Shifting the baby in my arms, I hummed the only lullaby I knew, my mother’s favorite song.

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside.

My fingers memorized the curves of it’s tiny ear, the perfect arch of it’s brows.

Oh, I do like to be beside the sea.

I cupped the baby’s tiny head in my palm and placed a kiss on it’s button nose as it quietly slipped away to be forever held in the arms of the angels.


Jamie’s voice floated thru the fog, a glowing beacon guiding me to a safe harbor. The mist surrounding me lifted for a moment, and I raised my head in time to watch him enter the clearing.

“I was too late,” I whispered as he sank to the ground before me.

“Aye, mo nighean donn,” he murmured, taking my face in his hands.

“I came up here… and the baby… was still alive, but… I couldn’t… I couldn't…” Understanding filled his eyes without my having to finish the sentence. His hands were warm as he brushed away my tears. “They just left it out here to die, Jamie!”

“Aye, I ken.”

He was silent for a time before bringing one hand to rest on the lifeless bundle in my arms. I could see the battle of emotions playing out in his eyes, echoing the war in my own heart. Sorrow, outrage, and terror fought to take control, but it was a quiet sort of resolve that won out in the end.

“You have a kind heart, but you’ve no idea what you’re dealing with.”

Jamie backed away slightly, offering out his arms.

I tore my eyes away from him to look down at the baby once more. I knew I would have to leave it here and, yet, I also knew I couldn’t bear to do so. The child had already been left alone in the forest once. How could I possibly abandon it for a second time?

Thig, mo ghràidh, come,” he coaxed, sliding his hands beneath the baby.

I resisted only for a moment before I caught sight of his face.

Tears welled in the fathomless blue depths of his eyes as he took the child into his arms, cradling it with a reverent tenderness. His lips formed a wordless supplication to the heavens as he stood, hesitating slightly before placing the baby back into its place in the shelter of the tree.

Crossing himself, he turned and knelt beside me.

“‘Tis dangerous to be out here alone, Sassenach.”

I pulled away from him, “Don’t tell me you believe in faeries and changelings and all that!”

“This is no’ about what I believe. These people… they’ve never been more than a day’s walk from where they were born, aye? They hear no more of the world than what Father Bain tells them in the kirk of a Sunday…” Jamie took my hands in his, brushing them against his lips as he continued, his voice breaking.  “Now for the parents of that child… it might comfort them a bit to think that ‘tis the changeling that died… and to think of their own child happy and well, living forever with the faeries.”

A strangled cry escaped my lips as I buried my face in the front of his coat, pleading, “Take me home?”

My body was shaking uncontrollably from cold and shock by the time we reached Leoch. I was wet to the skin, my thick outer garments were sodden with the frigid rain of a Scottish September. Jamie swung down from the horse, guiding my frozen limbs to do the same. I collapsed into him the moment my feet hit the ground and he lifted me into his arms with ease.

He moved thru the winding passageways and staircases that led to our chamber at remarkable speed, somehow unhindered by inquiring castle folk. Not only that, but he had us both devoid of wet clothing and wrapped in furs and blankets on the bed before I could even register what was going on.

“Your skin’s like ice, mo nighean donn!” Concern washed over Jamie’s face as I stared up at him, unable to form the words to describe the icy numbness I felt.

Jamie hovered above me, methodically messaging the life back into my limbs. My eyes shut of their own accord as his hands roamed my body, melting me with the heat of his devotion. The dense haze that had disappeared on the ride home was threatening to return once more. Fighting against it, I slowly lifted my hand, searching, reaching for him.

“Come… here…” I murmured, my lips feeling heavy and clumsy.

Ignoring my hand entirely, Jamie gathered me into his arms instead. He was so incredibly warm. I pressed my cheek against his chest, letting the reverberating echo of his heartbeat ground me.

All is well.

All is well.

All is well.

I blinked heavily once, twice as I tried to bring the room around me into focus.

“Do that again,” he breathlessly requested.

I was more than willing to oblige, but hadn’t the foggiest idea of what I’d done, “Do what?”

“Move your eyelashes slow like tha’,” he cupped the back of my head in his hand as he explained, his thumb absently stroking my hairline. “Ye feel like a wee butterfly spreading its wings.”

Smiling lazily, I did so.

“Is that what ye mean, mo chridhe? Does it feel like that when the bairns move inside ye?”

“A little,” I whispered as the memory of the sensation flooded me with a feeling of warm euphoria, “but it’s different somehow.”

He pulled my hips tighter against him, the now discernible swell of my womb pressing into his abdomen. I tilted my head back to see his face and he kissed me. The last vestiges of frozen terror melted away as I lay in my husbands embrace, our children safely nestled between us.

All is well.

8. Ride-or-die

“…I’m gonna kill him.”

Ladybug put her fingers to her temple, fighting the odd combination of warmth that that had been his first thought, and irritation that that had been his first thought. “No.“


“No. No murder.”

Chat subsided in bad grace, sinking back into his seat with a face pale around his mask. “He’d deserve it.”

“I don’t think people need to die for cheating, Chat.”

It was kind of a relief to say that, in some strange way. Her chest felt like like a mirror that had been dropped on its corner—jagged and sharp and other—but putting the hurt into plain terms made it… comprehensible, somehow.

Someone she’d been considering getting serious about had betrayed her. It hurt like all get out, but that was all it was—a betrayal.

Chat’s face was drawn, blank, and Ladybug wasn’t sure how, but she was pretty sure he was taking this harder than she was. He raised a hand, hesitating for a second before drawing her into a rough hug.

“…You didn’t deserve that,” he mumbled helplessly.

Ladybug swallowed the lump in her throat, turning her nose into the junction of his shoulder and letting the smell of sweat and cologne and leather unknot the tension in her body. She reflected that, for as much as she’d adored her erstwhile boyfriend, she was never relaxed while he was around.

Maybe that should’ve been a sign.

“Think you could do better?” she mumbled back, and realized too late that it was too sharp, too raw, too soon for a question like that—it came out bitter, instead of joking.

Chat’s hand tightened convulsively around her shoulder.

“…I do.”

Ladybug shut her eyes, and took it as the reproach she wanted to believe it was. “Sorry. That was…”

“…It’s okay.”

It wasn’t, and she could hear it in his voice, but the jumble of pain in her chest was keeping her from seeing how to fix it. She’d have to figure out how to make it up to him later.

For now, she buried her face in the crook of his neck, and let the tears escape her.

I don't-I'm sorry

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I wrote abetter fic BUT TUMBLR RELOADED I HATE AKSDJFASKJF. apparently tumblr thought you couldn’t handle my last fic so good luck with this one.

trigger warning: angst, rejection

prince took a deep breath, it was now or never.

he knocked on Anxietys door waiting for a response. after a few minutites Anxiety finally opened his door

“i thought I smelt an egoist prince at my door, whats up?”

“just wanted to check up on you hot topic,” Prince smirked. Anxiety rolled his eyes

“could be worse, it would be better if you were a mile away”

“are you implying I’m too hot to be near you?” Prince asked.

“I’m implying it’s time for you to move so I can leave.”

“I’ll let you leave-on one condition.” prince said. anxiety raised his eyebrows

“whats that?”

“a kiss.”

Anxiety look confused and then horrified.

“wait do you-do you think I have a crush on you?”

prince looked at him confused, wait he wasn’t flirting with him?

“prince… I was just flirting with you, I never meant anything by it.”

prince could feel a lump in my throat, he was surprised when he managed to make himself sound normal.

“gotcha!” prince smirked. Anxiety looked confused;


“you thought I was serious! I can’t believe you thought that!” Prince said, trying to keep his tears from  forming in his eyes,

“prince I don’t-i’m sorry”

“no its fine! I was just teasing you.”

“uh, can I go” he was obviously uncomfortable-why did Prince do that to him. Why couldn’t he have done something more subtle like killing a dragon? prince snapped out of his thoughts,

“oh yeah definitely! sorry, I just psh, I can’t believe you thought I was serious. As if! am I that good of an actor?” Prince couldn’t hold it back longer.

“no youre not, Prince-”

“no its okay, uh-I’m gonna go now.” prince turned around and closed his eyes walking towards his room, almost falling over a couple things on his way, “oh ha, I better watch where I’m going.” he could see pitty and guilty in anxiety’s eyes.
how could be he so stupid thinking that his crush would like him back.

he managed to keep his tears from pouring out until he got in his room.

now he let himself cry.

This one is for @gail1012. Thanks so much for this! 

Elorcan: This is all your fault! 

Lorcan was pissed. Actually he was beyond pissed. 

The Queen and Whitethorn had gone to Adarlan to see its King, which left him and Elide to enjoy some time away from court. Some time to themselves, some time to just be them. 

Or so he had thought. 

Lorcan lay in their generous sized bed looking at the ceiling. Elide lay on the other side, breathing evenly, still asleep. And between them… between them… 

Paws and claws jabbed into his arm and Lorcan bit back his growl. Fleetfoot lay with her back to Elide and had just stretched out her long legs, encroaching onto Lorcan’s side of the bed. The damn dog refused to sleep anywhere else, if blocked from the bedroom she would whine and howl until her position was rectified. They had attempted it the first night, Elide had been fine as she was an uncommonly heavy sleeper, but Lorcan could not fall asleep. 

The scratching, the howling, the whining. 

When the sun had risen and Lorcan got up to train, he opened the door Fleetfoot had run in and nestled up on the bed next to Elide and fallen asleep almost instantly. The tree he found outside a few minutes later felt the full force of his frustration. And now he lay there with his jaw was clenched, teeth almost grinding against each other in an attempt to stay his anger. Fleetfoot huffed in her sleep and he sent her a searing sideways glance. 

“This is all your fault,” Lorcan ground put between his teeth. 

“Was that directed to me or the dog?” Elide rolled over, throwing her arm over the dog. Fleetfoot raised her head to look at Elide, and after a brief glance lowered it back down. Lorcan could feel himself bristling at the ownership over everything this dog was displaying. 

“At this point, I’m not sure,” Lorcan replied. 

“If anything, it’s your fault Lorcan,” Elide said as she stretched her arms above her head and proceeded to stretch out the rest of her body. That was Lorcan’s favourite habits of Elide’s, he loved to watch the way her body moved as she did it. Then he would pounce on her when she least expected it and waste away the morning together. But this stupid dog…. 

“How is this my fault? You were the one who agreed to look after the mutt” Lorcan asked propping himself up on his elbow. Fleetfoot almost mimicked his actions and looked him sweetly. Lorcan half heartedly bared his teeth at her and she only licked at him then smiled. Lorcan threw himself onto his back again.

“Who is the one who plays with Fleetfoot for hours upon hours when we’re in Orynth? Or who offers to take her out to exercise?” Elide said and even though Lorcan couldn’t see her over the dog, he could hear her smile. “You look after Fleetfoot so well who else did you expect them to ask? You know Aelin is very particular about it.” 

Lorcan narrowed his eyes at Fleetfoot and this time her tongue connected with his face. “I do that because I prefer her company than that of anyone else in that castle. She’s more entertaining than the lot of them combined.” 

Elide burst out laughing as she sat up and swung her legs off the bed. “You must see now Lorcan, this indeed, is all your fault.”

Surprise! Bet you didn’t see that coming. I’m very open to more prompts so click here if you want to send one through.


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Somewhere in the dark streets below you, amid the beggars and drunks, a shot rang through the night. Followed by another, then the howl of a dog in the glow of the full moon. Then running feet, people fleeing from the scene as the victim lay gasping for air and spluttering blood.

In the comfort of your apartment, you shot up from sleep in a cold sweat. You gasped for air too, looking around in the dark for something, you just weren’t sure of what. You woke abruptly, as if you were in the middle of everything occurring outside, and yet you didn’t know anything about it at the same time.

Still, you couldn’t shake the feeling something was wrong gas you failed to fall back to sleep, wishing more than anything you weren’t alone. And that everyone you loved was ok.

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some time ago when jin was with jimin getting ice cream in japan I was walking out of a store and Jin and I made small eye contact then I smiled, like I thought I was dreaming! But he smiled and looked at the ground and kept walking with jimin. It was crazy I was completely starstruck, I couldn't even move and felt like crying. I seriously wish I could've taken pictures because I feel like no one will believe me...

Added:  Hi I’m the girl that saw Jin and Jimin in Japan! I forgot to mention I was on a family trip and I think it was fate for me to see them even if it was a few seconds, it felt like time stopped for me. I’m even blushing just thinking about it /.\

Aww you’re so lucky! I wish that happened to me :’( 
I do have great respect for you for watching them from a far rather than making them uncomfortable ^^ I bet it was a nice moment for Jin too :)

Late Night Confessions (Nyx Ulric)

Greetings my dear followers!

I have upheld my promise to get one of my works done before the 25th. I have been working on this one for awhile, but it’s finally done. I wrote this in light of watching Kingsglaive, because I just thought it was so great. I will admit that this one is more angst than I really wanted it to be, but it’ll still be great I promise. Nyx’s character was very fitting for the prequel events of the game, I just only wish they worked to keep him alive in the game:( Alright, but enough of my rambling, and enjoy this imagine. Beware: it’s really sad…

Word Count: 2917

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can you help me find a band!soulmate!au ?? Dan was in a band and Phil is the only one out of his friends w/o a soulmate and Phil goes to see them live and he makes eye contact w Dan, ik D was becoming depressed bc he couldn't find his soulmate,, I believe it was on ao3 //tysm in advance, all of you are v sweet !! <33

Say My Name:In a world where everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate, 28 year old Phil is close to giving up hope of ever finding his soulmate. That is, until he goes to a concert and leaves with colours in sight, but no soulmate. How on earth was Phil going to find his soulmate?Dan is the lead singer of a growing in fame band. At 24 years old, he has helped countless couples find each other at his concerts. But to him, something was missing. The colours that he was able to give to so many people who met their soulmates at his concerts seemed to avoid Dan like the plague. A concert in Manchester changes all of that, and Dan is left to wonder who his mystery soulmate is.


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Apocalypse AU. You're cornered considering using one of your last bullets to ensure you're not eaten alive. Suddenly the zombies start dropping and the sound of gunfire fills the air. You look up to see two men clearing out the herd. Once the immediate threat is gone they walk over to you.When a metal hand is extended you take it without hesitation. "I'm Bucky this is Steve doll why ain't you got a group?" "They're dead" "then come with us please" looking into his blue eyes you couldn't refuse.

*whispers* I love this so much 

Spinoff Saturday

[M] Aubade // BTS’ Rap Monster

A short and simple morning love song.

Early morning wake-up call smut.
Word Count: 1.4k.

He awakens you with a kiss, soft and sensual and filled with the lingering heat of a wild night in bed. Your eyes are sticky with sleep and beg for more rest, but when you close them again it’s only so that you can properly bask in the warmth of his sweet wake-up call. He nips at your lower lip and you moan, instinctively craning your neck to deepen the kiss. For a brief moment you wonder if it’s okay to feel this lightheaded so early in the morning, but the thought disappears as soon as it comes because this is Namjoon and you will gladly take everything he gives you.

Namjoon is the first to break away. He gives your lip one last teasing bite before settling back into his spot. “Hey there, sleeping beauty,” he greets. The fact that you’re both naked with only the bed sheets as a source of modesty does nothing to stop him from pulling you closer. Behind the window curtains the new day’s sunlight hides from view, but you’re still able to see the hickies and remnants of lipstick scattered about on his neck- your hickies and lipstick stains, you think with a hint of satisfaction.

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sparktober 2016 + elizabeth looking at john

I love: the way her eyes spark when we’re talking … the way she looks at me as if there’s only me, as if she can see past the flesh and bone and bullshit right into the me that’s there, the one I don’t even see myself.


Prompt: Person A is a Fully Functional Adult and Person B has been living off of coffee and fruit snacks for three days straight

Pairing: Neighbor!Steve x Reader AU

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It was strange. Steve hasn’t heard Y/N leave her apartment in three days. She usually gets out of the apartment at least once in the morning for a jog or sometime during the afternoon to bug him, but it has been unusually quiet from her side. 

I hope she’s okay, Steve thought. 

Curiosity got the best of him and he made his way across the dimly lit hall. His knuckles rapped against the wooden door and he shuffled his feet as he waited for the door to open. After a few long moments of waiting, Steve raised his arm to knock again when the door creaked open just a crack. His jaw dropped at the sight in front of him. 

Y/N’s hair was messy and was sticking up from odd places. The dark circles around her eyes made her comparable to a panda. Her oversized hoodie and sweatpants looked worn out, coffee stains painted here and there. 

“What? You see a ghost?” Y/N grunted. 

“No, but I might be staring at a zombie. What’s wrong with you?” Steve questioned with incredulity. 

“I’m trying to meet deadlines. Now what do you want, Rogers?” She scowled. 

His hand rubbed at his neck sheepishly. “Geez, calm down. You haven’t left your apartment in a few days, so I was worried. Just wanted to check up on you,” he shrugged. 

Y/N’s face softened at his caring tone. She suddenly felt guilty for being so rude when all he wanted to do was check up on her to make sure she was still alive. She pushed the door open wider and moved back, jerking her head towards the inside of her apartment to invite him in. Steve let out a small grin as he made his way in, but his smile didn’t last long. 

His eyes widened at the state of her living room. 

“Y/N, for goodness sake, what is going on? I understand you’re working hard, but what the hell is this?” 

Everywhere he stepped, there were packaged wrappers. He stooped down to pick one up. 

“Welch’s fruit snacks? Please tell me you haven’t been living off of these,” Steve groaned. 

“Of course not, who do you think I am? I’ve been living off of fruit snacks AND coffee,” Y/N smirked as her fingers opened up another bag of fruit snacks. 

“Hey! No. Give me that,” Steve lunged at her and managed to swipe the little baggy from her. He ran a hand through his hair in frustration at his neighbor’s life choices. 

“Okay, I don’t know how you’re still alive, but here’s what’s going to happen,” he slowly stated, trying to get her attention. Seeing that Y/N was still distracted by yet another bag of fruit snacks, he hotly snapped his fingers at her. Y/N immediately looked up and locked eyes with him. 

“Seeing as I’m the fully functional adult here, I’m gonna help you become human again. No need to thank me,” Steve declared proudly. Y/N just rolled her eyes, only for Steve to send a displeased tsk her way. 

“Clean up your candy wrappers and throw away your coffee cups. I’m going to whip up a nice, hot dinner because you need a real meal. Meet me at my place in an hour, capiche?” Steve ordered as he sauntered towards the door. 

Holding the door open for him, Y/N saluted with a snicker, “Sir, yes sir!” 

This time, it was Steve’s turn to roll his eyes. Before he walked out into the hallway, he turned around, hands on his hips, and glanced Y/N up and down. He had a playful glint in his eyes.

She squinted her eyes at him and suspiciously asked, “What?” 

“Change your clothes and take a shower too, you kinda smell,” he quipped, sticking out his tongue before running off. 

“See ya later, Rogers!” Y/N yelled out as she slammed her door shut.


Awkward Announcements | Liam Dunbar Imagine ft. Stilinski Family Feels

request : do you think you could do an imagine where the reader is stiles’ younger sister and she and liam have been dating for awhile and when y/n finds out she’s pregnant with liam’s baby she and liam have to tell her dad + stiles and it’s just v awkward and funny and stiles is overprotective and the sheriff is just like omg why must my children give me anxiety. 

a/n : i aged liam + you up to eighteen bc i feel like it works more, ya feel??

“Do we have to tell them?” Liam had his hands perched on the steering wheel of his car, the anxious expression that had appeared that morning still not leaving his face. You sighed, rearranging your hair in his rearview mirror and nodding. He had been going on about this for the past three hours. You knew he wasn’t ready- mostly because he also knew that your father was going to kill him whilst Stiles held Liam down- but you were ready. “I mean, we can always just go another day, right? A day wh-where I’m not susceptible to murder.” 

“Aw, look at you, using your big boy words,” you cooed, leaning over to pinch your boyfriend’s cheek. He pouted, glancing out the window toward your house. It was just after school, both you and Liam a few weeks shy of graduating, and you had called both Stiles and your dad home from work early so that you could break the news to them. 

“I’m eighteen, I know what susceptible means,” Liam grumbled. “Speaking of being eighteen, I’m too young die! It’s a miracle I’ve survived this long, can’t we just wait until after graduation? Please? I want to get my diploma before I’m killed by girlfriend’s family.” You pinched the bridge of your nose. 

“Liam Dunbar, get the hell out of this car right now, before I tell them you cheated on me and are going to leave me to be with a thirty five year old named Rhonda.” Liam huffed, shaking his head at your overactive imagination and opening his door and getting out, then coming around to your door to open it for you. You pecked him on the cheek, causing his skin to flush a little. Even after three years of being his girlfriend, he still blushed and got flustered and stuttered sometimes. “If we wait until graduation, I’m going to look like a whale, so they’ll already know that I’m pregnant. Don’t be ridiculous.” 

“Please,” Liam scoffed, taking your hand and walking up the stairs of your house with you. “You could never look like a whale. He’s just a little baby, you’re still going to look beautiful to me,” Liam smiled, slipping his other hand inside your own and moving the other one to your stomach, a prideful beam crossing his face. You leaned over to ring the doorbell, before Liam could drag you down the steps. “How long until he starts kicking?” He whispered, leaning in to gently brush his lips across yours. You grinned against his mouth. 

“How are you so sure the baby is a boy?” 

“Father’s intuition?” He joked, his hands winding around your waist. Forgetting that Stiles or your dad could walk out at any moment, you kissed him sweetly, his cold hands skimming over your arms, over the area just below where your shirt stopped. Your front door opened then, Stiles ready to greet you both with a smile that was quickly replaced with a look of intense disgust. 

“You guys act exactly like you did when you first started dating. Children,” he shook his head sadly, but grinned all the same when you detached yourself from a red faced Liam and leaned up to hug Stiles tightly. “What’d you call me and dad in for, anyway? We’re working on a case,” he asked once you pulled away, giving Liam a hug as well. They were close, of course, and Liam really did not feel like damaging the good relationship they had by explaining that he knocked up Stiles’ baby sister. 

Your dad appeared at the doorway as well, and you pushed Stiles aside easily so that you could hug your dad. Liam stiffened visibly, barely masking his concern for putting pressure on your stomach. Stiles gave Liam a confused look when he saw how Liam looked about ready to pounce, but the younger boy shrugged, forcing a weak smile on his face. Stiles brushed it off with a shrug, following you and your dad into the house. 

Stiles and the Sheriff sat on the couch opposite you and Liam, staring at you both expectantly. You and Liam kept exchanging apprehensive glances, you kept twirling your necklace around your finger, Liam kept picking at his sleeve as opposed to saying anything. You crossed your ankles, then uncrossed them, then tucked your legs underneath you, then decided that was uncomfortable. Stiles blinked. Liam itched his nose. Your dad looked around at all of you sitting there awkwardly and sighed. 

“Can we get on with whatever this announcement is? Dad and I have to be back at the station soon, we can’t take two hour breaks,” Stiles groaned, running a hand through his hair. Liam gave you a fearful look. 

“Um, okay, well, we have something important to tell you. As long as you promise not to murder Liam, okay?” Liam placed a hand  on your knee, squeezing slightly. He wanted to tell them. Surprising turn of events

He stared at you as he said it, so he didn’t have to see Stiles’ murderous expression of pure rage, or your dad’s matching one. “Y/N is having a baby. Our baby. She’s, um, she’s pregnant,” Liam forced out, his words nervous, running together, but they both caught on easily, sitting up straight in their seats with wide eyes. 

What?!” Stiles exploded, making Liam flinch back and grab your hand tightly. “You’re pregnant? But y-you’re a baby! You’re going to have a baby!” You couldn't’ tell if his exclamations were of happiness and excitement or rage and disbelief, so you decided to go with the former. Your dad sat in stunned silence, and Liam was staring at him uneasily. 

“You all right there, pops?” You called out to him. He looked back up at you and Liam after Stiles waved his hand repeatedly in front of his face, his expression unreadable. 

“How did this happen?” He asked calmly. 

You shifted toward Liam, gently stroking his hand with yours. You could tell he was getting more and more nervous about all of this. You coughed. “Um, well dad, there’s this process. It’s called sexual reproduction? I don’t want to get into specifics but there’s this thing called fertilization where-” 

“Y/N, I took my eight grade health classes, I know how it happened,” your dad interrupted you, leaning over to smacking Stiles on the back of his head for snickering at your little comment. “I’m asking how it happened. As in, why? As in, why is my eighteen year old daughter pregnant while she’s still in high school?” 

“Dad, c’mon, you have to hear me out… everything is going to be fine, I swear,” you reassured him, standing up from your seat. Liam sat back timidly, and you knew he would get involved if he had to. “Look, Liam and I are going to-” 

“Going to what? I’m seriously wondering how you’re going to pay off your college tuition and handle this baby! Liam, kid, I love you to death and you’re a part of the family, but how are you guys going to raise a kid?” 

“Dad, you’re not being fair,” Stiles stepped in, placing a hand on his shoulder. 

“Yeah, dad, you’re not being fair.” 

“Y/N, I’m not in the mood for you to start with me right now, not when you’ve been irresponsible and-” 

Liam stood up, defensively stepping in front of you. “With all due respect, sir, it’s as much my fault as it your daughter’s. So don’t pick on her for what we both did. And if you think that I’m going to leave her to raise our child by herself, then you’re wrong. I love her more than I have ever loved anyone or anything else. I would never hurt her, or the baby, and I plan to stick around for awhile. Hopefully forever, if that works out like I’m sure it will. I understand that you think we’re too young for this, and maybe we are, but I love her, and I’m going to help with everything and anything she needs. We’re going to be fine. I promise.” 

Stiles beamed proudly, clapping Liam on the back. “I’ve deemed you worthy, little Dunbar. Don’t make me regret it,” he added sternly. Your dad sighed, bringing you in for yet another hug. He didn’t mean to make you or Liam feel bad, he just wanted what was best for you, even if he did come off a little harsh at times. 

“You kids give me anxiety,” he muttered, shaking his head and wiping his eyes.

“Are you crying?” You giggled, wiping your own eyes on the back of your hand. 

“No, I just realized that my baby is all grown up and I’m old and about to have grandkids, that’s it,” he mumbled, laughing slightly. 

“Group hug!” You cheered, pulling all of your little family in for a tight hug, Liam smiling brightly as you all pulled away. “I love you guys.” 

“I love you, too,” Liam said, kissing your forehead. “And I love you, little one,” he smiled, looking down at your belly and placing a hand over it. Your dad cleared his throat, gesturing for you all to sit back down. You obeyed, Stiles sitting with you and Liam this time around. 

“Now, time to have what I like to call the ‘How to Avoid Giving Papa Stilinski an Aneurysm Before His Sixtieth Birthday’ talk. Number one, avoiding sex-” 

“Don’t worry, pops, your son is getting on with no women at the moment. These two horny teens, however,” Stiles gestured to you and Liam, “probably conceived that poor child in the back of Liam’s car. Disgusting.” 

“Yeah, because losing your v-card to a girl who just stopped being a coyote in the basement of a mental asylum is so sanitary and healthy and completely safe and totally normal in society. Not toxic at all. Yeah, uh huh.” 

“Oh, look, I can practically feel the heart attack.” 

“I love this family.” Liam stated, beaming at you all.

bfitz  asked:

Do u need any resuscitation. 😂.

Omg YES I DID NEED IT! Tonight was sooooo much worse than Monday. The kiss through me right over the edge! I was not expecting that in the LEAST. And her mom! Omg, her mooooommm. Doria is gorgeous. Meghan is very lucky to have her genes because mama looks BEAUTIFUL. Seeing her up there with Meghan and Harry legit brought tears to my eyes. Like this is really real. That’s going to be his mother in law someday in the near future… :’) 

Also, I can’t believe you didn’t have a live stream!! I wish I would’ve seen your messages earlier. I would have sent you a link. The Boss was AMAZING and so was Bryan Adams… they actually performed together and it was pure magic. Hopefully they’ll have a video of it on YouTube soon! 

And I am SO with you about the wedding. I don’t care what day or time it happens, I am going to be up watching it and crying my eyes out. <3 It’s just so amazing to see Harry this happy and prospering so much after all these years. HE DESERVES. 


*Requested* Imagine risking your life undaggering Niklaus

(The only dagger that works on Klaus is the one Kol made in Season 2 of the Originals, so I kind of based this on the episode 20 “City beneath the sea”. I suggest you watch the episode (again) to understand some occurences. Also, I started off the Klaus week earlier with this one ;) I hope you enjoy and now happy reading my lovelies.)

Word count: 802

Your name: submit What is this?

It´s a cold afternoon in New Orleans, as you are making your way to the compound because you haven´t heard back from your friend Klaus for a while, even though he said he´d call you back with further details on how to defeat his evil aunt Dahlia who is trying to steal his daughter Hope. As you enter the compound you can see a rather stressed Elijah walking up to the stairs.

Y/N: “ Elijah! Where´s Klaus ?”

Elijah: “Oh Y/N. He is… preoccupied at the moment”

You furrow your eyebrows in confusion, trying to figure out what possibly could´ve happened.

Y/N: “Preoccupied how?”

Elijah: “I think I have to show you. But try to stay calm please.”

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anonymous asked:

I love all of your meta analyses! Can I just say that I was also surprised to see how visibly sad Len looked at the beginning of the ep. And I never would of took Len as ever being fidgety but he was definitely swaying around, shoulder slumped until he got angry getting into it with Rip. Let's also not forget that eye-roll! Also I wonder what sad memory he was recalling when he said there hadn't been a house yet he couldn't break into.

Thank you, Anon! You’ve actually inspired me to dig into Len’s body movements at the start of Fail Safe because they didn’t stand out to me at first but now between your ask, and also another one, I’m super curious. Here’s the other one:

Did you see how Len kept rocking on his feet in the beginning of Fail-Safe? The poor guy could just not stand still. It struck me as very different to how he’s acted on the “bridge” in previous scenes.

So I’m answering these both in the same place, because I think there’s some overlap in dissecting this.

First off, I will say that Len is fidgety, just typically less obviously so. If you’ve seen me go on and on about his hands before (also have a hands tag now), one thing I’m intrigued by is how Len localizes so much of his communication to his hands, including his “fidgeting” and restlessness. Normally that’s the only part of him that expresses his discomfort in that way.

When he’s on the ship typically, Len is either sitting (x) or else still (x) and focused (x). In general, his movements have purpose (x), exuding confidence (x, x), and are highly deliberated (x). 

But at the start of Fail-Safe (lot 1x05) we instead see so much more unfocused kinetic energy as he’s talking with Gideon:

He just wants to get on with making a plan. Len is a person who really, really likes a plan. It’s not that he can’t improvise, it’s that he knows the value of a plan. He knows the value of information and being informed. So that’s what he’s doing now, forcing himself to be patient. But unlike most of the time when he’s coiled and ready to spring, he can barely contain his impatience now. He doesn’t like it. 

And when he’s told there is no way to break in? He’s not satisfied. I don’t know that he’s recalling something, so much as he’s thinking “what’s the point at being the best at this if it means I can’t save my best friend?”

So here, he’s still swaying, still directionless with his energy. Still nervous. Trapped in his own skin instead of at home in it, for once, because he’s too tense and there’s no path forward. So that energy is spilling out, something he doesn’t normally let happen. But as soon as Rip starts to talk, Len’s energy sharpens:

He’s not still yet, bursting the seams in a way still, but the energy now has purpose and direction again instead of feeling so aimless. This is compounded even more when he replies to Rip and Sara:

He’s finally letting some of that energy out at something, at a target, and that target happens to be Rip. So he’s deliberate again, hands doing the talking for him instead of the body, waving and pointing, back to his typical way of emoting. 

And of course, you mentioned the dismissive eye-roll.

Which, frankly, I find very telling. Len is so done. Just so very done. I doubt he slept at all the night prior. He doesn’t normally wear his heart on his sleeve to this extent, but there it is, emotions telegraphed through on his face, in his body, his movements in every part of him. (I also find it fascinating that in Mick’s absence, Len ends up more agitated and hot tempered, but that’s a separate thing to think about.)

So you’re right. Len really isn’t himself in this scene, not until Sara mentions the Bratva and gives him something tangible to focus on, makes him feel that someone else might be on his side in this (because he sure doesn’t think Rip is).