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The Adventure Time Timeline

so i made a list of adventure time episodes that you should watch in case you haven’t seen the whole show/ones that are relevant to the storyline with the help of this post

S01 EP05 | “The Enchiridion” {finn and jake find the enchiridion)
S01 EP25 | “His Hero” {finn meets billy)
S02 EP18 | “Susan Strong ” (finn and jake meets susan and the humans)

S02 EP25 | “Mortal Folly” (the lich escapes)
S02 EP26 | “Mortal Recoil” (bubblegum is possessed by the lich)
S03 EP05 | “Too Young ” (meets lemongrab, PB is normal)

S03 EP07 | “Still ” (finn meets his comet spirit)
S03 EP14 | “Beautopia” (finn helps susan strong)
S03 EP18 | “The New Frontier” (cosmic owl appears in jake’s dream)
S03 EP19 | “Holly Jolly Secrets” (simon petrikov’s video logs)
S03 EP20 | “Holly Jolly Secrets” (simon petrikov’s video logs)
S03 EP25 | “Dads Dungeon” (joshua’s past)
S04 EP15 | “Son of Mars” (magic man’s past)
S04 EP25 | “I Remember You” (marceline and ice king reconnect)

S04 EP07 | “In Your Footsteps” (a bear finds the enchiridion)
S04 EP18 | “King Worm” (finn dreams of the future)
S04 EP26 | “The Lich” (the lich kills billy and makes a wish)
S05 EP01 | “Finn the Human” (finn wishes for a different reality)
S05 EP02 | “Jake the Dog” (jake wishes to correct the mistakes)

S05 EP34 | “The Vault” (shoko and bubblegum meet)
S05 EP45 | “Blade of Grass” (finn gets a new sword)
S05 EP48 | “Betty” (betty returns)

S05 EP52 | “Billy’s Bucket List” (finn finishes billy’s bucket list)
S06 EP01 | “Wake Up” (the lich returns once again)
S06 EP02 | “Escape From the Citidel” (finn meets his father)
S06 EP04 | “The Tower” (finn tries to steal martin’s arm)
S05 EP06 | “Breezy” (finn gets a new arm)

S06 EP16 | “Joshua and Margaret Investigations (jake and jermaine’s story)
S06 EP19 | "Is That You?” (prismo is revived)
S06 EP20 | “Jake the Brick” (jake livestreams his experience as a brick)
S06 EP24 | “Evergreen” (the origin of the ice crown)
S06 EP33 | “Jermaine” (finn and jake visit jermaine)
S06 EP35 | “Graybles 1000+” (the future of ooo)
S06 EP38 | “You Forgot Your Floaties” (betty becomes magic woman)

S06 EP25 | “Astral Plane” (finn has an out of body experience)
S06 EP26 | “Gold Stars” (sweet p has his first vision)
S06 EP27 | “The Visitor” (martin returns to ooo)
S03 EP36 | “Hoots” (orgalorg reawakens)
S06 EP39 | “Be Sweet” (sweet p has his second vision)
S06 EP40 | “Orgalorg” (the sotry of orgalorg)
S06 EP41 | “On the Lam” (martin’s space adventures)
S06 EP42 | “Hot Diggity Doom (orgalorg initiates his plan)
S06 EP43 | "The Comet” (finn fights orgalorg)

S07EP6-13 | “Stakes” (marceline miniseries)

Illustration by @connorricks

While space was always a place for man to explore, it would be as the maps of the old oceans were. The inky void did not prohibit life, but allowed all sorts of things to develop. Man’s first encounter with the monsters of space was Ziero, the space dragon. Attacking during the earth’s first age of kaiju, it was driven away by the combined forces of the legendary Gadashin, the hybrid Koga, and the prehistoric Ol’ Bertha. It was eventually trapped on the dark side of the moon, and kept there until the first interstellar travel of mankind, where it escaped once more and dueled with the Cosmic Owl Noctus, before being driven away into the inky depths of the space in between stars. With concussive abilities from the “gills” on its body, it can summon large clouds of sound that generate force in space. Ziero is able to force this into a slashing beam of sound as well, creating a dangerous beast that uses its own body to create dangerous weapons.

Another commission I had asked for from the almighty @c-g-ricks, I wanted to share this beauty with you all. Here, Ziero roams in the most familiar of terrains for it, that of space. As a space dragon, his biology makes little sense and emulates that of deep sea creatures to a degree. Connor did a wonderful job with him, and I’m glad that another monster of mine got a wonderful piece to show itself off. Ziero gets bonus points though, as I originally wrote him up looking at Connor’s work for inspiration.

Here’s the original bio, for those interested.

And might I say, Connor is really wonderful to work with. Clear lines of communication, various different designs to help pin down what looked right, and quite professional. I highly recommend him for those curious if they should.

finnthehelper said: “Dang, me too. Like even more than usual. Maybe there’s something in the air lately… like bad dream vibes.”                            

“Or maybe we did something to tick off the Cosmic Owl. No idea how though. The only owl we know is Bubo, and last time I checked they weren’t related.”