and coo at how adorable he is

“How Seventeen would try to flirt with you in English” 


His way of flirting with you would be super cute and absolutely adorable. He would act like a love struck teenage boy, which he is. He would just coo your name constantly, walk circles around you, while walking in circles he’ll purposely fall in front of you and say Do you have a Band-Aid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you~


This kid wouldn’t even need to flirt with you, all he would need to do is look at you and run his hand through his hair and you would drop your undies for him! I feel like he would have a hard time trying to think of pickup lines that would be good enough to swoo you. So he’ll think of a lame one himself and tell it to you while he brushes his hair with his hand to distract you from how bad his pickup line was. Looks like I’m not the only angel on earth~ The perks of being the beautiful Jeonghan


Joshua would be so cute about it, he would keep it simple and cute. He would be giggling and smiling before he even tells the pickup line! Do you have a map? Because I’m getting lost in your eyes~After telling the joke he would just put up finger pistols and go “Pew Pew Pew, did you see what I did there~” 


Oh sweet jesus this lewd child would pull out a super dumb joke because he can and he thinks it’ll be bad enough to make you laugh.  “ Are you a parking ticket?  'Cause you’ve got fine written all over you~ He would pull a sexy dance out of his book of Sexy Dance’s Made By Jun.This kid has about 300 sexy dances to show, so stay tuned for that. 


Hoshi would be a sweet flirter. He would just casually walk up to you with a small grin and sway from side to side for a bit.  Can I have directions?…..To your heart~ After saying his pickup line you would cringe and he would just smother your beautiful face in small Hoshi kisses whether you want them or not 


This one right here would be serious with his pickup line because it would be true. It would take him some time to build up the courage to say it to you but when he does say it he’s so sincere about it that it hurts in such a good way.     Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more. After saying it he would just smile at you and you know he’s not lying.


This would would be so nervous to even try a pickup line that he mixes up the words and just completely makes a fool of himself.  I- I forgot my pickup line because I’m nervous and your pretty. A-Aish I meant you’re so beautiful that my pickup line ran away from my brain. He would throw his head down in shame realizing he failed his pickup line twice and hes not gonna make eye contact with you for the rest of the day. 


He’s going to be so smooth about it, because this smart kid is going to use a line from ‘Adore U’. He knows your weakness, which  is loving the heck out of they’re debut song. He would first coo your name and sing in the most angelic voice possible Baby you are my Angel~ Trying his best not to cringe at his cheesy attempt to swoo you he would give you a small smirk and wink to put the finishing cherry on top of his love sundae. 


He would try to keep it sexy and serious depending on the pickup line he’s using in this case scenario it’s going to be sexy and serious just the way we like it. Damn, if being sexy was a crime, you’d be guilty as charged


This kid right here wouldn’t pull out any complicated pickup lines or anything because simple is always best! Also this kid can’t handle juggling that many languages at one so. He would just casually wrap his arms around you when your free and whisper three loving words into your ear that’ll make you melt. I…love…you..” 


Cheesy and smooth should be the way to go for Seungkwan but I feel like this kid would run over to Vernon for some quick tips and lines to swoo you but Vernon would play a joke on Seungkwan and give him a really bad and cliche line. So Seungkwan would end up saying a super bad and cliche pickup line without even knowing it but Vernon would explain how it’s a good and commonly used Pickup line. Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see!But to Vernon’s surprise the pickup line actually works. 


He would use the oldest pickup line in the book just to make you laugh. At this point he’s not even flirting, he’s just being silly to make you laugh and smile because that’s all he wants to see you do. He’ll start off with his amazingly old pickup line then finish it off with a very smooth hair comb to even out the lameness of the pickup line.  If you were a booger I’d pick you first!~” 


Okay let’s get things straight, this kid is too young to  be flirting. His best attempt is probably gonna be cuter than everyone elses because of how small and naturally adorable Dino is. This kid wouldn’t even say a pick up line, he would walk up to you and just puff his chest up a bit and say You know…I know English He’ll expect you to be super swoo at that and that’ll be the only line of English he knows and he’ll feel so proud of himself.

Hello babiessss!! (●・o・●) I’m here again updating another gif reaction!! I didn’t know if I was suppose to do a gif reaction or just type out the reaction oops! ヽ(;▽;)ノ Thanking you for always liking my reactions, that gives me a lot of motivation to do more reactions knowing that you guys enjoy them! (♥ó㉨ò)ノ Please enjoy this reaction and send me lots of love if you enjoyed it! (◕◇◕) ノ ♥


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you know what I bet Phil looked at baby Dan and couldn't stop smiling and cooed over how cute his best friend/boyfriend was as a baby and I bet he wouldn't shut up about it. you know what I'll just let myself out.

i bet phil kept telling dan how adorable he was as a baby and all dan said about phil’s baby picture was “lmao you look so done w/ everyone’s shit”

Luke had just got back from tour yesterday and wanted to take you on a special date. You had been dying to go to the zoo recently so he thought it would be a great idea to take you. Not to mention how much you both loved animals. When you got there you both walked around and looked at all the animals like the giraffes the monkeys and many other animals. But as soon as Luke saw the Penguins he couldn’t contain himself. ‘Y/n look that one its sliding on its belly!’ He yelled jumping up and down like a kid. You laughed at how cute he is when he gets excited. ‘Yeah I see Luke they are adorable’ you laughed. 'Awe look at the little baby one y/n’ he said cooing. 'They are really cute do you think we’d be able to sneak one out’ you nudge him jokingly. 'That’d be awesome y/n but I think it’s illegal’ he giggled. 'Well ok I’m tired are you ready to go’ you ask. 'Yeah just wait here I need to get something’ he told you running off. You thought he probably got distracted when we were looking at the monkeys and forgot his jacket or something. When he ran back he had both hands behind his back. 'SURPRISE!’ He yelled pulling the two stuffed penguins from behind his back. 'See this one is y/n and this one is Luke. I’ll get y/n and you get Luke and while I’m away on tour we can snuggle them every night and it’ll be like you have me with you and I have you with me’ he explained with the cutest smile on his face. 'Awe Lukey that’s so sweet I love them’ you gave him a big hug and a peck on the cheek. 'I think you win the best boyfriend award’ you say giving him another kiss. 'What can I say I’m just a romantic guy’ he giggles. You couldn’t believe how lucky you were to have him. 
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your headcanons!!! I die!!! I can't stop imagining how adorable and sweet they are when they're with their families all together, cooing over Doris and Ernest and letting Daisy and Phoebe braid Harry's hair or something okay sorry bye

listen!!! louis probably walks down into the den after helping his mother with dinner or something and sees them all spread out on the floor. harry is braiding dotty and ernie’s hair, he’s got a baby on each thigh and a mouth full of bobby pins while phoebe and daisy are standing behind him, they each took one side of his head and are doing a fancy fishtail or french braid or something on him. and louis just walks in and smiles, crossing his arms and huffing all cutely until he gets their attention, and once harry and his siblings are all looking up at him he just goes, “well don’t i get my hair braided too?” so the twins finish up on harry’s hair and guide louis over to the sofa where they start braiding what they can and complaining loudly about how he needs to grow his hair out just like harry’s, so they can do fancy stuff to it too.  💫 💫 💫

BH6 Headcanon (Alive!Tadashi)

During times at college when Hiro has a break in between classes (or even no classes at all), Hiro will go and sit by the window of Tadashi or their friends’ classes.

Of course before, Hiro tried to be secretive. Crouching beside the windows, trying his best to listen intently to the lectures, jotting every piece of knowledge and learning in his notebook; but of course, Tadashi, his friends (and their lecturers) cottoned on to the genius boys’ ways. That he only just wanted to challenge himself.

So from then on, whenever the gang know Hiro is off college, the windows to their classes are left open; knowing full well that the little genius will show up eventually and seat himself on the window sill, notebooks open in his lap.

it does get pretty cold in the winter though so everyone in the classes ends up wearing much more than they should do

Aeleus: He would sit there, not caring too much, so long as they don’t laugh and his mother doesn’t show any that are too embarrassing.

Braig: He would chuckle, pointing out all the memories associated with the picture and telling his mother which pictures to bring out next.

Dilan: He would sit there and grumble, giving them pointed looks that tells them they better not laugh, or to just stop looking at them altogether.

Even: He would be highly uncomfortable, turning red and glaring at them and his mother in turn as they cooed over how adorable he was as a baby.

Ienzo: He would probably be just as curious as them if they ever found any.

Was Ienzo’s mean? Eh, I’ve been meaner. Enjoy!


July 21, 2015

The day has finally come, huh? I wasn’t originally going to write about today because I thought I’d get too emotional but- seeing that Yunho took the time to write a letter for us fans, I felt compelled to write one for him too.

I going to try and keep this short and sweet ;;


I could never really explain how much I adore Yunho, (I REALLY CAN’T I’M— I’VE TRIED) but I just do. He’s been my favorite person for years, and for many many reasons. But probably mainly because I grew to look up to him and admire him. A LOT. Granted that it seems that I just lust over him which I admit and coo and spazz (how can you not, right?) but what really made me love him was his sense of determination. I’ve always admired the fact that he has accomplished so much at such a young age with such grace and finesse. He is a wonderful person, someone so humble, kind, passionate, and strong. Before I knew it, he’s someone that I began to idolize in so many ways. (and i both love and hate him because of this)

Now that he’s enlisting as an active duty soldier I can say that I am very happy for him might not seem like it because I’m still emo but- I am. Serving the country is an act that is important to every person and to have Yunho be one of these people, I’m very proud as his fan. It’s a journey that he needs to take for him to grow not as Yunho of TVXQ, but just as Yunho, a regular human being.

Jung Yunho, i know you’ll never see this but hear me out lol I hope you take this time to reflect on your life and what you’ve achieved so far and hopefully it’ll leave you with a smile on your face. You’ve done so much in your twelve years as TVXQ, it’s time for you to do something for yourself, as a person. Make great memories, make lots of friends, and make us and your friends and family proud.

Personally, I’d like to thank you for being responsible for your members, for building TVXQ, and for making sure it stayed. I can never repay you for how much you changed my life for the better. Thank you for giving me hope. Thank you for showing me that anything is possible, as long as you work your ass off for it. Thank you.

As for me, I’m not saying that I’ll be in a hiatus from the fandom but I will be taking this two-year break as a time to work on myself and be a better person. It’s saddening yet exciting to know that at this moment, nothing will be the same ever again. /It makes me sad that they won’t be here to make memories with me when I enter college but they’ll always be with me./ I’m writing this as a naive 18 year old saying ‘see you later’ to Yunho and hopefully, by the time I revisit this letter I’ll be a much more mature person that has my goals and priorities set straight.

I’ll see you in two years, Jung. I’ll fly over to Korea to personally welcome you back (at safe distance, of course….well, maybe). I can’t wait to see what monster you’ve become by then (your words not mine). You’ll always be in my heart, man. I can’t say this enough but really, thank you. For everything. I love you and I’m going to miss you like motherfucking hell.

I’m really usually not this sentimental but- it is what is ;_____; Only Yunho can make me write something so long without being perverted (heh….’long’) asjfndjankdfaSEE?

……i feel so exposed after writing this OTL

“Kyou-chaaaan~ You’re so cute, desu.” 

She peers at the small hamster nestled comfortably in the crook of her palm, quietly munching on a sunflower seed. After a week of cloudy skies and rain, the weather has finally brightened enough for Haru to bring her beloved pets outside for fresh air and bonding time. 

Haya-chan is a blur of white as he scampers back and forth in his hamster ball, safely within the fence Haru has put up. Tsu-chan is napping some feet away, basking in the rays of the afternoon sun. But Kyou-chan, he’s happy to stay in Haru’s hand, listening to her coo over how adorable and precious he is. 

All in all, a perfect afternoon in the park.