and continue to show up and deliver


Just being able to play Iris West is putting me in a position to impact change. She is such an iconic character and so many people will know her and remember her as a black woman. Playing this role, I sometimes get blatant racism and the even more painful and complicated non-blatant racism. But I gladly put on my armour each day and take it. I have to be strong and continue to deliver, because this is bigger than me. It’s not just about this role, it’s about the landscape of film and TV. It’s about the young girls coming after me. I need to make sure I was strong enough to keep that door open for them. To show up at work and do my best, and change and impact as many minds as I can. I am deeply humbled every time someone reaches out to me to say, “I grew up reading The Flash, I cannot imagine anyone else playing Iris West after seeing you do it.”

Happy 29th birthday, Candice Kristina Patton! (born June 24, 1988)

Comeback D-1..BTS, New Song Contains ‘Comfort + Hope’ 

The reveal of group BTS’ ‘WINGS Supplementary Story: YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’ has come a day closer.

‘WINGS Supplementary Story,’ an album that delivers messages of warm comfort and hope for this generation’s suffering youth, will have a total of 18 tracks including their four new songs, ‘Spring Day,’ ‘Not Today,’ ‘Outro: Wings,’ and ‘A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone.’

Their title song, ‘Spring Day,’ is a song that allows us to discover another side of BTS who has continued to keep up with worldwide trends and show their growth in music. It combines feelings of British Rock and electronic sound to create an alternative hip-hop song. Their leader, Rap Monster composed the song’s main melody. 

This BTS album is receiving a hot response (from the public) even before it’s release with pre-sales of over 700,000 copies. Through their 2nd full album ‘WINGS’ which was released last year, they set the highest record for a Korean artist at 26th on the U.S. ‘Billboard 200,’ were the first Korean artist to enter the UK album chart at 62nd place, and have received much love worldwide. Therefore, there is much interest in which records BTS will set through this album.  

Through the Naver V APP, BTS will have their BTS ‘YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’ Preview SHOW tonight (12th) at 10:40PM.

Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts
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Gloria Carter, Jay-Z's mom, comes out as a lesbian in 4:44 track
"Life is short, and it’s time to be free / Love who you love, because life isn’t guaranteed.”

Jay-Z’s new album, 4:44, has sparked tons of conversation in the last couple of days. One major moment: His mother, Gloria, comes out officially as a lesbian on a track called “Smile.” 

It’s the first time either of them has publicly discussed her sexual orientation, though the family has talked for years about their support of LGBTQ rights. 

“Mama had four kids, but she’s a lesbian / Had to pretend so long that she’s a thespian,” Jay-Z raps in the song, which contains a sample of Stevie Wonder’s “Love’s In Need Of Love Today.”

“Had to hide in the closet, so she medicate / Society shame and the pain was too much to take,” he adds before asserting, “Cried tears of joy when you fell in love / Don’t matter to me if it’s a him or her.”

Carter herself shows up on track to deliver a spoken word outro.

“Living in the shadow / Can you imagine what kind of life it is to live?” she asks on the close-to-five-minute track. “In the shadows people see you as happy and free / Because that’s what you want them to see,” she continues. “The world is changing and they say it’s time to be free / But you live with the fear of just being me… Living in the shadow feels like the safe place to be / No harm for them, no harm for me / But life is short, and it’s time to be free / Love who you love, because life isn’t guaranteed.”

This is just beautiful. Congratulations, Gloria.

Training the Rookie

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Hey guys so in all the chaos of the Drabble Challenge, I haven’t posted any longer fics. So here is a Seth fic I’ve been working on for a couple weeks. This one was requested by an anon. Hope you guys like it!

Summary: Reader is a new girl that comes to WWE and Seth is asked to train her by Triple H. Seth isn’t happy about it and is constantly tearing her apart. One day they are working on a move, and he has to stand behind her, and she unknowingly rubs her butt against him. The next day tensions rise, and true feelings come out. ANGST. SMUT.

TAGS: @monsteramongmen-tamer @wildandfreepinkv0dka @hardcorewwetrash @imagineall-the-fandoms @alexispoo @nickysmum1909 @mandazord @panda-girl1999  

If you would like to be added to my tag list just let me know!  Or if there are any wrestlers you would like to see more of, hit me up! I’m always open to new ideas and suggestions!

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A list of some of the hardships SNSD have gone and made through:

I know the present situation may feel really discouraging to new SONEs but the truth is that SNSD has made it through worse, and still came out on top. So here’s a list of things you should know/be reminded of:

  • Before their debut, SNSD was a surprise act on School of Rock. The first stage they did was a dance act, and although they received positive reviews from the students who watched them, everyone thought they were just a dance act. So SNSD went back to the producers of School of Rock, and asked them for a second chance to perform their own song (ITNW) at the show. They were granted that wish, but had only 3 days to practice. At the show, the PDs asked the crowd - an all girls school - to not cheer for them so it would build up their strenght as a group. They called the girls back to stage to explain the situation and they finally let the crowd show their enthusiasm - they LOVED them. Remember, they hadn’t even debuted here.  (you can watch Girls Go To School for more details);
  • In 2008, at Dream Concert, they went through what everyone knows today as the infamous Black Ocean. Fans of other groups turned off their lightsticks and shouted Wonder Girls’ name while they were performing for 10 minutes straight;
  • Again, 2008, during an SMTOWN concert, out of pure jealously that the girls had done commercials with members from tvxq and super junior and also gone on broadcasts with them, the fans of those groups held up their lightsticks to form an X, expressing that the girls were not welcome;
  • In 2009, Mnet didn’t nominate SNSD for their music show until the very few last weeks, where SNSD won 9 consecutive times;
  • Fast forward to 9/30, 2014, the biggest reason for the fandom to be so divided. This is a situation that could’ve easily ended SNSD as we know them since we never got a clarification of what happened nor why Jessica was forced to leave and it all only remains as speculation from the public’s pov. SNSD are very known for their strong bond and this made a lot of people doubt how genuine their feelings towards each other actually are. It’s true, part of it is business, but it’s also true that a girl group achieving 10 years together also involves sacrifice, and sacrifice always comes from a place of love. Everyone who was there during this time was deeply hurt and no one really knew what could be done. The girls had just announced their concert at Tokyo Dome, a venue where artists can only perform through invite, and with this situation they had to do that as 8 instead of 9. But they managed to overcome the situation and show that even if they had to part ways with one member, being Girls’ Generation is truly what they wanted to keep doing, and keep on doing, while achieving their own personal dreams;

This not to mention everything the girls have endured individually, otherwise this list would be very, very long.

To balance things out, here’s a list of some of the biggest achievements SNSD have gotten throughout the years, with SONEs help:

  • They were the FIRST girl group to get a Daesang, an award that was until then completely reserved to boy groups;
  • They’re the only girl group listed 5 times on a top 10 of the girl groups (western groups included) that have made the most money on their tours - that’s half the list!;
  • They were the first korean girl group to achieve double platinum in Japan!;
  • They sold out their concert at Tokyo Dome with 55k seats, Kara had previously sold out theirs in 2012 with 45k seats;
  • 10 years into their career, SNSD managed to beat their own 1st week record sale in a matter of 4 days. May not sound like a big deal, but after a 2 year hiatus, and considering that it had been 6 years since they had set that record, this is an amazing accomplishment where SONEs have once again lifted our girls up. You made this happen.

I know how discouraging the present situation feels, I know they deserve better, SONEs deserved better after 2 years of waiting, and SM decided to screw both sides like this. but this is not the time to put down our arms, this is the time to let SM know that SNSD continue to be love and appreciated, the fact that the girls aren’t promoting doesn’t mean that they won’t be nominated for music shows since Taeyeon didn’t really promote Rain and that still won a few first places, so we can’t give up on the girls. It’s in times like this that the girls need us most, and the fandom needs to be united. As the girls have showed us plenty of times before, they will keep on delivering good content together if they have the opportunity. I know this feels really unfair, and having everything in consideration I know we should’ve gotten more, but the girls’ aren’t at fault and we can’t blame them for this as it’s clear that this was not their decision. 

Organising small projects to let the girls know we want them back (like doing a comment project to post on their instagram), get them trending on twitter, melon, naver, daum, and making sure their songs stay on the charts (through streaming), are just some of the few things we can do. The girls truly appreciate us as they have shown many times before, they will fight to deliver more content, but we also have to fight for them in a industry that seems to forget how many doors have been opened thanks to them. So let’s keep fighting SONE!

Rich Bitch

2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: Dean is working at a fancy resort for the summer which leads to some interesting run-ins with the reader.

Prompt: “Dude…what’s with the short shorts?“

Pairing: Bartender!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,698

Requested by: @purgatoan

Breathing deeply, Dean instantly feels at peace with his beautiful surroundings. The familiar ocean air always easing him into a sense of calm. Snapping his eyes shut, he welcomes the warmth from the sun to wash over his face.

The beach has always been a second home for Dean Winchester, having fallen in love with the sand and the waves long ago. The plethora of scantily clad women being a fantastic bonus. This is his happy place, this is his…

“Hey buddy. Daydream on your own time. You’re the bartender. So tend the bar.” An obnoxious prick named Brock rips Dean back into reality, earning a hard glare in his direction.

“Here ya go, sir.” Dean quietly sneers through a fake smile that’s barely noticeable, handing over the lame ass banana daiquiri he was just forced to make.

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'Q&A: BTS Reveals How They Bridged The Gap Between'

OTW: What is the story behind your name, BangTan SoNyeonDan (BTS)?

BTS: The name can translate to “bulletproof boy scout,” and the story behind it is that we wanted to become someone who defies prejudices and discriminations against the young generation in general when we made debut in 2013.

OTW: What are 3 elements that make your music so relatable? In other words, what do you think it is that allows BTS to bridge the gap between traditional Kpop and top 40 pop?

BTS: One, our music is well-balanced between message and performance.

Two, we adapt the trendiest pop genres so that anyone can enjoy regardless of cultural and language barriers.

Three, special chemistry made by seven personalities in the band.

OTW: Give a nickname to each of the 7 members in BTS that describes their role in the band.

Rap Monster: Leader (official leader of the band)

SUGA: Grandpa (caretaker behind the scene)

J-hope: Hopemaker (always encouraging and cheering others)

Jin: Uncle (Jokes all the time)

Jimin: Cute & sexy (his role on the stage when performing)

V: Four-dimensional (very creative and thinking outside-of-the-box)

JungKook: Golden youngest (man of all-mighty)

OTW: Congrats on your recent album, YOU NEVER WALK ALONE! Is there a certain message or theme you wanted to communicate with it?

BTS: YOU NEVER WALK ALONE (YNWA) is a supplementary story to our previous album, WINGS, and we wanted to tell a different story that was not told in WINGS. That is one of reasons why BTS members look somewhat different, perhaps a little bit more casual and younger, in YNWA artwork. The same idea goes to “Spring Day” video. The song is based on memories with old friends who we don’t see anymore, and we wanted to visualize the story in the video blended with additional metaphors. The album is a kind of a tribute to those who long for hope and condolence, and we wanted to say, “you’re never alone, and we’re here for you,” with new songs.

OTW: How has your music evolved since the 2013 2 Cool 4 School album to the most recent (and all the music in between)?

BTS: BTS music is based on hip-hop and pop music in general because all the members grew up listening to famous hip-hop artists as well as pop vocalists, even before the debut. It was definitely very hip-hop back in 2013, and the style kind of evolved as we grew up listening and experiencing many different genres of music the last couple of years. We constantly look for new beats and read books just to intrigue ourselves to renovate as artists, even if it means failure to some of us. Rap Monster and SUGA have released separate mixtapes to test and show their unique features as individual artists along the way, and it is part of the band’s experiment to evolve together as an entity to make the better, newer music. Thus we don’t want to label our music as a certain genre or limit it to K-pop, but would like to make a new category for it if possible.

OTW: The “Not Today” music video is now the most viewed video in a 24-hour period to debut on the YouTube Top 100 Chart in 2017. Tell us about the making of the video and how did you feel when you received the news?

BTS: It was “Wow” at first when we heard the news, and we instantly started to talk about the behind-the-scene episodes of the shoot back in January. It was cold and bleak out in the field with over a hundred dancers making dance moves in sync. But it was fun. “Not Today” is definitely one of the most powerful songs yet and the trendiest choreography ever, and we’re very proud of ourselves for completing the mission again!

OTW: The BTS effect hasn’t slowed–in 2016 you were listed by Forbes as the most retweeted artist on Twitter, you have sellout arena concerts, advertising deals, and a devoted fan base. All of this brings pressure and expectation–what are some ways you deal with it all and stay humble?

BTS: We would be lying if we said there wasn’t any pressure in front of us. But we manage to get over it by openly talking about it with one another all the time. As you might know, we’ve been living together in the same house for the last five years, and we share literally everything even if it is stress and burden. BTS teamwork helps us get through the pressure and expectation in everyday life, and it also lets us stay humble as ordinary people, like guys next doors. We make casual jokes and give pieces of advice to other members so that we can still be down-to-earth, as we were before ‘BTS.’

OTW: What is in the works after the tour? What’s your definition of the ultimate success?

Rap Monster: We’ll be busy all year round even after the tour, with new albums coming up and advertising deals. My definition of the ultimate success is to continue to make good music and deliver great performance in order to have people listen to my creation as much as possible.

SUGA: My goal for this year is to cultivate my ability as a producer and write more songs. That’s my definition of success.

J-hope: We always have new, additional plans for tours, even after this tour. My definition of the ultimate success is becoming the iconic artist who always delivers the best show as a true artist. I want to create a show that’s “must-see” for everyone.

OTW: Which artists are on your Ones To Watch list?

BTS: J. Cole, Drake, dvsn, THEY., Frank Ocean, Mac Miller

OTW: Any message you want to send to fans right now?

BTS: We’d like to thank A.R.M.Ys around the world from bottom of our hearts.

We couldn’t have done what we’ve achieved without your love and support. We know it takes time and effort to vote, listen to the music, and watch the videos, and it means a lot to us.

We are wings for one another. Let’s fly together high up.

anonymous asked:

I remember once reading a post about how destiel pov is usually only on one character while the other looks disinterested and this is kind of the feeling I'm getting from s13 too Dean is all about Cas and mourning Cas and TFW and Cas is all "k. Bye". :/ im getting kinda uncomfortable since 12x19 with Dean crawling after Cas begging him to to choose them and Cas continuing to not do that (part of why I hoped Cas was brainwashed and not intentionally leaving Dean)

I hope that wasn’t my post because it was a little more complex than “one feels one way and the other looks disinterested”

I wrote this about how there’s a narrative POV about whose emotional arc is carrying Destiel. That doesn’t have to mean whoever has it is basically just shown to be unrequitedly pining. For example in season 4 you can comment a lot on how Cas seems to be falling for Dean before, you know, literally falling for him, but the POV of the season is entirely on Dean and the only Cas POV we get is stuff where he’s hanging out talking to other angels doing angel business and his personal arc stuff. There might be some incredible Destiel scenes like when he rebels in 4x22 but Dean’s the POV in the scenes even if Cas is the one reacting and doing stuff which is powering things along. Or 6x20 is entirely from Cas’s POV but we see Dean contribute plenty of angst to the drama and we still know how he feels, it’s not hard to guess when it’s written all over his face and how he struggles with what he’s discovering when we’ve been with him all season already, but every scene is given to us from Cas’s perspective because he’s narrating it.

I mean obviously there are times when one of them is emotionally unavailable such as the rest of season 6 being from Dean’s POV, or season 9 - 10 where Dean has the Mark and so the emotional arc is all on Cas’s shoulders… Again not because the other is completely void of feelings on the other side during these times, but because there’s a narrative device keeping them from expressing them or acting on them or whatever.

I’m pretty confused by the apparent reading a bunch of people have that Cas isn’t giving back feelings to Dean at the moment, which seems to have sprung out of lingering uncertainty about Cas’s state of being (which I just can’t see at the moment with any indications from the show that Cas is not himself in a fundamental way) or perhaps disappointment since the sneak peek for 13x06 that the reunion was understated. 

I feel like I just watched one of the most ridiculous stretches of non-stop Destiel nonsense the show has ever delivered, starting 12x19 and relying on both characters to tell it. 

Obviously we have Dean missing Cas in the build up to it, and Cas leaves as he does in the end of 12x19, and Dean continues angsting about it on the phone to Mary before shit hits the fan… Cas has the emotional POV in 12x19 but it relies on the theme of clarifying who you’re talking about and different levels of personal investment, which is only clarified in a bad way for Dean asking not to be included in Sam’s cheerful greeting of Cas, but then through the episode shows Cas and Dean still have a bigger personal investment in each other even when Cas only ever speaks about “sam and dean” as a unit. I don’t think that’s narrative POV on the Destiel arc because Dean’s still doing the heavy lifting, making it a weird episode where Cas has the POV but Dean has the Destiel POV, perhaps because of their epic misunderstandings about feelings which are a major major theme between them. But for all the generic concern thrown around, this episode had the mixtape exchange among all the other stuff between Cas and Dean when they were in the same room which made it clear they specifically focussed on each other. 

And obviously while 12x23 was from Sam and Dean’s POV (even stuff like Cas going into the AU world was cut off so that we could react with Sam and Dean to AU Bobby, not with Cas), and there was very little interaction, Cas still did that bizarre thing where all the living Winchesters piled into his house and he said “Dean,” followed by, again singling Dean out in his attention and healing him, which had also happened in the end of 12x19. Even if Cas is not the POV there’s things thrown in to show that in amongst everything else and Cas losing control of the narrative after he was Jacked, he still blatantly cares about Dean and that he and Dean single each other out.

I suppose the Dean POV on how he feels about Cas has been utterly utterly in your face this season so far which might be another reason why it seems like Cas is giving less back. I do think, though, that it has not ALL been on Dean. In 13x03 Jack wakes up Cas after Dean manages to clarify some feelings about Cas at least in relation to how Sam is feeling. It darkly mirrors 12x19 where Dean clarified that he was mad at Cas when he came in the door, but this time positively for his FEELINGS about Cas, even if he’s now screaming in Sam’s face about it. The clarification that he cares that much about Cas is something that has been hovering unsaid for a long time despite their entire history of being singled out for each other, it’s become more blatant as the family has become more integrated, and pretty much since season 9 when Dean had to ask Cas to leave the Bunker, the weight has been on his say on whether Cas is part of the family or not. Thematically, obviously. In the wider narrative. Sam does a lot to make Cas feel at home, in 8x22 and the start of season 11 just off the top of my head as moments when Sam and Cas & the Bunker as home were a thing, but it’s Dean who has the big dramatic say. The main emotional arc impact. It pretty much goes without saying that Sam will welcome Cas and make home comfy in the Bunker. There’s no issue there at all :P 

Anyway, Jack is overhearing Sam getting yelled at for not appreciating just how painful it is to look at him and only see Cas dying, and this creates the void of Cas in their lives in Jack’s heart powerful enough to nudge Cas in the Empty. I see it as Dean putting out this fact into the world for the first time, and that demanding an ANSWER. Cas waking up is a response to Dean making it clear how hurt he has been by Cas’s death. The theme of clarification, using your words, etc, has meant Dean has finally let words out that would have been awfully useful for Cas to know in life, and lo and behold he is awake. It’s a narrative question and answer to me. Dean feels this way about Cas - Cas is in the least possible state to ever find out, but now the story has changed, is this enough for Cas? And the answer is, yes, he wakes up now.

In the Empty Cas is challenged by the sleepy void about why he is awake, and it attempts to beat him and then his feelings into submission so that he will give up and go back to sleep. Dean off on the other side of the story is literally linked to Cas when he asks what linked all the victims - the answer is, their grief, and cut to Cas. Or when he says what is burned stays dead - and the answer is, no, look how Cas is doing over here, up and awake and wandering around and fighting to come back. Dean says he has no hope, and the obvious answer is, well you might not now but look who just woke up back on earth. I think it’s important to remember that narrative structure of Dean “interacting” with Cas in the Empty when talking about it because Dean is intrinsically linked to Cas over and over in 13x03 and 13x04 by his statements and the subsequent dramatic irony or narrative, like… eyebrow wiggling… they’re doing. (I’ll be honest, I have a headache so I can’t remember all my literature degree stuff :P) Because I think Jack just brought Cas back because of his OWN issues missing Cas and obviously what Kelly said about him being an angel to watch over him which he felt he was sorely lacking. But the way in which it all happens is tuned directly to Dean’s feelings.

And then we get, in the Empty, Cas’s little feelings. The Empty telling him he doesn’t want to go back, not in a dismissive way but in a I know how you feel and I know you don’t want to way. These scenes HAVE to be Cas’s emotional POV and if he won’t say it, the Empty will for him. It doesn’t matter if he’s not EXPRESSING these things for himself, the important thing is the scene is ABOUT Cas and it’s giving us an explanation of his emotions. That “Sam and Dean need me” is being put out there as Cas’s reason to go back despite the fact he doesn’t want to, that he’d shackle himself back to the same burden that got him killed, that in 12x19 we could see was destroying their relationship even BEFORE it got him killed. We’re getting a direct exploration of the things which last season kept Cas at an awful range of miscommunication to Dean. The stuff he never said to him or explained to Dean so badly Dean didn’t even get why he was saying it when it seemed too obvious to him that they all need to be together as a family and obviously Cas is family and obviously they should do everything side by side.

And so the Empty crouches down by Cas and says, “I know what you hate. I know who you love. I know what you fear,” with intonation that shows these concepts flow from the stuff they’ve already covered - Sam and Dean need me, nope that’s not it, I know this situation as it is inside your head and I am not scared to tell you what you’re thinking. That you hate being treated like this. You hate treating YOURSELF like this. I know who you love (and, incidentally, I’d know that you said already that you love all the Winchesters, because hi I’ve been inside your head so there’s nothing I don’t know). I know that there’s some secret that makes me drop my voice to a conspiratorial whisper to tell you that I know who you love, even though it’s just you and me awake in this whole wide Empty void of Nothing. Because to you it’s something deeper, something quieter, something less-spoken than anything you’ve voiced so far…

(Sidenote though - obviously it’s been voiced IN the narrative already and gets us no further than 4 years ago and “he’s in love…. with humanity!” etc because that entire build up was ENORMOUS and built up to the pay off… of what we got in 10x01-3, which obviously did not make Destiel canon or Cas’s feelings any clearer than a wistful comment about finding love on earth and wanting to stay, and then Cas left anyway and people were upset that Cas had left right when Dean seemed to be remotely operating his own feelings again and briefly had a moment of clarity to ask Cas to stay apparently in his room on his bed so look at how that has all carried on since season 10 and remember that I’m just analysing, not predicting, but also I have fandom deja vu about Cas’s feelings re: being so obvious they can be seen from space while he pines naked in bed for Dean, and then a big old kick back where everyone was furious he left with Hannah and Destiel is dead and Cas doesn’t love Dean any more >.>) 

- and then the Empty says that he knows what Cas FEARS, why Cas keeps leaving, backing off, running away, taking on missions, doing things to protect Sam and Dean from afar because he can’t be with them, has to return Dean’s mixtape and go nobly fall on a sword. Because he’s SCARED about his feelings. Because he can’t be sure Dean WANTS him, only that Sam and Dean need him. He’s been literally given the Winchester Family Invitation on embossed paper with gold leaf, been through a couple of rounds of sacrificing for them - plural, Mary included - and them standing up for him and willing to die to protect him. He should not fear rejection from the family. He shouldn’t fear that his own feelings for them are not returned in full if it is about being a part of the family. At the end of season 11 Dean offered him being the 3rd Winchester brother (sorry Adam) on a plate as well, and Cas still looked unhappy and uncertain. 

This all ties into ALL of Cas’s arc for years and years, ever since 7x17, when he re-started his continuous time on the show with a brief Destiel recap and his struggles have all been continuous and with good continuity. His guilt about killing all the angels and damaging Heaven (made worse/freshly relevant with the angel fall spell but was caused by his angst about Godstiel, that he brings up in 8x08), his sense of belonging or not which really starts getting hammered home after he becomes human and loses his wings, so he’s more dependant on a home, and also after he’s been more and more often exiled or treated like shit by Heaven to make it clearer that if he is ever going to have a good sense of home again, the one on Earth is the kinder option, even for all the trouble he goes through for Sam and Dean. 

And his feelings for Dean, which are NOT a random subtext thing but seriously power much of his drama. 8x17 starting with him having to kill a thousand Deans. Or how he and Dean are linked by going through Purgatory together and the emotional revelations that came out there - that Dean wouldn’t leave without Cas but Cas didn’t think he deserved it, which ties up all his “general” arcs into the romantic one. That he deserves to be in Purgatory for what he did to Heaven, but that it will hurt Dean to do it. That he’s been self-punishing for Dean’s sake to keep him safe so that he can escape. Cas sacrifices for Dean again and again and in the end walks him to the portal and shoves him through it without attempting to follow because of how he feels; the romantic arc is intrinsic to his actions. 

Season 9 builds up Cas trying to restore Heaven and take down Metatron, but Metatron sows discord among Cas’s followers for Cas’s loyalty to Dean. They test it. He loses his followers. Metatron mocks and delights in Cas’s choices and his weakness for Dean. He tells Cas that his weakness WAS Dean in 9x23, without the “love” comment. And that Dean is dead. Cas fights back anyway, even against hope of losing Dean. 

In season 10, Cas’s arc is loosely that he’s adrift but will help those who need him - Hannah, Claire and of course Dean. Or Sam finding Dean. He pines and hangs on and gets compared to post-break up Crowley and in the main story his role is simply to be devoted to Dean, to want to save him, to be part of the family that would sacrifice and die for Dean. And an important link in the loose prophecy Cain gives Dean about his nearest and dearest of Crowley, Cas and Sam - each one a magnitude worse than the previous to hurt. 10x22 has Cas make that speech about how he’d be there with Dean at his side in horror as Dean murdered the world but he couldn’t kill him, he can only ask him to stop. Dean attacks and rejects him and for his troubles Cas gets turned into a mindless attack dog, a symbol of how he had been feeling all along, just doing these things for the Winchesters without being certain of his place in the family or his feelings being returned. In season 11 these last 2 points are the first of the PTSD flashbacks he gets about his recent treatment as he falls into deep depression and worthlessness, and the fact of his place in the family is a part of it - not that it can be cured by Dean finally telling him what he wants to hear, and for him to be all better as soon as he knows he’s loved. But it’s one of the factors causing it, and one of the reasons Cas got sucked along with the season 10 bad decisions and one of the reasons Cas has been isolating himself, and now begins the pattern of sacrificing himself too, in 11x10 where he says yes to Lucifer after being assured by everyone he meets that day that he’s just a useless tool. Except Dean, of course, but misunderstandings abound so there’s our read of Dean’s intention and our read of how Cas might have taken their parting. In any case, Cas manages to sacrifice twice in a row for the same possession in 11x14 too, now specifically for Dean. From there, the possession arc becomes laughably about Destiel in 11x18 and 11x21, and Dean’s focus on it in the in between episodes. 

And in season 12, of course, now we get the repeated theme of Cas leaving because he doesn’t feel he belongs, and his sense of not belonging and duty power together his search for Lucifer, which turns into the search for Kelly which turns into what happens with Jack in 12x19, but all that of course is because he’s been the one feeling responsible for the Lucifer arc, and whichever point you pick to start that from it goes back to 11x10 and his decision there, made for the same reasons he does everything in season 12, but with more loops of talking about family and where he belongs and Dean trying to reach across the gap but not finding the right words. The fact that after 12x12 Cas still feels he has to be the Winchesters’ guardian shows that they have not been able to reach the part of him which will be able to comfortably call them home no matter how much they feel he belongs there. 

For years and years and years this has been what Cas fears. When the Empty tells him he’s surrounded by all the thousands of dead angels, Cas looks around in utter horror, knowing that he’s responsible for them. Check one on his fears, openly expressed. The Empty mocks his attempt to say that Sam and Dean need him, as a bad reason to return, a hollow reason, and Cas’s fear is that they ONLY need him for what he can do, that they’d find a way to wake him up and get him back JUST because they NEEDED him for something. That he would claw his way back to life just to be used for some reason or another that is troubling them and that they can’t solve without calling in Cas to fix it and protect them. And then. His hates, loves and fears. Cas’s love for Dean in the most terrifying thing he has. He’s destroyed so much because of it. Rebelled because of it. Lost his faith because of it. Been dragged through things far worse than Hell and back because of it. And Dean won’t clarify his feelings for Cas, won’t speak in plain English and explain what he means, what Cas means. 

And in 13x03 he clarifies to Sam that Cas in particular is why he is in so much turmoil, and Cas wakes up. And faces the Empty mocking his feelings and pointing out his fears. That there is “nothing for you back there” despite all the gestures of home and family that have ever been offered to him. (And this sounds so much like the line in The Two Towers where Elrond is telling Arwen there’s nothing for her here, trying to convince her to LEAVE Middle Earth rather than be with Aragorn and die as a mortal.)

But Cas takes this and all the reminders of his failures and the horrific things that have happened to him, and he stands up and confronts the Empty, which is essentially the bad voice in his head, the depression, and all his fears and doubts, and tells it to stuff it and send him back. He realises whatever happened to him, the reason he’s awake has already given him the chance to reject the Empty trying to make him give up and go to sleep, and that he has been given another chance to fight. Not to reject everything the Empty says and have hope, but to fight and fight and fight. And be given another chance.

And that the confrontation involved a reminder that Cas has this secret love, that it covered all the reasons Cas has been brought down to this lowest point, is mirrored in the much *less* Destiel scene in 13x05 where Billie and Dean talk and Dean only mentions in passing that he couldn’t save Cas as part of the reason he’s given up, although of course the weight of everything else around it that built it all up and explained why (and his clarification that woke Cas up in 13x03) obviously makes it mean more than it might sound on the surface. But Cas’s confrontation with the Empty contains *all* of that that I just rambled about because it’s a Castiel, this is your life, moment, and the power of it is picking all the right words to express *everything* Cas has been through and why, and that includes his entire romance with Dean, and, sadly, what it has done to him to pine and feel unrequited all this time. In 10x01 when he’s lying in bed missing Dean, we have an emotionally similar scene but to much less dramatic effect, much less clarity, and distilling down the reasons. It’s mired in a lot of random context, and it is only really symbolically what this scene was pretty much directly. 

In the end of 13x05 Cas calls Dean and it’s silent but we know what it means to Dean. We have silence on Cas’s side of things - obviously the ball is in Dean’s court there on the emotional POV - but when we get Cas back, in 13x06, he is in *no way* “k, bye” 

I think the scenes have been fairly balanced in POV, with Cas explaining what happened to him from his perspective when he gets back when talking about the Empty and his line about annoying the Empty is nonsense to out of context ears but means a lot to us and Cas. The hugs being used to contrast Sam and Dean’s reactions, with Sam not knowing what to do but Dean saying “i do” and swooping in on Cas.

Remember, we have been inside Cas’s head, we’ve seen all his little feelings. We know what has brought him back, and why, and to what dramatic narrative purpose this serves - Dean’s grief about Cas being a 5 episode arc which ended up going right into a lowest point of Dean’s much longer personal arcs about loving Cas and how he feels about the job and family, and Cas’s much much longer ongoing personal arc, currently now starting a new chapter after reaching the lowest point in a story about once again passing through an afterlife to rebirth. But he accepted he would still have these issues, that he was only coming back to fight, that he wasn’t coming back because “Sam and Dean need me”… 

And for most of this reintroduction scene he doesn’t know that they didn’t do something to bring him back. Sam and Dean are stunned and Cas talks matter of fact about how they got back. Cas doesn’t know they’re reacting in complete and utter mystification. He doesn’t know how long he was gone, just that Dean thinks it’s too long. He has this conversation about where he was and what the Empty is like while clearly baffled about their intent and why Sam is asking these questions, until he says “I thought you had done something” and looks at Dean with realisation that they had genuinely thought he was dead and gone and not coming back and they had no clue - this is the first time he can look at them without wondering what they did, if there’s a price on their heads for doing it to him, etc. He no longer has to be concerned about them.

But it’s not just that. It’s that now he knows “Sam and Dean need me” is NOT the reason he was brought back. He called them up probably expecting to be thrown into their next big drama, something they’re overwhelmed with that only Cas can help them with, that he wasn’t just calling them because he’s getting back in touch with his family but that he’s going back into the battle. For them. To protect them or do something for them that they can’t do.

And instead he learns that Jack did it to him, and Sam and Dean aren’t responsible, and all they did was come to collect him and take him *home*. And the big drama he gets thrown into? Jack has found them a case in Dodge City and Dean is *delighted* to go play cowboys with Cas. Cas, freshly back from the dead, suddenly has Jack - a whole new set of issues, maybe, but at least the two of them on a personal level have a positive emotional connection that they both care about each other, though the levels of Jack needing a new guardian angel strike me as bad in the bigger picture, it’s good for Cas to have more people who care about him, and for Dean to proudly label their new family and for this sense of belonging to be automatically placed on them. 

I mean Cas’s head is probably spinning, given the issues he confronted, and then going back AGAINST ALL HOPE. That there was nothing for him back on Earth, just this struggle where he was going to go back to the Winchesters for whatever they needed him for, because he loves them, because he loves Dean, but deep down he has fears and secrets that have been messing with how he interacts with them. Have been screwing up everything for him, over and over. 

And then he gets dragged on a case where Dean’s a great fluffy ball of sunshine even when he’s an angry sleeper, somehow, and all he asks of Cas is to make some coffee, and wait for him to be alert enough to hang out with him, at which point he continues being utterly gleeful and playful, and Cas is beginning to relax, to wear the cowboy hat, to quote the movie at Dean, to feel comfortable at his side, playing along being a cowboy, saying all the ridiculous lines like howdy partner etc as they walk onto the crime scene. Cas has FUN with Dean. FUN. CASTIEL, ANGEL OF THE LORD, HAD FUN. He was acting PLAYFUL. 

And even when he’s being asked what his fake agent name is, he panics because this is all seeming a bit dangerous to keep playing around, he looks to Dean, Dean nods like it will all be fine and Cas says he’s Val Kilmer, and it works. Being playful never hurt anyone. Dean is DELIGHTED. Cas passes the test. This is all GREAT. Look at how few enormous burdens are on them! Sure things suck out in the wider scheme of the world, but nothing is currently actively trying to destroy it… 

This episode didn’t really have a directed POV on all the Destiel stuff because it was just the two of them existing in the same space. Most of the specific pointless (I say, to the main plot anyway) character beats were stuff between Cas and Dean. The hats. The coffee. The music. Even Jack asking Cas about how much Dean likes cowboys. Things that don’t really advance the story but we get silly things like Dean throwing Cas the gnawed hipbone or whatever. No one else is interacting like Dean and Cas interact. Sam and Jack have some interesting stuff going on, but they aren’t commanding a room when they’re in it. 

Like… I don’t *just* ship Destiel because they have interaction I like. I ship it because when they’re in a room, the writing itself supports that the two of them become the most important thing in it to each other. Dean lurks in the background of the Cas and Jack hug, while Sam disappears. Dean stands by Cas in the confrontation with Jack at the end of the episode - they’re on the same side. They’re together. There’s a *link* between them.

I really feel like people seeing Cas as dismissive and strange this episode instead of immediately picking up on Dean’s Cowboy Thing as a callback to 6x18 (whether he can hear the music or not, but personal interpretation, yes), and the query by Jack, the car conversation about them watching Tombstone together, is more reminders, more links between Cas *specifically* and Dean’s interest in cowboys. Cas’s face and his teasing is the same mood as “is it customary to wear a blanket” or telling Dean he looks like a lumberjack. Cas does not tease people very often. And it’s pretty much been Crowley a couple of times dismissively and Dean 3 times lovingly. And about his clothes. And 2/3rds of the time about cowboys. It’s a Thing.

I am just full of stunned love this episode for the way Dean and Cas act around each other, the comfort, the teasing, the absolute knowledge of each other. The things they share off screen and on screen. Cas always expresses less than Dean does, but this episode Cas willingly impersonated a cowboy for an entire 10 seconds while in Dean’s presence, quoted a movie at him, and sucked it up and used his ridiculous alias Dean told him to, while wearing the hat Dean made him wear. Cas loves Dean like the sun comes up in the morning. Maybe someone will be upset Dean messes with Cas and makes him do all this stuff, but this is Castiel Fucking Winchester who scowled down the Empty. I think he could stand up for himself about a straw hat :P

Anyway… tl;dr if that was my post you were thinking about, PLEASE do not interpret it as saying one of them always has to be pining. Sometimes they are just in love. Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be a narrative reason for it, and we just kinda enjoy the nonsense while another story - Jack’s story - is building up elsewhere. Dean and Cas’s interaction is a character-based subplot on its own, and it’s delightful right now. They can have issues again later, but between Sam saying “Jack” in the opening and the horrible end to the shoot out, Dean n Cas weren’t really doing anything other than enjoying each other’s company. And all the stuff that might have made it bad got swept away with the reveal Jack resurrected Cas, not Dean. Cas is temporarily (permanently hopefully) off the hook for being the angel that watches over them.

I mean it’s so not over, we’re 6 episodes in and all their pre-existing angst is just waiting to kick off again and never entirely *gone*, but this episode was weirdly peaceful for Dean and Cas. And they needed it. And I just do not understand at ALL people reading Cas as being dismissive and distant when he played cowboys with Dean.

What’s Your Favorite Color?

Request: yoooo can you do a tom holland x reader request where they meet on set and fluff ensues and such?
Requested by: @princeofsassgard

Pairing: Tom Holland + Reader

Warnings: this might be bad tbh idk :( but no warnings, just FLUFF
Notes: thanks for the request!! xo ily

Tom walked onto set with Harrison by his side like he did when he walked onto any set: his head held high, a coffee in his hand and ambition and energy like no one else to begin this new project. He smiled politely at all the young women who smiled enthusiastically at him. Tom had mentioned in interviews that he was nowhere near shy when it came to girls. If he wanted to talk to a girl or ask her out, he’d have no trouble doing so. He wasn’t cocky about it, he just believed that you had to put yourself out there to get somewhere – that thought came with everything he did.

“So, who else is on this movie?”

Tom sipped idly at his coffee as he turned to face Harrison, realizing he couldn’t really answer his question. He had spent so much of his time the last two months rehearsing and perfecting his deliverance of the new script that he hadn’t even done any research on his new colleagues. Right when Tom went to answer Harrison, his head shifted to look ahead of him as he heard a new voice in the room with them.

That was his first mistake.

You were simply standing there with your hair in a ponytail as you spoke to the director. In the time that it took him to notice the smaller details in your face he had already become distracted. Tom had no trouble talking to women, but, when your eyes came up to meet his he couldn’t stop himself from stumbling over his feet. He stopped abruptly causing Harrison to walk into him, in turn sending Tom’s coffee toward the ground.

“Oh, my god!” He heard your voice again but didn’t dare look up, afraid he might do something even more embarrassing than trip over himself.

“Mate, what the hell is wrong with you?” He turned to face Harrison with wide eyes, noticing that his coffee decorated the front of his white shirt and red flannel. He was about to answer when he heard you again.

“Are you alright?”

When Tom didn’t answer after the first few seconds Harrison nodded slightly and gave you a small smile. “We’re fine. Are you on this movie?”

You nodded with a bright smile. “This is my first movie! I’m playing Penelope.”
“Oh, the lead! Well, this is your counterpart, Tom. Tom, don’t be an ass, turn around and introduce yourself.” Upon seeing you, Harrison had a pretty good idea of what happened, allowing himself to give Tom a subtle smirk while Tom casted him a glare. He composed himself quickly before turning around with a smile.

“Hi, I’m Tom. Sorry for the cold shoulder, I guess I’m just a little embarrassed because of the, you know, coffee thing.”

“It’s no problem,” you offered with a laugh, and Tom had to resist the urge of blurting out that it was quite honestly one of the sweetest sounds he’d ever heard. “I’m (Y/N)! I guess we’re lovers now.”

“What?” Tom’s eyes went wide and he heard Harrison snicker from behind him. He didn’t fail to notice the crimson color that dusted across your face.

“Um, in the movie. We’re love interests. Sorry, that was my attempt at a joke.” You bowed your head to allow your hair to curtain around the sides of your face to block the brightening color you had been developing.

You both let out a small sigh. This was going to be a long few months.

“Okay, Tom,” You replied, pausing to take another spoonful of your ice cream. “If you could live in any fantasy world. Which would it be?”

You and Tom had grown rather close the past three months of shooting. It wasn’t until the second month in when you both started to grow comfortable with each other. It was when you both had to shoot your kiss scene. You had gone to Tom’s trailer directly and asked if you could talk to him about the scene. You had told him that this was your first on-screen kiss, and because you were nervous you wanted to apologize if you didn’t do as well as you hoped.

“I seriously doubt you’ll be any bad at it.” As soon as Tom finished what he had thought was just a remark to himself, he shook his head and continued with,

“But, if it makes you feel better, we could practice in front of Harrison. I mean, I know he doesn’t equal the crowd we’ll have out there, but it’s something.”

“Yeah, I don’t mind. I love a good show.” Tom rolled his eyes without facing Haz and kept his eyes on you, smiling at you reassuringly.

“I mean, if you don’t mind,” you tried to breathe deeply in order to keep your face at a normal color.

“I don’t mind at all.” And after delivering the few lines that lead up to the kiss, Tom leaned in as the script told his character to, and when you kissed him it changed everything for you.

For both of you.

“Hm,” Tom contemplated your question. “That’s a good one. Maybe Zootopia.”

“Zootopia?” You stifled your laugh as you looked at him incredulously.

“Um, hell yeah. Can you imagine living in a world of nothing but animals?”

“But when you’d be an animal. There aren’t any humans in that universe, doofus.”

“Oh,” his cheeks turned a light pink. You felt bad for the light teasing so you shrugged slightly.

“Well, if that’s the case. What animal would you want to be?”

“Oh, Nick Wilde for sure. I’d be a fox. Cool, clever. I mean, I’m already pretty close.” He winked at you slightly.

“Har, har,” you rolled your eyes in return, your head moving down to rest on his shoulder as his arm went to hook around you.

It was difficult for Tom at first. Despite the hazing that came from Harrison, talking to you was one of the hardest things he ever had to do. He couldn’t understand why you had made him so nervous. He liked to think that it was because this was his first love interest in a film – one that he had to kiss. He was flustered and nervous, never having done a romantic comedy before. But, he knew deep down, that wasn’t the case. In all honestly he never worried about talking to girls because usually they would make the first move. Not that Tom was opposed to talking to them first, but being in the acting world led him to fear all kinds of rejection, so he reserved himself. But, he was just drawn to you.

So, when you came into his trailer that day to talk to him about the kiss, he used that as a way of making himself more comfortable with you. Maybe he didn’t have a crush on his costar, maybe this would solidify that he could be friends with a beautiful young girl that he had imagined kissing a couple of times. But when you agreed, he grew ten times more nervous. and When he finally kissed you it did solidify something – it wasn’t just a crush.

“Okay, my turn,” Tom thought about his question as he tried to ignore the smell of your lavender shampoo invading his senses and the warmth you provided as you inched closer into his side. “What’s your ideal date?”

“Easy,” you answered with no hesitation, “I want to go to a small diner and sit in a booth in a corner. I want the lights to be bright because I love the part of a date when you invade each other’s personal life. Nothing makes me feel better than seeing the expressions on people when they tell me about their childhood, their favorite song, what they would want to be if this were a different era or world.” You paused to look up at Tom, only to realize his eyes were already fixated on you. “I want to know small things about them. What they ate that morning, what their favorite scene in their favorite movie meant to them, had they ever broken a bone?”

Tom felt his breathing become shallow, not being able to shake the feeling that you were talking about him, to him. “Would you let him get a question in before it was over?”

“Of course,” you breathed, “I’d want him to invade my personal space, too. Even something as small as what my favorite color is.”

“And then?” Tom hadn’t realized, but both of your voices had dropped down to a whisper.

“And then he’d walk me home. He’d still be holding my hand,” at this Tom’s hand instinctively reached for yours, lacing your fingers together. You didn’t mind, your eyes were staring into his, to entranced to react to anything now. “He’d compare me to something as cliché as the moon and hopefully tell me that he wished the night never had an end.”

“And then?” Tom couldn’t help the small smile that graced his features as he looked down at you. His eyes alternating from your eyes to your mouth.

“And then he’d kiss me.”

Without thinking Tom leaned in and pressed his lips to yours, still holding your hand. He had only let go when he felt you fighting against his, only to bring them up to his face. His hands dropped down the grip your sides. The kiss was agonizingly slow but it left you breathless just the same.

Tom was the first to pull away, but even then, he hadn’t pulled away completely. He leaned his forehead against yours and looked at you with a small smile.

“What’s your favorite color?”


Fact and Figures (M)


Summary: Between his work, your wedding and taxes, your fiance Jungkook was just a little stressed.

Genre: SMUT

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing, Filth, Thigh Riding, Spanking, Belt Whipping, Hair Pulling, Dirty Talk.

Word Count: 2172

Originally posted by nnochu

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anonymous asked:

don't you think it's a bit of an oxymoron? emphasizing that they will keep doing what they're doing even though they're not? they are rebranding and trying to be more appealing, the english acronym is definitely a response to their western popularity, i think both those statements can't be true at the same time

the two aren’t contradicting at all haha. by “keep doing what they have been doing”, they mean they’ll keep making music, keep telling the real stories of themselves to speak up about social issues, deliver messages about hope and motivation through their music, with the goal of inspiring other people, specifically the youth like them. i can say this is their ultimate goal. by inspiring other people to improve themselves, bts is showing their own development as musicians and human beings as well. now, the rebranding, the english name meaning change, they are extra steps that bts took to reach closer to their ultimate goal.

on a business aspect, a rebranding is needed when the old one is no longer capable of reflecting the brand’s current situation, lack the capability of fully expressing the brand’s motives and perspectives, or isn’t potential for future growth. i have explained why bts’ old logo is not suitable anymore in the previous post, but basically the old logo can only reflect half of bts’ ultimate goal aka. “speak up about social issues”. it doesn’t show the side of continuing to move forward and deliver hope and motivation to inspire other people. that’s why a rebrand is needed.

the english acronym is a response to their western achievement, but it’s a long-dued one since “bts” has never really had any english explanation other than being the acronym for “bang tan sonyeondan” in korean, and now it finally has a true meaning. there are various ways to interpret “beyond the scene”, but i’ll just talk about my own interpretation.

1) beyond the scene = beyond the k-pop scene. you all know the famous “this k-pop category ain’t big enough for me” line in agust d right? ;; with bts’ current success, they no longer think of the korean market only, they are trying to aim to the whole world, to produce better music and make more people be able to relate to their music, their stories more. this is also a hint to their ultimate goal mentioned above.

2) beyond the scene = beyond the screen. i don’t know how to phrase my thoughts on this but a scene, as in a movie scene, a play scene, is something that can only be enjoyed and doesn’t have much affect on the real world. it stays in the scope of the movie or play. going beyond the scene means that bts no longer just simply rap and sing, they’re going for something more than just mere performances, more than what you watch to entertain. they’re setting the goal of going beyond those to make actual influence to the real world, to other people’s lives.

those two statements can be true at the same time. bts’ motives stay the same, but their methods are developing and their goals, their playground are growing bigger.

And, still I Rise...












You’re our hero, SWIFT. You persevered. You fought back, actually clawed your way back. You never gave up. You kept on keeping on. You gave of yourself to others. You loved your fans. You stayed close to family and real friends. You kept on making music with authentic artistry. You continued to really live your life. You traveled. You painted. You wrote songs. You loved on your cats and your Mom’s dogs. You actually finally took a real break from the spotlight, for the first time in your career. You continued to support causes you believed in. You helped other artists. You made time to visit sick and dying children. When you absolutely could not make a visit work, you telephoned young fans whose dying wish was to meet you. You showed up at a wedding and a bridal shower. You personally picked out gifts for fans and mailed them. You even personally delivered gifts to a little boy who (along with his Mom) adored you. You kept showing up on social media to make your fans happy.

I’m stopping now so as not to write a small novel on tumblr, but, you get the picture. :)) This is my heart talking and I love you to the moon and back.

I keep thinking of one of my favorite poets, Maya Angelou, and her words that apply so much to you:


“You may write me down in history
With your bitter twisted lies
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still like dust, I’ll rise…”

Stay beautiful, SWIFT.


Matching Marks Part 1

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Words: 1985

Prompts: Soulmate AU, and  “I’ve never talked to you before but the teacher just used us as an example for a scenario where we are married.”

This is my entry’s for @jared-padaloveme‘s Fluff Birthday Challenge!! :) This is only Part 1 of 2, so look for the next part soon! ;) Enjoy! 

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Flutter - Ch.1

Oh Sehun/Reader
Genre: Fluff/Romance
Word count: 1629

“No! You can’t be serious?!” You groaned in exasperation at your friend.

“I am perfectly serious, Eunmi.” Jieun smiled sweetly, like she didn’t just drop a metaphorical bomb on you, and continued digging into the ice cream in front of her. “You asked for help and I delivered!”

“Out of all the people you know, it had to be him?!” You whined, burying your face into your hands.

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anonymous asked:

Hello!!! So I'm done with finals (hallelujah!!) and I'm wanting to read some dramione fanfictions! Could you recommend some lengthy, multi genre, multi-character fics? Also, fellow followers of this blog, you can recommend as well. I've already read most of the classics like the ones on the favorite tag, so looking for new fics to read. Thank ya!!!


Title: Leap in Time
Author: velvet86
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 32
Word Count: 164,541
Summary: If you know what will happen, can you change the future? Draco wants to try. He lost everything and made a promise. Will he be able to keep it?

Title: On the Other Side
Author: murtagh799
Rating: M
Genre(s): Angst, Drama, Romance
Chapters: 16
Word Count: 149,666
Summary: “I ingested veela blood last week and all I want to do now is fu- I mean have sex with you!” He really didn’t seem pleased with the idea. DRAMIONE. Coarse Language, Sexual content.

Title: Make Me Forget His Name
Author: jmalfoy
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Chapters: 23
Word Count: 122,753
Summary: Tired of her husband being unfaithful, Hermione turns to the arms of the least likely person… her one time enemy and her husband’s best friend. Sometimes remembering the person who has loved you most is the hardest thing to do. HGDM. COMPLETE!

Title: Oblivious
Author: roughgamequidditch
Rating: M
Genre(s): Adventure, Romance
Chapters: 25
Word Count: 123,068
Summary: Hermione is forced to work with a stranger in capturing the death eaters that have eluded the ministry in the 6 years since the war ended. Draco Malfoy is glad that the ministry gave him enough polyjuice potion to last through the entire mission.

Title: The Bookworm and the Ferret
Author: abro5
Rating: PG-13/T
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 22
Word Count: 100,710
Summary: 6 years after the war, Hermione is content with her job, her friends and her family. However, when Draco Malfoy turns up in her bookstore, little did she know that her life would take an unexpected turn.

Title: The Four Horsemen
Author: TheSexyMuggleLibrarian (Lexi_the_dragon_muse)
Rating: MA/NC-17
Genre(s): Mystery, Romance
Chapters: 34
Word Count: 111,459
Summary: “Blood of my Blood, Power of my Power; through space and time, Evil cowers.” The war with Voldemort has ended and wizards are getting on with their lives, but happens when an ancient evil rears its ugly head? Who will save the world?

Title: The Griffin and the Dragon
Author: Lizard23
Rating: T
Genre(s): Drama, Romance
Chapters: 22
Word Count: 110,086
Summary: Reeling after the loss of one of her closest friends, Hermione continues in her search for the remaining Horcruxes. An unlikely ally arises from the dust as the final battle looms ominously ahead. HGDM. AU to Deathly Hallows.

Title: What If You Could Have Wished Me Away
Author: Crookshanks.x
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Chapters: 30
Word Count: 139,988
Summary: A hooded stranger shows up at Hermione and Ginny’s flat one evening, delivering strange warnings. Unfortunately, the warnings make all too much sense to Hermione. She has a secret, and it’s about to get unraveled in an attempt to save her life. 

- Lisa

Once Upon A Time: Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin and Jared Gilmore exit

Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, and Jared Gilmore will not return to Once Upon a Time after season 6, EW has learned.

The news comes following the previously announced exits of Jennifer Morrison (read her exit interview here) and Rebecca Mader. Once Upon a Time, which was officially renewed for season 7 on Thursday, will now be centered on Regina (Lana Parrilla), Rumple (Robert Carlyle), and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue).

Goodwin, Dallas, and Gilmore, who are original cast members from the pilot, play Snow White, Prince Charming, and Henry Mills, respectively. Snow and Charming are the parents of Emma (Morrison), while Henry is Emma and Regina’s (Parrilla) son. De Ravin, meanwhile, joined the show later in season 1 as the iconic Beauty and the Beast heroine Belle.

Executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis crafted a detailed statement about the many exits and the possibility they will return:

Words can’t do justice to what Ginny, Josh, Emilie, Rebecca and Jared brought to Once Upon a Time… but we’ll try… never have we had the privilege of working with a more talented group of collaborators. Each brought unique talent, incredible intelligence, and their own individual bit of magic as they gave life to these iconic characters.

Ginny reinvented Snow White for a modern audience – there was no way she would be stuck cleaning up after dwarfs, she created an iconic empowered heroine for the 21st century.

Josh mined the depths of Prince Charming – a character who in myth was just a ‘type’ but in his superlative interpretation became a complex man fighting for love and family.

Emilie took the character of Belle to a deep and soulful place, bringing great intelligence and warmth to the character, making her fiercely independent, strong willed but also an eternal optimist who saw only the best in all those she encountered.

Rebecca took us on a broomstick roller coaster ride as she re-invented the Wicked Witch of the West by finding the pain beneath the green. She made the character soar to incredible heights while always keeping her grounded and relatable.

And Jared literally grew up before the eyes of millions, from a child actor with enormous innate talent to a young man whose abilities continue to astound as he created a character who truly, as we say on the show, has the heart of the truest believer.

We can’t thank them enough for the hard work, dedication, and passion they delivered day in and day out. Without them there would be no Once Upon a Time.

As Once continues, this group will always be the beating heart of the show. And even though we won’t be with them every week, in a show about magic and hope, we fervently believe it won’t be the last we see of them.” [x]

Legacy, Phillip Hamilton x Reader

Prompt: Unprompted! Inspired by this poem: “ So maybe you’re a fool, headfirst in love / with ink beneath your fingernails. ”

Words: 701

Author’s Note: I know I already posted this, but I’m trying out a new layout! Let me know how you like it (I’m going back and changing the layout on my old fics)! I’ve also been listening to In the Heights like crazy so I would love some requests for ITH!

Warnings: Mentions of Alexander cheating on Eliza, comparison between father/son. Suggests the Hamiltons aren’t happy.

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Six. He was a split image of his father, people would tell him. People three feet taller with tight corsets and large jewelry. He didn’t know who they were trying to impress, but he always wondered how heavy they must have felt with all that weight on their shoulders.

His parents would beam with pride, but that was years before the Reynolds incident. They were happy back then. Happier.

Thirteen. He had yet to acknowledge the girls who giggle when he walks by. It took him another few years to realize why they were giggling.

Everyday he felt heavier than the day before. He remembers the women with large jewelry and red lips. How they carried themselves under the gaze of their father or husband or brother. He feels that way whenever he asks himself, “What would father do?”

Sixteen. A girl asked if he would write her. He didn’t know what to say. He told her he would, but he never found the words to go on the paper. He wondered how his father did it.

“It’s not about the words. It’s about the girl.” His father told him.

He never wrote that girl.

Eighteen. He hadn’t written letters with, ‘My name is Philip-’ in years. Instead he neatly signed, ‘Philip Hamilton’ at the bottom of each letter. They were never to women, though he had a few options.

He would write to his aunts on special occasions, but he never felt the rush of writing he often watched his father experience as a child.

He wrote like he was running out of time. Sometimes Philip would sit at his father’s desk. There were distinct carves in the woods, where his father had a nice bout of inspiration. He’d trace the dents, watching the clock and wonder how many words his father would have spit out in the thirty, forty, fifty seconds that passed.

Nineteen. You reconnected with the Hamilton boy at a market on accident. You used to see him being escorted around ballrooms by his parents. He asked if he could write you. He’d never asked someone that before. You said he could, and that you would write back enthusiastically.

He rushed home that day, using his father’s desk and quill - the same desk and quill he had used to dig him into a hole regarding the Reynolds.

‘My name is Philip-’ He wrote for the first time in years. He almost crossed it out. He didn’t.

‘I am a poet, and I’m a little nervous but I can’t show it. I’m continuing a legacy, I’m afraid I can barely write to you legibly.’

He added many more dents to his father’s desk that night. He sealed the letter when it reached nine pages - which happened to be the age he first saw you - and realized he couldn’t wait for the post to deliver it to you.

He rushed to your home when the sun had been down for several hours. He felt stupid standing on your stoop, knocking vigorously. What would your servants say about the frazzled Hamilton boy showing up at your door unannounced?

You answered the door. He never believed in fate before that moment.

You hugged your cover up closer at the sight of him. You told him you sent your servants to sleep hours ago, that you couldn’t sleep and wasn’t sure why. Philip swelled with pride at the thought that maybe you had been waiting up for him.

He offered you his letter. You took in the sight of him. Ink-stained hands. Disheveled hair. Frazzled expression. To any outsider, he was a split image of his father.

You always thought he looked nothing like his father.

You absorbed his letter as fast as he had written it. You wondered if this is what Elizabeth Schuyler felt when she had met a young and spirited Alexander Hamilton. Absolutely and completely helpless.

He grinned sheepishly when you looked at him with something he used to see in his mother’s eyes at the thought of his father. He shook the thought from his mind. You weren’t his mother. He wasn’t his father.

Together, you were something completely new and different. You blew each other away.


Hey everyone! Couple of things I wanted to share…

1) I’ve been dealing with a family emergency since Thursday, it’s been a rough few days but I’m hoping things start to look up. Well wishes and positive vibes are all I can ask for. 

2) Because of that family emergency, I haven’t been able to focus on writing as much. Whatever happens in the next couple of days, might delay the next chapter. I was tempted to break this into two chapters but I figured that would be too cruel.

3) This is long as hell. It’s 6000+ words. It’s going to be a bitch to read on tumblr but hopefully you enjoy.

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Nessian Part Twenty One by L.J. LaFleur


The ground beneath me quaked on impact; my knees groaned upon landing. Behind me, the field of wheat began to fill with Illyrian soldiers, the wind disrupted by the flaps of their wings. Our dark armor contrasted with the golden grass. Rising to my feet, I sniffed the autumn air for her familiar scent.

Farmers fled, dropping their plows and buckets. They ran towards the castle, banging on the metal gate. I watched as the guards pulled them inside, as the look of horror brushed across each of their faces. To see the Night Court army in person, to see a field of winged warriors—I’m sure a few of them soiled their trousers.

Inhaling deeply—vanilla and spice, my head whipped in her direction. Eyes narrowed; another breath in. Surveying the western wing…there. A deep growl built inside my chest. They had locked her in the dungeon, leaving her in Ferron’s keep. Grisly thoughts pried at my brain. I couldn’t think of what they had done to her, of the pain she possibly experienced. It only fed the flame of my eternal wrath.

I would not fail her again, a promise I had made every time the sun danced on the horizon. Find her, bring her home and by the bloody mother above—kiss her before anything else goes wrong.

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Show Me What You’ve Got

Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

Word Count: 896

Warnings: The ending is the slightest bit suggestive.

Summary: While training, Seth underestimates your power.

A/N: Don’t worry, I’m still here! I got a little stumped with this one, but I hope you enjoy!

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Whenever you ran into Seth Rollins, you always had to prepare yourself for his critique. It was never constructive criticism, just anything he could say to get into your head. Every word he said only added fuel to the fire that burned inside of you. Though, nothing compared to the rage that spread throughout your body when Triple H told you that you had to team up with Seth to further advance the Authority storyline. Not only that, but the so called “Future of WWE” insisted that he should train you to lessen the chances of you making the Authority look weak in the ring.

“Alright, show me what you’ve got he sneered, “And I swear, if you mess anything up, you’re in for it”

In that fixed second between the standoff and fighting, you met his gaze. You felt drawn to his alluring chestnut brown eyes…
In that following instant, you attempted to swing your fist, only to have your arm be caught.

"Didn’t see that one coming” he said in a sarcastic tone.

You gritted your teeth at Seth and your knuckles turned noticeably white from clenching them too hard. You lifted your free hand and delivered a hard blow to his jaw, enough to send Seth stumbling back with his face in hand. You took advantage of this and continued to hammer away, delivering multiple hits to his head. While Seth wandered aimlessly around the ring, you quickly climbed up the turnbuckles, ready to perform a crossbody. You took the leap of faith and much to your dismay, Seth caught you and slammed you onto the mat. As you rolled back into a corner of the ring, you were met with a jolt of pain that ran down your back. It took a few moments to completely catch your breath.

“Tired already? Can’t say I expected anything more, especially from you” Seth scorned.

You narrowed your eyes at him as he continued to throw insults at you.

“I didn’t think it was possible, but you hit softer than Reigns and Ambrose!” he laughed.

There was a momentary flare of anger that flashed in your eyes. Sure, Seth was your typical tall, dark and handsome guy, but a pretty face wasn’t going to get him out of this.

“That was just a warm-up” you said, cracking your knuckles.

Seth remained unimpressed. The blood rushed through your veins as you felt a kick of determination and anger starting to take over. Seth reached out his hand to help you up, but you had other things in mind. Instead of taking his hand, you gave him a hard kick to the abdomen. You showed Seth a condescending smile. You swiftly got back to your feet and charged over to him. You attempted to give him a few more blows to the head, but he caught your arms again.

“Now we’re talking!” Seth said.

You struggled for a bit, but eventually you gave him a headbutt. You grabbed Seth by the hair and tossed him into the turnbuckles. There you continued to deliver multiple blows to the head and added more kicks to the assault. Seth, however, slowly gained back his momentum and pushed you away from him. You tried charging back only to have him give you a mighty knee to your abdomen and push you face first back into the turnbuckles. You quickly spin around only to spot Seth taking off his shirt and tossing it outside of the ring. You silently gasped as you’re exposed to his chest. Saying that Seth had a muscular and well-toned body was by far an understatement. Love or hate the guy, his chiseled chest was drool-worthy.

“Now you’ve really got me riled up, Y/N!” he chuckled.

Seth charged at you, but you dodged and he ran straight into the turnbuckles.

“Don’t act surprised!” you called out.

Seth staggered to the center on the ring, holding his head again. You were certain the many blows to the head were catching up with him now. You proceeded to get into handstand position and give him a devastating headscissors takedown. You stood over Seth and gave him a menacing grin.

“Time to finish you off” you murmured to yourself.

You backed up into a corner of the ring, held the ropes and stomped your foot a couple of times, waiting for Seth to finally get up. As soon as he did, you shuffled and gave him a brutal superkick straight to the head. When you saw him lying unconscious in the middle of the ring, your first instinct was to get the pin. You straddled him and held down his shoulders.

“1… 2… 3!” you cheered.

Seth’s eyes darted open.

“What?!” he gasped.

“Don’t worry, Rollins” you teased, “I won’t tell anyone that you got beat up by a girl!”

The two of you shared a few laughs, but then you really looked at him. Sharp jawline, well-defined… What does this guy not have? You and Seth wrestled a bit more until he eventually rolled you over and ended up on top of you.

“You know what, Y/N? You’re actually much better than I thought” he admitted “Maybe we could have a second go later?…”

You blushed. Seth may have swooned you over this time, but you weren’t about to let him know that. Or for the time being at least…