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so my family & myself are … kind of in a dire situation, i guess. i just found out today that we’re two months behind in our bills & payments for the house. and if we keep this up, we might just end up losing the house period.

so i’ve decided to open up
commissions. on top of that, i’m also looking for donations. i hate to flat out ask for money, but honestly, we seriously need it. my mom is working two jobs——– technically three, if you count her working her ass off and making baked goods at home for money. she has literally no spare time, and she’s been extremely stressed & emotionally unstable due to our money issues. same with my step dad. he worked at an oil rig, but since the oil business slowed down, he’s been laid off. he’s been scrounging around for any kind of job that has a similar wage to what he was earning, & a job that will hopefully keep us on our feet. unfortunately, little to nothing has come up.

my paypal / email is, if you’re interested in commissioning anything from me. & please consider donating if you have any kind of spare change. we really need the money, so any kind of donation would be incredibly appreciated.

thank you so much for taking the time to read this. it means a lot to me, & my family.