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could you do a big list of jimon headcanons please?

Here you go anon:

  • when they first get jace back, he spends as much time as possible with everyone, he doesn’t want to be alone, but he’s quiet. they all try to talk to him, constantly checking to see if he’s alright, if he’s coping ok with everything
  • simon does this at first as well, but he notices how jace reacts everytime someone asks if he’s ok, so simon starts talking to him about other stuff instead, anything that might distract jace rather than remind him what happened (funny anecdotes, pointless chatter, things he saw happening in the park, anything) and slowly but surely jace starts to smile and laugh at simon’s stories, and actively seeks him out when the others’ concern gets Too Much (and sometimes even when it doesn’t) and they start spending more and more time together
  • it takes a while but they both start to realise their feelings are more-than-friend feelings but neither of them know how to act on it
  • until one day when they’re sitting chatting simon rests his hand on the table and jace tentatively places his hand on top. simon looks up at him and grins softly before grasping jace’s hand and that’s that
  • it’s hard at first for jace. he’s been brought up to fear vampires and his instinct when touching a cold hand is to flinch. simon notices. simon always notices everything jace does.
  • jace has nightmares. a lot. but being a vampire, simon’s always awake when it happens. if he isn’t already at the institute, you can bet that simon gets there asap when jace calls (which is pretty quick with his vampire speed and all)
  • the first time jace doesn’t flinch from simon’s touch, simon almost blurts out ‘i love you’. but he doesn’t. he’s worried about scaring jace away.
  • sometimes they just lie in jace’s bed, jace’s head on simon’s chest and simon rubbing jace’s back soothingly, whispering reassuring words
  • sometimes they go for a walk - to central park, just in the streets around the institue, wherever
  • occasionally they’ll head over to brooklyn and simon takes jace to his favourite spots and places that hold fond memories and he’ll tell jace stories from when he (and clary) were younger
  • simon is slowly trying to educate jace about mundane culture so sometimes he’ll come armed with dvds and his laptop and they’ll cuddle in bed while watching films.
  • during the movie jace eats popcorn, simon drinks his blood. both of them are content.
  • if they’re watching films with vampires/werewolves/etc., jace will point out all the inaccuracies with their portrayal and simon just rolls his eyes with fond exasperation.
  • equally, jace helps teach simon about the shadow world but he knows that he has a skewed shadowhunter perspective so he tries to find downworlders who can help
  • simon goes to luke a lot with questions or just to hear luke’s experiences. jace starts going along with him to learn about the history of the shadow world from a new perspective and to help him start challenging the toxic views instilled in him by valentine and other shadowhunters throughout his life
  • after he betrayed raphael, simon spends a lot of time not really knowing where to go. he tries staying at home for a while but the pressure of hiding his vampirism from his mum and sister becomes too much so he leaves
  • simon then stays with magnus for a while but he never feels at home and he wants somewhere of his own, so with the help of the others he finds his own place. they all help him move in and get settled but jace more than anyone, and the two of them spend a long time making simon’s tiny flat feel like somewhere simon could call home
  • after that they spend most of their free time at simon’s - jace doesn’t like being stuck at the institute all the time and there’s never any privacy there with all the people around
  • one day jace finds simon’s guitar hidden under his bed. when simon comes back into the room, jace holds out the guitar and asks simon to play something. simon hasn’t really played since he got thrown into the shadow world, but he complies and it soon becomes a habit for simon to sit and play for jace in the evening, sometimes singing as well, sometimes not, but if always relaxes both of them
  • one evening, simon plays a song that jace doesn’t recognise. when he asks simon who it’s by, simon gets all flustered before mumbling that it’s his, that he wrote it for jace
  • jace is so touched by this gesture, that someone would put the time and effort into writing a song for him and he sees the look that simon has in his eyes when he looks at him, full of love and affection and jace knows that he gets that same look in his eyes when he looks at simon
  • and simon is still looking at jace nervously, waiting for his reaction, so jace does the only thing that feels right in that moment and tells simon that he loves him
  • and simon’s face lights up into that blinding smile of his before responding that he loves jace too