and completely unexpected!


“let’s see what ending i get if i choose the options i would actually choose, without aiming for anyone specific”

Of course, everyone thinks of this as the greatest plot twist of all time and completely unexpected, but McGonagall taught for years. Can you imagine how many times she used this tactic on James? Sirius? Remus? Hell, even Lily probably had a biscuit with McGonagall at least once. Things like this make me remember that Minerva McGonagall was not only a professor, not even only a Head of House or Deputy Headmistress. She was a second mother, someone who saw these kids more through the ages of eleven through seventeen than their own parents. Can you imagine her taking on the struggles of a hundred odd kids? Keeping track of who had issues at home, who just had a break up, getting messages from the house elves that there’d been a girl in the kitchens every night for the past week stress eating?

 Obviously, when Sirius ran away, McGonagall knew she had to protect him from his family, and probably had tea with him a least once just to check up on things. James definitely went to her all the time at the beginning of the war to tell her how scared he was for Lily the muggleborn and Remus the werewolf and Peter who wasn’t a fighter and Sirius who was too much of one. She noticed when Lily stopped sending letters to Petunia and she definitely noticed when that garish wedding invitation arrived and Lily left the Great Hall in tears because, she later found out after confiscating a note between Dorcas and Alice, it said she was only invited because her mum wanted her there. Remus, I bet, had monthly visits, right before the full moon, and she would help him with subjects he didn’t quite understand so he could keep his good school record.

 She met with James right after he and Lily got together and pulled out her favorite, special occasion biscuits to celebrate. She brought a box to their wedding, too, and they both recognized them and laughed, because Lily had had the same meeting the day after James.

Minerva McGonagall’s biscuits and her strange changes of emotion halfway through a conversation were the backbone of many a Hogwarts student, and I like to think that she set up a system, purely accidentally, of sending boxes of biscuits to former students who needed them, and receiving boxes from former students who were thankful she had them when they, in turn, needed them. I like to think that she had a drawer in her office full of biscuits she never asked for but always received, and occasionally when she read the newspaper, she would reach into the drawer, tie a box up with some ribbon and a short note, and send it off. Minerva McGonnagall building a support system through biscuits for students who needed it, inside and outside school, is a favorite headcanon of mine. And Minerva McGonagall seeing the need for support and doing the best she can to provide it is not only a headcanon, but the truth.

katbarrell I cannot even begin to explain how overwhelmed I am by all the birthday love I received this weekend.  From cookies at my door to beautiful songs, special video notes to magic tricks, tweets and artwork, tubing with some of my incredible Wynonna Family, calls and texts from around the world and a birthday song from home, some of the most thoughtful (and completely unexpected) gifts I have ever received, all ending with the most delicious dinner with friends and a final surprise cake from my love thousands of miles away - I am truly blessed, beyond grateful and filled to the brim with happiness. This has easily been one of the best birthdays I have ever had. Thank you each and every one of you for your sweet wishes and being a part of it. I will never forget it ❤❤❤

Yuzuru’s performance at 4CC: impressions

I’d like to start this useless post with my favorite quote (always relevant):

“You nearly run out of superlatives for Yuzuru Hanyu. But there’s one that comes to mind: inspirational.” © British ESP uncles.

I’m pretty confident that his performance yesterday is one of my all-time favorites. It wasn’t absolutely clean due to the unfortunate (but not completely unexpected) mistake on the combo in the second half of the program, and some landings were not as perfect as they could be (considering his abilities). However, the most exciting thing about this performance is how Yuzuru was able to put himself together after disappointing SP, a couple of bad practices and the serious mistake in the middle of the program. He fought until the end, stayed very focused and determined to make up as much points as he could, even though he had to remake a half of the program and execute a bunch extremely challenging elements cleanly in the process. I’m so proud of him for not giving up and showing everyone that it is always worth it to fight for what you want.

And here is my personal list of the highlights of his performances:

  • Got a fourth highest FS score in history even with a serious mistake and -10 points in BV;
  • 300+;
  • Put himself together and delivered even when some things went wrong;
  • He can change his layout if he needs to without major consequences or a decline in quality;
  • Has enough stamina to complete a ridiculously difficult program (quad lutz is coming #yolo);
  • Was able to execute two fantastic (2+ GOE) quad loops;
  • Got a perfect score for his 3A in the short program;
  • Got all level 4s on the spins & step sequence in the free program;
  • No Biellmann spin in the free, but there was a new fantastic exit from the spins;
  • +3 GOE-worthy 3A as a last jumping element in the free program right after his trademark Ina Bauer (in the last 20 seconds of the program);
  • Beautifully executed step sequence (right along with the music);
  • Caused multiple hysterical screams, especially after the emergency quad (poor fans; if only people knew what we are going through);
  • Also imagine Brian’s mental state in these 2 seconds after he realized what Yuzu was up to. It’s really hard to be Brian;
  • What salchow;
  • At last, I think the performance in the free can be a good confidence boost for Yuzuru before WC. Now he knows that he always has options. Hopefully it will help him to calm down and stop doubting himself too much

Good luck in Helsinki, Yuzuru. We believe in you.

She Always knew.

Fic Request: Stiles is off in Mexico on a guy’s trip helping Scott get over his break up with Kira. Lydia is in Beacon Hills missing her best friend Stiles. They text each other everyday during the trip (all the guys tease Stiles about it) The last day of the trip (the boys are partying on a beach) Stiles face times Lydia drunk and admits his feelings for her. He goes back to BH the next day and Lydia asks him if he meant what he said and they both admit they like each other and yea :)

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Author: mrtnlyds

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Sing Characters Getting Scared

Buster: When surprised, as seen in the movie, will release a little ‘yip’ and slightly show it in his face. But when really frightened/threatened, will scream and cling on to the nearest person/thing near him. Sometimes, due to natural instincts, he’ll even climb said person or thing.

Eddie: Due to Buster always popping out of nowhere often, Eddie is usually good with surprises. But, when he is frightened he’ll give a quick jump and usually will calm down quickly once the threat is over.

Miss Crawly: Just don’t even try. Please. This gentle, precious lizard can’t take anymore surprises/scares. PROTECT THE LIZARD.

Rosita: As a mother of 25 kids, Rosita has pretty much nerves of steel from all the attempts her kiddos have tried to scare her. It has to be a pretty serious situation or something completely unexpected for her to be scared.

Gunther: Pretty loud and proud with his fear, just like his personality. Will scream out loud, no matter how small the scare. Can be a little bit overly dramatic with it, but hey. Its the way Gunther is, and he is proud of it.

Mike: Oh, Mike. Ever since his run in with bears, he does not deal well with surprises. When scared, he will hide behind the nearest object or know who the strongest person in the room is and hide behind them. Of course, he still tries to play it off suavely, but rarely succeeds with anyone. The only time he shows off his real courage is when someone he truly cares about (like a gf) is threatened.

Ash: Ash tries to keep her emotions inside, but fear is one of the things that is challenging for her to keep hidden. Mainly, because when frightened her quills will spike up and will sometimes shoot out if threatened enough. Which isn’t entirely that bad considering projectile quills help take care of any dangerous threats. 

Johnny: Is probably the most silent of the group with fear, especially when on the run from police constantly post-heists. Mainly shows it in his eyes and no doubt he screams internally. Though, when surprised suddenly, and loudly, has been known to jump and fall off chairs, couches, etc.

Meena: Definitely, without a doubt, gets scared the easiest. Due to her shy personality, she’ll openly scream. Whether its from a small ‘boo’ or a real fright, 100% scream of fear. She’ll also hide behind her ears and crouch into a slight ball, which results in whoever surprised her feel guilty and apologize immediately.


When Klaus wanted something, he most usually always got it. In this case, he took a particular interest in you. For what reason? You hadn’t figured it out yet. But Klaus slowly but surely started to grow on you. However what was completely unexpected was having two Mikaelson brothers fighting for your affection.

Never did you imagine that Kol Mikaelson would so boldly announce, without fear or hesitation that he too fancied you. That’s what you found out one late night at the compound when Klaus assisted you stay over.

Walking through the complex, it was about 11pm. You couldn’t sleep and wanted to venture around the house to see what else it had to offer. Tightening the robe, which was left by Klaus around your frame, you continued down a flight of stairs just in time to run into Kol.

Kol caught you before there was any chance of a fall, steadying your blance in the process. “I’m so sorry Kol, I didn’t mean to literally run into you”. Going slightly red in the cheeks.

All he did was smirk, “You can ran into me anytime you want darling. Although I am surprised to see you roaming around the compound, instead of being safety nested in Niklaus arms”.

A second wave of turning red occurred, shifting from left foot to right. You weren’t so used to people being so directed. And Kol certainly didn’t shy away from being forward, after all it was in his nature.

“I couldn’t sleep, plus I wanted to see what else the Mikaeslon compound had to offer“. You told the tall brunette vampire, who’s stare was glued to you.

Kol rested his left hand on the stair railing, effectively blocking you in. “My room is always open for inspection, don’t hesitate to come and visit love. I’ll be more than happy to show you a night you wouldn’t forget”.

“I’m not too sure Klaus would approve of that”, muttering to him while stepping around him. He quickly stood in front of you once more.

His eyes turned a darker shade, you couldn’t tell which emotions were swirling but there was definitely a mixture of lust and a small hint of angry. “Ah yes, Niklaus and his rules. According to my brother, you’re off limits. Please don’t test me”.

Frowning at his last statement, “Are you threatening me?”. You asked quite stunned.

He stepped forward, the feeling of his breath hitting your skin causing goosebumps. “No, darling. I’m actually quite offended you jumped straight to that accusation. Niklaus might have warned us that you’re only his, but I don’t give a damn what my brother says…not when it comes to you anyway”.

Still confused, Kol was being very vague. He sensed the confusion and smiled, pushing a piece of hair away from your face. “I’m saying I fancy you Y/N, quite intrigued by you actually. And I do plan to fight for your heart”. His finger traced over your lips, causing your heart to skip one massive beat. Kol leaned in so close, lips merely inches apart. “May the best brother win”, he gently whispered before leaving you in the empty hallway.

Bringing a finger to your lips, the tingling sensation was still there….lingering. Oh, what a dangerous situation this was going to turn out to be. Brother against brother fighting for one women, that story never ended well.


“Marry me, Arizona.”

The first thing Arizona heard when she swung the door open was a proposal, the voice all too familiar but completely unexpected, and blue eyes blinked in confusion and surprise as she saw her ex-wife standing on the doorstep.


“Marry me. I want you to marry me today, right now, while it’s still legal and we still have a chance.”

Tears welled in brown eyes as she spoke, her gaze never leaving the woman in front of her.

“Cause it might all get taken away now and…” she swallowed, glancing upwards momentarily to try and stem the tears from falling, “we should have gotten married, legally, years ago. We should have been lined up at the courthouse, Arizona. And I know…I know we’re not together…but–”

Arizona could only stare in shock at the heartfelt words tumbling from the brunette’s lips, the raw sound of her voice as she tried to hold it together.

“We should be together. I want to be with you. And I want to be your wife and I want us to be a family again and we can’t wait any longer – the rest of our crap is just…it’s crap, Arizona. We were so stupid. We’ll figure the rest out later, ok? We’ll…we’ll get married, and then we’ll work on things, together. We’ll do it right this time – we’ll earn it.”


The brunette’s full name slipped from Arizona’s lips, her eyes blinking slowly as she tried to calm her racing heart, tried to take in what was happening.

“That is…that’s crazy.”

“It’s not that crazy.”

Callie took a step forward, her hand reaching out to slip around a slim, familiar waist, and her warmth was immediately comforting after a week of nothing but sadness and devastation.

“I love you, Arizona. I sure as hell haven’t shown it, I know…and, "she let out a half, sad laugh, tears shining in her eyes, "god knows I tried to fight it…but it never went away. It won’t.”

“We don’t know what’s going to happen – just because he– ”

“We don’t know – that’s the point, and if we’re about to go through hell…the only person I want to be with is you. The only person I want fighting by my side is you. So marry me, Arizona. Just…”

Callie’s voice trailed off as blue eyes met brown, the emotion genuine and palpable and heavy in the air between them as she waited for the blonde to answer. Both women held their breath as a silence fell over them – a silence that made the reality of the situation all too clear and all too real, the future completely unknown. A silence that, somehow, seemed to make the decision an easy one, because at the end of the day…there was only one person Arizona wanted standing beside her too. And now more than ever, they needed to stand together.



A Deal With The Devil. (Jumin Han x Reader {Short Fiction} )

[Rated T for sexual themes. I sound like a motherfucking video game cover. Oh well, enjoy this shorty!]

You had to admit his proposal was…amusing. As you listened, the pros and cons of this arrangement had aligned themselves into a pretty little list inside your head.

While the lit fireplace crackled in the background, you sat in your comfy leather chair, watching as his eyes continued to roam over the sight before him. After all, the only thing you were wearing was a still damp towel.

Jumin had managed to get into your room while you showered, surprising you as you got out. Not completely unexpected, but still interesting to say the least.

You had given him one night of your passion a long while ago, and ever since, he has come crawling back to you. The sight of him groveling was almost enough for you to give into his pleas.


You sighed, resting your head in the palm of your hand, looking quite bored with him; but you brush your fingers across your face as if thinking.

Finally, you flick your eyes toward him. “Go on.”

He placed his hands on each side of you, gripping the chair’s arms while he stared into your piercing gaze.

“No feelings, no commitments. Just sex. And in return, I’ll give you whatever you want.”

A smile grazed your lips, “Whatever I want? You’re willing to pay whatever price I ask of you, to spend your nights with me?”

He fell to his knees, looking up to your ever-judging eyes. “Anything.”

With that final word, you had made your decision. You grabbed his chin, pulling his face in close; And with a sultry smile, you sealed his fate.

“Alright then, Mr. Han. You have a deal.”

On President Obama: The Black Swan

“Black swan” is used a metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect, and is often inappropriately rationalized after the fact with the benefit of hindsight. I cannot think of anything that better describes President Obama. His win in 2008 was a surprise in every possible way.  His win against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primaries was completely unexpected.  His win against John McCain, even more so.  No one at the beginning of 2008 would have imagined a young black man with the name Barack Hussein Obama would be elected, twice, as the president of the United States.  As surprising as his elections were, the effect he has had on the country has been even more significant. Depending on what side of the political spectrum you belong, the effects of his presidency is either extremely positive or negative. What isn’t up for debate is whether or not the effects are significant.  He is also one of the most misrepresented, misunderstood, misaligned political figure in my lifetime, and an argument can be made in the past hundred years.  As a black swan, President Obama went against the entire American history of presidencies.  In every way, he stood out in contrast to his predecessor and opposition. From the first time I heard him speak at the Democratic National Convention in 2004 to his last days as President, he has reaffirmed my belief that America didn’t deserve him or Michelle, but I’m damn glad they were here for us.

In early 2008, I was a Hillary Clinton supporter.  I thought she had the necessary experience and qualifications to be a very good president. As the Democratic primaries played out, I saw something in Barack Obama that made me think he was what we needed at this time in our country’s history.  Not because he is a black man, I saw this was a secondary perk, but as someone who has a great grasp of history, ideals, and the importance of pragmatism.  As a devout pragmatist, I rarely see politicians who fully grasp how moving the country forward as much as possible is more important than ideological purity.  Like Justice Stewart’s view of pornography, when it comes to pragmatism, “I know it when I see it.”  The more I watched candidate Obama, the more I knew he understood progress in ways very few politicians have or do.  After eight years of one of the worst administrations since Hoover, what America needed was someone who knew how to move us forward ethically, legally, politically in a rapidly changing world. As much as I liked and respected Hillary, I felt Barack was the one who could move us forward at that moment in our history.

On election night, when he came out on stage in Chicago’s Grant Park to give his victory speech, I have never felt more proud of my country. As I wept, listening to him speak, I couldn’t imagine how African-Americans must be feeling.  As much as his election meant to me personally, I could not imagine the significance it had on Black America.  I grew up seeing the violent police actions against peaceful Civil Rights protesters.  Even though the Civil Rights Act became law, I have been well aware of how ingrained and widespread racism is in American society.  I never, ever thought I would see a black person elected as president.  Yet, here was the black swan president-elect in front of a quarter of a million people in Grant Park and millions more watching on t.v. and online laying out a shining beam of hope and a path towards progress.  Telling everyone that we are all in this together and it is up to us to demand and work for change.  It was everything I’ve believed in and worked for my entire adult life.  At that moment in time, I felt America had finally turned the corner towards the equality, justice, and fairness promised in the country’s founding documents.  

Within months, this feeling of hope was replaced with feelings of frustration. Frustration not at President Obama, but at the cabal of conservatives who met on the night of his inauguration to discuss their strategy of stopping and obstructing everything the new president proposed.  A group that included: Republican Reps. Eric Cantor (Va.), Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), Paul Ryan (Wis.), Pete Sessions (Texas), Jeb Hensarling (Texas), Pete Hoekstra (Mich.) and Dan Lungren (Calif.), along with Republican Sens. Jim DeMint (S.C.), Jon Kyl (Ariz.), Tom Coburn (Okla.), John Ensign (Nev.) and Bob Corker (Tenn.). Along with former House Speaker, Newt Gingrich, and Republican consultant, Frank Luntz.  Their meeting has been well-documented and their purpose was to make sure that Republicans not support anything and obstruct everything put forth by the new administration.  Keep in mind that this strategy was laid out at a time when the country and the world was going through a serious economic downturn.  Their efforts were focused on making sure the new administration failed.  Even though he wasn’t there, then Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell made it publicly known his main goal was to make Obama a one-term president.  The GOP was on board, lock-step, to make sure President Obama, and by proxy, America fails.

Not long after learning of conservatives’ plans to obstruct President Obama,  my frustration turned to the far left who turned on the new president because they didn’t get what they thought was their due.  They wanted single-payer health insurance, banks taken over, and bankers thrown in jail.  Single-payer was never going to happen with a coalition of only sixty Democrats and Independents in the Senate.  All it took was one to be against it and the whole deal fell apart.  With Blue-Dog Dems like Jim Webb, VA, Landrieu, LA, and Ben Nelson, NE, and Independents like Joe Lieberman, there weren’t the votes to get single-payer even put up for discussion, let alone voted on or passed.  For reasons that can only be explained as a complete lack of basic civics knowledge, the far left blamed President Obama for these Senators never going to vote for single-payer.  It doesn’t matter that President Obama accomplished something every Democratic president since FDR had tried to do but failed, comprehensive health care reform, they were upset.  Never mind the number of uninsured would drop to the lowest in history, they didn’t care.  They had their mind set on a unicorn and when they didn’t get it, they blamed President Obama for not personally delivering it to their doorstep.  

The far-left had the same unrealistic attitude about the bankers.  Never mind that most of the damage done from the mortgage crisis came from products and actions that were perfectly legal, the far left wanted heads on pikes.  Never mind during his administration the largest fines ever imposed by the government have been against financial institutions.  Never mind he helped get Dodd-Frank passed that is the strongest laws and regulations against the financial sector since FDR.  Never mind he came up with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and put far-left hero Elizabeth Warren in charge of it, they didn’t get the unicorns they felt was due them.  While the right was organizing and whipping up the masses into an anti-socialism frenzy, forming the Tea Party, having town hall meetings around the country, and spreading lie upon lie on social media and in emails, the left was pouting. Democratic members of Congress ran away from Obama and the Affordable Care Act because they were scared to stand up to the crazies on the right.  Progressives sat out the 2010 midterms because they didn’t get their unicorns.  The results of this have been catastrophic. Meanwhile, the black swan president kept finding ways to move the country forward.

It wasn’t just far-left progressives who abandoned President Obama in 2010, it was also many Democratic members of Congress who lost their spines and balls at the sight of a bunch of angry octogenarians at town hall meetings.  They could have stood up for the Affordable Care Act, the stimulus, the auto bailout…but they didn’t.  They ran away from the President and his policies.  Policies, now that he’s left office, Democrats in Congress are saying have to be defended with every ounce of effort.  Instead of touting how these policies helped the working class, these cowardly Democratic officials hemmed and hawed out weak ass explanations while the opposition was organizing and pushing outlandish talking points and lies that became ingrained in conservatives’ belief systems.  Meanwhile, the black swan president kept finding ways to move the country forward without help from lawmakers from his own party.

With no way to get anything passed in a now Republican-controlled House, President Obama moved the bar of progress forward anyway.  He made sure the DOJ didn’t defend DOMA.  He expanded protections to the LBGT community.  He had the DOJ investigate corrupt and racist police department practices.  He got Syria to turn over its chemical weapons.  He negotiated a treaty with Iran ending their nuclear weapons program.  He did more to fight climate change than any president in history.  He helped push a revolution in renewable energies.  He expanded federally protected lands.  He oversaw the longest positive private sector jobs growth in history.  Whether it was the environment, health care, rights or jobs, President Obama did more than just about any modern-day president.  And, he did it all with the least amount of help.  FDR had major majorities in both houses of Congress every single one of his terms.  President Obama had a slim majority in the Senate for a couple of months that was lost when Ted Kennedy got sick and eventually passed away.  From that point on, he had no luxury of a working majority in the Senate and Republicans making sure nothing would get done.

Despite unprecedented political opposition, President Obama moved the bar of progress forward.  Despite unrelenting racist attacks, he never lashed out.  Despite the lack of support from members of his own party, he never turned on them.  Despite having his legitimacy questioned from day one, he held his head up and acted with dignity.  If you had to construct a president from scratch, you’d be hard pressed to construct one that would be better than President Obama.   This doesn’t mean he didn’t have his flaws.  Every president has them. However, his flaws were his willingness to believe his opposition had some bottom to the level to which they’d go, some basic ethical principles, some common ground from which he could work with them. Unfortunately, Republicans had no such limitations on their morals or conscience.   It is easy in hindsight to blame President Obama for missing the nature of his opposition.  That he wanted to believe the better nature of people could only be called a flaw by the most cynical of people.  

As the black swan president, Obama had to walk a razor’s edge that no one in history has had to tread.  He had to be twice as good, twice as nice, twice as everything in order to even be considered “normal.”  If he would have been “No Fucks To Give Obama” from the onset, he would have accomplished nothing. His pragmatic nature knew and understood this.  Unfortunately, like so many other things, too many progressives did not understand or appreciate not only the unique situation President Obama was in but how deftly he handled it to the betterment of us all.

Unfortunately, the razor’s edge he had to walk was not understood by even those who claim to have been his allies.  Whenever I hear criticism of him from the left, I always ask, “What would you have done differently?”  Inevitably, their response comes down to some idealistic act that completely ignores the realities and variables President Obama was faced with at the time he had to make his decision.  “I would have pushed for single-payer!”  Great, now explain how you would have got the Blue Dog Dems to even consider it so it would be discussed in committee, let alone reach the point where it would be voted on and passed.  “I would have closed Gitmo!”  Not without approval from Congress.  “I would have jailed bankers!”  Okay, on what grounds?  A lot of the causes of the financial and mortgage meltdown were legal.  “I would have helped those who suffered from the mortgage crisis more!”  How? What mechanism would you have used and how would you have gotten the majority of Congress to approve it because it would have to have financial help and that has to go through Congress?  It is easy to be a Monday-morning quarterback.  Hundreds of thousands of fat, lazy, living off their self-perceived glory days of high schools sports do it every day on sports talk shows.  Political decisions don’t occur in a vacuum.  They happen in a very complex environment with dozens of moving parts and hundreds of personal agendas.  Wanting someone to do what you think should be done does not translate to what can be done. I’ve closely watched major political figures here and abroad for the good part of forty years.  In this time, I’ve never seen anyone get more bang-for-the-buck than President Obama.  Democrats had a workable majority (60 votes) for all of four months and one week in 2009.  That is the amount of time President Obama had legitimately get all the things the left say he could/should have.  For two hundred and eight weeks of his presidency, he had a workable majority for seventeen with an opposition party that refused to work with him on ANYTHING but please go ahead and tell me about how he should have done X or Y.

When the history books are written fifty years from now, when I am long dead and gone, I have no doubt that President Obama will be viewed as one of the most influential presidents in American history.  Sadly, like other influential presidents before him like Lincoln, FDR, and Johnson, he was not truly appreciated in his time, even by those of his party and those who claimed to be his ally.  I will always be proud of my vote for him, twice, to be our president.  I will always be upset at those on the right and the left who tried to undermine him.  I will always believe that America didn’t deserve him.  I will always be damn thankful we had him.  He was the black swan.  He came out of nowhere.  He defied all conventions and history.  He had and will have a dominant role in history.  He will forever be my president.

When I think of President Obama, I am reminded of the scene at the end of “Excalibur” where King Arthur is talking to a mortally wounded Sir Lancelot: 
“You are that and much more. You are its greatest knight, you are what is best in men.”  President Obama was our greatest modern-day president and what is best in men.

Detective Conan 987 Spoilers [English Translation]

Thanks to Neuro for proofreading! Things are going to get intense… 

  • U: But some professionals called, right? Looks like the talent scouts came to see the competition…
  • A: It was completely unexpected…
  • U: Well, please don’t forget about us little guys after you become famous…
  • A: Ok…
  • U: Because I am Urushibara Fumiaki!!
  • U: The crucial point of defence in our basketball club!!
  • [Urushibara Fumiaki, player in the basketball club]
  • U: I have high standards when it comes to defence… 
  • U: And the same goes for curry, right?
  • TN: Or loud, picky, particular or difficult. We’ll see if there’ll be context.
  • D: And I’m…
  • D: Ex-ace, Danno… This “crucial point of defence” crushed my eye…
  • [Danno Kuninori, basketball club manager] 
  • M: Crushed…
  • G: Really?
  • U: I may have grazed his eye with my elbow during training…
  • D: Grazed? I almost lost it and nearly had to get a fake eye!

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Just Tonight - CS Christmas Fic -Chapter 2

I wrote this fic a couple of year’s ago now and I’ve decided to repost a chapter a day (there’s five) for those that haven’t read it/want to read it again and then I’m going to post a new oneshot sequel entitled, ‘Just Forever’.

Read Chapter 1

Chapter 2

It was late in the evening when Emma sat down at her desk in the Sheriff’s office and picked up the nearest report. She stared at it blankly for a full two minutes then let out a huff of annoyance and put it back down before pulling her phone out of her pocket.

Opening up the contact list, she scrolled through the embarrassingly few names she had stored until she came to Killian’s. Biting her lip in contemplation, her thumb hovered over his number for a few seconds then she closed her eyes and let her head drop forward onto the desk with a dull thud.

It had been two days since they’d spent that wholly unexpected, but completely amazing, night together.

Well, most of the night anyway…

Dawn had been breaking when she’d awoken. The first rays of warm sunlight were spilling in through the window as she’d groggily opened her eyes and found herself sprawled across Killian’s chest with her head tucked snugly under his chin. Her body had sported that pleasurable ache that comes with thorough lovemaking and as she’d moved slightly his arms had tightened around her, holding her close.

The feeling of rightness in that moment had made her smile at first, but then it sent tiny little triggers of alarm through her system.

She knew she’d been playing with fire by agreeing to stay, but she’d unable to deny him…or herself. Her muttered condition of, ’just tonight’ had been directed at herself. A caution she’d unwittingly said aloud in a moment of weakness, a desire to, just that once, experience what it’d feel like to be in the arms of the man with whom she was in love.

So while he’d been merely seeking some comfort, she’d been loving him with her entire being, letting him know with her touch what she couldn’t voice aloud.

She should have known that it wouldn’t be enough though. God help her, but she’d felt more cherished in that one single night with Killian than she’d ever had in all those months with Neal.

That’s why she’d left before he’d woken up. Why she’d been doing her utmost since then to avoid the hell out of him. She knew he didn’t feel anything for her other than friendship and she was terrified that if she was around him, spoke to him even, she’d give herself away.

Emma let out a small groan of consternation then thumped her head on the wooden table a couple of times in self reproach.

She didn’t even know when or how it had happened. Ever since Neal’s betrayal she’d been so determined never to feel that way for a man again, never to let herself be that vulnerable; but somewhere along the line Killian Jones with his too blue eyes and charming smile, steadfast support and incredibly kind heart had sneaked into her own and laid claim to it when she hadn’t been looking.

“Are you okay, Swan?”

Killian’s voice made her jump and she quickly raised her head to see him leaning against the door jamb of her office as if he owned the place. There was a concerned look upon his handsome face and she frowned slightly as she slowly sat back up then self-consciously smoothed down her hair.

“How did you get in?” she asked, ignoring his question.

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and i’ve got to mention - return of the swag!!!!! i love how he actually practised saying it omfg :D

Two Loves (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Request: about a lifetime ago @bisexual-maximoff asked me to write sth with Bucky as a dad of a boy. Here ya go!! I hope you like it, sweetie! and I’m sorry about the long delay.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 470

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Two Loves

“Daddy!!! There’s mommy!!!”

The smile of the long-haired man quirked up to the excitement of his son, a 4-year-old little boy he was carrying to his side with his left arm as he held a small bouquet of your favorite flowers in his right. His eyes sparked when he spotted you in the crew of people exiting the international arrivals section.

Your job had required for you to leave the country for two weeks and it was completely unexpected, that’s why you had to do your packing with just a day of anticipation and lots of nerves about leaving your boys. But now you were here, dragging your baggage in the direction of the loves of your life, the two reasons you woke up every morning.

Bucky opened his right arm for you to seep under it, you round them with yours and closed your eyes contently.

“We’ve missed you, doll”

His lips brushed yours tenderly and you reciprocate the soft kiss placing your hands in his scruff and massaging his hair with the tips of your fingers.

You ended the kiss when you felt a small pair of hands reclaiming your attention.


“Look at my baby boy!” you exclaimed extending your arms for him to get into them and placing small kisses all over his little face when he did, making him giggle “Theo did you have fun with daddy?”

“Yes! We went to the beach with uncle Steve and to the zoo with Cooper, Lila, and Nathaniel and we fed the monkeys! And I ate a lot of burgers! Like every day!”

“That’s awesome sweetie! Sounds like lots of fun!”

You gambled with the locks of his hair, suiting them to the side as you send Bucky a death glare and he gave you an apologetic look as he handed you the flowers with a pout and sorry eyes.

“They’re beautiful James, thank you”

“Just like you, doll. But you’re way more beautiful.”

You blushed like you had blushed the first time he ever called you beautiful 7 years ago when you met when the city was being attacked. He found you hiding in what was left of the library and he moved you to a safe place because someone has to make sure that ‘the beautiful girl’ was ok. You could never have imagined that would be the start of a beautiful stage of your life, but you wouldn’t like it any other way.

This is how you wanted to spend the rest of your life, with the two loves of your life.

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Educating the Victim - Act V, Chapter IV

Pairing: Jasper/Lapis, Lapis/Peridot

Rating: Teens and up

Warnings/Tags: threats, emotional abuse.

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