and community is like the most underrated show

zacscottysnl  asked:

what is the most underrated ship, in your opinion? & what is the most overrated ship, in your opinion? & why do you think Jeff/Annie is so popular? ;)

SORRY FOR THE DELAY (internet sucks, as you already know). Also IDK if you meant for Community or all fandoms for the first 2 questions so I went with all. 

What is the most underrated ship, in your opinion? 

I think because I only really have one ship I’m truly dedicated to, I don’t really know how to answer this… even across several different shows and fandoms. 

What is the most overrated ship, in your opinion?

Jane and Michael on Jane The Virgin. Like, I get it - they were in love and got married and he tragically died but… I… never saw the same chemistry as I see with Jane and Rafael. 

Why do you think Jeff/Annie is so popular?

Because their chemistry blossomed unexpectedly and every moment they shared was genuine and natural; their relationship on the show as in no way forced so I think people love how it just came about because of their two characters fitting so well together. And they purely love each other - they understand each other on a level that is different to all other pairings. They love each so much it’s genuinely painful for both of them and that’s what makes them so special and lovable… and in the end, “popular”.

*is on a date with my future partner*

Me: “what did you like most about Natsume Yuujinchou?”

Them: “actually I disliked how there was no romance-”

Me, stuffing breadsticks into my purse: “I’m sorry I must go immediately, my cat called me and told me the house is on fire”

Them: “…and because of that fact, it may be the reason why it is underrated. I personally think the anime was perfect and any romance would derive the anime from its original story, which is watching how Natsume develops with his friends and the youkai around him. This goes to show how much the anime community cares for an anime only if it has romance, even if it is bland and boring and does not contribute to the story whatsoever. Why can’t we just have an anime about a boy and his friends growing together without the romance??”

Me, placing breadsticks back onto the table: “please continue”