and coming up with our storyline theory

So, my theory about ep 220 is that the hole in the ground leads to Edom, that’s where the demon horde will come from. And it’ll be up to Alec, Izzy and Magnus to close it. But how? 

And more importantly, will someone actually FALL into the hole? Will that lead to the introduction of Asmodeus in S3? Will one of our heroes end up in Edom? Or all three? Or just Malec? Because in the 4th book, none of the characters on the beach has any storyline whatsoever for good half a book, so… What if instead of going on vacation like in the book, Alec and Magnus end up in Edom?

a squirrel brained fuck: you only ship gay shit. not everything needs to be gay

me, getting ready to rant about how there is next to no fucking gay representation in the media and me and other lgbtq+ folks have to come up with dead end theories and write our own stories about gay ships because everyone in hollywood wants to push the same bland ass white cishet storyline onto us in every form of media:

About the poster...

Well it’s about damn time right? Jeez. Thought I was going to be in retirement before they released the S3 poster. Now let’s have chat about it.

Yes. I saw. Diggle is behind Laurel. Same position as Roy.  Don’t lose your shit people. Everybody breathe. 

Why? Let’s remember the S2 poster…

Diglge & Felicity are immediately behind Oliver - the Original Team Arrow. Thea & Roy are off in the distance. How did Thea’s story line end? Distanced from Oliver. Roy’s position represented his S2 storyline as well. A lot of it revolved around Thea…and his struggle with joining Team Arrow. There was a lot of moving parts in Team Arrow S2. Roy & Sara both joined but also both left. Who remained? Diggle & Felicity and the writers made the point to say THEY are the core team. The poster represented that because S2 was all about the solidification of Original Team Arrow…Oliver, Felicity & Diggle. The entire season revolved around the three of them

Do you SEE where Laurel was on the S2 poster? You could barely see her. SLADE came before Laurel and he was the bad guy. It was actually hilarious. 

It was also a very accurate portrayal her S2 storyline. Laurel barely interacted with Oliver and when she did it wasn’t good. Laurel is distanced from Oliver on the S2 poster because that represented their relationship for S2.

Things have changed in S3.  Now it’s ONLY Team Arrow on the poster. No Thea. No Slade…no Sara (interesting).  Roy is brought to the forefront and Laurel is shifted in front of Diggle, right behind Oliver. The team is also balanced. Two on each side, slightly staggered…much more equal footing than S2’s poster.

It’s indicative of what we know about S3.  As much as some of us hate Laurel, and I know some of you do, S3 is Laurel’s year. She’s becoming Black Canary. It doesn’t mean Oliver will start screwing her again, but she is becoming her superhero character, whether we like it or not.  Is she a full fledged member yet? No. She’s gotta earn it and she will. But the poster is a spoiler. It’s showing us where the characters are headed. And Laurel’s headed to a crime fighting partnership with Oliver. That’s who Black Canary is. That’s her role. Personally, I’m excited about Laure’s arc and I don’t mind her position.

Also, it’s Season 3. They have to shift the chess board. It can’t always be about Oliver, Felicity & Diggle. For one, that’s repetitive and two there are other supporting characters that need their chance to shine. Like Roy, like Laurel and like Thea. A strong supporting cast means only good things for a show.

I think they shifted Diggle because it represents Diggle’s arc this season. Diggle will always be apart of Team Arrow, but Oliver doesn’t want him in the field. Diggle is going to be struggling with how to serve the mission. That could be ARGUS, that could be Suicide Squad, that could be Team Arrow, could be all three. Just because Diggle is shifted doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a great storyline coming up. I actually think it means he does.

As for Oliver…he’s The Arrow. Hood up. Mask on. S2 poster Oliver was unmasked. It’s also a darker image of Oliver..he’s angrier, focused, shrouded in darkness. THIS. IS. INTERESTING. Very interesting. The poster points to Oliver’s struggle to maintain his identity and to become a symbol- The Green Arrow. Will Oliver Queen be consumed by The Arrow? Can he both. Will Oliver be darker this year or is he the hero?

But where is Felicity? Right. Next. To. Oliver.  From Oliver’s perspective, from the way he’s facing - Felicity is on his right. She is his right. hand. Given what we know about the season, and the difficulties Olicity will face…that is FUCKING great news and FUCKING great positioning for our girl. Rejoice Olicity fandom. REJOICE.

It’s gonna be a great season!

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Honestly though Charles being A is so dumb like who the f is Charles but at this point, I feel like anyone being A isn't going to have that ' holy shit wow' factor , you know? Like its either gonna be some omen that doesn't make sense at all for being A or some one who is really predictable like PLL lost its 'wow' factor awhile ago and I have a feeling that when they finally reveal A, most people are just gonna be like '... Ok. Finally, I no longer have to watch this show'

I agree. They ruined it by constantly trying to make us think everybody on this show is A, then they turn out not to be. I’m already pissed over the Charles/Jason’s brother reveal, now I really don’t care who A is. The best and most sensible would have been the Alison/twin theory. Now, who possibly could be A that would be that shocking? OMG it’s Andrew! Okay.. who fucking cares. It’s Lucas! Who cares. It’s Wren! Okay he hasn’t been around for like 2 years, big whoop.

This is why Aria and Ezra are the only genuine reason why I enjoy watching this show. And why people get mad that some people don’t enjoy the show for the mystery at this point is ridiculous. The writers lie to you and cheat you with these ridiculous reveals and endless storylines. They lead you on to believe one thing, but just go “LOL JK it was just to throw you off!”. Now with Charles? No. Hell no. You wanted all of us to try and piece together our theories since S3, TWO years ago. Who the FUCK would have come up with Charles? Oh, right, sorry Marlene, you had “The Great Charlemagne“ written on a poster once. How did we not notice and immediately connect the dots?? I’m shocked!

So @tobiasmquinn and I have had quite the extensive conversation today about a few things, and among the topics was Happy’s marriage.  Our prediction for the husband is a name that has come up many times already.


Here is our theory: Chet is and was from his introduction Happy’s husband. The comedy storyline was and was always intended to be a red herring.

And for our logic.

I had told Dannii that I didn’t believe that the writers only came up with this in January.  She then told me that Eddie has said he was told around Christmas, so the writers’ claim that they decided in January is not true. (I somehow had missed that bit of info, that Eddie knew in 2015.)

We think they tried to deliberately decieve us as to Chet’s role in the series and here’s why.

  1. They plan out an entire season in advance.
  2. At Comic Con, and in articles leading up to the premiere, the writers teased Happy having a secret.
  3. We were universally underwhelmed at the comedy reveal.

Happy wanting to do comedy doesn’t seem like something they’d tease up this much. In comparison, the writers have been very forthcoming at Comic Con. Wooton very nearly gave us the whole plot of 3.04 last week before catching himself.  They didn’t say “Sly might be thinking about a career change!” to make it seem like a huge deal, they flat out said “Sly may explore politics a bit.”  Generally for stuff that isn’t a game changer, they’re pretty open.

So why did they make such a big deal about her secretly wanting to learn how to do stand up comedy? They didn’t. Comedy wasn’t her secret. They just wanted us to think it was.

Dannii told me that she’d always found a few things strange about Chet and Happy’s relationship, mostly regarding the motorcycle.

  1. Who teaches comedy at the ass crack of dawn?
  2. Why did she then need a ride to work? Wouldn’t she have taken her car to wherever they were practicing? And if he picked her up at her place, how does she get home?

Then we started talking about the semingly throwaway line about Chet’s daughter.  And we both had the same thought.

There have been many predictions that Happy married to get out of the foster care system.  But that’s not possible. The state/her guardian would have to give permission for her to marry while still a minor. It doesn’t work the same way a green card marriage would work. But maybe those “escape the system” guesses are in the ballpark - maybe she married to help someone else escape a less than ideal upbringing.

Maybe Chet was going to lose his daughter. Maybe the girl’s mother is dead, or maybe there was a custody battle, maybe there were unfair circumstances and the girl was going to go into a situation that would be less than ideal.  If her relationship with Chet pre-dates the show, she may have married him to give the courts/judges an appearance of a stable, two parent household. She may have married him to keep his daughter from potentially going through what she did.  If they were friends, her and Chet, we could see her doing that, enter into a marriage that was in name only. (We are not saying the daughter is the only reason she could have married Chet, of course, but that’s where we went.)

This could also explain, as Dannii mentioned to me: 

  1. How comfortable Happy was on the phone with him in 2.06 
  2. Why she didn’t want the team meeting him in Fish Filet. 

If the Fish Filet thing was just about her not wanting them to know about the comedy, she could have said “hey look this is a personal thing to me they don’t know.” It would make a lot more sense if their relationship was more complicated and therefore harder to keep anyone from suspecting.

So, we think when they teased Happy’s secret last summer, they were teasing this husband, just since they plan a season in advance, it was easy for us to assume that they were referencing something that would be resolved at the start of the season. The clue to their real intentions that they gave us was associating Chet with her secret from the start, but the comedy was not the answer, but a red herring (we’ve all read brilliant novels like The Westing Game and And Then There Were None, diversions in fiction are so common Walter has probably even heard of them). That would, Dannii and I agreed, explain why it was dropped after Crazy Train. Now the writers do drop storylines from time to time of course, but in this case it may have been deliberate.  Make them think that’s all Chet is about. Don’t give them reminders of his existence. Make them think we’ve forgotten about him.

Then, in the finale, they use Collins, someone we know Happy and the team have a history with, to drop the real secret.  The secret they’d been teasing almost a full year before. But at this point, Chet hasn’t been mentioned in months.  He’s not fresh in our minds. 

Now, almost all of us have named Chet as a possibility, but we can’t really assume that the writers would have anticipated that.

They never thought we’d guess she was married, after all.

“I want all the clues everyone finds to have some meaning. I hope we have not built this show up in our heads to be better than it really is. By reading too much into it.. We could all end up really disappointed in the end”

This is the REALest shit I’ve read about the PLL fandom yet. That is exactly what I think has happened. Not saying PLL isn’t a great show but we’re all invested in this show soooo much bc of what goes on in our heads. Part of the allure of the show is the mystery. And the fact we all get to play Sherlock Holmes and try to piece together the ultimate storyline in play with the crumbs they’ve fed us. Which may be cool to some of you but it’s a bit disheartening to others bc we still have no real answers. I think the things we’ve come up with will be FAR better than anything the writers will give us!!
Some of you have created brilliant theories and spent a lot of time in researching things that may ultimately be useless. That makes me sad.
And pisses me off!!

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I'm not disagreeing with these opinions & I like hearing other peoples thoughts but I agree that it stresses me out!! SPN ending? No!! But yea 10 is a sold place to end things. There's this theory about ending it with 10.. after the storyline ends Crowley comes on screen & tells us that our time is up. We have sold our souls & our 10 years are up. Or even better/worst!! We have sold our souls to hear dean's story & he is now collecting himself after 10 years! I love it and hate it! O_o