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Critical Shipping
  • Marisha: Yeah, [Matt] would lately, after the insurgence of the Percy/Lillith fan art that started hitting, when people started shipping Percy and Lillith -
  • Laura: Oh my god, I love that!
  • Marisha: I know, it's so good. The art's SO good. So we were like okay. So, the first one that Joma did that came out where it's Percy leaving the room -
  • Taleisin: Yeah!
  • Marisha: With Lillith on the bed.
  • Laura: Oh god! Oh god!
  • Marisha: And we were like -
  • Laura: That was so hot!
  • Marisha: Aw yeah, we were like, "Aw, that's really hot!" and Matt's like, "But not canon! Not canon! Not canon!" Cut to Matt being like, "... Although you know... It could be a thing where, like, maybe Percy was staying up late and he was like working in his shop -"
  • Taleisin and Laura: *laughing and gaping at Matt, respectively*
  • Marisha: "and then Lillith comes in and she sees him -"
  • Travis: Oh my god!
  • Matt: I was just - No! That's -
  • Marisha: "And she's like 'Ya know what? We could be doing this.' And then he's like and he's feeling a bad day, so she, like, touches his cheek and they go up to the room." And I'm like, "ARE YOU WRITING FANFIC!? Are you writing Percy and Lillith fanfic, RIGHT NOW!?!"

I wore my GO PETUNIAS shirt to Rhode Island Comic Con today for a photo op with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The con’s organization level was abysmal, but somehow in all my thoughts about this photo op, it never once occurred to me that he would actually recognize my shirt.

Instead, he recognized it IMMEDIATELY and sounded absolutely thrilled to see it. As soon as I walked over, he said, “Woah, look at Go Petunias here, that’s from The Losers!” I was so shocked and delighted, and the photographer took the picture almost immediately. I barely had time to notice he was pointing at my shirt and give a quick thumbs up. As soon as the picture was taken, he turned to me again and said, “That’s awesome, seriously.” I told him it’s one of my favorite movies, and he said again, “That’s awesome” and then I was gone. Ahhhh. I’m making a huge dork face but it perfectly captures the experience.


We’re Gonna be at New York Comic-Con 2016!

Start your Comic-Con weekend the right way with the Today in Nerd History Live! at 5:30 in panel room 1A18 on Friday.

See if you can master our handpicked trivia onslaught, win prizes, and watch a world premiere animation from Dorkly. Hosted by our very own Tony Wilson!

(and if you’re there even earlier check out our best buddies from @drawfee at their panel 2:45 in Room 1A21)