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I promised some more Angel AU a long long time ago yesterday, and here it is :D The first part of my Angel AU is on tumblr and on Ao3 . 

For our beloved @crying-abt-fictional-people , with huge thanks to @sugarplum-senpai for having a look over it for me <3 Enjoy!


So, Levi? Won’t you do that for me?

Her Majesty’s melodious voice echoed around his brain, as the slam of the heavy door falling shut echoed in his back.

Levi groaned, for what must have been the millionth time that day. This was becoming a habit of hers, wasn’t it.

It was also becoming the sentence he dreaded most in the entire cosmos, as it never failed to send him out to accomplish impossible feats. Or, well, out to do his job, but he was beginning to feel personally attacked by the difficulty of the assignments Her Royal Highness tasked him with.

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idk why but i feel like sharing a bit about how i came to love haikyuu so much, and it’s entirely because it probably saved what little part of me actually wanted to continue living when i first saw it

it got a bit long so i put it under a cut for the uninterested

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The Dixon Girl
Just a normal girl. A normal scared little girl, but of course that was before the whole world fell to shit. Now I can’t be that scared little girl. It took me so much to get here. And this is my story.

(Y/n) pov:
“It’s gonna be okay baby. Just go down stairs and lock the door.” “But what about you?” I say with tears clouding my eyes. My mother bends down to my height and smiles. I can tell it’s not a true smile, but she’s only doing it to help me stay calm. “I’ll be right behind you. Now go.” I nod and run down the wooden steps to the metal door. I open it and see our stash of food and utility’s just for emergency purposes.

I wait for my mother but I hear the sound of the basement door slamming shut and not seconds later her screams. Everyone has been talking about it. The dead walking among the living. The adults tried to keep this hidden from the children as long as possible but it just wasn’t possible. Especially when the walkers were outside trying to get in houses for their new meal.

I rummage through the cabinets and find an old book bag, some more food, some guns, and one of my dad’s old crossbows with some spare arrows.

I haven’t seen my dad in almost three years. When I left it wasn’t on a good note. My mother and him were having a court battle about custody and my mother won. My father wasn’t an unfit parent but everyone knows a woman would have better luck raising a daughter. My mother thought he would have thrown me aside if it meant going hunting or drinking with his boys, and she’s probably right. Not to mention my step-father hates him more then anything. It was the first time I ever saw my father cry. He couldn’t see his little girl anymore; not until my 18th birthday at least.

I gather my thoughts and pack the bag with some loaded guns, the crossbow, some hand me down clothes from my cousins, food, drinks, and some ammo. Who am I kidding? I’m fooling myself into this. Sure my dad taught me to be tough and to never let anything stop me, but this is different.

I slowly walk up the closed door and look under the crack to see a sight that I will remember for the rest of my life. My mother laying on the ground her blonde hair on the ground and her eyes open and facing the door. I look closer and see her stomach and covered my mouth in horror. It was ripped open and blood spilled out slowly.

VIXX Bodyguard Ravi 'Sheep In Wolf's Clothing'

Sailor anon said: Hello, over the past few days I have fallen in love with your blog!! I’m not sure what the protocol for expansions is right now but I was wondering if you could maybe do a Ravi bodyguard one please? Could I have an anon nickname too? Maybe Sailor? Xo

A/N: There have been many requests for this one so I just picked out the most recent from my inbox. Thank you everyone who requested this one! I hope you like it. ^^

This is an expansion of a reaction I wrote here.


You’re not too proud to admit the first time you met your new bodyguard he frightened you. It wasn’t his size or anything, it was his expression. Totally remote as if he didn’t even possess the facial muscles necessary to smile.

The following weeks as he moved in your orbit your watched him closely but were unable to glean any inkling of his personality. Wonsik was polite, courteous, but never warm. Never once coming close to what you would call friendly. It was when you found out his secret that the shell finally cracked.

A moth. A single moth had entered your quarters and upon seeing it, Wonsik stopped short. Enough so that you literally walked into his back. Confused at his tense posture yet not seeing a threat you asked what was wrong.

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(A/N): yeeesssss, possessive Bucky. Also, happy b-day annon!

Request: since it’s my birtday I wanted to ask for an imagine with Bucky cause I love him soo much. Maybe something where you’re an Avenger and live in the Tower with the others & one time your ex-bf sneaks in the Tower cause he cant handle your break up but you dont want him back cause you & Bucky fell in love. So your ex Freaks out and even wants to push you off the Roof-edge but the other Avengers hear the fighting and Buck saves you in the last Minute and holds you Close? :)

Warnings: asshole ex-boyfriend, swearing, boyfriend is abusive, Bucky saves the day

Originally posted by caps-bucky

   Things had finally been going well for you for once in your life. After breaking up with your previous boyfriend everything just seemed to fall in place. You had a great job (good pay and wonderful coworkers), you loved your boss (totally sassy man), you had good housing (thanks to Mr. Stark), and you had the most wonderful boyfriend you could ever ask for. 

   Bucky Barnes, formerly known as the The Winter Soldier, also known as the Brooklyn cinnamon roll you loved with all your heart, was everything you could have ever asked for. He’d been there for you after your…previous relations, he was there for you when you had panic attacks, when you could barely stand because you had been having a flashback, or when something so very ordinary scared you and you in return did the same for him.

   Everything was absolutely perfect now, you were safe and perfectly content with your situation right now. Unfortunately nothing ever went well for you and something had to come along and ruin everything you’d worked so hard for. 

   It had started out as a normal everyday at Stark Tower, you’d just gotten done shopping for the ridiculous amount of team members you had and you’d just walked into the lobby when everything went downhill from there. 

   “Miss (Y/L/N)?” The front desk lady politely grabs your attention. You stop in your tracks, turning to give her a small smile. She smiles right back before gesturing to some man beside her. “There’s someone here to see you,” Your face etched with confusion, you hadn’t been expecting anyone today…or any day for that matter. With a slight frown you direct your attention the man beside her and you swear you can almost feel your heart drop. Standing there, looking slightly relieved and hopeful was your ex-boyfriend. 

  He gives you a small smile, one that had you falling for him in the first place, but you were smarter now and you weren’t going to be sucked into sympathizing him once again. Not after all the pain he caused you, not after everything he did to you. 

  “What do you want?” You nearly growl, attempting to seem intimidating despite the way you quivered on the spot. Your ex-boyfriend looks taken aback only for a moment before his face melts into that guilty look that once had you melting in his hands.  

   “Can we just talk? I miss you and-” 

   “I don’t want to talk,” You hiss, your eyes narrowed at the evil man before you. “And I sure as hell don’t miss you,” 

   “You don’t mean that (Y/N)-” 

   “I do. You were by far the worst thing to ever happen to me and I don’t ever want to see you again, got it?” The man looks thoroughly taken aback and then his features are twisting with an anger you thought you’d never have to see again. The look of pure, unadulterated anger within his eyes had you whimpering and you almost regretted your words but you knew it was better to stand up for yourself rather than let this man walk all over you once again. 

   “I don’t think you understand (Y/N),” He chuckles darkly, shaking his head in mock amusement. “I wasn’t asking you, now you better get your ass over here before I drag it over,” You nearly whimper at his words, the harsh tone and dark meaning sending shivers down your spine. You couldn’t be subject to his abuse, not again, you couldn’t handle it. And suddenly, there was a warm presence beside you and a cool, smooth arm wrapped around your waist snugly. 

   “Were you just threatenin’ my doll?” The all too familiar rumble of Bucky’s voice has you nearly weeping in relief and it takes all you got to not throw yourself in his embrace. 

   “Your doll?” The man asks incredulously, scoffing slightly. “Far as I’m concerned this bitch is still mine-” Bucky growls, a low animalistic thing, and had it not been for a rapidly approaching Steve and Tony you fear Bucky would have torn the man before you to shreds. 

   “Don’t you dare talk about (Y/N) like that you fuckin’ bastard!” Bucky yells, writhing in Steve’s grasp as he attempts to rip free, bound and determined to teach this man a lesson. The man smirks softly, obviously very pleased with himself. Steve struggles as he attempts to hold Bucky back, the latter scratching at his arms and thrashing around. 

  “Tony,” Steve groans and no other words need to be spoken for Tony to understand, he needed to get this man away and he needed to get him away quickly.  

    “Well Mr. Dickhead,” Tony begins with a smirk. “If you’ll ever so kindly follow me out of MY building," 

   The man before you wrinkles his nose, looking at Tony then to you and then to Steve and Bucky (both still struggling against each other). 

   "Wait…there’s no way in hell you guys are the avengers,” Tony smirks proudly, rolling onto the balls of his feet and back again, much like a child who’d done something to make their mother proud.

    “Indeed we are, now if you don’t get off the premises in one minute I’m afraid I may have to call in the big guy,” The man’s face flashes with shock and fear before melting back into that angry look you feared so much. With clenched fists and gritted teeth the man turns away, only to stop and point back to you, glaring daggers into your face.

    “I’m not done with you,” and of he went, leaving the four of you behind in the lobby. You were more than slightly shaken up, you were terrified. How had he found you? You were promised the utmost secrecy when you joined this team and suddenly your ex-boyfriends have tracked you down to your home and work place- Your tirade of quick and negative thoughts come to an end as Bucky’s arms wrap around you quickly, yanking you against his heaving chest.  

   "Mine,“ Bucky pants softly, nuzzling agains the skin of your neck. "You’re mine, not his,” You close your eyes and wrap your arms around his neck, allowing yourself to succumb to his warm embrace, to his protective nature. You can feel Steve’s and Tony’s eyes glued to you but you can’t bring yourself to care, not with what you just went through. The thought of ever falling back into the hands of that cruel, evil man has you shaking in Bucky’s embrace and it takes all of your willpower to not fall to your knees and sob. Instead you helplessly nuzzle against him, sniffling softly as you do so.

    “Yeah Buck,” You whisper brokenly. “All yours.”