and comeback rumours

Ok but if those NCT U comeback rumours are true then literally all I want is for

  1. JohnTen to reunite 
  2. Mark Lee to rest
  3. KunSol to debut 

And if that is asking for too much, then number 2 is all I ask for.

anonymous asked:

The thing I hate about comebacks is all the rumours!! Can't we just all chill. Like where are the "sources" for these rumours 😫😪

The comeback rumors surfacing means that the cb is near 🙃🙃 chinese fans mostly got the inside info 🔍🔍

In light of the comeback rumours, thought this should be seen

Definitely (will be holding an encore concert)! We can’t miss it!!!

we will also make a comeback!!!


July- SNSD

July- Super junior

July- SHINee Repackage (was supposed to be now but was moved due to Minho’s injury)

August- Stephanie (The Grace) solo debut

August/September- EXO subunit