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one piece anniversary

day 6 » relationships/interactions 

∟ luffy + his crew  

okay i was going to write an analysis but let’s be quick: luffy’s relationship with his crew is super important because he even though he has a different relationship with each of them, he treats them all equally and respectfully, which in turn makes their relationships that much more precious. please don’t tell me he values any crew member more than another, because he’s probably die the same way if any of them left. 

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I would like to apply to join Team "Fight me, Qui-Gon Jinn"

Enrollment is always open! To apply, all you need is a burning passion to shout down an old, stubborn Jedi Master and/or give him a wedgie! Daddy issues helpful but not required.

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graphic design is my passion

You know, I sometimes feel like a lot of people on Tumblr tend to forget that, if you’re talking about someone in the approximately 35 to 55 age range, you’re not talking about a baby boomer, you’re talking about a Gen X’er. (My generation, incidentally, though I’m on the younger end of it.) 

It seems like Tumblr tends to use baby boomer as shorthand for The Olds™, basically anyone over 40, but if they were born in the mid-sixties or later, they’re not boomers. They’re the post-boomer age cohort. 

(And similarly, anyone in their mid-to-late teens or younger is not a millennial; they’re whatever generation comes after millennials, which we don’t seem to have a word for yet. We are getting pretty close to the time when most of the people who are of age to be graduating college and entering the job market are not going to be millennials anymore, but post-millennials. Meanwhile the older millennials are going to be turning 40 soon. YOU’RE WELCOME. XD)



Reunited Friends AU part 8!~
I can’t believe how long this took I’m so sorry! I’m now studying abroad in America and things are super intense! But I managed to graw the next part! I regret that nothing really happens in this part but it’s a needed bridge for stuff to happen XD I hope you enjoyed it anyway! Hehehe and you thought the story was just a cute one off to show Arthur’s frustration XDD Nope, he’s still working on it!
Thank you all for your continued support and patience, as well as the lovely messages/tags you have left me. I promise I read them all and greatly appreciate them!! You’re all so sweet and kind and I’m so happy you’re enjoying it! THANK YOU!!

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Disney At Annecy Festival 

Well is that time of the year again and Annecy has so many cool activities 

Keynote speeches, come and hear from Kristine Belson, President of Sony Pictures Animation and Eric Coleman, SVP Original Programming and General Manager at Disney Television Animation.

Pixar’s short Coco, due in the U.S. in November, will have a special presentation ahead of the Cars 3 screening, opening the same day as its U.S premiere.

A LOOK!!!!! AN ICON!!!!!!!!

“I’m sorry, what did you just say to me?” Samantha turned in the queue to face the older man. He was at least in his late fifties, with a greying beard that needed a good comb and clothes that were two sizes too small for him. He looked like his mother dressed him in his twenties and he’d never bothered to renew his wardrobe. 

His eyes were cold as he addressed her, it felt like he was looking through her. “Move aside lady” he repeated. 
“Actually this is a line and I was here first, so you can wait your turn behind me” Samantha said, her voice was stern but not at all lifted. 
It was as if her words had evaporated the moment they left her mouth, without hesitation the man pushed past her. 

Samantha was quick on the ball and moved in front of him, standing her ground. 
This disgruntled him, he huffed and spoke again “when will you goddamn women know your place, you belong at the back of the line. Men first.” 

“Know my place? Know my place?!” The lava spilled over the top and the words came crashing out of her mouth. Samantha went from 0 to 60, too full of opinion to stay quiet. “Who the fuck do you think you are? Have you been asleep the last fifty years? Welcome to the present, where men and women are equals. You and your backdated ideas are what’s wrong with today’s society, Don’t stand there and sneer at me, and don’t shove me aside. That’s fucking man handling you ass..”

“Miss is there a problem?” A mousy haired girl in her mid twenties emerged from the back of shop. It was at this point that Samantha realised what a scene she had been making. The customers around her were all watching.
“Yes there is actually” Samantha lowered her voice only a fraction, too stubborn to let the issue completely drop. “This man thinks that he can cut the queue just because I’m a woman and I need to ‘know my place’”

The shop assistant was brilliant. She explained to the man that they didn’t stand for sexist behaviour in their shop and that if he wanted to be served he’d have to wait in line like everybody else. She then made sure to serve Samantha herself, trying her hardest to be as cheery and friendly as she could. 

By the time Sammy got out of the shop she could feel her stomach churning. It was a mix of emotions. Pure anger, as the feminist inside her was ready to march the streets. But also a rush of anxiety, and a sickness that came from being intimidated by him. 

There was a sense of déja vu. It was too much like home, too much like her father. Too much. Just..too much. Sam found a side street and leaned against the wall trying to catch her breath. 

“So much for retail therapy” she mumbled, clenching her fists in an attempt to stop her hands from shaking. 

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I was wondering if you could draw young and adult link, if you have time I really love your art style and it would but cool to see you draw them.

Even Heroes need naps at times.

Emma & Graham / Swan & Wolf

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I've done my fair share of child care and babysitting over the deca-- I mean years, I can totally help out if all else fails.

Anything and everything you might need should be in the babies’ room or in the fridge, but we’ll have our phones on and be awaiting your call if anything should come up. Thank you again for doing this–We’ll be back in a few hours!

Do take care–And don’t let Emily fool you; she’s quite the sneaky little thing.