and combeferre is like 'i want you to meet my family once all this is over'

Modern Amis (and co.) Coming-Out Headcanons

(I don’t even remember how the subject came up but @beatlemaniacinthetardis and I were taking about the Amis getting together at someone’s house and telling each other stories from when they came out of the closet. We stayed up way too late last night coming up with these so we felt the need to share) 

Bahorel comes out to his family when he goes downstairs in the rainbowest of rainbow shirts, announces that he’s going to Pride, and just sort of stares at each of them until they understand.

Courfeyrac realizes he’s gay in his preteen years and it takes him like a year to work up the courage to come out to his friends (Enjolras and Combeferre) and family (mom and dad). When he tells them they all just go “sweetie, we know”. Enjolras and Combeferre bake him a confetti cake that says CONGRATS in edible glitter. Courfeyrac cries. 

Feuilly doesn’t really have anyone to come out to, since he has no living relations and he went straight into a job at a young age. He kind of…forgets to, to be honest, so he’s not out to his co-workers. They only find out when Bahorel comes to get him from work one day and he kisses Feuilly hello.  

Like in canon, Cosette grows up into a pretty girl who loves attention. She’s very meticulous about the way she looks and is like nice when she notices guys checking her out. One day, though, a pretty girl smiles at her and does the checking-out thing and Cosette is like oh no when she feels her heart do the THING. She tells papa later that evening, and he’s amazing and supportive because, well, he’s Jean Valjean. He joins her marching in the Pride parade the following summer. 

Enjolras’ coming out doesn’t go so well. He’s pretty much known he likes boys since forever ago, but only tells his parents at the end of high school. His parents are cold and arrange a Nice Girl for him to marry at the age of 25 or whatever. Enjolras fights with them on it, but when they continue to stand firm he decides they don’t deserve to be in his life anyway. He moves in with Combeferre, who he came out to years ago.

Joly and Bossuet, who have basically known each other since birth, come out to each other before anyone else. They then make a pact to come out to their friends and family on the same day. Bossuet’s parents don’t take it so well–his dad is pissed, and his mom tries to push him to go back to church. His friends, too, say “yeah that’s cool” but he can tell every time he says something that even approaches the subject of his sexuality that they’re weird about it. Joly’s, on the other hand, went well. His friends start teasing him like “yeah man I bet you thought you had appendicitis the first time you saw a guy you liked” and stuff, but they’re cool with it. Joly’s family ends up pretty much adopting Bossuet, too. Bossuet’s parents come knocking for him one day and Joly’s four younger siblings work together to slam the door in their face. (Bonus: since those two have a hivemind, they tell each other about being poly the same day.)

The subject of their combined affections, Musichetta, was a total badass about her coming out. She told her parents straight up that she was poly/pan. They were not sold on the idea, but she told them to accept her as she was or she’d leave without a second thought. It takes them a while to get used to the idea, but Chetta answers whatever questions they have. They grow to understand her, and come to love Joly and Bossuet once the three of them start dating.

Jehan has a hard time with it all. They WANT to come out, to family and friends alike, but they want to understand themselves before they try and explain it to anyone else. They tell this to the Amis who are all just like…you don’t have to ever figure it out. It’s alright. No matter who you are or what you do or who you love, we’ll be here to support you. Jehan cries really hard because they’ve been so confused for so long and their found family is saying that it’s okay to be unsure forever because who needs a title anyway? The greatest of group hugs happens that day, Jehan smiling in the centre of it. (Bonus: shortly after that, Jehan asks the Amis to start saying “they/them”. Grantaire buys a ton of neutral-looking clothes with gross flower print that he knows Jehan will LOVE. Enjolras falls in love with R a lil bit more since he knows he doesn’t have all that much money but he spent a bunch of it for Jehan to be happy and comfortable anyway).

Combeferre comes out to all his friends shortly after he meets them, but he never comes out to his family at all. He knows they’re homophobic, and a) he doesn’t like to start fights, and b) he decides that they don’t deserve to know. In an act of silent rebellion, he secretly gets a part-time job as a sales guy at a boot shop for drag queens. Courfeyrac’s the shop’s #1 customer. (Kinky Boots AU someone back me up here)

While Marius is almost entirely on the straight side, but every so often he’ll meet a man who sets his little Pontmercy heart aflutter. Courf is one of those guys and when they end up roommates Marius kind of…”aksdjasgkdhdh Lord save my poor bisexual soul”. But then he meets Cosette. He doesn’t tell her for ages because he’s terrified of what she’ll think, but eventually he works up the courage. She laughs because hey she’s bi too!! From that point on, they point out attractive people of various genders to each other while they’re on dates. (Bonus: one day, Marius and his grandfather get into an argument about politics over dinner. In a moment of passion, Marius stands and yells “LONG LIVE NAPOLEON! ALSO, I SOMETIMES LIKE BOYS!” His grandfather faints into his chair.)

Eponine never really had friends, so she has no frame of reference for what romantic attraction feels like. When she meets Marius, she figures instantly that what she’s feeling is romantic love. Shortly after, she meets Cosette and feels the same way. Now she’s confused. And then she meets the rest of the Amis and feels the same way about ALL of them. It’s very strange to have a crush on everyone, she thinks. With Grantaire and Jehan’s help, she comes to understand that what she’s feeling is, in fact, platonic love. And god, is she relieved to know. The only family members she tells about being aro/ace are Gavroche and Azelma. Azelma is like “I think that might be me too” and Gav is like “sweet, more lovely ladies for me”.

FINALLY, Grantaire. He’s never really given a shit about what gender his lovers were, and never given a shit about who knows about it. He doesn’t know or care whether or not his parents know. But oh, god, then he meets Enjolras, and can no longer imagine loving anyone else of any gender. When the Amis share their coming out stories, he just snorts and says ‘does it count if you’re only attracted to one person?’ and he accidentally stares at Enj as he says it and the Amis collectively suck in a breath because if they didn’t know who he was talking about before, they certainly do now.  (Bonus: Everyone braces themselves when Enj stands up and goes to R, thinking Enj is going to try and start shit, but they start applauding when instead Enjolras grabs Grantaire’s face and kisses the life out of him). 

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What do you think the barricade boys would be like today. Like with everything going on.

I was thinking about this, and I thought “oh my god, I have zero idea, that’s why it’s so hard to really write les amis in modern AU” but, I can try to actually give the beginning of an answer (and I’m ready to hear everybody’s opinions on this, really, because I think, depending our own situations, we’re gonna imagine something different for all of them.). This turned extremely long.. sorry.

I think the easiest to pin down are Feuilly and Grantaire, to be honest. 

Grantaire, would be That Guy who never went to vote to an election because “what’s the point? They’re all the same.” Or maybe, the first time he was able to vote was for a presidential, he voted someone, they didn’t pass (or they did and disappointed him) and he was disappointed and he went “whatever, voting is not as cool as I was told it would”. Grantaire won’t say he avoids the news because the bullshit around him actually affects him, and he totally won’t ever admit how much he loves being friends with people who ARE optimist and who sees humanity’s beauty and want to make things better. Grantaire is also the guy who is Totally in Favour of Women’s Rights, Especially the Sexual Liberation Part of It *wink wink*. He… probably had unfortunate sentences like “girls don’t like the nice guys, they just want assholes” (i mean he basically already say unfortunate things like that in canon). Irma probably said once to him “Dude, you are an asshole, and I don’t see women running to your feet, so shut the hell up.” In my opinion, he’s also a white man in his twenties, with all the blind prejudice it can bring. He’s bi, but not that comfortable with it. 

Feuilly, and dear god will I fight anybody on this if I must, is a STUDENT. (Or was a student, depending on which age you give them). Feuilly still struggles with money, because he’d live in fucking Paris, but Feuilly would NOT struggle to study, because FRANCE’S UNIVERSITIES ARE CHEAP (in comparison to some other countries, I mean), and also there are different financial help for people like Feuilly who don’t have the financial means to pay everything from their pockets. It’s still highly probable Feuilly would work anyway, probably in retail or tutoring!, though. Feuilly would spend his time reading and Getting Angry or Passionate about everything that’s going on in the world, that won’t change in our modern world. It’s not about Poland anymore, but oh man Feuilly would rant hours on the situation of Syrians refugees. He probably sat in baffled, horrified silence after Trump’s election. He makes sure people know about what happens in countries the media aren’t interested in. In fact, I could see him write long articles on international problems. 

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I think my mom is finally starting to get that I need help (like I have add or depression) and I'm just?? So happy that she's finally making an effort to understand! Do you have any headcanons about the amis' parents?

That’s wonderful!! I’m so happy that you’re getting help and your mom is making an effort that is so fantastic and I really hope the best for you in getting better!!!

Enjolras and his parents don’t in any way get along. He comes from a rich family who never accepted him as their son and always tried to force him to be something he isn’t.
His mom would force him to wear dresses and be more “like a lady.”
His dad constantly told him to just be happy with what he had and ignore those less fortunate because they weren’t the family’s problem.
A bitter, angry evening ended up with Enjolras shaving his head, stealing his dad’s best suit, making the speech of a lifetime about deserving a good life and being a good person not just for him but for everyone through thick tears, and leaving.
So Enjolras doesn’t talk to his parents much, they ended up disowning him and he’s never been happier.

Courfeyrac is very close to his mother who raised him on her own. He spends every Sunday at her house where they drink tea and gossip and she shows him nail techniques and trends on his nails that he copies onto her, she’ll go into work the next day bragging about her son and showing everyone she works with what he did on her nails. She brags about him all the time to everyone about everything. She’s so proud of him for doing what he does, she loves his friends, she loves Combeferre. She taught him everything she learned, has always been honest and open with him, and loves him like he is her sun. In turn Courfeyrac shines bright and devotes his life to making her proud. You’ll never meet someone with a better relationship with a parent than Courfeyrac and his maman.

Combeferre is also very close to his mom but tends to have stiff uncomfortable conversations with his father who loves him of course but was always hard on him and never quite understood how Combeferre thought. On the other hand Ferre very clearly got his brain and wanting to learn from his mom the conversations they have are incredible and very often impossible to follow. He’ll have animated, interesting, amazing, quick conversations over dinner with his mom that carry well into the night, and quiet subdued coffee with his dad in the morning. He loves them both and they love him.

Jehan never met their father and their mother died when they were very young so they were raised by their witchy old aunt who they absolutely adore and model themself after. She raised them with nothing but love and acceptance taught them everything she knew and Jehan swears she’s an immortal being sent to earth to make everything better and brighter. They often still stay there, her yellow kitchen, the plants and crystals everywhere, her old cat Wheezy, and everything about that place makes is the ultimate source of comfort, inspiration, and joy as is the woman who raised them.

Grantaire had a very rough childhood. His parents were abusive and he doesn’t much like to discuss it. Him and his mom packed up and left his dad when he was a kid, just for them to go back and for both his parents to become very cruel, selfish, destructive people. He ran away when he was 14 and the last he heard his father died and his mother left for somewhere no one knows. He spends a lot of time with Jehan’s aunt though, he likes her a lot. He won’t admit it but she’s very much a mother to him.

Joly grew up with just his dad who was very distant and drawn into himself. Joly recalls how happy the man was, how full of life, how very dad-like he was until his mother died. After that the house was cold and empty, his dad was still very supportive and still loved him but he was also cold and empty. Joly acted out all throughout his teenage years not quite understanding what his dad was going through and was convinced he didn’t care. He didn’t understand until after his accident when his dad saved him and it became very clear. He goes home very frequently to cook with his dad and can see his eyes get brighter and his shoulders get straighter. Joly ended up taking the role of a parent but he’s not upset about it, he loves his dad, and will always be there to take care of him.

Bossuet has very overprotective parents, three of them. He’s been getting hurt and getting into terrible situations his entire life and they just can’t seem to trust he’ll be okay. He’s far away from them but they send monthly care packages with photos, the fire free candles his mom always used growing up, tons of letters, snacks, and a brand new first aid kit. His father especially will go the extra mile and used to call him every single day until his mother got him to calm down, now he just calls once or twice a week. Bossuet always appreciates them and although sometimes felt suffocated by them, he’ll smile every time he gets a package or a phone call and tries to visit them as often as he can.

Feuilly is an orphan. They grew up in foster care, some were good, some weren’t, they moved around too much to feel any bond with teachers or librarians or anybody. To them they never much needed parents they did a damn fine job raising themself and it was fine. They didn’t realize how much they wanted a parent figure until, like Grantaire, they found Jehan and their aunt. They loved her and treated her like a mother but was still dead set they didn’t need a mom or dad. But they finally found loving parents when they met Bahorel. His parents became Feuilly’s long before the idea of them legitimately becoming their in laws ever was thought of.

Bahorel has the biggest rowdiest most loving and caring family you could imagine. His parents have been in love since they were teenagers and decades later are still so fond of each other it used to make Bahorel retch. He grew up with them dancing in the kitchen, cuddling together with him and his siblings on the couch watching movies, and being the ultimate idea of true love. He swears they’re the best parents in the universe, they’re trusting, supportive, and he’s never gotten in trouble for anything as long as he was honest about it. Bahorel says the love his parents have for each other and the love they have for their children is blinding, if you look at them too long it’s like staring at the sun. He’s right too.

Okay like I vaguely talked about a little before, but please imagine Grantaire and trans boy Enj having a child.

Like, it’s not planned; I can’t see them as the sort of people who would make the decision to have a child (and if they did, they’d choose to adopt) because Grantaire has a lot of issues with his self-esteem (he’s been getting better over the years though. Les Amis and Enjolras remind him how important he is to them regularly to try and help) and would NOT consider himself worthy of being a dad, and Enjolras is just BUSY and probably not great with children (‘Small citizen, why do you scream?’)

But, like, it happens. They’re usually really careful, but hey – they’re human, they slip up now and then, and Enjolras is just the worst at remembering to take his birth control because of all the shit he has on his plate as it is. Combeferre used to send him daily texts to remind him until Enjolras insisted he didn’t need him to. Enjolras ends up missing his period so he literally gets the bus to a pharmacy out of their part of town to avoid running into anyone they know (read; Joly, who is never unprepared for emergencies mostly because he buys out half the pharmacy) and buys about ten pregnancy tests just to be sure.

Cut to Enjolras pacing around the bathroom with a pregnancy test like 'shit…shit fuck shit…fuck…shit…’ for nearly an hour, trying to decide how to hell he’s going to tell Grantaire this.

When he finally does, all faux-casual when they’re eating dinner, Grantaire naturally freaks out a bit. When he calms down Enjolras ends up doing the unthinkable and missing a meeting along with Grantaire as they try to decide what the hell to do.

They end up sitting up til three AM with a pot of coffee and a notepad (Enjolras likes to make lists) of 'pros’ and 'cons’ of having a baby and all the other possible options open to them (the list involves such pros as 'supposedly bundles of joy’ and cons such as 'LOUD AND SLIGHTLY FRIGHTENING’, underlined about ten times)

Anyway, they eventually make the decision to keep it. Grantaire is terrified of fucking up, but confesses that he’s fond of kids (I mean, anyone could tell he’s fond of children), and Enjolras thinks maybe it wouldn’t be so bad – it’s a chance to raise at least once decent citizen for future generations, and the idea of raising a child with someone he loves does have a lot of appeal to him. There’s not much of a dysphoria issue for Enjolras either; he’s always been pretty comfortable with his body and the way he is. So, that’s it settled.

Les Amis are extremely excited by the news (they’re also kind of relieved because they’d been worried when Enjolras and Grantaire missed a meeting that they’d had a huge fight and/or had killed each other) and demand to throw them a huge party.

Courfeyrac will not stop going on about being an uncle; Combeferre gives up trying to stop him and actually joins in after a while.

Jehan has already broken out the patchwork fabric to sew the baby a quilt. (The colours are…all wrong, and where do you even get fabric with flying saucers on? Whatever.)

Feuilly makes plans to make some toys for it, since he’s got clever hands and is there anything Feuilly can’t do?

Bahorel is boasting about teaching the 'little tyke’ to 'hold their own in a fight’ (Grantaire thinks thats rad and Enjolras insists Bahorel wait until the child is at least five oh my god)

Joly spends the whole evening fretting over Enjolras’ health and writing him up a list of foods pregnant people should supposedly avoid (which apparently looks like everything tasty)

Eponine thumps Grantaire fondly on the back and demands to be made godmother.

Enjolras and Grantaire realise they made a good choice, because even if they’re unsure of things, their baby is going to have a HUGE family of people who will adore it no matter what.

But as the months go on, Grantaire finds himself sort of secretly doubting the decision; he doesn’t want to screw up like his own father. What if he’s not good enough? This baby deserves the best father in the world, and whilst he knows it’ll have that in Enjolras, how is he supposed to match up to that? But then one night he gets violently shoved awake by Enjolras and he’s grumpy as all hell like 'why the ever-loving fuck would you do that I need all the beauty sleep I can get’ but Enjolras just grabs his hand urgently and presses it against his stomach because ’it’s kicking!’ and Grantaire just pretty much breaks down crying because how could he ever think that he’d fail their kid? Like, he already loves it so much. He’ll try his goddamn best.

Of course he tells Enjolras he’s so emotional because it’s too fuckin early for this Enj I just woke up my feelings are delicate be gentle with me it’s like four AM.

exR, such waltzing was easy

happy holiday prompt fills! this one courtesy @annissarh​, who asked for canon era enjolras/grantaire alone after a holiday celebration, for warmth, for a dance…

“Perhaps you could teach me,” says Enjolras.

“Teach you?” Grantaire’s teeth flash pearly white, and his hair is black onyx; Enjolras must be intoxicated indeed to view Grantaire thus, composed of jewel-like tones.

“To dance,” says Enjolras. “Should you like.”

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Memento Bombyx Mori



“What do you know about—silkworm moths?”  Joly stared, but refrained from laughter, to Enjolras’s relief.

“Silkworm moths.  Hmmm, Bombyx something-i.  —Mori, of course, Bombyx mori, for the mulberries.  How could I forget?”  Joly had an expectant look, as if he’d just produced either a pun or a great philosophical revelation, so Enjolras made a small noise that he hoped would count as either polite inquiry or laughter.  It apparently did not, because Joly sighed.  “How could I forget—Bombyx morimemento mori—remember that you must die?  —Oh, come, Enjolras, it was a very good joke, you have to admit.”

It was.  It really was, and Enjolras’s laughter was warm and genuine.  But he also really did want to know about silkworm moths, and gentle prodding brought Joly back to the path.  Such as it was.  “The larva—the caterpillar—eats up mulberry leaves and then spins itself an elegant little fichu.  Then we pop it into boiling water and rob it of its life and its work all at once.  Memento mori indeed!”  Joly tapped his green silk cravat, not looking terribly distressed by the fate of its original makers.  “And they are susceptible to disease—muscardine, it’s called, coming in varieties black, white, brown, and grassy.  —But I’ll spare you the details.”

“How are they kept?  Do they require a garden…an orchard…?”

“Ah, moth husbandry.  Well.  You would do better to ask Combeferre.”

Which was precisely what Enjolras did not want to do.

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Toddler!Amis headcanons

Enjolras: His parents didn’t know he could talk until he told them the entire story of his nursemaid’s childhood one day out of the blue (complete with awkward questions about why she didn’t have a nursemaid when she was little). Enjolras was a very serious child, and while he didn’t play in the traditional sense of the word he had a small coterie of stuffed toys that he brought everywhere and spent all his time reading to or just imagining their lives. If you ask Combeferre, he’ll still be able to tell you what each of their names and life stories were.

Combeferre: Combeferre’s parents were worried about him for a while because he chattered away very earnestly to them but would just solemnly observe other children instead of joining in their games. That is, until one day when another little boy fell on broken glass and Ferre was the only one who could keep him calm while the doctor took the glass out of his hand.
Unlike Enjolras, whose fury was a force to reckon with, Combeferre only had one major temper tantrum his entire childhood. His parents still refer to it as The Caterpillar Event.

Courfeyrac: Ask Courfeyrac’s parents about his temper tantrums and you’ll either get an exasperated noise or a twenty-minute-long rant. Courfeyrac was always emotional, and once, when he was told he couldn’t have a doll because it was for girls, he planted himself in the exact middle of the shop, stood up straight, took a deep breath, and screamed bloody murder until his parents had to carry him out. When he was happy though, it was impossible not to smile too. He was one of those kids who can enter a room full of children and in thirty seconds have a new best friend who he hugged and held hands with, until the pair met another person to add to their group.

Jehan: He was a strange kid. He could throw fits with the best of them, but sometimes he would go for more unorthodox methods, and do things like sit under the kitchen table for four hours because he didn’t want to get dressed, or take out the soap and methodically rub it over everything in sight because he’d been scolded for not cleaning up after himself. Jehan loved stories more than anything, and all his toys had complicated odysseys that he’d made up. He also playacted a lot as a child, in and out of doors, building a fortress out of whatever pieces of furniture he could reasonably move and attempting to climb trees because “I have to prove my worth as a hero to the assembled crowds, Mama.”

Bahorel: Was actually a quiet kid some of the time, but only because he knew it gave him cover to be devilish. His favorite thing to do was to tell one child that another had committed some slight against them, and then watch the sparks fly. When he wasn’t quiet, it was because he was laughing at some thing or someone. He had a giant dog, bigger than he was, that followed him everywhere. Sometimes, when he was too restless to sleep, Bahorel would creep down to where the dog slept and curl up on its belly.

Feuilly: poor Feuilly did not have a happy childhood. He lived in an orphanage run by nuns, and was generally quiet, polite, and well-behaved, much more than any four-year-old should be. More than once he was scolded for not eating his share of food so he could give it to someone younger. He spent a lot of time playing alone, but the littler kids all adored him, and would ask him to play with them. Some nights, when one little one- or two- year old was sick and wouldn’t sleep, the nuns would call Feuilly to tell them a story. The only times Feuilly got in trouble were when he asked “why?” too much in Sunday classes.

Joly: Joly was that kid who causes crises on a daily basis because of his curiosity. Anything messy or broken in his house for years was due to what were fondly (or sometimes not so fondly) called his “experiments”. He took things apart to see how they worked, and mixed ingredients like oil and salt and olives because he wanted to see what would happen. He was always delighted with the outcomes of these trials, giggling (and sometimes playing in whatever mess he had made), and was always saddened when the adults were not as interested in whether all shoes made squelching noises when wet or if it was just that one pair.

Bossuet: Bossuet never stopped talking once he learned how, and whenever his parents took him out he waved and shouted an enthusiastic “bonjour!” and “au revoir!” to everyone he saw. He could play with anyone, and whenever his parents had dinner guests he was allowed to meet he would carry on a full conversation with each one about his age, their age, their families, and what they thought of the chocolate mousse. He gave the best handmade gifts and cards to his parents on their birthdays, and basically never stopped snuggling with them or his aunts or uncles or anyone else in charge of him.

Grantaire: so basically everything about Petitaire (credit to sclez!) is perfect and I have nothing to add but that little Grantaire had a lisp for a while growing up, and so was always very quiet around others because he didn’t want to embarrass himself. Once the lisp was gone, however, boy did the floodgates open.

sweetpollyolliver  asked:

I've never really understood Bahorel's lawyer thing. If he didn't want to be a lawyer why didn't he leave law school and give the place up to someone who wants an education? It would infuriate me to have a conversation with him about it I think - especially when I have to work so hard to get my degree.

An EXCELLENT QUESTION!  Thank you for asking!  And the answer involves buckets of in-book and cultural context! 

I  think this question comes from a problem of context, and the difference between college in the canon era and college now.  The main thing to know is: 

People didn’t go to Law School to get an education; they got an education to go to Law School. They went to Law School to be and to meet the sort of person who could go to Law School.  

…and I’ve simplified as much as I can, but so, so much more, under the cut. 

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disloyalorder  asked:

courferre + combeferre as the king's son and courfeyrac as a noble's son who stands as his squire working on becoming a knight (so it's rather renly/loras-esque situation up in here)

Courfeyrac takes a step back to look over his best friend and future king. He is certainly not the young boy Courfeyrac once stole sweets from the kitchens with- he is a man, both in face and stature (he towers over Courfeyrac, which is a constant annoyance), and dressed in full mail and cape, he looks every bit the proud, regal future king he was always meant to be.

Courfeyrac hates it.

Today, they ride out to meet Combeferre’s future bride, Magdalena. She is known for her beauty, and her kingdom is known for its wealth; it is a perfect match, one that has been arranged for years. The mere thought of it makes Courfeyrac sick. He has thought of a hundred ways of telling Combeferre how he feels, and a thousand ways he could be put to death when Combeferre tells his father. So he keeps silent, and safe, and says, “My lord, your gauntlets.” 

“Don’t call me that. You know I hate it when you and Enjolras address me by my title.” Combeferre huffs, holding out his arms to Courfeyrac. “Anyway, you should be pleased- father has agreed to reconsider your bid for knighthood upon our return.”

Courfeyrac swallows with difficulty. “Yes, my-” He pauses, remembering the command. “Combeferre.”

“Your Combeferre?” His lips turn upward in a smirk, and oh, if only he knew what smiles like that did to Courfeyrac, he might not be so cruel as to inflict them.

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