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Alya and Marinette, vigilante au

“The Blues blocked off the building with the intel on Hawk Moth’s I.D. and all his dirty little secrets, so head west, then north, Chat Noir will be waiting for you—oh, and I have a little present for my favourite Runner.”

“Oh my,” Marinette’s voice crackled through the headset, amused and breathy, footsteps loud as she jumped from scaffold to rooftop edge, “What does the great Lady Wifi have for me today?”

Alya tapped a few keys on her keyboard, sitting back as the red-and-black-polka-dot colour scheme uploaded into Ladybug’s Runner Vision, and smiled in triumph at Marinette’s surprised bark of laughter.

send a platonic/romantic ship with an au prompt to get a 3 sentence fic :D

Amethyst by Angus Beer

Time taken: 2 weeks

Absolutely love Steven Universe and what makes it is the characters- I chose to draw Amethyst as she can be crude a bit untidy, yet still cares about everyone. That and her purple colour scheme worked perfectly for me.

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How did you get the graph and other graphics in your notes? I know that you write your notes on your iPad, but did you get the images from the Internet or from a textbook? Did you use some sort of snip tool?

Ok I know people are gonna think I’m crazy but I draw all of them out bc the pics online don’t usually follow the colour scheme I like hahahahahah


Moonrise Kingdom Colour Posters Series

… I love you too.

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I am soooo sorry I am bothering you with this stupid question, but I just started following you blog and I don't know what Nyo! means? And there are a whole other stuff I keep seeing but I don't know what it is... Could you possibly explain? (Btw U R AWESOME!!!) XD

Nyotalia is the same thing as Hetalia except all the characters’ genders are switched. There are canon designs for the main characters, but I’ve seen other people make their own designs.

Nekotalia is Hetalia but all the characters are cats.

2ptalia is a little more complicated. It’s like Hetalia, but all the characters have completely opposite personalities and colour schemes. Essentially, it’s like when you’re playing a video game: there’s 1P (Player 1) and 2P (Player 2). Some people like to think that all the 2p characters are dangerous and/or murderous, others don’t agree. I’m like 90% sure the 2p personalities are all fan-made but I might be wrong.

And yeah, those are the popular AUs.