and colour scheme

i KNOW its such a little thing to be peeved about but i’m really disappointed that the movie!jubilee in x:men apocalypse has long hair. jubilee has like, always had short hair (bar the odd time) and i loved that about her

there’s just like. no short haired girls in the movies or on TV. why is that???

well. the girl in the movie DOES look really cute, that aside. im glad they stuck to her proper yellow & pink colour scheme as well

ay happy may everyone, i can’t believe this month has passed so fast! so many great blogs entered this botm and i followed a whole load of new people! :D 


cilntasha​ - bae 5eva tbh 
elizabaetholsen​ - really nice theme & colour scheme! 


sokovia​ - honestly jenn you’re so lovely and your blog is rad and you have such great taste in urls

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 i’m not sure i’ll be doing a june botm but i might just do a general summer one. idk tbh.


Moonrise Kingdom Colour Posters Series

… I love you too.

The whitest light has the most potential for destruction.

This popped into my head after the last episode and demanded to be painted.

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The Blue Haired Mystery

Honestly, You’re looking so much like a Toneri/Gaara/Suigetsu love child, my blue haired most-likely-going-to-be-my-next-gen-brotp-with-boruto boy…

I mean, You got Toneri’s hair and eyebrows, Suigetsu’s colour scheme (kinda) and Gaara’s trademark eyes (idk I just think he looks A LOT like Gaara- maybe because the thought of Naruto and Gaara’s kid being besties sets my heart on fire). 

And baby wears a kimono!

Seriously, Who’s kid are you?

And why are you so cute?