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As a fellow (amateur) artist (I havent posted anything yet Im too frightened of art theft) Im curious if you use the eyedropper tool in Photoshop to select the exact color from the original reference photo when you make realism pieces, or if you just eyeball it on the HUD color picker? I'm asking because I'm new to digital art and I'm still trying to find the best way to do things. Thanks!

So it’s been a while since I’ve drawn anything super realistic aside from the stuff I do in life drawing class and in my sketchbooks, so I’m not an expert.

However, as having done artwork in the past from eyeballing colours to using the eyedropper tool, I can tell you they’re both beneficial to you in different ways:

Picking from a set colour scheme or from the colour picker will push you to think beyond your usual habits, and you’ll be able to look at your refs better. 

While picking directly from the ref however, while easier, will help you understand how colours work related to each other. You might surprise yourself of the range of colour one seemingly flat surface might have. This knowledge by itself can be extremely useful in whatever medium you chose to work in.

I usually work with a mix of the two. 

And I highly recommend checking out the different kinds of colour pickers out there, as the standard white and black can get quite stale over time. I usually tick the ‘’b’’ box in the colour picker screen as it gives quite some interesting colour options.

I hope this is useful to you!
Rino ll Fan Art Speedpaint
Part 3 of s t a t i c coming attcha! We've got my friend theletter-r as Gino, This one was so fun due to the monochrome colour scheme and overall dark colour...


s t a t i c  3/5

We’ve got @theletter-r as Gino this time. I love this one so much! The colour scheme and the shading, I love it so so much. I hope you like it R!

(Transparent Rino under the cut)

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Hmmm... I'm gonna give you a challenge. Could you try to make a stim board without anything you would usually use in one? Like no slime, no paint, and so on. Also in a dark blue colour scheme

I hope you like it! It kind of has grunge theme but I really like a lot of grunge gifs, especially smoke (which might be why I smoke, of course not at the moment though).

quick draw of a fluffy russian ice pal