and colors!


“You can’t put on a smiling face… Unless your belly is full! ”

A color collab with the awesome manga colorists! ❤

@oldfriend7876 colored Lucy and Mavis (as well as some details on the table)
@thatsvicchan colored Juvia and Gajeel (plus the table and some details on it)@pennytf colored Gray and Carla (plus the background)
@elieglory3173 colored Natsu and Wendy (also some details on the table)
• and i colored Erza and Lily and Happy (also some table details )

I really had so much fun coloring with all of you ❤

i have a thing for colored vinyl

February 23, 2017
  1. Virgo
     Sports centre

  2. Capricorn

  3. Taurus
     Book binder

  4. Scorpio
     Border pattern

  5. Cancer

  6. Pisces

  7. Sagittarius
     Sports magazine

  8. Aries
     Schedule book

  9. Leo
     Business card

  10. Aquarius
     A person with B-type blood

  11. Gemini

  12. Libra
     A place with a view of the sea